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Hello! I’m going to guess you’re here because you’re considering working with a Life Coach. First of all, I feel more like a magic facilitator, a transformation activist, a medicine woman, and a spirit guide! But call me whatever you like 😉

Every coach is different based on their unique skill set, life experience, gifts, and personality, so it’s important you do your homework.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, know me from social media, take my classes, attended one of my events, then you may already have a good feel for me and what types of things I work on with clients. I work with my clients to create more freedom in their lives.

Freedom to be ALL of themselves. Freedom to express their truth. Freedom to grow their businesses in ways that feel nourishing and fulfilling. Freedom to cultivate healthy, intimate relationships. Freedom to share their gifts with the world. Freedom to embody their gifts and power. Freedom to align and awaken the dormant empowerment within them. Freedom to CREATE whatever is calling them. Freedom to live a healthy, joyful, grateful life.

What does that mean?

For example, what is something you are struggling with right now in your life? Perhaps in your relationship with your beloved, perhaps with your physical health, possibly regarding birthing your BIG vision into the world, or maybe you have an unhealthy pattern with food or substance abuse. Or it could be that you are simply bored, uninspired, and ready for a change but not sure where to start.

Do you notice how trapped and stuck these struggles make you feel? Are you aware of how they rob of your joy, happiness, and freedom? Do you feel how they drain your energy and affect your health and overall well-being and creativity? Do you feel free? Free to choose what you want? Free to create what you want? Free to dream, to try new things, to accomplish something on your bucket list? Do you feel free to live a life you love and to birth your ideas and visions into reality?

If you said no to any of those, then you know what I mean.

It sucks when we don’t feel free. It sucks when we feel that contraction. It sucks when we’re playing small because we’re carrying heavy beliefs that say “we must play it safe.” 

So why are you choosing that? I know, I know. It doesn’t feel like you are.

But you ARE.

So let’s get to the bottom of that, shall we? Are you ready to experience a great shift, and to feel more like YOU? What would it BE like to feel that freedom in your heart and body, to feel your energy expand, and your being ignite with light and permission to shine?

And what else is possible when you do that?? 😉

Become A Client Or Group Participant

If you’re looking for a magical journey, this is where you’ll find it!

One-On-One Coaching Journey

In this 60-minute free connection call, we will introduce ourselves and start to get a feel for each other. If you’re curious about what it means to work with a coach, perhaps you’ve never worked with a coach before, or maybe you’re looking for a new coach and interested in finding out what it would be like to work with me, this is a great session for that.

This session is designed to bring clarity to you regarding the kind of support you’re seeking to have in your life. We will explore all the different ways of working together, and by the end of this session, we’ll have a better idea about whether or not we want to commit to a coaching program together.

We may decide you’re better off seeking support elsewhere, or we may feel a genuine connection and choose to dive in deeper over the next 6 months and beyond together.

Looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you!


Group Programs

I LOVE running groups. These programs are so unique and special, and they restore something in our lives that we deeply long for.


I run different programs throughout the year. Please see below for the programs that are currently receiving new members. 

Erin Lanahan Method Online Studio Membership: 

Join us for LIVE (virtual) Yoga classes, and community of healthy and happy friends + 24/7 ON DEMAND access to my circuit training sessions, core workouts, cardio sweat sessions, cardio dance classes, guided meditation, guided journaling sessions and BEYOND! 


Transformation Activation Sessions

Let’s take a deep dive, into the land of possibility! These are powerful sessions, designed to activate, align, and awaken you!

Womb Healing: Wisdom Activation Session

Dear Sister,

There is a sacred medicine within you. There is a wise healer within you. There are the stars, the moon, and the whole Universe within you. This session is designed to heal and nourish you, to reawaken the sacred feminine energies within your body and soul, and to align you with your most empowered truth.

This simple session will help you embody the leader within, to empower the Divine Feminine knowing and intuition you carry, and will provide deep guidance and clarity about what is next for you in your work, relationships, and health!

Are you ready for BIG magic? The investment for this session is $100 USD.

This live ZOOM session is all about healing, connecting, clearing, and activating your inner-guru wisdom. Sister, I’m so honored to facilitate this journey with you.


I work passionately with my clients, so they can:

  • Live life with radical self-love
  • Be ALL of them and share their truth
  • Cultivate courage and confidence
  • Make empowering relationship, career, and health choices/changes
  • Create more joy, ease, alignment, and flow
  • Activate their magic
  • Do more of what they LOVE and less of what they don’t love
  • Implement routines, practices, and strategies that deeply nourish and support their bigger vision

Every client is different, so the process is unique for each one. However, every single one of us has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and power within us. I will simply, yet profoundly, help you reconnect with this part of yourself so you can live your life in a joyful, magical way.

Want to ask something before scheduling? I'm here for you!

2 + 2 =

Erin is a naturally gifted teacher and healer with a wealth of knowledge from her extensive training in the Fitness and Wellness industries. 

Erin completed her Yoga Level 1 (200hr) teacher training with me in February 2012 and demonstrated such depth and passion that I added her to the timetable before her training had even finished. Erin’s awareness and connection to those around her soon made her a favorite instructor at Essence of Living teaching senior vinyasa classes and successful workshops.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Erin to any yoga school.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information on Erin.

Michelle Merrifield
Founder, Essence of Living

In my 4 weeks with Erin, I learned a lot about myself and life in general. To be more accepting of myself and others, less judgmental and more loving. I managed to feel a connection with myself again which I know will keep improving. I can’t wait for the next group!

Gimena Catalano

I absolutely loved your workshop and it was exactly what I needed in my busy life style. I appreciated the opportunity to be allowed to slow down, reconnect with myself and search for the inner piece. I enjoyed the company of the others in the class and the room was filled with calming positive energy. I would love to participate again .


There are tools that I learned from Erin that were quite literally life-changing and I use every single day. Erin taught me how to tune in and listen to my highest self, the voice that had always been there, but I chose to block out.  Erin introduced me to living life wholeheartedly and doing what felt right and true for me.  Somewhat of a relief after a lifetime of trying to fit into the “mold” of what society deems to be ‘perfect’.  My sessions with her resulted in newfound clarity and it was thanks to Erin that my career took on a new and exciting turn!


Nicole Joy
Health + Wellness

Group life coaching with Erin Lanahan.

Are you willing to HAVE MORE?


If you want to have more ease, better health, more money, greater love, more spaciousness, more time and room FOR YOU, you have to create this for yourself. It will not happen unless you make a conscious choice to change things. Are you willing to have more? What would it BE like to have the support you need to create this for yourself? I can help you.

It’s simple.

If you’re ready to have more, I can help.
Please book your Discovery Session Here.

Looking forward to meeting you!



Let the results speak for themselves.