Pinchimariasana hanumanasanaHere’s me getting into THE FLOW in Ubud, Bali one morning! 

Today I got up extremely early, because having a morning routine, which gets me grounded and rooted in gratitude and connected to the FLOW is important to me. How we start our day is such an important player in how the entire day unfolds. I have also set myself a new goal, to blog every Tuesday and Thursday morning, because 1) I love to it, and 2) I want to be a voice that shows up consistently for my readers. (So I got up and wrote MOST of this early, and I had to accept that if I was going to make my morning yoga class on time, I would have to finish this article on my late afternoon break!)

Have you ever experienced those times in your life when everything goes so smoothly, opportunities fall into your lap, and you seem to move through the day, from one task to the next, with ease and grace? This means you are in what I like to call, THE FLOW, aligned with the GOOD of the Universe.

When we are not aligned with the good of the Universe, we can experience things like fear, anxiety, stress, lack, limiting beliefs, and just plain SUFFERING. This experience, is obviously NOT ideal. I mean, I assume you would prefer to feel good right?

So how do we do that? How do we stay in a place of GOOD? A place of TRUST? A place of YES? A place of FAITH? A place of FLOW? How to we accept life on life’s terms, fully experiencing each day without resistance, negativity, and complaining?

There are some questions you can ask yourself when you begin to notice that you are feeling bad, stressed, anxious, limited, insane.

1) Am I trying to control people, places, and things, to do and be the way I think they need to be, so that I am ok? 

2) Am I attached to an outcome, and unable to see how things will work out if this does not go MY way? 

3) Am I convinced that I know what is best for me right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, you know you are trying to BE the Universe/God in your own life. No wonder you are scared and stressed! That is a LOT of pressure for a human being.

For me, it was a HUGE relief when I learned that I no longer had to run the show, that I could surrender, that I could do my part, and let the rest go, and instead of manipulating and controlling things to go MY way, I could PRACTICE trust and pray for faith. Man was I super-duper STOKED when this began to work magic and miracles in my life.

Many people say “Prayer doesn’t work.” Or, “How does a morning routine have the power to bring ease and grace?”

My answer is this, after you TRY IT YOURSELF, consistently for at least 2 weeks, you won’t need to ask that question anymore. We cannot think our way into right action. We must ACT our way into right thinking. Do it first, without trying to figure out how it will make a difference for you, and then see if you still need to ask me.

Getting connected in the morning is one way we can enter the consciousness of LOVE and TRUTH. From this place, we are able to see people, situations, and circumstances differently. We are able to feel gratitude even when things may not be the way WE  think we want them to be. When we are connected, we feel excited about what is unfolding, even when we have NO IDEA what the heck is going to happen, and we can still be confident that whatever it is, it is going to be GOOD, GOOD, GOOD. As we enter the stream of Love and Truth Consciousness, we can be made useful, and therefore find great pleasure in helping others, being of service, and contributing to the lives of those around us in big and small ways.

Entering the FLOW and staying there, is something we must PRACTICE. It requires DISCIPLINE. Discipline is designed to bring us FREEDOM. To see, do, and experience life differently, we must be WILLING to see, do, and experience it differently first, and then we must be humble enough to do our part only, to let go of our great plans for our lives, and to open ourselves up to the Universe’s/God’s plan for us instead. The fear here is usually, “What if the plans God or the Universe has for me, sucks?” LOL.

Trust me, the plan YOU have for yourself SUCKS, compared to the plan a POWER greater than you has for you. Trust Me.

It is easy to manipulate and control outcomes compared to surrendering. It takes COURAGE to let go. We call it faith. Those who get to that point of realizing how exhausting it is to force, push, and work so hard to “make” things happen, are often times the lucky ones. They hit a bottom and in their darkest hour they give up. They give up THEIR plan. They admit powerlessness. As a result, they begin to accept something bigger than them, because they have to. So they begin to ask for a better way, a way that works. They invite in Grace.

I am a grateful writer this morning. I AM grateful because I am the recipient of this gift. I have seen that as I let go and let God, as I surrender to a greater plan, as I do MY PART and show up for my life and for myself as the best I can be and nothing more, and I let go of the results, that I am taken to people, places, and things I would have never found my way to on my own. Opportunities, ideas, and growth, BEYOND MY IMAGINATION, come knocking on my door. This is how it works. And it can work for you too.

Start simple. Start with a morning routine. Here is an example, and one you can use until you design one for yourself:

– Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to.

– Do NOT check your phone or computer. Sit up in bed and do this before you begin your day in any way.

– Bring your focus to your breath. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales through your nose.

– Then move into 2 simple breathing exercises:

1) Inhale nose, exhale nose, inhale nose, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale nose. Repeat 3 times. Then return to a few natural deep breaths through the nose.

2) NOSE BREATHING: Inhale 4 counts, Hold the breath 4 counts, Exhale 4 counts, Hold the breath 4 counts. Repeat 3 times. Return to natural nose breathing. Feel the effect of this life energy now flowing through you.

– After you do these breathing exercises, get onto your knees beside your bed and speak. You can call it prayer or conversations with the Universe. Whatever resonates with you.

– Ask that your will be aligned with the higher will for you. Ask that you be free from fear and worry. Ask that you are made useful today. Express 3 things you are grateful for TODAY. Then send love to/or pray for 3 people.

Then, move into your day! Enjoy the effects of getting grounded and rooted in THE FLOW! Do this routine any time you need to throughout your day.

Questions? Comments? Please send them to me! You can share them here on the blog, or below this article on social media. I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to getting in THE FLOW and activating your LOVE and TRUTH Consciousness!

Love and Blessings,


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