We all reach a point where we begin to contemplate our lives. We look back and wonder. We look forward and wonder. 

But no matter what path we’ve chosen, or what our lives currently look like, there’s no destination, and things are ALWAYS changing. 


“Happiness is an inside job.”

I’ve had to squash this idea that there is some moment in time when I will finally feel like I’ve “arrived.” Every day I must choose to live in my fullness NOW. 


I’ve had to bring my full-power presence to the conditioning that brainwashed me into thinking that some label such as “wife,” “mother,” “free spirit,” “successful entrepreneur,” etc, would determine my value, my worth, my status, thus declaring my right to be here. 

Because that part is up to me.

It’s up to me to create my own rules. It’s up to me to live into the woman I want to be in the world. It’s up to me to continue to LOVE deeply, even when I’ve been hurt. It’s up to me to choose to believe in myself, even when life hasn’t always gone the way I wanted it to. It’s up to me to sing praises of gratitude for all the miracles and blessings I’ve experienced. 

It’s up to me to be COURAGEOUS. 

It takes courage to listen to the voice within when it tells me to pursue a dream that seems impossible.

It takes courage to walk away from a relationship that was almost the one, but not quite.

It takes courage to have faith in greater possibility. It takes courage to KNOW myself in the face of rejection.

It takes courage to keep going.

It takes courage to love myself through the intense vulnerability hangovers I get every time I put myself “out there.”

Today I celebrate radical responsibility and courage. May these two qualities express themselves in us and through us. May they support us as we navigate the tricky dynamics of our lives, and help us to embody and celebrate the truth of who we are. 



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