Beauty Is In the Eye That Is Trained To See It: 5 Ways To Find More Beauty In Yourself

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."- Kahlil Gibran Hello my beautiful friend. Today we are talking about … [Read more...]

Shine Your Light Unapologetically: A Three Step Process for Strengthening Shame Resilience

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When The Soul Is Ready the HEALING Appears

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3 Ways To Take Your Power Back When You Have Forgotten Your LIGHT

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BE A CONSCIOUS CREATOR: Finding Freedom Within and Without

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No More Running: How to ACCEPT Yourself and Others Just As You Are

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Rock What YOU Rock Best…YOURSELF!

Hey there! I am writing this letter  to you from LAX, the Los Angeles airport! I flew in from Sydney early this morning and now I am waiting for my … [Read more...]

Check Your Ego! You ARE Worth It!

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THIS Is What I Know: 5 Tips To Live A Better Life

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Happy New Year and New “Moments” Resolutions

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