I may not know much, but how to live a better life… I KNOW. I have struggled with so many things, such as alcohol, drugs, food addiction, body image disorders, poor choices, bad relationships, insecurities, low self-worth, lack and limited thinking, fear, anxiety attacks, depression, you name it. And guess what…I SURVIVED.

I not only survived, I have embarked on an amazing journey internally AND externally. I have healed so much, and now …I THRIVE.

I began working in the fitness industry over 12 years ago, and my job in most people’s minds was to help them  get “FIT.” However, let’s face it, what people REALLY want is to get HAPPY.

Changing your body by exercising and eating healthier foods is one way to support getting happy, but here’s the brutal truth…it’s gonna take more than just that.

I have worked with hundreds of clients via personal training, life coaching, nutrition coaching, and have interacted with thousands through my articles, blog, website, workshops, public speaking, and social media. As a result, I have a really good feel and understanding of people. I have worked with celebrities, high-profile executives, royalty, house moms, middle class citizens, struggling actors, writers, the Hollywood Entertainmnet business, and the list goes on. These all may seem like very different kinds of people, and in some ways you are right about that. But at the end of the day they all want the SAME thing.

Everyone wants to feel good in their own bodies.

Everyone wants to walk into a room and know they are showing up as the best possible version of themselves in that moment. Everyone wants to feel acceptance, love, forgiveness, and freedom. Everyone wants to create work/life balance, have better energy, more clarity, and a lifestyle that supports their optimal well-being that they can also maintain. Am I right??

Well…how do you do this??

First of all, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you thought I was going to offer you the next fix or fad diet you are on the wrong blog. I am here to help you live a better life. I want to teach you how to live a FIT life. Are you in??

Here are 5 tips that will help you live a better life:

1) Stop comparing yourself to other people and just focus on your own vision and life’s purpose. Why are you here? What does the fire inside of you burn for? If you could do or be anything and NOTHING was going to stop you or get in your  way, what would that be? It doesn’t matter how silly or impossible it sounds to you. What is it? YOU are the creator of your life. Nothing about anyone else’s journey or path, has anything to do with whether or not you can succeed. Get clear about your vision and purpose for your life. Trust that you are the ONLY person on the planet that can do what you do, the way you do it.

2) Cleanse and clear your body, your environment, and your life of toxic energy. This means toxic chemicals, toxic choices, toxic foods and drinks, toxic people,  and toxic thinking. Do you find yourself consuming conversations, interactions, food and drink, and media that do not serve your highest good or your ultimate plan? Check in with yourself and begin to bring your attention into your body daily. How does that person make you feel? How does the language you are using or inviting into your life affect the level respect you have for yourself, and thus the level of respect you get from others? Do you feel that the foods and drinks you choose support you? Are you dying, surviving, or thriving? Which do you want for yourself?

3) Become more deeply educated about what it truly means to be fit, to experience happiness, and to have everything you’ve ever wanted. I hear people all the time who tell me, “I know how to be healthy, but I just don’t do it.” REALLY?? I find that hard to believe, because when we REALLY understand (and I mean get it at the deepest core of who we are) what we are doing, and the impact it has on our overall well-being and ability to fully enjoy life, I personally believe we would all make different choices. At least I know that level of new awareness changed my life HUGE ways! For example, if you know it in your innermost self, that something has the power to change you in a negative way, thus creating more of all that which depresses you and makes you feel stuck in your life, is it something you will continue to choose?? Why would you? People do it every day. Are you going to be one of them?

4) If you want a better life, you must have better thoughts. This is not new information, but it’s information worth repeating over and over again, until we ALL get it.  Your thoughts become things. What you focus on expands. Here’s a video I put together on this topic for you. Make sure you come back to read the rest of this post, and get your tip #5!

What We Focus On Expands: Are Your Thoughts Making You Fat? 

 5) You must have the willingness to transform before you can expect to get the kind of results you are really after. News Flash…Health, HOTNESS, and transformation is an INSIDE job people, and that’s right, it requires WILLINGNESS. I cannot tell you how exhausting it is as a coach and trainer, to get approached all the time by people who say they want change, but who are not willing to do their part. Come On…Seriously?? These days, I turn everyone away who does not come to me with a sincere readiness to take on the necessary steps to transform their lives. Is that you? What are you willing to do to have everything you’ve ever wanted? Maybe you aren’t sick enough of where you are, or maybe you are already perfectly happy with where you are. I applaud you wherever you are and send you love and support. If you need help, and we ALL need help, seek it out! Be willing to ask for it. The resources you need are always at your finger tips, but first, you must really want something before you get creative enough to access the resources that are available to you. Are you ready to get creative?

What’s going on for you? I want to know. Here’s to a beautiful moment, day, year, and life.

Love and Hugs,


P.S. If you are ready to transform your life, your body, and manifest your dreams, write to me at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com. Serious inquiries only. Sending you so much love.