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Welcome to my testimonials, love letters, and transformations page!

Do you LOVE reading testimonials and references as much as I do? When I’m searching for my own coaches, mentors, business partners, healers, teachers, and guides, I find great value in the words of the ones who have direct experience! 

Therefore, I’m excited to share these words straight from those I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this organic and unique way. 

All of these testimonials came STRAIGHT FROM THE CLIENTS, EMPLOYERS, AND STUDENTS. I felt it was  important to give their words to you exactly as they shared them with me. In the spirit of doing things my way 😉 I haven’t edited them at all.  Therefore you’ll notice different styles of delivery below.

I hope you enjoy reading all their beautiful stories, love letters, and transformations as much as I have!

Thank you!


What services have you participated in with Erin? Erin runs a Yoga class once a week for my challenge girls and WOW they LOVE her. I explained Erin to my girls as an angel and everything she says is like liquid gold. Her classes are challenging yet relaxing, enlightening and you learn so much about how to look at life and be a person who only comes from love. I LOVE having Erin work under my name and hope she never leaves!

Why you decided to work with Erin? ONE WORD – AMAZING.

How has your life (or your business, or your clients) improved from your experiences with her? Their flexibility has improved ALOT. When my girls train like they do keeping flexible and stretching out those tight muscles is SO important and she provides her class as a fun enjoyable way to do this, its not a chore for my girls. They Love Erin’s outlook on life and that rubs off on my girls.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel your clients have now as a result of working with her?

1) To BREATH your way through each and every situation.

2) Trust your inner self.

3) Know that everything is perfect the way it is and happening at the right time right place.

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why?

100 % for all of the above reasons and more. Erin will add SO much LOVE, life and value to any business and will help you have your clients feel there is no need to go or see anyone else.

Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge

My name is Kate Chiffey Gray and since being a client of Erin Lanahan’s my whole life has changed for the better!!!  Things that I always dreamed of are becoming a reality, I have learnt to accept and love myself and I have found the inner peace I have been searching for!

I decided to work with Erin after being an avid yoga student of hers!  She was always so warm and connected and I felt she could help me back on track. 

I have participated in both Erin’s workshops and one on one coaching.  Both experiences have been excellent. Even in a workshop with other people Erin takes the time to get to know you and what you are seeking.  She is always professional, loving, open and genuine.  With the one on one coaching Erin has provided me with a safe environment to grow and guided me with love to find my own truth within.   I have seen such major shifts in my life that it is hard to believe I have come so far in 6 short months!

The biggest skills I have gained from working with Erin is the ability to mindfully acknowledge I am where I need to be.   To accept the moment for what it is and not force anything and then it will come to me and to allow emotions to release without attachments and stories so I can move forward and grow.

I would recommend Erin to anyone and everyone!!!  She has a unique ability to connect with people on a deeper level to help them find the tools they need to heal and grow. She is a beautiful soul full of love and kindness and everyone can benefit from that!

Kate Chiffey Gray

What services have you participated in with Erin? Coaching and Yoga

Why you decided to work with Erin? I was feeling like all aspects of my life weren’t going the way I wanted them too and could of been improved. I wanted to learn to love myself and change my perspective on life to a more positive one.

How has your life improved from your experiences with her? I feel like my life has done a complete flip and now I can see things so differently. I literally have this little voice that reminds me whenever times are tough that everything is going to be alright and  my universe will look after me. I just take a moment to breathe and respond to the situation instead of reacting which always seems to solve the problem a lot less aggressively than I used to. Erin has changed my life for the better and through her positive, inspirational and personal coaching techniques I have improved the relationships in my life, taken a new outlook on life and learnt to love myself for who I am. I still have areas I need to work on but Erin has given me the foundations to build on and get to a point where I can say I completely love myself.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel you have now as a result of working with her?

1. Responding instead of reacting – this was huge for me cause I have been one in the past to always react without actually thinking of the consequences of my words.

2. Breathing – its amazing how coming back to your breath and listening to your body can help solve so many issues.

3. Understanding that everyone has their own universe and I need to trust that their

Universe will take care of them as my universe will take care of me. I have always focused on what everyone else would think of me and making sure I took care of them but now I can trust that it will all be ok as their universe is there to help with that. Also have learnt to take a step back and focus on loving myself so that I can love others the same.

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why? Completely and utterly YES – Erin is amazing and the vibe she brings to each coaching and yoga session is incredible. I always feel so positive after my time with her and she has really made huge changes in my life. I know my partner, friends and family are grateful for her impact on my life and I hope to someday soon work with her again. I couldn’t recommend a more amazing coach or yoga teacher to anyone. She is the best and I love her for the influence she has had on me xx

Stacey McLennan

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

Hey Erin,

Looks like you had a good time in Bali and must be great to be back with your family! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that our paths crossed and I was able to attend your yoga and mediation at essence of living. I cannot explain how much of a positive impact you have had on my life.

I am a hairdresser and you taught me to sit and accept what is, not to judge myself or circumstances. And when the right thing and time arises go with it, trust your gut and your heart – your intuition.

I resigned from my job (when I felt the time was right) and two days later a perfect opportunity arose.

For the last week I have been working for myself as a hairdresser close enough for all my wonderful clients to come with me. I love it I have amazing flexibility, work alongside some amazing people and I can focus on me and my clients.

Everything works out when the time is right I am so happy you gave me the TRUST and confidence to allow this to happen.

Thank you Erin,



What services have you participated in with Erin? Personal training, life coaching, yoga and meditation

Why you decided to work with Erin? I decided to work with Erin because she is a complete package – kind hearted, gifted, highly skilled, comforting and enlightens the soul.

How has your life improved from your experiences with her? Dramatically, not only have I manifested my perfect career, relationship both family, friends and my partner and most importantly a relationship with myself.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel you have now as a result of working with her? Self love, self respect, commitment

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why? Yes I would highly recommend Erin and why… Because you don’t want to miss out on having someone as special as her help you enlighten your life!

Lauren Holmes

Raw Beauty

Erin is a naturally gifted teacher and healer with a wealth of knowledge from her extensive training in the Fitness and Wellness industries. 

Erin completed her Yoga Level 1 (200hr) teacher training with me in February 2012 and demonstrated such depth and passion that I added her to the timetable before her training had even finished. Erin’s awareness and connection to those around her soon made her a favorite instructor at Essence of Living teaching senior vinyasa classes and successful workshops.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Erin to any yoga school. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information on Erin.


Michelle Merrifield

Founder, Essence of Living

My name is Shannon and I do one on one coaching with Erin.

I first reached out to Erin when I was in a very long and toxic relationship and suffering anxiety and depression. I was feeling very lost and felt as though I was stuck in an unhappy place with my relationship, my job, my studies and friends. I wasn’t happy.

I have since complete a 12 week coaching program with Erin and my life has changed.

I am a new person and I LOVE MY LIFE!!! Everyone I know can notice how different I am. I feel connected to myself. I quit the job I hated, I changed from a uni degree I didn’t like to something I am so passionate about.

I no longer have depression( that stopped about week 4 with Erin) and my anxiety is minimal to never.

I have gratitude for everything and everyone whether they have done good or bad by me. Im self loving and rarely pick apart my body anymore. I always follow my intuition now and trust that Im always looked after a guided.

Ive learnt through prayer, meditation and manifestation how to ask for, envision and create the life i want. ITS WORKING!!!

The best thing I have learnt from Erin is how to separate my “stuff” from someone else’s “stuff” and the role I have played in things that have happened to me. I USED to think that if someone was nasty to me for no reason that I had no part in it and they were just mean and horrible but when we would break it down I could see all the ways I played a part in it. e.g.. judging them or caring what they think about me ( thats my insecurity). So me having insecurity is MY STUFF which I can work on and I don’t need to worry about THEIR STUFF because that has NOTHING to do with me.

Erin is someone who I am eternally grateful for and I still do fortnightly coaching with Erin because she is forever teaching me and helping to guide me. I am SO glad our paths crossed.

I have never been happier and more content with my life 🙂


What services have you participated in with Erin? I worked with Erin as part of the one-on-one coaching sessions she offers.

Why you decided to work with Erin? The very first time I met Erin, I knew that I needed to learn from her. She just radiates a warmth and calmness that is captivating and magnetic.

How has your life improved from your experiences with her? There are tools that I learned from Erin that were quite literally life changing and I use every single day. Erin taught me how to tune in and listen to my highest self, the voice that had always been there, but I chose to block out. Erin introduced me to  living life whole heartedly and doing what felt right and true for me. Somewhat of a relief after a lifetime of trying to fit into the ‘mould’ of what society deems to be ‘perfect’. My sessions with her resulted in new found clarity and it was thanks to Erin that my career took on a new and exciting turn!

Nicole Joy

Health + Wellness

I was talking with Claire last night about how much fun and other benefits we both got from the ‘Find Your Inner Guru’ sessions.  So I wanted to let you know how much I love you and what great experience it has been to be a part of that course.

For five years I have been studying Buddhist meditation and using various methods to stay fit in body and mind.  When you suggested ‘Inner Guru’ I thought it would be a good addition to my method practices. The course has actually changed my way of living.

I have changed ‘shape’ in a remarkably short time, I am able to meditate more often, and I now am hooked on yoga as a physical, spiritual, and mental exercise.  The informal dinner was just a fantastic time to meet new people and laugh out loud at ourselves. (hehe)

I am looking forward to the upcoming course and have put regular yoga practice into my weeks’ diary. I’m feeling good, looking good and able to help others with a clear and spiritual intention.  Thank you so much.


What services have you participated in with Erin? 12 Week Mentor and coaching

Why you decided to work with Erin? I had met Erin through her yoga teaching and felt that I had a real connection with her. Through her awareness teaching in class everything seemed to make sense and reflect what I was going through at the time. After class one day I approacher her about coaching and the rest is history.

How has your life improved from your experiences with her? My whole self has changed, I am doing things that 12months ago I would never have imagined, I am honouring my inner self, and getting rid of the negativity in my life, the words, the people, the experiences.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel you have now as a result of working with her? 

1. SELF LOVE – I am worthy and enough and I am JOY

2. Speak my truth, even when it is hard

3. Listen to my intuition

4. Have FAITH

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why? Yes

Erin is AMAZING, it is hard to describe in words how much this amazing lady has changed my life. When I met her I had no self esteem, I was depressed and going through so pretty tough personal issues, that I just couldn’t shift. Erin was not only supportive but was really able to connect with me give me tools to see the problem in a different light. She has helped put back all the broken pieces of me, and in turn this has helped me in many other areas of my life. I found whilst working with Erin I experienced a lot of synchronicity with the shifting of old pattens and the new paths that I was creating. It seemed whatever we were working on would come through to remind me in everyday life, through books, awareness teaching in yoga and in general conversations with strangers. This synchronicity continues to happen and along with my intuition I now allow it to guide me into the future. Thank you so much Erin for sharing your wonderful gift with me, I honestly cant imagine where I would be right now as I write this if our paths had never crossed. xxx

Kristy-Lee Williams

Hi Erin!

I absolutely loved your workshop and it was exactly what I needed in my busy life style. I appreciated the opportunity to be allowed to slow down, reconnect with myself and search for the inner piece. I enjoyed the company of the others in the class and the room was filled with calming positive energy. I would love to participate again .



Erin Lanahan not only whips her clients into shape but she also helps “coach” them in all aspects of their lives. She has a special way of inspiring her clients by sharing her personal struggles and how she overcame them. Erin’s kind, bubbly personality motivates everyone to work harder than they ever thought they could. Her passion for, and positive attitude towards living a life full of energy, love, and magnificence is contagious! Erin Lanahan is meant to be on television! The world would fall in love with her!
Caitlin Dorn

Pharmaceuticle Sales

In my 4 weeks with Erin, I learned a lot about myself and life in general. To be more accepting of myself and others, less judgmental and more loving. I managed to feel a connection with myself again which I know will keep improving. I can’t wait for the next group!
Gimena Catalano

What services have you participated in with Erin? Erin runs a Yoga class once a week for my challenge girls and WOW they LOVE her. I explained Erin to my girls as an angel and everything she says is like liquid gold. Her classes are challenging yet relaxing, enlightening and you learn so much about how to look at life and be a person who only comes from love. I LOVE having Erin work under my name and hope she never leaves!

Why you decided to work with Erin? ONE WORD – AMAZING.

How has your life (or your business, or your clients) improved from your experiences with her? Their flexibility has improved ALOT. When my girls train like they do keeping flexible and stretching out those tight muscles is SO important and she provides her class as a fun enjoyable way to do this, its not a chore for my girls. They Love Erin’s outlook on life and that rubs off on my girls.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel your clients have now as a result of working with her?

1) To BREATH your way through each and every situation.

2) Trust your inner self.

3) Know that everything is perfect the way it is and happening at the right time right place.

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why?

100 % for all of the above reasons and more. Erin will add SO much LOVE, life and value to any business and will help you have your clients feel there is no need to go or see anyone else.

Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge

Hello Beautiful,

Thank you so so much for being my mentor and helping guide me on my journey. It has been an amazing experience and I feel so much stronger, lighter and more in control than when I first met you. I actually have some real goals for myself and have stopped playing the victim and running from my problems. This is very exciting and I don’t feel so scared for challenges that will arise in the future. I am truly blessed to have met you as you  are a major inspiration both with my yoga practice and with journey through life.

Thank you once again beautiful you have changed my life,

K xxx

What services have you participated in with Erin?  Inner Guru Workshop, Yoga class & One-on-One

Why you decided to work with Erin?  After being a student in her Yoga classes I found Erin very guided, driven and well connected with – well everything so when the opportunity came up for the workshop I just felt like I had to do it.

What are 1-3 life tools you feel you have now as a result of working with her?  Meditation, Trusting myself & my intuition, turning my fear into flow.

Would you recommend her services to others? and Why? Yes! Erin is amazing to work and be guided/coached by. She offers not only great support but amazing guidance towards your goals and needs.

Jema Krause

Oiduts Photography + Design

Hey darling,

I just wanted to take some time to share a little bit about my self journey which has largely been because of you! You may want to get a cup of tea, this is a very lengthy email.

The past few months…. I have never ever felt so content with my life. Particularly since doing my first workshop with you, I have allowed myself to just… feel absolutely everything.  To go with every emotion I have. When I feel angry, I let it ride… When I feel anxious… I let it ride. If there are emotions that I am not liking, rather than ignore or fight them…I ask myself.. why do i feel this way? what am i afraid of? If there has been a reoccurring theme in my life the past few months it was been… exploring. Explore! explore! explore!

Your workshops as well as the communication we have had, has completely changed my life. You have really taught me to ALWAYS show myself love, to come from love in every single situation. I feel so grateful and blessed to have you in my life… you really are my angel (so much so, your number is saved in my phone as “Erin – Angel”.

I wanna share a couple stories with you that might sound a bit random….

12 months ago I was not in the mind set to have a boyfriend or see anyone. I KNEW that… my higher self continually was saying, not yet…See i was just getting over a horrendous break up. You know in those times… you can feel like you’ve lost who you are? That was me. For two years I was in a relationship I knew i should have ended.. I knew I didn’t love this person, but we had an amazing friendship so i went with it. After the break up, i did what i thought was best – swore off all guys, did whatever i could to not be involved with the opposite sex.. it was time to bring romena back, to love her, to let her know she is worthy of anything and everything.

About a month ago, I experienced abundance. i have experienced it every single day since. I just, I dunno.. i cant explain it but for the first time in my life i felt whole.  And you know what the best part was? Nothing external was making me feel this way. In the past, when I really felt as if i was “happy/whole” was because I was either

a) in a relationship

b) very skinny

c) in a foreign city

but you know what? it was ALL FAKE. I knew it then but i didn’t care… i was so afraid to be single, to move back to australia, to be fat! In order for me to be happy i HAD to be one of those things above. i was NUMBING. as you know…those issues are always there until you address them.

speaking of…

Earlier this year, I was in Amsterdam visiting my dying uncle. I have a VERY physically beautiful cousin Eva, who has an AMAZING heart too. As I sat in the hospital watching my uncle slowly fade away, the only thing i could think of was how ugly I am. How horrendous is that? Here, my poor uncle is on his death bed and all i can think of is “why aren’t i pretty like Eva”…a few days later I was out shopping with my sister. I remember feeling so self conscious and ugly and i turned to her and said…i feel DISGUSTING and i feel horrible that my uncle is dying and all i can think about is that I’m not pretty enough.

My sister (God bless her) looked me straight in the eye and just blatantly said…. you need to see a counsellor and start believing in God. See, she had experienced the same thing and that was what had worked for her. From that point on, the rest is kind of blurry? I saw a counsellor, i started reading a lot of books on feminism, i cut out people in my life who are obsessed with how they look physically, i took up yoga and that was where i met your amazing self.

when you came into my life, the real self love journey started. Erin, you and louise hay have inspired me SO MUCH. You just opened my eyes to so many things…..i use to have regular anxiety attacks and constantly pick at myself for not being x or y and you have shown me how wrong that was. i would NEVER dream of thinking badly about myself now.

Okay so FINALLY i wanted to share with you what i was experiencing in meditation tonight.

Erin, for the whole meditation… i could not stop smiling. like a grin did not leave my face for the full 45 minutes. i had a couple thoughts running through my mind but i know the smile wasn’t because of anything external. it was coming from within and my god it felt good. i feel like if i had gained a bunch of weight, lost all my money and not have a new guy in my life… i would be okay. in fact i KNOW i would because my spirit never leaves. sorry for the long email.. i just really thought id let you know about my journey and i cant thank you enough for being apart of it!!  Love You!!!!

If you are even considering spending 4 amazing, insightful and inspiring sunday nights with Erin for her yoga/meditation workshop, do it!!!!!

I heard about Erin’s 4 week Yoga/meditation workshops at Essence of Living, and figured I’d give it a go, as I had only attempted meditation before with little results. 

The first week was great, but I couldn’t stop thinking!! (What should I be thinking about? What have I got to get done tomorrow? Am I breathing right? etc etc). However I found this to be a common experience, as I was reassured through a small group discussion at the end, where a few other people also experienced this, and that this was completely normal. I always feel great after yoga, but Erin’s group had a special warmth and sense of support to it, generated solely by Erin as most people did not know one another. 

With each week I became more comfortable with the process of meditation, and the mantras we chanted were to my surprise not corny, but in fact provided for something to not only focus on, but also to express myself through, which you’ll understand once you do the course, so just do it already : ) 

I do truly recommend Erin’s workshop. She builds instant rapport to make you feel instantly at ease and secure so you can choose to open up and develop in your own time. It’s only the smallest amount of time in your week, but it makes your whole week shine : )

Laura Frainey

I began my journey with Erin in December of 2010 with her as my personal trainer in Los Angeles.  She really helped me get out of my fitness rut!  Working out with Erin was effortless and fun.  She made our sessions enjoyable and it was a pleasure to workout with her as if I was working out with a friend I had known for years.  She has a vast knowledge of nutrition and treats the body in a holistic approach which I found to be really helpful.  Her spirit is contagious and her passion is to support others in acheving their goals no matter how big or small. 

My now relationship with Erin has changed.  She is now my life coach and friend.  We both reside in different parts of Australia…a dream she helped me make come true.  I started coaching with Erin in August 2011 when I was in LA.  My personal and professional life were both in very big transitional phases so I reached out to her for support once again.  I knew Erin was a powerful woman but it wasn’t until she became my coach that I truly understood her amazing gift to touch people’s lives on a very profound level.  She helped me (and still does) regain my personal power in my professional and personal life.  I had been through a very difficult relationship with an addict that turned my life upside down closing me off to wanting to be in any relationship at all. It was with the powerful work I was doing with Erin that I was able to open myself to a beautiful healthy partnership to a man that continues to support my personal growth.  I work with Erin on a weekly basis which gives me the ability to consistently deepen my spiritual, emotional and physical health. I am grateful for her every day!


Beauty Consultant

Erin is a beautiful, unique and bold trainer and mentor.  She embodies the very core of tough love.  She carries her heart and soul with her into each session; listening and re-tailoring each session to the needs of each client on that particular day.  Personally, I have never felt so comfortable, excited and motivated to reach my goals until I started working with Erin three years ago.  Not only does she push me to my limits, but she educates me in the process. It’s nice to know why I have to do something, not just because she “says so”. She comes from an eclectic background of fitness, holistic nutrition, yoga training, overcoming so many of her own life challenges, and finding inspiration in all things, that she is able to deliver innovative ideas, tips, and tools to me every session.  There is nothing Erin wouldn’t do for me and I learned that from day one.  In Erin, I have not only a sincere, smart and dedicated coach, but she is a great friend as well.  She’s unstoppable, and by working with her, you will be too!
Kristina Denton


Dear Erin:

You are a different kind of soul than we have ever seen on TV or in the media. You are the trainer and mentor that will change how we, as a society, look at fitness, personal training, owr own bodies and relationship with ourselves, nutrition, and how to live an amazing life. Your compassion, skill, talent, drive, and creativity have kept me excited about fitness and my life for 5 fucking years. You never talked to me like I was stupid: even when u have known worlds more than me. You never rushed my learning process: even when you knew where I needed to go. You always loved me no matter what I accomplished body-wise. You (to this day) support and encourage me and make me have fun when we train and coach, in a genuine, available, and warm way. You make me have perfect form to best benefit from my training and you notice when I’m spacing AND also tell me when I’m doing it great. You seem to take true pleasure in seeing me improve and learn and help me remember to be excited about each small step. You do not make me dependant on you.  You are excited when I do things on my own and encourage me to think about what I want. I never feel like I am only a paycheck for you.  You know that we are a real team and we have a real relationship and that our time together is intimate and therapeutic and a serious delicate thing wherein our feelings about the world express themselves.  And that is HEAVY. And you are true friend for that process, and that is what a mentor has to be to really heal someone. I can see in our workouts and coaching sessions, that you have thought about them and (after five years) are always working on making them even more powerful as I evolve and expand into more of my best self.

You make me forget how hard I am working because you make our sessions so so fun. You make me and everyone you work with feel like they have James Bond of life fitness teaming up with them as they navigate the rocky roads of their hearts/minds/souls and how the problems/wounds of those vessels are expressed in how we treat our bodies and selves. Fitness and food are how we express our core beliefs about the world and God and where we fit in or if we fit at all. Our hopelessness about life is expressed in our binges. You are a spiritual guide who uses the body to examine, heal, and release our hearts from our minds so we can live joyfully, authentically, and in the moment.  One other thing: you disclose your own process and past with regard to food, fitness, and addiction troubles. Your groundedness in that past, lives inside you in concert with the proof or your present peace with regard to those ailments. This is what’s so inspiring to be around, and makes us all hopeful and energized to keep working and opening up to having true compassion and love for ourselves.  It reminds us that THAT is the answer.  

Xoxo Love,


Creative Advertising

Erin has been my personal trainer for around 5 years.  She is always energetic and keeps our workouts new and fresh.  I have noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility and mood as the result of working out with Erin.
Jeff Grimm

Financial Consultant

I have been working with Erin Lanahan for eight months.  These past 8 months have been delightful as she is a disciplined, yet patient trainer.  When she arrives (always on time) her enthusiasm and commitment to helping me is evident.  Her beauty is both internal and external .  I am sure that she would be an asset to your project.
Nancy Picot Riegelman

Associate Professor Art Center College

Erin has been my Health Coach, and trainer for over 2 years.  I now also consider her a friend.  I hired her when I took her class at Equinox, because it takes a very special type of teacher to get me going at 7 a.m.  I loved her dynamic, integrated approach (think cardio, circuits, yoga, BOSU, etc) since I suffer from Fitness ADD.  In fact, I had usually replaced my trainer every 6 – 12 months prior to meeting her – just to “keep it fresh.” Here are some thoughts as to what you you’ll get if you choose Erin for this show:

What you’ll see:  Erin’s enviable physique (especially her awesome backside which is so coveted these days thanks to JLO, Beyonce and Jessica Biel) show that she is dedicated.  As a fitness competitor and competitive gymnast, her 12 years in the fitness industry are evident when you meet her.  Her bubbly personality and intensity also read well on camera.

What you’ll hear: Her approach is integrated, supportive, knowledgeable and holistic.  But don’t get it twisted.  She doesn’t let me slide if I want to stop, and will smile so sweetly when she ramps up the speed or incline on the treadmill.  She’s also had her own battles with over exercise, body image issues and food.  And she’s generous with that story.  It makes her very relatable to an audience.

What you’ll feel: Your body will change.  The lean muscle mass she put on me carries me through when life and business get tougher.  We all know that there is a gap between what you know and what you do. Erin’s mission is to close the gap. And she’s committed to find the most direct route possible for each of her clients.

What You Get:  I won’t go into her background, because if you visit her blog at https://erinlanahanmethod.com/blog/ or get on her weekly newsletter list … her voice speaks for itself.  What you’ll find is that she’s a prolific writer and has created a lot of life-changing content that is free to the public.

Maxine Tatlonghari

VanityGirl Hollywood, Inc

Yes, I’ve been taking Erin’s Roll Out class for the past few weeks and ever since I started, my back pain has decreased. I usually have horrendous lower back pain from the type of work I do and this class has really helped. Thank you so much for showing me a way to give myself a deep tissue massage without having to pay an arm and a leg. I have also been taking Erin’s Personal Training Circuit class for the past few weeks and it’s INCREDIBLE!!! It’s a full body power hour workout that works all those areas I miss when I’m in the gym working out alone. The class has awesome energy and she really knows what she’s doing. I would recommend this class to anyone who’s looking to lose weight or gain muscle, young or old.
David Lanahan

Snowboard Instructor

Erin is an incredible and unique personal trainer and life mentor.  She is constantly creating innovative, dynamic moves and techniques to whip her clients into shape, as well as guiding them towards living the life of their dreams.  These techniques are based on her constant research and intuitive knowledge of her own body’s needs, as well as overcoming so many challenges in her own life in pursuit of following her own heart’s deepest calling. That is why I feel so blessed to have found her…she knows just what each individual needs to achieve their ideal body and life!  I recently started her new “Rollout” class but can already see the improvement in my skin and muscles! My cellulite has firmed up and I recover a lot faster after long runs and spinning class!  I know that over the long-term, my body’s elasticity, posture and body fat will be so much better for this “Rollout” class! Thank goodness she taught me how to “Rollout” while I’m still young!
Kelly Noonan


Meeting Erin in December of 2010 was a true God-send.”  I was ready to understand the deeper issues around my emotional eating and why I turned to food for all the wrong reasons.  Through a very patient process, Erin has guided me to access my spiritual side in a powerful way but at a pace that I could handle.  She also taught me to get in touch with my feelings by connecting to how my body feels, and that it was the ultimate way to surpass my negative patterns and limiting beliefs. She kept reminding me that my emotional eating was the pathway to learning about myself on a deeper level and to healing past wounds.  As a result of my work with Erin, I have gotten in touch with the reasons behind my eating, I have uncovered my spirituality, begun to trust my inner guidance and my body in a new way and to love myself no matter how I look. For these lessons and more I am truly grateful to her and our work together.
P. Stephan

Holistic Health Coach and Business Lifestyle Consultant

As someone who runs 3 to 4 days a week, Erin Lanahan’s roll out class has helped me to better absorb the impact of such a high stress cardio exercise.  By applying the directives from her Saturday morning class before I get on the track, I find that I have a fuller elastic range of motion.  More importantly the post-running cramps that I had become all to accustomed to during the last couple of years have disappeared. The bonus has been that my times on my 10- and 13-mile runs have greatly improved!  If you’re a runner, I can think of no better tool to add to your arsenal than Erin’s roll out class!
Alex Junco


Erin is awesome.  For several months I watched and evaluated all the trainers at the gym – looking to see who showed the most innovation, dedication, and attention to their clients and who focused on core strength and form.  Erin, with out question, excelled in every one of these areas.  Her enthusiasm is inspiring – and at times a tad bit sadistic…but in that ‘hurts so good’ kind of way.  She was able to motivate me just from watching her work out with other clients.  Needless to say, working with her one-on-one is an incredible experience.  I have achieved all my goals and then some. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly.
Robert Grandinetti

Real Estate Agent