Hello! Today we take a deep dive into overcoming health challenges.

But first, let me address why I cover so many different topics here at Erin Lanahan Method.

The truth is, they may look different, but they aren’t.

Because ultimately EVERYTHING leads us back to more power within ourselves.

Initially many things cause us to experience a loss of power:

– Health

– Finances

– Career path or lack therefore

– Relationships

– Sex

These things bring up our “stuff.”

They show us where we are still in fear, where we don’t trust, where we are unable to speak our truth, where we are insecure, and where we are still not fully owning and embodying our talents, strengths, gifts, and genius.

They show us where we are sleep walking through life.

What confronts us, could be likened to an alarm clock.

BOTH are saying “It’s time to Wake Up.”

It’s time to return to love and compassion and to liberate ourselves from unnecessary, unconscious living and the suffering it causes.

And that’s why I am here.

My path and my mission is to help my clients, readers, viewers, students, and tribe let go of fear and to stop playing small, and to remember who they are at the SOUL level, which is freedom, peace, and infinite love and grace.

Over the last few weeks I have covered:

  • Feeling the Inner body
  • Shame resilience
  • And the empowering role relationships play in our lives.

Today we are covering HEALTH ISSUES.

Have you ever had a health scare of some kind?

It could be something small, like a weird bump on your skin, or unexplainable changes in your breathing. Perhaps you’ve experienced hormonal imbalances, fertility challenges, or female issues of other sorts.

It could be that you’ve struggled with your weight, keeping it on or off, and maintaining a healthy balance.

Some of you may have suffered digestive issues or allergies.

Maybe you’ve had cancer, or something chronic such as an autoimmune dis-ease.

Or maybe you have just been along side of a loved one who has struggled with their health in some way.

If so, you are AWARE of how disempowering this can be when it’s happening.

It can cause confusion, inner conflict, resistance, self-judgment, self-loathing, and a sense of hopelessness.

We can find ourselves asking questions like WHY? Why me? Why this? Why now?

We very often feel like it’s a punishment, or a result of doing something wrong, or evidence that there is something “wrong with us.”

Well, today I have GOOD NEWS!

When we are faced with health challenges, what we are really faced with, is our ability, or lack thereof to have compassion for ourselves, to have forgiveness for, and faith in our bodies, to embody the healer within, and to love ourselves unconditionally along the way, no matter what is happening.

Otherwise we may grow negative, hopeless, defeated, and never stop feeling like a victim

Also, and I know this is true for me, and 100’s of clients and people I’ve worked with, that health challenges often inspire a course correction in life. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently.

We are given an opportunity to learn more about our bodies, what heals our bodies, what nourishes us, what cleanses us, what is toxic for us, and so on and so forth.

If we choose to, we can become quite savvy and expert-like about certain things because of what our health issues have taught us.

For example, a friend of mine was having a lot of trouble staying pregnant. She kept having miscarriages. She began to work with the right doctors and professionals, and did a lot of her own research and inner work. In the process she learned a ton about vitamins, and healthy pregnancy, and how she can best nourish herself and her baby moving forward. All stuff she never would have known had she not gone through those challenges.

A student of mine recently shared with me about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She was well on her way to become an executive at a Fashion Magazine when she found this out. As a result, she has completely shifted career paths. She is training to become yoga teacher, studying personal training, and on a mission to help empower her clients around their health.

She LOVES what she does and because of her health challenges she found her calling and is fulfilling her Soul’s purpose in life.

I know for me personally, every time I have suffered a health challenge, and I have actually been through quite a few bizarre scenarios, it totally threw me off at first.

But ultimately I gained knowledge, insight, and healed more deeply, and have let go of so much fear I once carried around about illness and “dying.”

I can also say with conviction, that I have learned so much about my own power to heal the body I have. Most importantly I now know what it means to love myself wholeheartedly.

If I know you the way I think I do, YOU are the kind of person who overcomes your challenges.

You are the kind of woman, or man, that takes an initial loss of power when faced with dis-ease, chronic illness, injury, or body imbalances and commits to moving through it with dignity and self-respect.

You have a strong desire to re-claim your power, and to move through your challenges with the intention of liberating yourself from the things that scare you and hold you back.

So let’s do that now.

Here is a 5 Step Process to Re-Claim your Power from health issues, so you can move forward with nothing but peace and love in your heart.

1) How are you currently perceiving your health challenges? Notice and simply acknowledge the inner dialogue you are having with yourself, your judgments, and what you are feeling disempowered around. Just notice.

2) Get honest with what you are making this mean about yourself, about others, and about life. What stories are you making up? What assumptions are you invested in?

3) Check in with how willing you are to see things differently. Are you ready and willing to feel differently about this? Do you want to be free of the heaviness, fear, and hopelessness? Or do you secretly like something about being “unwell?” This one can be hard to look at. Just see. No judgment.

4) Feel your inner body. Feel the parts of you that are resisting what is. Feel the parts of that are in pain or out of balance. Feel the parts of you that you have been unable or unwilling to accept. Feel the parts of you that are asking for your forgiveness, presence, and unconditional love. Just feel them.

BE with yourself fully. Without any agenda, any excuses, any assumptions. BE with what is.

5) Adopt the belief, that no matter what is happening, you are going to be ok. And then get into guided action.

Spend time every day acknowledging steps 1-4.

What can you research?

What can you explore?

What actions are you being guided to take that you haven’t followed through on yet?

Follow through. Let go of results. Tune in and follow your gut.

Gather more information, and empower yourself with all the data. There are people out there with a negative spin on your current condition, and just as many with a positive spin.

Notice which one you gravitate to. Ask yourself why that is.

Does that work for you? Does it propel your healing forward? Does it give you energy and bring relief to you? Keep doing it if so. And if not, try something different!

You are going to be ok. Invest yourself in this belief.

You are NOT alone.

You are surrounded by human beings, and every single one of us is struggling with something, and none of us are more unique or special than anyone else.

In the end we are all heading to the same place.

Self-Love, Soul Healing, Awakening, Freedom from Suffering, Acceptance, and Self-Realization.

Whatever path you are taking to get there, have compassion for yourself, your body, and for your own timing and process.

It is what it is.

Can you, WILL YOU, love yourself anyway?

Thank you so much for being here. I acknowledge and appreciate you, AND I want to hear from you! Please share your comments with us below this article on Social Media or in the comment section here on the blog.

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