Enjoying the sun


Greetings friends! I am grateful to say that I am sitting beachside as I write to you today! AHHHHH, creating a lifestyle business was absolutely intentional, and although every step of the way has been worth it, it has definitely required a lot of shifting and changing things within me and around me in order to have the life I truly desire. (and of course my life and me, are always a work in progress 😉


One tool that I have used for many years, and something many of you who know Eckhart Tolle’s work will be familiar with, is FEELING THE INNER BODY.


My very first coach introduced this method of healing and transformational personal growth to me back in 2006. And this has been a HUGE contribution to my healing and creating the life of my dreams.


That is why I want to share it with YOU!


It was brought to may attention recently that I sort of “stay in the closet” with this information. And as soon as a mentor of mine pointed that out I knew she was right!


She asked me WHY? “Why do you hide this most vital part of your process Erin?”


At a loss for words, I said “I don’t know.”


But as I sat with this more and more, and got honest with myself by feeling my inner body, I saw that I’d been hiding it because I was afraid that you wouldn’t value it like I do! I was also afraid I may seem a bit too WOO-WOO! 


However, once this was out in the open, and I could SEE it, it was obvious to me that all these “fears” were not real at all. They were my ego’s attempt at keeping me small, at preventing me from sharing my gifts, and from being more visible, making greater impact in the world!


Well, I won’t have some silly fear, pretending to be me, actually win this game. ABSOLUTELY NOT!


So in the name of kicking our fears to the curb and shining our LIGHT for all to see and share, here’s one of the most profound tools I know of, in terms of creating the love and the life that you want.


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And for the LOVE of reading, ENJOY the following…


Feeling the Inner Body: We have 2 experiences happening all the time. The one we are having in the external world, and then the one we are having inside of us, in the internal world.


Most of us get extremely caught up in the external world or the outer game of life, and know little to nothing about the inner world or inner game of life.


Why does this matter and what does this mean!?


Let me give you an example:


If I get upset at my boyfriend for not cleaning up after himself, and I am disconnected from my inner body, I may get all kinds of feelings and frustration towards him and find myself getting angry with him and blaming him for being lazy, and no matter how much I blame him, it won’t make me feel better. in fact, it will make me feel worse, which will upset me even more. More than likely, this way of being probably will not do much good for our relationship.


If I tune into my inner world, feeling my inner body, and get real with what is really going on for me, I may actually begin to become aware of things like:

– I am feeling overwhelmed

– I need to communicate with him lovingly about how we can create more balance in our responsibilities

– And most importantly, I may see that I am actually feeling disempowered around certain things like business and career and his “laziness” is triggering me because I am not feeling supported in the world.


If I am just playing the outer game of life, I will not necessarily become aware of the deeper reason for my feelings, thus running the risk of blaming it all on him with no relief in sight.


If I decide to play the inner game of life, I will be able to presence myself to the disempowerment I am experiencing and I can begin to ask myself questions such as:

  • “Is this anyone’s fault? (No)
  • What is holding me back? (I feel guilt about putting myself first, before the household duties.)
  • Is anyone making me put the household duties before my business. (No, only I am)
  • What is actually the solution here? (I must create a structure for myself so I can put my work and creative life first, carving out time for them each day and doing them BEFORE I do anything else. And then I must consistently show up for my commitment to these things.)


So do you see? In the outer game of life I would be angry at my boyfriend for being lazy and I would blame him for my frustration and unhappiness.


If I am playing the inner game of life, I will actually see that him not cleaning up after himself is actually triggering my overwhelm because I feel guilty about putting myself first and therefore I am not doing some of the things that feed me and as a result I feel disempowered in my life. Then I can take my power back. I can own up to my part in the disempowerment and do what I need to do to nurture myself and my business.


So how do i feel my inner body you say?


Actually it is SO EASY we miss it.


Here are 3 ways to feel your inner body and begin to connect with your inner world:

1) Notice you are irritated, upset, angry, frustrated, irritable, restless, and.or discontent.

2) PAUSE and close your eyes. Where do you feel that discomfort in your body? Is it in you tummy? Your chest? Your throat? Is it heavy? Is it swirling? Is it stagnate?

Just FEEL It for a minute or two.

3) Ask your body: “Body, take me to the root of this feeling. Show me what this is really about.” Then come back to the feeling inside of you. You may get a vision, a memory and insight of some kind. It may happen right way. It may happen later. Either way, you will be more centered and calm, and just this act of presencing will be enough to dissolve some of the charge you were feeling.


This process is so simple, yet so profound! I can guarantee as you begin to use thiese 3 steps that you will experience great shifts and changes in your life!


Here are 3 Ways This Will Transform Your Relationships and Your Life: 


1) You will no longer be a victim. This means that no matter what is happening in your life, you will be able to connect to your inner body and get the to the root of it for you. As you connect to the inner body, you will receive guidance AND get the learning from every life situation.


2) You will be able to release resentments towards your loved ones, and free yourself from how other people behave. How you feel will no longer depend on how other people are showing up! You will be FREE!


3) EVERYTHING will empower you. You will no longer see life as “happening to me” but from a fresh new perspective of “life happens FOR me.”


Questions about any of this? Is there anything you would like me to elaborate on? If so, please share with us in the comment section and I would be happy to address your questions and requests! Also, if you have experience with your inner body, I’d love to hear your contributions to this topic! Let’s get a groovy conversation going!


Love you all!


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