When You Are Tempted To Close Your Heart, OPEN Yourself To Miracles

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Soul Food Session: What Does Your Soul Need?

"Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure."     Happy Holidays and … [Read more...]

Health Challenges + Awareness = FREEDOM and GROWTH

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When The Soul Is Ready the HEALING Appears

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3 Ways To Take Your Power Back When You Have Forgotten Your LIGHT

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3 Ways to REMEMBER The Truth When PAIN Strikes!

  Something I want to talk about today is a little word with a big punch. PAIN. We all have it, feel it, and go through it. For me pain has … [Read more...]

No More Running: How to ACCEPT Yourself and Others Just As You Are

"Freedom resides in the WHAT IS, nowhere else." -Erin Lanahan Method Namaste Friends. Today I acknowledge that I have been back in the United States … [Read more...]

YOU’RE ENOUGH: Here’s How Vulnerability Helps Us Find the TRUTH

Freedom and flexibility are not a result of our external limitations falling away, but rather the result of how we respond to the internal obstacles … [Read more...]

Be Who YOU Are And The Rest Will Fall Into Place

Good Day friends! I hope as you read my words to you, that you feel worthy, loved, and supported, because YOU ARE! Lately I have been hyper-aware … [Read more...]

Announcing The Launch of Erin Lanahan Method 2012!!

  Who's Ready For Mind, Body, Spirit Fitness?? Welcome to Erin Lanahan Method 2012! I am so excited about this event you guys and have been … [Read more...]