never let go of your dreams

“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.”



Happy Holidays and welcome to SOUL FOOD SESSIONS! For the next 2 weeks ONLY I am offering something for the first time!

Soul Food Sessions are about re-connecting to yourself, on a SOUL level.

What does that mean?

It means getting back to what is true for you, what moves you, what inspires you, and what feeds you truly and deeply.

Re-connecting to your SOUL means going all the way back to the essence of who you are, the part of you that cannot loose anything or be permanently damaged in any way.

At the SOUL level, you have all the answers you could ever need.

By returning to this place, we facilitate healing in our hearts, bodies, and minds.

In session for the soul you will work with me for 90 minutes, from the comfort of your own home, on an inspiring, nourishing Soul Food call that is designed to bring insight, healing, and vitality back into your heart, body, and mind.

I usually work with my clients for 3-12 months at a time, so this is an exciting new thing I am trying over the holiday season, to offer these services at holiday prices and no long term commitments required.

This also makes it easy to gift a Soul Food Session to a loved one.

I am inspired to see how many incredible people I can work with in the coming weeks.

It is my intention to serve you so powerfully, that you walk away feeling like you got way more than you could have asked for.

So what is your wish?

Would you like to re-connect to your health and vitality?

What would you like some Coaching and Support with?

Would it feel good to have more clarity in your business? To feel more at peace in your own body? To have the strength and courage to move forward with your dreams? To heal from a painful breakup or trauma of some sort? To fill up your love tank and feel inspired again?

Whatever it is, BRING IT TO OUR CALL.

Or, purchase this as a gift for someone you know who would benefit from it, and then email me to let me know it is a gift. I will design a special gift email that will be sent to your loved one from you to them on the date you request.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

1) Register for $79 HERE  (a $250 value).

2) Send me an email to [email protected] so we can introduce ourselves. In your email tell me what you would LOVE me to help you shift, heal, create, or change in your life?

OR, if this is a gift, email me your gift message to your loved one and the date you want this gift email to be sent to them. You can also benefit from the 2 Soul Food Sessions for $99 deal and buy one for you and for a loved one. What a perfect gift!

If you are doing the 2 for $99, you must send me an email with what you would LOVE me to help you shift, heal, create, or change in your life, PLUS, what is your gift message for your loved one and date you want this gift email to be sent?

3) In that same email, send me 3 days and times that work for you for you to set aside for our 90 minute coaching call.

And/Or if this is a gift session, I will set that up with the recipient.

4) You will receive an email back from me, with responses and conformations of day and time.

5) Put it in your calendar!

Register by going to

And that is it! All this information will arrive in your inbox right after you register!

***Please note that all sessions must be purchased and booked into our calendars by December 22, 2015, BUT you have two months to actually have the call. For example, you can book for January 27, 2016 as long as it’s booked by December 22, 2015. All purchases for your own sessions are good until February 7th, 2016, as long as they are purchased and put onto calendars by Dec 22nd.

*** For Gift Session- They must be purchased by Dec 22nd, and I will be booking those with the recipients between now and the first 2 weeks of January. Gift recipients have until March 15, 2016 to use their session, and I will make sure they have plenty of encouragement and opportunities to get this on the books. When they have their session will depend on when you want them to receive their gift email. After they receive it, we can book in their session.

Ok, please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Again, please go to book your session today!

Happy Holidays!