Why is this something we ALL face?

Fear is something we all face because it is the very thing that challenges our ability to grow, to expand, and to fully LIVE. Without fear, we wouldn’t know about the places within ourselves that we are still unwilling to take a look at.

Do you understand what I am saying here?

When we are afraid of something, usually, at the core or the ROOT of the fear, is the belief that something outside of us has more power than we do. At the deepest seat in the fear, sits the part of us who is afraid that something dark can take us down, can take away our joy, and can ultimately end our life.

What is your current response to fear? Do you face into it, or do you skate around it? Do you suit up and show up with the willingness to take it on, or do you run from it? Are you the type of person who knows they cannot escape their fears, or do you actually believe you can ignore it until it goes away? Do you believe you are strong enough to handle anything, or do you reach for a false sense of security and numb out your fears with food, alcohol, shopping, smoking, sex, drugs, or too much exercise so you can pretend for short periods of time that you are actually doing something about improving your current circumstances?

These questions may feel confronting, and if so, I do not apologise. These are the same questions I have to ask myself sometimes as well. I do it because I love you and I love me.

It seems easier a lot of the time, to ignore, avoid, pretend, deny, run, move, etc, but let’s face it. The truth is, when we do these things instead of facing into our fears, the problems only get worse.

Recently I was going through something that felt so scary to me, that the mere thought of it made me feel sick, as though I was coming down with some awful virus. What was happening to me was my fear of this thing in particular was making me unwell. My thoughts were making me sick! What this turned out to be for me was a profound opportunity to take a look at some things inside of myself, inside of my thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, that I had decided long ago were “off-limits.” My head had created all these stories about certain feelings I had buried inside of me, and as a result, there was a pattern, a program that was running in my consciousness that had me living smaller than I am capable of living. This program was holding me hostage to the belief that I was not strong enough to face the “darkness” inside of me, and if I tried I would surely DIE.

I was being held hostage to the belief that “darkness” is an evil power that exists, and that the darkness was stronger and more powerful than the light.

Do you know what is the scariest thing about all of this?

When we actually buy into the voice that tells us we will die unless we keep ourselves from re-visiting those “off-limits” places, then we fall victim to the VERY thing we are afraid of. This is because the fear itself never gets dealt with, and therefore, it lives in our bodies. When fear lives inside of us, it affects us on an energetic level. Literally, we begin to vibrate with it. Since the Universe responds to our vibration, or our frequency, which is created by our thoughts and feelings, then the Universe will begin to deliver to us everything that matches our thoughts and feelings. So everything that matches your fear, is exactly what you will get.

This is WAAAAAAAAY worse than facing into the fear itself. That’s the craziest part! We don’t deal with stuff because we are afraid, and as a result we create and manifest a life of stuff that we are most afraid of instead of enjoying a life filled with peace, joy, abundance, and optimal health.

Does this make sense?

I am serious. Facing your fear is NOT as scary as you think! Not facing them will ALWAYS be much scarier in the end.

Here are 5 tips to help you face your fears and take your personal power back:

1) Acknowledge your fear FULLY.

Ex) I am afraid I am dying. Then silently repeat 4 times “I call all my energy back into my body now.” Feel your energy come back into your body.

2) Declare your willingness to face your fears.

You ARE strong enough to handle anything and everything happening right now. KNOW THIS. Then, connect with the light in your heart and speak to your fear by saying “I am willing to take a look at this you fully. I am willing to take you on. I know that I am strong enough to handle anything, so bring it on”

3) See yourself healthy, happy, joyful, powerful, and FEEL your connection to the energy source of the Universe.

FEEL your own strength, your own power, your own infinite source within that cannot and will not EVER die, no matter what things may look like.

4) Connect with nature.

Go somewhere beautiful such as to the ocean’s edge, a flower garden, or something equal. Observe nature. Feel the ocean’s playfulness as the water rushes in to touch your feet, excited to see you, and then rushes back out encouraging you to chase it. Watch the birds flip and fly, enjoying every moment without a doubt that they can do everything a bird is meant to do. Observe the flowers and contemplate their natural and organic way of growing without questioning themselves.

All the answers we need can be found somewhere in nature.

5) Think back about a time when you thought you would die if you faced something or tried something, but actually made it through.

Perhaps you even thrived afterwards. Remember how afraid you were, but how liberating it was to release the fear by facing it. Once you faced it you could finally stop LIVING IT.

Now do it again. Face your fear. Go for it. You ARE capable. You CAN do it. You WILL understand more later…count on that.

So let’s dedicate today to facing our fears shall we?

I invite you to take one fear that you have been avoiding, and write it down right now. Then go through steps 1-5 as best you can. Remember, the fear is not what we should be afraid of, rather it’s the unwillingness to allow the fears to transform us that we should be scared of. Fear coupled with our willingness to face it and our belief that we are strong enough to handle anything, no longer feels like fear. It becomes an opportunity we feel privileged to have. Fear left unattended to, becomes our living experience.

What’s it gonna be for you? Are you going to be a warrior, or a runner?

Please email us at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com with any questions or comments and let us know what you are going through!

In the meantime, face your fears, be the amazing warrior you really are, and know that you are loved and protected.

Sending you all so much love, light, and many big hugs!

xoxo Erin

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