Over the last few months of my life I have had to revisit some places within myself and some experiences from the past, that I liked to believe were in the past and would stay in the past. Well I guess it doesn’t always work that way.

Each of us are on our own unique, individual path and that means we each will have our own unique lessons to learn along the way. You may be able to relate to this. Have you ever felt like you were repeating an experience of something you’ve been through before, that you thought was over and gone, only to find yourself facing it yet again? It may look a little different, have different people taking part in it, but it’s the same old pattern? Do you find yourself saying “What the hell…I thought I had gotten past this?”

This is not something to feel ashamed of, guilty over, or to judge yourself for. NO. It is an opportunity to explore the same thing with more consciousness than you had before.

See the truth is, you HAVE gotten past it in a way. It’s just that sometimes there are onion experiences and they come with many different layers for us to process and peel back. Every time we “re-visit” these circumstances, experiences, and relationships, we are actually visiting a new piece of ourselves and bringing new information, or light, to it. Each layer has its own way of bringing tears and cleansing us.

When we explore things with more consciousness, it means we bring everything we NOW know, to an experience we had in the past when we didn’t have the same tools or level of consciousness.

In other words, we go back to something we didn’t have the tools to fully resolve in the past, with the tools we need to fully resolve it now. Sometimes this take MULTIPLE re-visits!

Does that make sense?

The challenge is NOT to feel bad about yourself in the process. There is a tendency to judge yourself when this happens, and that is exactly what will make it impossible to heal and resolve the past with your new tools and awareness in the present.  If you are revisiting something, it’s because there was probably judgment in the past that made it impossible for you to fully release yourself from the negative pattern, and therefore you have come back to visit it so you can do it differently this time. Therefore, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT DIFFERENTLY.

If you are judging yourself, comparing yourself and your life to others, or falling into victim or self-pity mode, then your EGO is the one running the show.

Check your ego right now because you are worth it!

Your path is just your path and suffering does not come from what is actually happening. No, suffering is a result of your judgments and perceptions about what is happening.

For me, I watch my thoughts, behaviors, actions, words, and although I am not always perfect and still do and say things that are out of alignment with who I really am sometimes, more and more I learn to love myself through it all.

Remind yourself that it is unnecessary and counterproductive to feel judgment, shame, or regret when you are just doing the best you can in the moment. Those feelings just make things harder and they feed the negative pattern.

As long as you are willing to do things differently each time around, and feel differently about what is currently showing up, then your life will begin to take on a new, positive pattern, and a beautiful shape that represents who you really are.

Bow down to the teacher in all things, and allow life to humble you, so that your higher self can begin to run the show. Live your legend, because it’s yours, and no one else can live the same one as you.

Humility is where our agendas get tossed out in order to receive the teachings life brings to us through our circumstances and experiences. Humility is the key to growth, intimacy, true connection, giving love and letting love in, and humility will bring peace into the mind and the body.

When we have humility, we no longer perceive ourselves and our lives through eyes that judge, but instead we appreciate every single moment for exactly what it is and the wisdom in it’s offering.

So how can you release yourself from your ego driven fears and worries today? What might you be revisiting that feels old, that you can bring your new wisdom and consciousness too in order to heal and resolve things within you and all around you even more? Please share your story, questions, and comments with me here, or email me at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com.

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Love and Light!



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