Today we are having a conversation about what it means to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK.

For example, have you ever had a deep desire in your heart, for something in your life to work out in a particular way, only to go through an experience of it doing something quite different?

Maybe your beloved partner breaks up with you.

Perhaps the client that you were so inspired to work with does not want your services.

Or it could be that you are having some kind of health challenge that is limiting what you are normally able to do.

ALL of these things are examples of how we might end up feeling a huge loss of power in our lives.

When we experience a loss of power, we can feel weak, fearful, rejected, defeated, overwhelmed, and confused about what comes next.

The good news is, as long as we don’t forget it, is that EVERY SINGLE TIME we experience a loss of power, there is absolutely also an opportunity to reclaim our self-worth, self-respect, and personal power. This can happen to such a degree, that we walk through our life challenges even more EMPOWERED than we were before them.

In this post, I am going to talk about 3 specific areas that can cause a loss of Power for Us and give you some life changing questions that help us reclaim our power from these situations:

1) Do You Ever Feel Misunderstood? 

Maybe your partner isn’t getting you? Perhaps your messaging isn’t landing with your ideal clients? Or are you feeling out of place because your friends and family just don’t agree with the way you see and do things?

When we feel misunderstood in some way, we can feel an extreme loss of power because we don’t feel seen or heard or acknowledged for our unique gifts and way of being in the world. Some deal with this by trying to “fit in” and abandoning what’s authentic for them for the sake of feeling accepted or understood.

My invitation to you is different. If you are feeling or being misunderstood, what else could you tap into? What would empower you right now to focus on? Can you tap into the contribution you are making to the greater good? Can you tap into the magic of your work? Can you practice loving people anyway, even if they don’t “get” you? What else is possible here?

2) Do you ever STOP moving forward in your life because something feels out of integrity or alignment? 

For example, say you want to move forward in business or your relationship, but currently the only  way you can see to do that, is in conflict with what feels right and authentic for you. What we often times can do by default is just STOP moving forward when this happens. When we stop, we feel stuck, and that also gives us a sense of a loss of power. Being stuck is not natural, so what needs to shift or change for you to restore your momentum?

Is there a solution you haven’t considered yet or something you haven’t tried? How can you be creative and explore ways to move forward, that might look different than everyone else? Where might you be more willing to see things differently? Can you be ok with doing things your way? Can you trust the process and your unique journey with your career and/or partner?

3) Do you ever feel UNSUPPORTED by the Universe, life, your partner, family, and friends? 

An example of this could be that what you have to do for yourself, does not make sense to those around you. So maybe they pull back from you because they think you should do it “their way.” This can also show up around injuries, health challenges, career, and money. When things “don’t work out” or  feel good, we can get left feeling like the Universe or God just isn’t on our side. When this happens we can feel lonely, unsupported, and even angry or bitter.

Where might you be able to better support yourself? Is there a dream or desire you have given up on? Are you buying into other people’s opinions and doubt about you? Are you taking on your partner’s or you family’s fear about your decisions? What can you do FOR YOU, so you have what you need to feel at ease and supported? What does supported feel like for you and how can you create that for yourself?

As we support ourselves, our power comes back through these simple acts of self-love. Through taking care of ourselves and acting from a place of inner integrity, we grow our self-esteem and belief in ourself.

I would love to hear from you now. Please share with me if you relate to the above and let us know how you take your power back!

I invite you to sit with and maybe even do some journaling on the questions above. They just might change your life! 🙂

If you would like to the video version of this article, hop on over to for 3 Ways To Overcome What’s Draining You.

You matter, you make a difference, and I love hearing from you! So please share your comments and questions with me!

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Thank you!



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