Seriously though…do you ever stop yourself in your tracks to make yourself FEEL the gratitude for everything that you already have?

How do we expect to get more of what we want if we are unable to appreciate that which we’ve already manifested? Do you actually think the Universe, or any greater power for that matter, wants to give something new to an ungrateful person? Would you want to give another gift to someone who snubbed the last one you gave them? No…probably not.

I bring this up because I am aware of how easy it becomes for all of us to move so quickly into a place of complaining and comparing. We just seem to be unable to stay in gratitude for more than a VERY short period of time? We only just get the new job, the new relationship, the new car, the new house, the vacation, and we feel super excited and grateful for a day, maybe three, and then we are off to whinging once again about what the new thing is missing or how it is not everything that we want. REALLY???

WHY do we do this?

This is a result of a lack of consciousness around our thinking and speaking. We must actively STOP ourselves when we begin to see that we are looking for what’s wrong with everything, and instead look for what’s possible.

If we can truly appreciate everything that we have already created and manifested, ONLY THEN, can we continue to get more of what we want at lightning speed. Otherwise, the lack of gratitude and the narrow-mindedness slows down the process. When we get so focused on the negative, that’s what we send out to the Universe, and therefore, that’s what we get back.

Are we afraid to focus on the positive? Perhaps, we have somehow convinced ourselves, that if we feel grateful for what we have now, that we will get stuck with it and never get something better?

What we appreciate, appreciates.

In the context of sufficiency, appreciation becomes a powerful practice of creating new value in our deliberate attention to the value of what we already have. – Excerpt from “The Soul of Money”

When we appreciate everything available and present for us NOW, it empowers us. When we only look for what’s missing or focus on lack of some kind, we become disempowered, tired, and uninspired.

Just because you allow yourself to feel grateful, thankful, and appreciative for the job you have now (even though it may not be what you love exactly), doesn’t mean you will get stuck in that particular job. No! What will happen is, you will begin to focus on the possibilities, you will become inspired, you will focus on what IS available, what IS possible, and therefore, the Universe will conspire to deliver to you all that which is a vibrational match to your abundant and creative thinking.

When you can focus on the best case scenario, why focus on the worst case scenario?

If you can stop and FEEL the gratitude, why wouldn’t you?

What you focus on expands. Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings I know. It can change your life in an instant. If you’ve ever felt deep gratitude, you know what I am talking about. It moves you from the core. It can bring you to tears and laughter all at the same time. It’s a beautiful experience, yet we keep ourselves from it day after day. Why?

What are you grateful for right now. What are 5 things that you alway wanted and now have? Look for reasons to be happy. Seek out proof of your possibilities and wildest dreams unfolding. Demand and declare your optimal outcome!

Maintain your creativity in the process. As you feel yourself slip into negative thinking and speaking of lack, stop it. Instead, shift your thoughts to the things about your new situation or circumstances that can work in your favor, or that may be a stepping stone for you to reach a whole new level of personal freedom and happiness. When you notice yourself feeling bad, notice it’s because you’re focused on worst case scenario. Again, STOP IT. Instead, begin to make up a new story. See what you want in your mind’s eye and play like a child with all the many ways you can bring  that vision to life. Appreciate your current life experiences and circumstances for being the vessel to help you get even more clear about what you want to create in your life.

Be grateful now. Be happy now. See only the best case scenario unfolding right before your very eyes.

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Sending you so much love and hugs!