A Thriving Community of BadASS people who take their well-being seriously
(but can still be silly and but of course, laugh at fart jokes haha). 

Hey friends!

Thank you for visiting me here! I’m super excited to share what I’ve been working my BUNS off to create for you…

We ALL know just how important it is to stay healthy, to focus on things that increase our well-being, and to feel supported through life’s ups and the downs, ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW. 

I’ll be honest, this vision is something I’ve been dreaming up for YEARS, and now that I’m home ALL DAY → EVERY DAY (thanks COVID-19), I have the time and the energy to pour myself into this vision, and serving YOU fiercely and radically. 


I created Erin Lanahan Method ten years ago.

It’s a holistic approach to physical wellness, mental health, and spiritual fitness.

In other words, my method addresses the body, the mind, and THE SPIRIT.

Because they all work together, so we must tend to all three.

This space provides:  

  • Consistent content that relieves anxiety, decreases stress, and increases your health and happiness vibes
  • A nourishing community that impacts your mind, body, and spirit in pure, positive ways, boosting your immune system through uplifting connections, high-vibe content, and creative ways to move your body and elevate your thoughts!
  • Opportunities to move your body more, up your self-care, improve your relationships, cultivate daily rituals and practices, and create more of the good stuff in your life.

What will life be like for you when you have unlimited access to yoga and fitness classes, emotional and spiritual support, and a private community where you feel safe to share and express what’s happening in your ❤️heart❤️ and your special corner of the 🌍world🌍?

With COVID-19 emerging so quickly, I really feel the time is NOW

Right now, so many of us need a community to plug into where we feel safe, heard, held, connected, supported, motivated, inspired, and encouraged to shift our FOCUS in the direction of well-being, love, laughter, hopefulness, strength, resourcefulness, resilience, and JOY. 

I believe that your FOCUS is truly your superpower.

You can create just about anything with it, so it’s important to use it for your highest good. I’m not here to tell you what YOUR highest good is, but rather to be a pillar of light reminding you and reflecting back to you what you already know deep inside when you wobble, waiver, or all together forget. 

I invite you to join us in the E.L.M. Community where you’ll have a kick-ass, mindful, heart-centered, aware, and supportive community that helps you keep your physical fitness, mental health, and spiritual wellness in check!

Here’s What’s Included When You Join

★ A PRIVATE Community (hosted in Facebook) of loving humans who, just like you, want to thrive and move through life (and COVID-19) with as much grace, strength, support, and resourcefulness as possible.

★ Unlimited Access to my LIVE Classes. These classes are designed to keep you moving, flowing, and optimally healthy, strong, and resilient!

★ Weekly Manifesting Meditations for healing, grounding, inner-peace, and abundance consciousness.

★ Daily, Weekly, Monthly Inspiration, Wellness Tips, Recipes, Suggestions, Motivation, Opportunities for Coaching, and Content that keeps you jazzed up about your goals, your progress, and your life! (Maybe even a dance party now and then 😜)

★ Classes will take place almost daily, up to 2x a day, and will happen on Zoom (Live Classroom) and also inside our private community on FB LIVE.

★ All FB LIVES and LIVE Classroom Classes will be shared in video format within the private FB Community once class ends, so if you miss class, no worries. You can do it later!

The Class Schedule:

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a TEST schedule and will shift and change as our community comes together and I learn what works best. Your feedback and suggestions will help shape the schedule! 

Monday 8:45-9:15am EST:

20 Min CORE CARDIO Sweat Sesh + Guided Meditation (FB LIVE in E.L.M. group only) 

Monday 9:30am-10:30am EST:

CURIOUS Flow: Vinyasa flow for EVERY LEVEL (Live Zoom class) 

Tuesday 9:15am-10:00am EST:

E.L.M. Circuit Training + Guided Meditation (Live Zoom class) 

Tuesday 4:00pm- 4:30pm EST: 

30 min Cardio-Vinyasa Flow for EVERY LEVEL (FB LIVE in E.L.M. group only) 

Wednesday 4:45-5:15pm EST:

20 min CORE CARDIO sweat sesh + Guided Meditation (FB LIVE in E.L.M. group only) 

Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm EST:

Energizing POWER Flow: Vinyasa for EVERY LEVEL (Live Zoom class) 

Thursday 9:15-10AM EST:

E.L.M. Circuit Training + Guided Meditation ( Live Zoom class)  

Thursday 4:00-5:00pm EST:

Vinyasa Flow for Int/Adv (FB LIVE in E.L.M. group only) 

Friday 10:00-10:30am EST:

20 min CORE CARDIO Sweat Sesh + Guided Meditation (FB Live on Erin Lanahan Kolenda Page)

Saturday 8:30am-8:50am EST:

E.L.M. Circuit Training (Live Zoom class) 

Saturday 9:00-10:000am EST:

STOKE THE FIRE: Power Vinyasa Flow Class for Int/Adv. (Live Zoom class)



*** Class schedule will shift, change, and evolve as we grow as a community and I begin to learn what works best in terms of serving you optimally!

We’ll navigate as we go friend! Based on what types of classes, class times, and platforms (FB LIVE vs. Live Classroom) serve you best, we’ll adjust accordingly as we go 🙂

Will this increase good vibes in your life?

Will this help you stay accountable to your fitness and yoga goals?

Will this elevate the quality of your daily life?

Will this help you grow spiritually so you always feel that Loving Connection to God/Source/Universal Intelligence flowing in your life?

My intention is to co-create this experience WITH YOU, which is why I have a special offer for the first 100 people for the first 30 days!

I consider this a BETA TEST.

In other words, I’m learning, testing things out, trying new ideas and seeing what works, what doesn’t, what you like, and what you don’t. 

At the HEART of it all is my desire to show up a serve as FIERCELY as possible.

To show how much I appreciate your support and willingness to co-create this with me, I’m offering this community membership to you for just $9/month for the first 30 days.

AND, if you’re still happy and excited to stay on for longer, you can continue your membership at $17/month after the first 30 days for the first 100 people!

After that, the membership price is subject to change for those who come in past the first 100 people, but YOUR RATE WILL STAY LOCKED IN AT THIS SPECIAL RATE OF $17/month.

Become a member of the Erin Lanahan Method Community!

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with more information, so you can jump right over to our private FB Community and introduce yourself!!!

Please feel free to email me at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com with questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns.

I’m happy to help you make whatever decision supports your best and highest good.

AND, if you’re just like “YES PLEASE, I’LL HAVE SOME OF THAT!!” Then you’re in good hands!

Get ready to bask in all the good vibes.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

Peace, Love, and a Great BIG Hug,


About Erin

I am a spiritual life coach, a writer, a yoga teacher, a peace warrior, a love soldier, and one heck of an optimist!

I am dedicated and devoted to being a contribution on this planet, and to helping you activate your radical, magical self.