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Hi, I'm Erin!

I’m an alignment and flow coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer, mind/body/spirit mentor, and dedicated to being pure positive energy on this planet and in your life. I’m ready to guide you from fear to love, from scarcity to overflow, from longing to fulfillment, from emptiness to satisfaction, from frustration to well-being, from good to thriving, and beyond!


"Connect to the truth within. Create your own reality." - Erin Lanahan

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to wake up each day feeling PROUD of who you are, what you do, and who you do it all with?

What would it BE like to feel so connected to your super-powers, your inner-guidance system, and your gifts, that you could create your best business, relationships, and body of health from alignment, ease, and joy?

How would it FEEL to have radical self-love, allowing you to take charge of your own life, to be BOLD in your decision making, and to cultivate mutually nourishing intimate relationships?

What if you never had to make choices based on fear ever again, and you were FREE to choose exactly what makes your heart feel light, happy, and expansive?

Does all of that sound impossible to you?

Do you KNOW there’s a better way, but you’re not quite sure how to find it?

What would it BE like to have a support system that helps you find that better way?

I can help you create BIG MAGIC if you’re ready to do your part.

Let’s explore how we can work together.

If you want healthier, happier relationships, a business that FLOWS, and powerful connection to your body, take my hand.

Let’s hop on a call.

What’s your special request? If you could have help with ANYTHING, what would it be?


“Community is where humility and glory touch.”

Speaking at live events, and facilitating corporate wellness programs and workshops LIGHT ME UP!

Want to have me contribute to your event?

Please book a connection call to explore.


I feel like my life has done a complete flip and now I can see things so differently. I literally have this little voice that reminds me whenever times are tough that everything is going to be alright and my universe will look after me. I just take a moment to breathe and respond to the situation instead of reacting which always seems to solve the problem a lot less aggressively than I used to. Erin has changed my life for the better…
Stacey McLennan

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

Erin is a naturally gifted teacher and healer with a wealth of knowledge from her extensive training in the Fitness and Wellness industries.
Erin completed her Yoga Level 1 (200hr) teacher training with me in February 2012 and demonstrated such depth and passion that I added her to the timetable before her training had even finished. Erin’s awareness and connection to those around her soon made her a favorite instructor at Essence of Living teaching senior vinyasa classes and successful workshops.I would have no hesitation in recommending Erin to any yoga school.
Michelle Merrifield

Founder , Essence of Living

After being a student in her Yoga classes I found Erin very guided, driven and well connected with – well everything so when the opportunity came up for the workshop I just felt like I had to do it. Erin is amazing to work and be guided/coached by. She offers not only great support but amazing guidance towards your goals and needs.
Jema Krause

Oiduts Photography + Design

Catch me on YouTube where I offer yoga classes, weight training circuits, guided meditations, and mindset sessions designed to help us cultivate mental freedom, physical strength and flexibility, and spiritual fitness.  

See you there!

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