Every day that I wake up is another day for me to create Consciously or UNconsciously.

I wasn’t always Conscious about having such a choice.

When we create Consciously, we are moving through each day with a deep level of INNER AWARENESS, a seeing, a watching, an observing of our thoughts, actions, and temptations to react, indulge, defend, rebel, allow in that which is good or not good for us, etc. This level of Awareness, or Consciousness, or SEEING, connects us to an energy or a presence within us that exists beyond the doing, beyond the mind, and beyond our thoughts and concepts about ourselves, others, and life. When we move though our day Consciously, life gets really interesting and really fun because we are living in the moment, with full AWARENESS of the WHAT IS. Love is in the driver’s seat.

When we create UNconsciously, we tend to move through each day either on an emotional roller-coaster or feeling disconnected and numb, only seeing what is happening outside us of rather than what’s happening inside of us. As a result, there is more of a tendency to blame others, to blame life, and to blame things outside of us for our circumstances, pain, fear, lack, etc. There is less INNER AWARENESS and more OUTER PROJECTING of our internal suffering, which then makes the world around us look a certain way, mirroring back to us, our deepest fears, limiting beliefs, and personal suffering.

This is not something people choose on purpose, it is only chosen by those who truly think there is no other option. There is too much fear.

That fear is in the driver’s seat.

In this state we think we ARE our thoughts, we think we ARE our bodies, and we are ruled by our attachments to people, places, and things. We are not free when we live here, no matter how much success or money we have. When we live Unconsciously, we are not living in the moment, and instead of fully experiencing life, or the WHAT IS, we stay stuck in our assumptions, stories, and judgments about the What Is, which makes it impossible to be present and actually experience our lives.

To live unconsciously is to exist, NOT LIVE.


I suppose this topic is very present in my heart at the moment, because I am half-way through running another one of my 4 Week Courses. This one is called ADVENTURES IN MIND, BODY, AND HEART: 4 Weeks To Be An Explorer Of Your Own Life.

Every time I Coach clients, Facilitate workshops, or Teach classes, I am compelled to revisit my own journey and to share the breakthrough moments, the miracles, and the game changing wisdom that shifted my entire inner and outer worlds, and CONTINUES to do so.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of NOW, says it beautifully:

“I am the AWARENESS that is AWARE of my thinking.”

We are not our thoughts. We are not our bodies. We are not our emotions.

But if we are NOT these things, than WHAT ARE WE?

If you intellectually understand the answer to this question, GREAT! That’s a very promising start. However, it is a VERY different thing to understand this in the heart, or to understand this deep within. We can understand things without defining them, or putting words to them. The mind is what wants to explain everything. But AWARENESS exists beyond the mind. A KNOWING is just that, a KNOWING. It is does not require us to explain it, to define it, or defend it. It just IS. When something just IS, you feel it. To feel it is enough. So contemplating on this will get you where you need to go.

When there is AWARENESS, it is like shining a flashlight into the darkness, the place where thoughts, beliefs, stories, memories, etc, continue to weigh us down, to rob us of our emotional freedom, and to keep us convinced that happiness, abundance, and peace come from doing more rather than doing LESS.

There is a difference between Conscious doing and UNconscious doing. The first, takes into consideration how one’s actions might effect others, and the entire, bigger picture. Conscious action could even be not taking action, but rather meditating, or journaling, or doing something that is designed to connect oneself to their own inner wisdom, which will ultimately lead the way in terms of what steps or actions to take. This could be called living in the FLOW.

The latter takes action without necessarily considering the impact of one’s choices on the greater plan. There is FORCE vs. FLOW here, and a pushing of what the mind thinks is necessary, rather than allowing what organically flows from the deeper knowing.

When we are living in the KNOWING of our AWARENESS, then we see things about ourselves, about others, and about life that we would not otherwise see if we were blinded by our assumptions, stories, and limiting beliefs (which are all rooted in the past). Therefore, we become available to new opportunities, to allowing in new direction and love, and we become willing to take the necessary steps toward living a life that is in alignment with surrender, goodness, forgiveness, and peace with and all around us.

Think about it, if all beings everywhere were peaceful and happy inside of themselves, do you think we would still be hurting one another and creating unnecessary pain and suffering? If our individual pain and suffering was resolved at it’s root, wouldn’t we be living and creating a life that mirrors that peace?

So the change starts with YOU, With ME, with One person at a time.

As Gandhi famously said:

“BE the change you want to see in the world.”

Unconscious doing, most of the time looks perfectly fine. We tend to stay on the surface of things, to engage in activities that numb us out more so than we engage in ones that open us up. We may be aware that deep inside something feels off, empty, sad, lonely, scary, etc, but we think we are alone in that, or we believe that confronting this may be far too difficult, so we just don’t say anything, we push it down, we pretend all is well, and just keep doing the same things day in and day out, deep down wondering what the hell is the point.

MY POINT today is this:


You may prefer living by “Ignorance is Bliss,” and that is perfectly fine. There is no judgment about that. We all get to CHOOSE how we live. However, what we choose, whether we like it, or believe it, or admit it or not, DOES AFFECT US and EVERYONE ELSE.

If you notice certain patterns, thoughts, circumstances, relationship habits, etc that repeat themselves over and over, it is simply a result of not turning inward to address the deeper core feelings that require some attention. When we have unresolved, or undigested, or UNconscious feelings, limiting beliefs, warped perceptions, etc, we get stuck in the paradigm they create. We no longer experience life, but rather we experience the story we have about life. Instead of living from the feeling place, or the heart, the intuition, the gut, we come from the head and identify as our thoughts.

As we begin to turn inward, to deepen our awareness, we become CONSCIOUS of what is REALLY taking place in each moment.

All of a sudden, the awareness dissolves the stories, the past-created perceptions, and the judgments, and we begin to SEE and to EXPERIENCE our life. We bust loose from the illusions we created about life, or the limited place we had put ourselves in without knowing it, and we come to know a new kind of freedom. We begin to know freedom in the heart, in the body, and in the mind. We begin to FLOW.

This seems to overwhelm many people at first, so I’d like to offer a few words of encouragement:

TO SEE IS TO BE FREE. Even if you are just beginning to see a little bit more, to become a bit more aware of why you do what you do, why you say what you say, why you choose what you choose, then you are already moving towards consciousness. IF you are willing to SEE and to be free, your willingness will invite in more awareness.

So…ARE YOU WILLING to experience more freedom within, more self-love, and genuine, pure love for life? Let me know! You can leave comments and/or questions here on the blog, or message me privately at [email protected].

Thank you!

Love you all,


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