Let me begin by saying this…

Getting what you want can be an extremely easy and fun thing to do. In fact, when you use the three ways I am going to share with you in this article, not only do you get what you want, but so does everyone else!!

How is this possible you say??

In general, most people have been taught that in order to get what they want, they must use the “me against the world” mentality. They actually believe they¬† must fight, kill, take, steal, lie, and cheat to get what they want.


That is SOOOOO yesterday!

We know far too much by now to actually keep buying into this B.S. ūüôā What we did in the past, is not working. It is hurting us all.

Getting what we want is what is supposed to happen naturally, keeping in mind that what you want may show up looking differently than what you expected. Beware, as it is easy to assume that you are not getting what you want when you actually are.

Nature sets things up¬†for us to get what we want, by giving us all exactly what we need to bring to the table in partnerships. However, until we understand that we can only have what we want if everyone else has what they want too, we will continue acting like miserable animals, hurting one another, and never feeling happy or satisfied with life. If we live this way…there will never feel like there is enough…of ANYTHING.

Do you want to get what you want?


Getting what you want takes creativity, and we are all extremely creative whether you know it or not. You ARE a powerful creator, and you CAN be the best version of yourself, get everything you want AND live in a world where other people are having that exact same beautiful experience as you are.

We need each other to do this.

We must look for the resources that are already available to us. We must acknowledge the gifts that are already PRESENT in our lives. It requires a new outlook on our relationships, one that appreciates and understands the level of possibility each person in our lives bring to us. And it goes both ways. You bring just as much value to others as they bring to you.

It’s time to share our wealth!

Here are 3 ways to get what you want:

1) Reciprocity

If we both need help, then I am certain there is a way I can help you, and in exchange there is a way you can help me.

For example, on this Australian journey of mine, I have had moments of needing help. I’ve needed places to stay until I learned how to get around new cities, using public transport. Certain family and friends came forth and offered me the help I needed to get established here in Australia. In return, they got to see the way I approach life, the way I relate to exercise and food, and they got¬† first row tickets to what it’s like to live a FIT life. From me, they learned about healing, food, healthy habits, they felt and found inspiration, and then began to transform their lives. From them, I received support, appreciation, patience, and as a result I began to transform in ways beyond my imagination.

Actually, I’ll take that back. I began to transform in the exact ways I’d always imagined and dreamed of. This of course is an ongoing process for them and for me. Together, our lives are better off, as a result of¬†sharing our wealth and reciprocating what each side is abundant in.

They could have allowed themselves to feel put out by me, or burdened, or fearful that me being in their homes may leave less of everything for them. I could have allowed myself to get annoyed or resentful that they wanted to ask me questions and constantly learn what I know. We could have completely cut ourselves off from the possibilities present for us.

But we didn’t. We accessed them instead.

When we create partnerships like this…everybody wins.

2) Collaboration-

Collaboration creates prosperity.

There are no haves or have-nots. We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners; we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone.¬†¬†¬†-Excerpt from “The Soul of Money”

Getting what we want takes courage and faith in your own ability to deliver value. Do you believe you have the power to deliver value to the lives of others?

Well…you do.

When I got here to Australia, I was totally committed¬†to growing my company,¬†Erin Lanahan¬†Method. I was clear that my focus was to build the coaching piece of my business. I wanted to coach more individuals, corporate executives, the employees of corporations, small and large groups, and therefore I chose to look for any opportunities that may be available for me to do that. This takes¬†belief in one’s self.

We must believe in¬†ourselves, trust our intuition, and follow the guidance¬†we receive from within. When you feel a nudge to call someone and discuss an idea, pitch a new concept to a company you¬†feel in alignment with, or maybe to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone you love…follow the nudge. Listen. Do it.

I have been doing that since I got here, and there are multiple companies helping me grow my brand, share my concepts and strategies to help inspire many people, and who have given me the platform I need to become known as the kind of coach, writer, and wellness expert that I am. I offer their clients a new outlook on life, food, fitness, and I bring a shift in perception and inspiration, love, and acceptance to the lives of those clients.  

In return, I help those companies grow their client base, keep their clients happy, and I help them offer a level of transformation they always wanted to offer, but just didn’t have the time or tools to do so.

They pay me, and I make them money. I grow and expand my business and reputation, and they grow and expand theirs too.

Win…Win I tell ya.

3) Cooperation

How can you expect to get what you want when you aren’t willing to give others what they need?

Come on people…let’s cooperate.

Here’s some text from a book I highly recommend, “The Soul of Money.”

Nineteenth century scientific and economic theorists painted a harsh reality of how the natural world actually works. They basically described competition for food and resources as being the inevitable and defining force by which Mother nature balanced the population and resources, and selected in favor some species over others.

Charles Darwin went on to describe “survival of the fittest” in large part as the competition for scarce resources, as the basis for the evolution of species.

Contrary to those models of Nature as innately, intensely, and almost exclusively competitive, more recent scientific study has illuminated the powerful role of mutuality, synergy, coexistence, and cooperation in the natural world and the more accurate picture of life that presents.

Even a cursory look¬†at the world food supply and world population tells us that there is enough food to feed everyone, but that other factors keep some populations oversupplied and even overfed while others are malnourished and dying from hunger. Chronic hunger isn’t “Nature’s way” of limiting population or improving the species. In fact, it is less about Nature and more about flawed government, politics, and economic systems of our own construction.

The idea that scarcity is “just the way it is” is no longer even viable science.

Scarcity is a lie. “Not enough” is crap. It is not the truth. What you need and what you want is ALWAYS available. It is a result of our own inability to operate from reciprocity, collaboration, and cooperation that we experience lack instead¬†of the unlimited resources available to and for us.


What do you want? What is holding you back from believing it is available to you right now? Do you feel threatened when you see other people get what they want because you think that means you can’t have what you want??

Tell me what you’re going through.

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Sending you all so much love and hugs,