Hey guys! Letting go is something we all hear about, talk about, and even probably try to apply in our lives when we are in pain, fear, or discomfort of some kind.


Do you really ever let it go?

How in the heck do we let go anyway?

We must TRUST. But before we can trust…we must practice trusting.

As we let go a little bit each time, and see that we are ok…we learn not to fear the unknown or the uncertainty or the discomfort. We learn that just because we don’t “know,” doesn’t mean we are going to die. It doesn’t mean we aren’t getting what we want.

Whether it’s a job interview, a relationship, a piece of clothing, or an idea you have…when the current gets strong…surrender to it and trust where it is taking you.

In Australia, there are lots of pretty serious rip currents. They say, if you happen to get caught in one, you must let the ocean take you out to sea, because eventually, it will bring you back to shore.

Most people die before they get to shore however, due to panick. We get so afraid to let go, to trust that we will actually make it to where we want to go, that we end up clinging too tightly to outcomes and drown ourselves in the very process that is bringing us home.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But we do it.

So, whatever it is you are holding onto today, I want you to practice trusting. Let it go just a little bit, and wait for the Universe to provide you with proof that you are going to be ok.

If you never give yourself the opportunity to trust someone or something, by letting go of them or it, how will you ever get to see that when you do, you always survive? When you survive…you gain more trust, and as a result you feel more empowered around letting go even more. Then you get to experience true freedom and transformation.

What are you holding onto today? What are you so afraid of loosing? Tell me what you are going through. I am sending you all so much love!!



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