Hire Erin As Your Life Coach

Hello! I am going to guess you are here because you are considering working with a Life Coach. Every coach is different based on their unique skill set, life experience, and personality, so it’s important you do your homework.

If you have read any of my blog posts, know me from social media, take my classes, attended one of my events, then you may already have a good feel for me and what types of things I work on with clients. I work with my clients to create more freedom in their lives.

What does that mean?

For example, what is something you are struggling with right now in your life? Perhaps in your relationship with your beloved, perhaps with your physical health, maybe you have an unhealthy pattern with food or substance abuse. Or it could be that you are simply bored, uninspired, and ready for a change but not sure where to start.

Do you notice how trapped these struggles can make you feel? Are you aware of how they can rob your joy and happiness? Do you feel how they drain your energy and effect your health and overall well-being? Do you feel free? Free to choose what you want? Free to create what you want? Free to dream, to try new things, to accomplish something on your bucket list? Do you feel free to live a life you love?

If you said no to any of those, then you know what I mean. And it sucks when we don’t feel free.

I work passionately with my clients, so they can free themselves from fear, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, wounds from the past, self-sabotage, toxic relationships, and unhealthy habits and patterns. Every client is different, so the process is unique for each one. However, every single one of us has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and power within us. I simply help my clients reconnect to this part of themselves so they can live their lives in an empowered way.

The results speak for themselves. If you want to achieve your perfect body weight, find a healthy balance with food, overcome binge-eating and other addictions, feel more meaning and purpose in your life, attract your soul mate and life partner, create and start your own business, and/or break through limiting beliefs, thoughts, and patterns, I can help you.

It’s simple.

If you’re ready to be healthier and happier, I can help. Please drop me a few lines at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com.

Looking forward to meeting you!





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