This is me at the retreat during a break. We were asked to go outside and take time to reflect deeply on the pain we have experienced up to now, and how it is actually perfection!

 This is me at the retreat during a break. We were asked to go outside and take time to reflect deeply on the pain we have experienced up to now, and how it is actually perfection!


Hello Love,

I am writing to you from the Phoenix airport on the back end of my business trip. I flew out here last Thursday for an all women’s business retreat, and boy has it been one heck of a week!  (In a good way).


When I embarked on the path of Personal Trainer, transformed into Holistic Health Coach, into Yoga Teacher, into Intuitive Life Guide, I had NO IDEA what would be required of me to make the kind of impact I was inspired to make.

I  just knew I had been through A LOT of dark nights, and I had come through them. And I wanted to help others do the same. 

What I am learning about business, at least MY BUSINESS, is that it is a lifestyle business. Every aspect of it is ultimately an expression of who I am.

It’s me being me in the world.

In order to do business in a way that feels AUTHENTIC to us, rather than just some cookie cutter version, it takes courage, resilience, and it cannot come to fruition unless we are able to 100% own who we are, own our journey, and show up as that unique genius

As coaches, healers, writers, artists, speakers, teachers, and anyone else who is living their passion, we need our tribe just as much as they need us. We must shine our light and do our thang so we can find each-other and unite

One of the questions we got asked on the first day of the retreat was one I have heard before. In fact, initially I heard that voice in my head say “Oh, this is so super cliche and I have heard this so many times already.”

The questions was this:

What are you willing to do differently, in order to get what you REALLY want? 

I decided to give this question, and our group leader, the benefit of the doubt, and to acknowledge that my judgment of the question was really just my RESISTANCE showing up already.

So I chose to bust through that resistance and to contemplate the question again, as if I’d never heard it before.

Have you ever done that?

You know, heard a question or read something, that initially you rejected before you really gave it a chance to land inside of you? Was it resistance or something else?

For me, this was definitely resistance, which is different than choosing not to accept an energy or opinion that feels out of alignment or toxic to us. Resistance is that little ego voice, trying to keep us right where we are, attempting to keep us small, stuck, and hiding out.

So I saw that, and made a choice.

I realized that we are constantly evolving, learning, growing, and changing. Which means every time we revisit something, we may see it differently or learn something new from it.


This was true for me.

Throughout my retreat I continued to do this, to really LISTEN, to let things land inside of me, and to see and hear things as if it was the very first time. 

I let the wisdom that is within me, as a result of the road I have traveled, emerge.

I gave myself the experience of what it is like to be a part of something.

I allowed myself to be held, to be SEEN, to be wrong, to be right, to not know, to be confident, to be vulnerable, to be insecure, to open, to be closed, and to let others witness me as I went through that process.

One of my biggest take-aways when it come to life, business, relationships, and health, is that we so often (at least I’ll speak for myself), don’t want anyone to see us go from where we are to where we want to be.

We are ok to let them see the caterpillar phase, and we can’t wait to show off our butterfly phase, but we carry loads of SHAME about the cocoon phase. 

Our shame makes us believe that we must do the journey alone, because it is too ugly to share with others.

It sounds ridiculous when we say it aloud, and yet so many of us do this and separate ourselves from love and support as a result.

What I am willing to do differently, is: To LET YOU BE HERE WITH ME ON THE JOURNEY. 

The clean, tidy bits, AND the dirty, messy bits.

I am willing to show up THAT powerfully. I am willing to practice Self-Love and Self-Care to whatever degree is necessary, so that I am grounded and taken care of in this process. Therefore, no matter what others think or feel, I feel good and happy with myself.

What about you? What are YOU willing to do differently, to get what you REALLY want?

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Thanks for being here with me. Your presence is POWERFUL, and you DO make a huge difference in the world. Keep shining your light, and keep going!

Love you all,


P.S. Would you like life to feel easier? Would you say yes to more ease, peace, and grace in your business? Would you like to feel stronger and more clear about what you want in your relationships? 

How would things be different for you, if you had all of the above? 

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