How do we know that we can fully believe things are working out for us? How is it possible to trust that if we follow our hearts, we will be guided towards living the life of our dreams? What if we are wrong? What if we believe and think positive and we still never get what we want?

Are these questions you ask yourself or others at times? If you answered yes, I hope you will keep reading.

First of all, how can you know fully if  things AREN’T working out for you? Is it possible to not trust your heart or follow its guidance, and to still create the life of your dreams? What if you are RIGHT about that idea or new way of doing things? If you don’t believe and think positively, what are the chances of getting what you want?

Yes, I did just ask you all the same questions in reverse. I did this to help lead you to your own answers, your own intuition about what actually feels right inside of YOU regarding how you choose to think, feel, and what beliefs you choose to keep or toss.

This is because YOU are the one who decides what the answers are to these questions.

How does that make you feel, to know you have this kind of power?

I talk to you guys a lot about letting go of outcomes, about practicing the art of detachment, and having the courage to set your intentions and declare your desires whilst surrendering the results to the Universe. This is the way of Happiness. This is the way of Inner Peace. This requires discipline.

We all have an inner guide, a voice that summons us to listen, to take its directions, and to answer it’s calling for us.

Some of us rise to the challenge, and others of us do not. It is not my place to say that one is wrong or one is right. At the end of the day, whatever you choose, is just what you choose. What you do with it will make the difference between feeling good or feeling bad.

Most of us walk around judging ourselves and others, doubting the unlimited possibilities we all have, and feeling uncertain about what we really want and how we will ever truly feel at peace, happy, and fulfilled inside.

We set goals. We achieve them. But still, eventually we return to that empty place inside that either says “I must have more of that thing that temporarily makes me feel good.” OR “There has got to be a better way.”

YES, there IS a better way…a new kind of discipline!

Being in the fitness industry for so long, and beginning my journey as a dedicated gymnast, DISCIPLINE is a word that entered my vocabulary at a very young age. That said, it has become a topic I have spent nearly a lifetime contemplating.

One definition of DISCIPLINE I found is this:

Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

Discipline is derived from the word DISCIPLE.


 Learner, follower, or Truth Seeker.

I have found over the years, that my once understanding of discipline has evolved into something very different these days.

If discipline is something that is supposed to help us gain mental and moral improvement, and as a disciple we are seeking to know the truth, then Discipline is the commitment to apply whatever tools, take whatever actions, and do whatever it takes to grow and evolve mentally and morally so that we come to know our truth.

Let’s look at exercise for example. I use to think discipline meant I had to show up 6 days a week and stick exactly to the routine I had set out for my gym workouts. I had become extremely attached to results. However, the results I wanted were to feel good about who I was, feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and body, and experience a deeper sense of love, connection, expression, and inspiration. I believed that by having a six-pack, I would achieve all of these things. Having a six-pack and becoming a 7-time Champion Fitness and Figure Competitor, DID help me feel all those things.

But not forever.

My misunderstanding of what discipline meant, and my attachment to  how I perceived happiness, eventually landed me in a not so happy, not very connected or inspired, and an extremely inauthentic, non-expressive place within myself. Now I am not saying it isn’t fun to have a six-pack. I am just saying that the happiness it brings us is extremely external and short-lived.

Long term happiness and inner peace is an INSDE JOB.

Discipline is actually meant to create flexibility in our lives. It’s like martial arts, the purpose behind learning to fight, is so to NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT. As it’s students show up for their practice each day, they work through the mental and emotional triggers that attract violence and unrest into their lives to begin with. Their practice extends beyond the physical practice itself. It begins to become a working part of their minds, their Spirits, and their lives.

Many people may think the point of martial arts is to become an awesome fighter so they can kick lots of butt…BUT the whole point is to find more peace, and to live a life of non-violence.

We all need structure as we begin to learn about discipline, but I want to plant a seed for you.

Being disciplined means you are committed to your internal growth number one, and whatever physical activities you do, are meant for both physical AND mental awareness, strength, and growth.

All of those questions I asked you above, require DISCPLINE.

If we choose to follow our hearts, because we choose to believe in ourselves and in the power of listening to the voice within rather than to to others, we will HAVE to be disciplined. Every time a seductive thought emerges tempting us to abandon the truth we seek, we must use our discipline to make a conscious decision to stay on our path and recommit to our deepest calling and what we feel is right. To follow our hearts is the way of a warrior. It takes courage and it requires strength.

When you begin to doubt yourself or your intuition, and you find yourself asking once again, “What if I am wrong?” What if I never get there?” What if everyone else knows something I don’t know” THIS is where you MUST stay disciplined. You must be a disciple seeking YOUR truth and no one else’s.

Here Are 3 Ways To Apply A New Discipline:

1) Check in with yourself, LISTEN, and TRUST.

Is your body and Spirit asking for a run, a meditation, a yoga session, a hardcore weight training session, a sleep in, a journaling session, a brainstorming session, etc? You must have the willingness to go within and the discipline is you being brutally honest with yourself about what will serve your highest good-by listening to your inner guide that is telling you what is best. Then, the discipline is applied by taking and choosing to trust the direction you receive and doing what your inner guide says to do, no matter what your monkey mind is saying!

2)  Every time you become aware of feeling bad, apply your discipline by tuning into your thoughts in that moment, and shifting yourself. 

What are you thinking? What stories are you telling yourself? Are you beating yourself up and choosing thoughts that are free-loading on your peace and joy? Apply your discipline by observing these thoughts, by contemplating them. As you become aware of them, you bring them into the light. Begin to shift them by connecting to what you REALLY want. Do you want to feel a deep sense of love and connection? Do you want to feel fully expressed in the world by living on purpose and sharing your passion? Do you want to just enjoy the conversation or meal you are having in that moment? Remember what you want, notice that your thoughts aren’t supporting what you want. Now have the discipline to change them! If you are unsure of how to change them, just repeat this internally several times:

“I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to feel differently right now. I am willing to shift and change my thinking.  I am open and ready to receive guidance in this moment.”

3) When you find yourself judging yourself or someone else, gently bring yourself back to the person you want to be.

This requires DISCPLINE in the beginning because it will feel constant at first. Be willing to show up for your yoga, your workouts, your friends and family, not perfect. Simply commit to the practice of exploring your mind, your body, and your life. Commit to trial and error. Commit to loving yourself through all of it. And commit to creating the highest expression of who you are in every moment. Apply your discipline every time you are not doing this. Just become aware and consciously observe and make a different choice.

Ok I hope you will come to know and appreciate a new kind of discipline. As we become disciplined in this way, we are able to experience greater health, greater consistency in all things, more balance, inspired creativity, a deeper sense of connection, compassion, and love for ourselves and others, and as a result, our awesome lives and selves begin to blossom and unfold before our very eyes!

Here’s to a new kind of discipline! Sending you all so much Energy, Love, and Magnificence!!


 Erin 🙂

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