“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.”
-Richard Wilkins


Hey guys! What’s up on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon? Or it might be Wednesday or even Thursday morning depending on where you are in the world!

For me, I am working from the couch today. I went to battle with a cold last week, and so far, we are still on the field. (I think I am winning though 😉

Because I need all my strength, I am going to keep today’s message short and to the point. And guess what, it’s such a perfect message for me this week as well.


When we’re moving along, feeling strong, inspired, and energized by all that we are up to in the world and creating, it’s also a bit of a blow when something comes along and blocks the flow.


The Upper Limit Problem

This might be an injury, getting sick, a limiting thought or belief that bubbles up, or the way we begin comparing ourselves to others and coming up short in our own opinion.

Last week, on, I spoke about something called our Upper Limit Problem. It can be anytime we begin to experience more joy or abundance than we know how to handle, and therefore we begin to sabotage that success unknowingly. Catch that video here if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!

This week, I decided to continue the topic, and we are speaking about what things come along and begin to hijack our joy? What are the thoughts, feeling, and circumstances that you’re aware of that begin to DERAIL your mission and passion?

In this week’s video I am covering the things that can potentially hijack your joy, and what to do to keep going for your dreams.


Keep Moving Forward

Whenever we are moving forward and showing up powerfully in our lives, those gremlins and limiting beliefs are going to show up. They will try to highjack your joy and derail your mission. But what if they had no power to do that? For example, I shot this video 3 times because the remote didn’t work at the end (and if you watched you know exactly what I mean). Finally, I decided to let it be, to just post and get on with it! I’m not letting that derail me because the message is strong. And hopefully, you got a little giggle out of it. I know I did. Keep moving forward, no matter what!

Thanks for being here! You matter, you make a difference, and I LOVE hearing from you. What are the things that derail you? And how do you continue to show up anyway and stay focused on what you are creating? I want to know! Please share with me in the comment section or on social media 🙂

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