Welcome to REVIVE!

If you’re ready, you’re invited 😄

Are you ready?

Are you a woman who is:

✔️  Ready to feel clarity around your deep core desires and have the direction and inspiration to move forward? ✔️  Ready to stop cutting yourself off from joy and start feeling the fulfillment and satisfaction you seek RIGHT NOW? ✔️  Ready to learn about the one SUPER-POWER you have that you aren’t using to your benefit?  ✔️  Ready to manifest a healthy, loving relationship with a partner?  ✔️  Ready to turn the passion up in your marriage?  ✔️  Ready to manifest a relationship with money that feels like ease, always increasing and expanding, satisfying and enjoyable, empowering and nourishing?  ✔️  Ready to feel at peace in your heart, knowing that everything really is falling into place and working out for you in the most delightful ways?  ✔️  Ready to embody optimal health and well-being?  ✔️  Ready to wake up each morning feeling excited about all the ways the Universe is going to bless you with wonderful moments, opportunities, and happy surprises?  ✔️  Ready for your days, weeks, months, and years, to feel JOYFUL, PLAYFUL, PEACEFUL, RICH, LOVING, FULL OF INCREDIBLE PEOPLE, TOTALLY SUPPORTED BY THE UNIVERSE, ADVENTUROUS, FUN, FULFILLING, and SATISFYING?  ✔️  And are you ready to find out how YOU can use the Laws of the Universe to actualize everything you want and more?

If my questions are summoning any yes’s from you, then please keep reading!

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. 

Move the way LOVE makes you move. 

Move the way JOY makes you move.”

– Osho 

We’re ALWAYS manifesting. ALWAYS creating something. 

The question is, WHAT are we manifesting?

What are you creating?

Are you bringing to life your fears and worries?

Are you activating your dreams and desires? 

Are you experiencing a combination of the two?

MEANING, you can have the well-being you desire, the opportunities you desire, the intimacy you desire, the money you desire, the freedom you desire, the fun you desire, the enjoyment you desire, the energy you desire, the friends you desire, the lover you desire, the family you desire, the clients you desire, the joy you desire, the fulfilment you desire, the peace you desire. 

Wouldn’t that be fun? 

Just consider for a moment, that YOU have the power to live a life that feels even more satisfying, fulfilling, delightful, and delicious with every passing day. 

 So HOW do you do that? 

You learn how to use your SUPER-POWER. The one you’ve always had, that you haven’t learned how to use consistently and effectively just yet. 

When you register for REVIVE: A Mind, Body, and Spirit Journey for Women, you’ll come to understand how to use your very own superpower AND you’ll do it in a powerful community, designed to uplift and assist you. 

 When women focus on their dreams and desires TOGETHER, the power of the group touches each woman in a unique way. Some refer to this as the power of SISTERHOOD. 

When women come together, something magical happens. The loving presence of the group provides safety, giving you the freedom to drop your burdens for a moment, to shift your focus, and to remember the truth in your heart. 

And when you have that AH-HA moment, pure-positive energy will flow to you and through you, igniting your passion, your mission, your faith, and your inner power. 

I’m so excited about the unique ways in which this group will infuse your life with joy, and I’m eager for you to start using your very own super-power to manifest what you desire.

What would shift or change if every decision you made, came from a deep knowing that everything you need is right here and you have access to it all? 

There is nothing outside of you that you need to wait on to have it all.

You can have it all right here and now. 

Truly, take a moment to ponder that. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel the power of YOU. 

If you feel ready for this, you my friend, are invited to attend.

What is Revive?

Revive is a six-month women’s journey where we’ll meet as a group for two 75-minute sessions per month, for six months. That’s a total of 12 group video sessions. You will also meet with me 1-on-1 for a total of 2 60-minute sessions.  All of this happens virtually and over the phone. Group sessions happen on Zoom, a super snazzy video conferencing tool. Your one-on-one sessions with me happen over the phone.  I will also pair you with a buddy each week, in which I encourage you to have a call with them for at least 20-minutes. Or if you’re both local you can meet up in person ;-).  This helps everyone grow deeper in our connections, which brings about THRIVING.   I fully expect you to have the time of your life!

You will:

•  Feel more ease, peace, and joy in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and challenges.  •  Be more present with loved ones and enjoy each moment more fully.  •  Resolve lingering health issues and experience multi-dimensional healing.  •  Improve the quality of your relationships.  •  Receive more energy and inspiration to follow through with your ideas.  •  Tap into an infinite source of energy, vitality, love, joy, and well-being.  •  Have the healthiest, happiest relationship with yourself than you’ve ever had.  •  Call in that relationship/work opportunity/new adventure that you’ve been dreaming about!

Do my words resonate with you?

Are you feeling a connection to this opportunity?

Are you feeling inspired?

Are you feeling like new possibility is on the horizon?

Is there a voice inside of you saying, “YES, YES, YES?” 

Is it possible that this opportunity is exactly what you’ve been praying about, asking for, and day dreaming about? 

If so, here ‘s what I’m offering: 

⭐️  A 6-month virtual women’s group that will meet 2 times a month. Our video calls will be 75-minutes each. We will be using ZOOM.  ⭐️  2 one-on-one 60-minute private coaching sessions with me. This allows me the chance to get to know you better and to laser in on who you are and what you want in your life. These sessions also help us address any obstacles arising for you and turn them into opportunities!  ⭐️  Unlimited support, inspiration, bonding, and connection with the group and me, through VOXER. This is a fun walkie-talkie app on your phone that allows us to text and talk as a group in between calls.  ⭐️  A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where we can also connect privately and share our insights and inspiration, and ask questions.

When do we start and end?

⭐️  We start on: February 25th, 2020  ⭐️  The program ends on: July 28th, 2020 Here are the dates of our group calls:  February 25th March 10th and 24th April 7th and 21st May 5th and 19th June 2nd, 16th and 30th July 14th and 28th
All calls will be on Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm (Eastern Time). Unless we come to a group decision to change the day/time.  You and I will connect one-on-one to book your private coaching calls. 

If you’re READY to move forward

If you are feeling interested but have some questions for me first, you can book a consultation call with me here.   Thank You! I look forward to meeting you! Much Love and a Billion Hugs, Erin

About Erin

I am a spiritual life coach, a writer, a yoga teacher, a peace warrior, a love soldier, and one heck of an optimist!

I am dedicated and devoted to being a contribution on this planet, and to helping you activate your radical, magical self.