What Lens Are you looking through? (Blog Photo)

Every day I wake up and I am faced with a decision to make.

What LENS will I use today to look at life?

Some days I choose to see the best in everything, I choose this as my practice, my exercise, my inner game. Sometimes I am able to apply it and experience deep peace and joy as a result, no matter what craziness, chaos, or painful life situation arises around me. And other times it goes to shit by the end of the day.

Some days I forget to make a conscious choice at the start of the day, and somehow, I seem to be able to pause, check-in, and to set the intention for what I am wanting to create in each moment, conversation, argument, or conflict. It can be a shift that happens so easily, that takes me from a place of fear and insecurity, into a state of love, tolerance, and faith.

In that moment we face two doors, two paths, to ways. One says suffering, the other says liberation. Once in a while I forget, and I choose suffering, but the longer I practice, the easier it gets to remember how to be free, to see the beauty and opportunity in all people, places, and things that I cross paths with. That said, even when I forget and unconsciously choose suffering, it just teaches me more about how to remember next time, to be free. So all paths ultimately can lead to GOOD, love, peace, liberation.

So why is it easier some days than others? What is the deciding factor?

In my experience, when it seems to be more challenging, it is because we are NOT picking up our tools, we are NOT taking responsibility for our happiness, and we are depending on people, places, and things outside of ourselves for our solution. AND it also means we are peeling back another layer of limiting beliefs, releasing a deeper layer of fear, and healing another layer of lack, limitation, doubt, and insecurity. So when the shit hits the fan, it is not because we are “doomed.”  “victim,” “cursed,” “unlucky,” or “unfortunate,” NO, quite the opposite in fact.

It is because we are ready to RECLAIM our power back from that annoying, nagging, heavy, draining, dark voice that fills our heads with self- doubt, regret, resentment, self-loathing, and fear. 

One of the reasons I chose to become a Professional Coach, was because I have a deep desire to serve my clients in the same ways I was blessed by my coach many years ago. She helped me see for myself, to EXPERIENCE for myself, that even when my worst nightmare seems to be happening, it is only happening as an exercise, to test my spiritual fitness, and to offer me a different choice in that moment. The illusion or “nightmare” is an opportunity to practice shifting my perception, to challenge myself to see it differently, experience it differently, and to therefore CREATE something better for myself. You could use this as a daily practice.

A practice is something we do every day. It is never meant to be mastered. We do not have to seek perfection (Thank God). In fact, PRACTICING teaches us to explore, to let go, it encourages us to start again, and keep going, every day learning and growing and evolving based on what we have already been through. IF we stop using each life situation as a tool for learning and growing, we seem to get stuck, to begin to die inside a little, or a LOT. We may try to ignore this, with little to no success. Some confront it, and embrace the powerful opportunity that it offers, and some are perfectly ok with the way things are, with no real desire to dive deeper, and live bigger.

At least this has been my experience.

So perhaps it comes down to what we want, and what it requires to get there? We may have a dream that does not require much self-inquiry or healing. Or we may deeply desire a life that absolutely CANNOT manifest unless we work through the internal and external issues that arise as we move toward it.

What do you think it is for you? Do you keep diving deeper and deeper, or is there a place where you decide to stop and to stay where you are?

What brings you the most joy? IS it growing and learning? And what is it about the thing that brings you joy, that brings you joy? Why do you like what you like?

What do you accept? What do you resist? And WHY?

How do these questions make you feel? Why?

I was very inspired today, by a video I saw. Ok so it’s sponsored by DOVE, but whatever, I still think it carries a message worth contemplating. Not because I think we should ever feel pressured or the need to label ourselves, but because it asks us POWERFUL QUESTIONS.

What LENS do you see yourself through? And therefore how do you look at your life? What path do you choose? When you have a choice, which way do you go? And WHY? (see video at the bottom of the page)

Perhaps we never really need the answers to these questions? Perhaps the POWER comes from living in the questions marks, asking the questions and allowing things to unfold and reveal themselves to us from there??

What do you think? What has been YOUR experience?

Please share your insights with us in the comment section below on our social media sites so we can all learn from one another!

Thank You!

Love and Blessings,


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