“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.”

– Mandy Hale


Do you ever wonder what happiness truly means to you? Do you find yourself working hard to achieve it, to have and hold it, to become it, only to watch it slip away shortly after you grasp it?

Why is that?

Firstly, I believe that when we get a clear and effective definition of what happiness means for us (and that means what it means uniquely to YOU), then we are able to set clear intentions and allow those intentions to guide us.

Happiness is a co-creation between us and the Universe. 

We must choose what we want, declare it, and then let go and trust.

But so many of us forget that last part, and we cling and cling, not believing that we are well on our way. We assume things are supposed to look and feel a certain way, and when they don’t, we believe something has gone terribly wrong and that we are “Off track.”

And that creates anxiety.

And last time I checked, anxiety did not feel awesome.

This belief that the Universe has forgotten what we asked for, makes us feel unsafe, unsupported, and solely responsible for making sure our needs are met.

And THAT is a lonely road to be on.

Today is just a short post, as I am still having so much to take care of regarding mom’s health, doctors appointments, and tending to my clients and self-care in between.

That said, I AM SO GRATEFUL for all of this. There are so many gold nuggets of learning and healing in everything that has happened with mom, her health, and the ways in which her needing me to BE THERE, has pulled me away from my work and regular life routines and responsibilities.

Interestingly, what has continued to come up for me over and over again in all of this, is the topic of HAPPINESS.

It isn’t until something plucks us out of our head down, forward moving mode, that we sort of wake up and go “What is the meaning of happiness for me anyway? What matters most? ”

This is  no new topic of contemplation, let’s be real, but IT IS a topic many of us consider ourselves students of (me included).

Therefore I have decided to dive into it this week with you, as this topic seems to be popping up everywhere lately, and I believe there must be a reason for that.

Here is a short 6 minute video about Happiness and the 3 Things That Can Rob Us Of It: 

OK, your turn!

What does happiness mean to you? And what does that look like in your life? And how do you come back to it even when things don’t look the way you thought they were “suppose to?”

Thank you so much for joining me here today. You matter, you make a difference, and I LOVE hearing from you! So please share you comments and experiences with us here or on social media.

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BIG Love, and remember…

The Universe is friendly, kind, and it has your back!



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