Making healthy commitments.

Hi, friends! This week I want to speak about a topic that is close to my heart these days. It seems like there is always something happening, somewhere to be, someone to show up for, something to plan, and some reason why I could easily abandon the schedule I have set for myself around work projects and self-care.

Can you relate?

Why is it, that when we make a commitment to ourselves, we so easily break that commitment when something else comes along that requires our energy and attention? I know men do this, but as a Coach, I see women do it a whole lot more!

It never feels good to take care of everyone and everything else before we fulfil the commitment to ourselves. This is because if we put ourselves last, we will more than likely not get the quality energy and attention that we need for our dreams to become a reality.


How do we GET RIGHT with putting our needs first?

How to we choose?

In this 6 minute video I am going to cover that for you:

We do have to make choices. We do have to decide to fill our tanks up first. And that gets easier and easier when we begin to experience the difference of how capable we are to be there for our loved ones when our tanks are full vs. when we have abandoned our commitments to self and therefore feel depleted.


So what is it that prevents you from keeping your commitments to yourself?

What is the story you tell yourself or the way you justify it? Let us know! And what are the ways in which you protect your commitments to yourself? Do you have a way of scheduling or planning that helps and works for you? Do you and your partner and/or family make certain agreements and put things into place to support each other? Let us know!

Your dreams are not going to wait forever. YOU have permission to make yourself a priority. The world needs you with a full tank, so you can share your love from a place of overflow!

You matter, you make a difference, and I LOVE hearing from you! So please share your comments, feedback, and questions with us below. Thank you!



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