Being human means we will deal with FEAR.

It will stop us or make us curious.

We will give in to it and let it run the show, OR we will use it as bait to show us what we need to work on if we want to keep growing and co-creating with the Universe, with our partners, and with our clients, co-workers, friends, and families.

FEAR is not real, but it sure feels real.

Obviously some forms of fear are healthy, but these are not the forms of fear I speak of today. Today I speak of the kind of fear that comes from bad experiences we have had in the past, that we project onto our future, making it difficult for us to ever have a NEW and BETTER experience NOW and moving forward. For example, in love and intimacy, or in our careers and family life, we tend to look at what isn’t working, what didn’t work in the past and we then we unconsciously create a belief system that says it won’t work now either based on the past. We are therefore choosing to focus on what we are AFRAID may or may not happen down the road, and so we begin to look for what is wrong in our partner instead of what is right.

We could be spending our time talking about what we LOVE and ADORE about our relationship, and what we would like to create together based on what we FEEL is possible, and yet we somehow end up using our intimate conversation time to lay out what we are scared of or we share our fears of worst case scenario happening. But what if we owned our power of choice instead? We could always choose to focus on the fear, but just the same we could make a decision to give our time and energy to the possibility. It really DOES come down to what we choose to look at, talk about, and nourish with our attention. Are you going to nourish the things you are afraid of, feed them, build them up, and give them power? Or would you rather spend your time and energy nourishing your vision, your creative abilities, your partnership and team work skills, and all the things that really ARE possible and available? Do you want to be fearful or resourceful? What if everything was actually really working out far better than you could ever imagine? How might you show up in your relationship or family today if you BELIEVED that you in fact could and would have everything you’ve ever wanted and more?

When we are living from a place of fear, then we are making every decision from a place of trying to avoid pain, or trying NOT to create the same thing that happened in the past. So as a result, we are focused on what we DON’T WANT. This never feels good, and what we focus on EXPANDS. So whether you want to re-create the past or not, if you are focused on it, then that is what you will have.

But the shift is easy.

What do you want? What do you believe in your heart is possible for you and your mate? Do you both spend time talking about this together? Do you share your biggest dreams with one another and let that INSPIRE your daily actions to support the life you want to build together? What would you like to create in your life regarding friends, family, and career? What is the lifestyle you desire? Are you willing to stay focused on that, and are you willing to KEEP bringing yourself back to this every time your fear tries to take you to the negativity, the worst case scenarios, the limiting beliefs, and the past projecting itself onto your present, thus creating your future?

Be BOLD. Be COURAGEOUS. We must leap and the net will appear, do something we’ve never done to get something we’ve never gotten, and for such faith and trust in the Universe, the Forces will unite and align with our goals, bringing us through and to that which we stay focused on.

Go Forth and Conquer friends.

What is your fear saying today? And what could you say in place of it? What do your dreams have to say? What does your HEART feel is true? Are you willing to give what’s possible MORE of your time and energy than you give to your fear? I’d love to hear! Please share with us on social media in the comment section, or in the comment section here on the blog, so we can all learn from one another!

It’s been a pleasure hang’n with ya! If you’d like to hang with me even more, if you’d like to go even deeper in your personal journey, and you are ready to rise above your fear and create something bigger than ever before, then perhaps you are ready to work with me as your Personal Coach. I’d love to meet you if so. Please email me at [email protected] for more details.

Thank you! Love!