WOWZERS, I just got off a zoom sesh with one of my dear friends, and fellow coaches, Jaz. We were recording for her “conversations with Jaz” series. One thing I loved about our conversation, is that it was so real, so honest, so open, so vulnerable, so authentic. We spoke about the world of coaching, how we became coaches, a bit about the life journey that led us to where we are, and what the heck it is we do with clients. I will share it with all of you as soon as it’s up and ready ­čÖé

Recently I have shared quite a bit on social media, about coming to the realization that I just operate a certain way (we all do), and trying to operate like someone else, is NEVER going to work. Thus I have given up on that, which sent me into a phase of non-action for a bit. I had to give myself time to re-calibrate. I had to ask, “What DO I want? What feels good FOR ME? What makes sense TO ME, regardless of what I have been told will or won’t work?”

If we want to create a life, a business, a relationship, a health regimen, friendships, a spiritual practice, and anything else for that matter, that is sustainable, it must align with the truth of who we are. It must feel respectful and loving of who we are and what we stand for at the deepest core level. This means, we must honor how we operate and the uniqueness of our design.

There’s a lot of support out there for this, such as human design, Soul archetype work, Akashic Records profiles, etc, and I highly recommend exploring these.

How I am designed, and part of why I am here on this planet, is to help others operate more from intuition than from the conditioning that seems to run most people’s lives. I believe your brilliance is hidden within your intuition, and when you tap into it, magic happens.

Intuition is where I THRIVE, and therefore I am also a guide on this planet, helping humanity connect to intuition, and to also trust it enough to listen to it (that is sometimes the hardest part!)

I have always known the traditional ways of doing things didn’t work for me. I am fueled by inspiration, so filming, writing, or doing something just because “that’s what successful people do,” or “that’s what I’m supposed to do,” just isn’t going to happen.

I go through waves. I have phases where I am on fire with ideas, inspiration, creativity, and the desire to be super visible.

And then I go through times right after that, where I retreat, I go into deep processes, and travel into the shadow side of myself. Every time we reach for more light, and move toward a new goal, or up-level our energy in some way, we will have new shadows that emerge. I choose to go inward and face mine.

To be anything more than a little bit visible, would be dis-respecting my natural energy and flow. And for years I did that. But that wasn’t sustainable, and I would create things that I ended up resenting, because they didn’t come from my truth. ┬áIt’s important that I go into these quiet times without the pressure to “be visible,” or “to create something,” or to “be consistent,” because it is from this down time that I receive the new codes, insights, and divine wisdom. And once this new information is fully downloaded into me, I emerge, on fire, overflowing with love and sacred messages to share.

I am finally learning to accept, embrace, and EMBODY this very profound way that I operate, trusting it more and more deeply.

I also used to be plagued by how to explain and communicate to people what the heck I do. Yes, I am a life coach, but that can mean lots of different things. To be honest, there are NO WORDS that could ever explain what it is I do, and that is just a fact. However, I have been urged by the business world to sum it up in a sentence or two. Some of the sentences I have used are:

1) I help my clients live a rich, meaningful life. For example, think of one thing you REALLY want to experience in your life, that currently feels un-reachable. What is that? What would it be like to have that be your reality? Well, THAT is what we will do then.

2) I help my clients cultivate self-love. Out of this new-found self-love, my clients have been able to take that dream trip, move to new places, create their dream jobs, heal past regrets and pain, cultivate a deep level of peace and freedom so they finally feel like they have choices.

3) I help my clients reconnect to the love and wisdom within them. This has been known to help clients lose weight, get sober, get pregnant, find healthy, happy love, release regret and shame, let go of toxic people, places and things, heal depression and anxiety, find clarity and direction, and make empowered decisions regarding career, health, and relationships.

You get the point.

So yeah, there are a LOT of ways I can use words to somewhat explain what it is I do, but at the end of the day, the words themselves are limiting, and rob you of what actually happens IN THE EXPERIENCE of what I do.

What I am coming to understand for myself, and therefore want to share with you, is this:

It isn’t the words that matter so much. It’s the energy and vibration of the words.

What I am finding, is if I focus less on what to say, and focus more on just shining, then the words naturally flow from that place that is true for me.

If I EMBODY my love and truth, then that is what people will see, hear, and feel. This is how I am designed.

It’s an ongoing journey and a learning process over here in the world of coaching, speaking, and entrepreneurship, and I’d love to hear your own feedback. Does this resonate for you? What does this bring up for you? What is your soul’s message, and how do you share that in your life? Do you feel frustrated around communicating what you do or what you stand for? Or do you find it easy?

I’d love to hear more about your experiences and personal journey! And if you’d like to find out more about coaching with me, please send an email inquiry to [email protected].

Thanks so much for being here with me. You rock, you’re rad, and I appreciate you!