3 Ways To Find Your Don’t Worry Be Happy When Your Mood Is Less Than Ideal

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Having Happiness Means Not Letting These 3 Things Rob You Of It!

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Honesty + Honoring That Deeper Inner Calling

Today I HAD to get myself as close to the beach as possible. I was in bed with a terrible flu the last 4 days and for me, 4 days in bed puts things … [Read more...]

No More Running: How to ACCEPT Yourself and Others Just As You Are

"Freedom resides in the WHAT IS, nowhere else." -Erin Lanahan Method Namaste Friends. Today I acknowledge that I have been back in the United States … [Read more...]

Be Who YOU Are And The Rest Will Fall Into Place

Good Day friends! I hope as you read my words to you, that you feel worthy, loved, and supported, because YOU ARE! Lately I have been hyper-aware … [Read more...]

Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia!

The time has finally come to make the big move! I wanted to connect with all of you as I await my departure to Sydney, Australia tonight. Thank you … [Read more...]

Shifting Into Allowing Mode Back Home

Yes, I said SHIFTING into allowing mode! It's funny, back in L.A. we tend to get moving so fast and go-go-go all the time, that when I come back to my … [Read more...]

Change Within To Change Without: Awareness Breeds Results

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Be Committed, Prepared, Successful, and Happy :)

Hey there! How are you? Things over here have been super busy! I am so grateful though, for you, the gifts in my life, and that we GET to choose the … [Read more...]