“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown


Phew! I just made it through a wicked time of disconnection and darkness! Without even realizing it, I had completely gotten swept away with life situations, circumstances, relationships, and my focus was spread out so much, and jumping around from one thing to another in such desperation to fix it all and control it, that I became totally ungrounded, insecure, and found myself in unbearable pain!

Why oh WHY do we do this to ourselves?

Today I want to share my forgetfulness, and lessons from it, with you, because for me, letting go of everything “out there” and coming back to my CENTER, is always the magical solution that heals all things.

I intellectually know this and get this, and yet I still do it. I still forget that there is never “all these problems.”

There is only ever ONE problem.

Am I centered and grounded in myself or not? Am I present? Am I connected to MY TRUTH within? Or, am I too focused on everything outside of me? Too attached to what other people think and feel? Too dependent on people, places, and things? Too easily effected by what other people believe to be true?

When I am taking care of me, breathing, keeping it real, slowing down, tuning in to my inner voice, giving myself time and space to just BE with myself, honoring and acknowledging the intelligence of the sensations within me, then everything else is just easier. Somehow everything always works out for the best. I have the confidence, the courage, the clarity, the creativity, and the room to be curious that I need in order to have PEACE in my heart.

When I become detached from this practice, when I decide to put the needs of others before my own, when I give up on honoring myself first and foremost, when I choose fear over love, not only do I end up suffering, but everything around me begins to fall apart.

When we are IN OUR POWER, the people in our lives respond to us in a way that feels respectful, appreciative, loving, kind, spacious, patient, and honoring. They have to. Because they are mirroring back to us how we feel inside. 

When we are NOT in our power, the people in our lives may respond to us with doubt, lack of confidence in us, little faith in our decisions, worry, they may reject or abandon us, and will extend an overall energy that makes us feel even more disempowered! They have to. The are reflecting back our own inner state of chaos, confusion, and lack of self-love.

I deeply and completely appreciate the practice of CENTERING. It is a game changer for me, my clients, and my students. The shift is almost instantaneous. If we stay devoted to it, not only will our own energy shift, but we will begin to experience shifts around us as well.

Therefore, the next time you catch yourself feeling insecure and caught up in chaos, confusion, a lack of clarity, self-doubt, sadness, heaviness, and/or a lack of self-love, just notice it. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by it, can you acknowledge it as your invitation to COME BACK TO CENTER?

Let go of the “problems” in your relationships, your work, your health, etc.

Instead of spewing out energy by bouncing your attention all over the place, trying to fix, control, and change things, just STOP IT.

Recognize that there is only ONE problem. You are not present. You are resisting what is. You are not connected to your truth. You are not centered and grounded in the love WITHIN you. You are focused on too many things instead of THE ONE thing that matters.

Come back. Come back home. Return to Love. Return to Peace. Return to the life force within you.

As we slow down, and become still, and close our eyes, even for just a minute or two, and as we breathe and feel the sensations at the center of our chest, we begin to feel safe again, and a warmth of peace comes over us, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will always materialize if we continue to come back to our CENTER. As we remain there, our connection to ourselves deepens. We gain a sense of being grounded again, and as we open our eyes, things begin to look and feel different than they did before we closed our eyes.

Try it.

Here are 4 Steps To Getting CENTERED when you notice you have let fear get the best of you:

1) Acknowledge the suffering. Notice that you do not feel yourself. Admit that you want to feel differently.

2) Take 1-5 minutes. Sit down. Close your eyes. Just breathe. Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Feel the sensations there. And just breathe. Notice the thoughts and images that try to pull you away from your center. Just notice them. And then lovingly bring yourself back. Back to the Center of your chest.

3) Stay in this place for as long as you want to or can. Experience your body and your breath from your Center. KNOW that as you do this, you are filling up your tank, you are activating the life force within you, you are giving yourself unconditional love through the act of being present with yourself.

4) Open your eyes and carry on with your day. TRUST that as you keep doing this 4 step process, things will get better. You will know what to do, and your outer world will begin to shift so as to reflect your inner state of well-being.

I would love to know how this process works for you, or if you have your own process for getting centered and grounded, we would love to have you share it with us in the comment section of this article or on social media!

Thanks for hanging with me friends!

Yours Truly,


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