Me in split in front of Ganesha at yoga barn

I wanted to share this picture of Ganesha with you for this article today. May Ganesha be the remover of your obstacles, and may you find the FREEDOM as you move through the pain.


Something I want to talk about today is a little word with a big punch.


We all have it, feel it, and go through it. For me pain has always been a great teacher. However, one thing I have become VERY aware of, especially having just gone through something DEEPLY painful that I am still healing, is that when we go through the most painful of things, it can knock us unconscious. When our deepest wounds are revealed to us, and the unhealed places triggered within us, there is a chance that we may fall asleep, forget who we are, forget what is real, forget the truth, forget that we are worthy, and just plain forget that we have options!

This literally just happened to me. I lost someone who I love very much in a break-up, and it broke my heart. It broke ME for a while. I am still in the healing process, but a huge part of this healing has been about the deeper wounds that surfaced for me as a result of this loss.

My deepest wound is a place inside of me that is very old. It has been with me since I was born, and some healers have said it is more than likely an unresolved experience of a past life, and just part of my soul’s lesson in this lifetime. This wound is the experience that I feel inside that I am not enough, and that bad things happened to me because I am not good enough, and other people get what they want and I don’t because they are better than me. (Yes, I know, silly.)

Now intellectually I understand this is NOT true. However, when we go through deeply painful things, such as loosing someone who we hoped would be with us forever, it triggers the stuff inside of us that is still not healed. We come face to face with the voices and the feelings that are very good at convincing us that our greatest fear is true, mine being, “I’m not good enough.” Because pain tends to weaken us, and these limiting beliefs zap us of our personal power, when we get triggered in this way, it is tempting to believe it, to fall victim to it, and to be destroyed by it. The key here is to REMEMBER that these experiences happen FOR us so we can fully heal, so we can resolve those unresolved places deep inside, and so we can ultimately be FREE, and attract to us what we TRULY desire in our deepest heart-centered place.

This is my point. It is SO important that as we go through PAIN, we recognize it for what it IS.


It is critical that we rise up in pain instead of settling for this SOUL amnesia it tends to create. Instead of acting and re-acting from an old charge, we must put on our spiritual warrior gloves and start digging. When there is pain and loss of personal power, there is OPPORTUNITY. There is the potential to grow beyond the limitations of our current belief systems, fears, and loop-holes that have kept us stuck, playing out the same patterns, and giving up on ourselves too soon. Therefore, when the pain hits, it just means it’s time to weed the garden, to get to the root of what is not working in our thoughts, our hearts, and our bodies. It is time to purge the old ways of experiencing life and to declare and make room for something better.

Instead of loosing faith and trust in who we are, in our process, and in the DIVINE LOVE that has our back, we must put our foot down and say NO! This time I will see things differently! This time I will feel good about who I AM no matter what this looks like! This time I will make better choices, I will love myself, and I will experience and receive the GOOD, GOOD, GOOD that is mine!

I have gone through many challenging life situations, many heart-breaks, and many painful experiences. I have also had MANY miracles happen in my life. I have experienced profound healings and INCREDIBLE love and passion, and I have always followed my heart to the best of my ability, letting it guide my life. This most recent life lesson for me, of losing the man I felt was potentially my life partner, who I deeply love, has so far been one the hardest soul lessons for me. Yes, it was hard to lose him, of course, but the real pain came from what loosing him triggered in me, which actually has NOTHING to do with him. He was simply the vessel that brought this deeply challenging lesson to me. I am almost at the point where I can thank him for it 😉 I will be able to thank him because I have healed deep shame, and I am healing a wound that has affected me my entire life and everything from my business, to my ability to manifest my dreams, to my family relationships, and relationships with others in general. So for this healing I am profoundly grateful. Was it easy, of course not. Was it worth it?


Here are 3 Ways You Can WAKE UP and Remember the TRUTH when you are feeling deep pain:

1) When pain strikes, PAUSE. Take a look at your patterns of choice making, relationships, self-care or lack thereof, and see what may be on REPEAT. If you find patterns that are wearing different hats, therefore looking different, but are actually the SAME ones on replay, it means you are the lucky WINNER of an OPPORTUNITY to pull the weeds from the garden, change the record, write a different story. The question is…ARE YOU WILLING?

2) REMEMBER that no matter how hard it feels, no matter how dark it gets, this is about YOU. This is about you making a different choice about how you move forward, about you show up for yourself and others, about how you respond to life and hold healthy boundaries, and about what you do today that will create your tomorrow. PAIN happens FOR us. I know that sucks to hear when you’re in it, and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to believe, but trust me. It happens FOR you. The question is…CAN YOU TRUST THAT PAIN HAPPENS FOR YOU? What are you willing to do differently?

3) It will be vital to reach out, to go where the LOVE is, and to surround yourself with the people, the blogs, the communities, the environments, the teachers, and the coaches, that support you and REMIND you of who you. Pain can sometimes make us forget the truth a million times throughout the day. So it is important to set ourselves up in a way that we can also be reminded 2 million times a days of the truth of the situation and of our potential, capabilities, and opportunities to be free as a result of what seems to really blow in the moment. If you notice you don’t have these support systems, my hunch is that part of your healing/lesson in this pain, is that it is time to re-align, to purge the people, places, and things that do not serve your highest good, and pray to be guided to the ones that do!

Ok, that’s it for today! If you have any questions or comments, please connect with me here on the blog or in the comment section via social media! If this article has been helpful, inspiring, or you feel it may help others, PLEASE SHARE!

I adore you, I respect you, I honor you. Thank you for being here.

Love You All,


P.S. If you are WILLING and READY to experience more love and freedom within and without, and you would like some support on that journey, it may be time for you to do some one-on-one Life Coaching with me! If you would like more information, please send an email inquiry to [email protected]. Love and Hugs!

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NAMASTE friends!!