That’s right…that’s what I said. Wherever you are is OK!

I bring this up tonight because as a coach and a human being, I am always hearing my clients struggle with shifts in their energy, productivity, motivation, creativity, clarity, etc. I too have had to learn not to judge myself when shifting is a happening!

Do you find it hard to be tired? Do you judge yourself for having a day when you are just off your game? Perhaps you go through phases of feeling super motivated, inspired, and creative, and then days and weeks go by where you just can’t be bothered?

Well I’m here to relieve you from yourself!


I am currently going through some massive shifts in my own life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and most days I feel really amazing. However, today I just felt a bit off. I am more tired than usual, as a result of my first week of teaching 6 am bootcamps all week. Also my body is very sore from the combination of the new yoga I’ve been doing mixed with training my method, Erin Lanahan Method, and therefore, I am just not as capable of thinking as clearly or feeling as rested as I like.

When we experience change, there is always an adjustment period.

Just like I will grow accustomed to my new schedule and workouts, so too will you get comfortable and on track with whatever is changing and shifting for you. Whenever we grow past our comfort zone, it requires massive stretching and bending and moving into places that can feel uncomfortable at first. It’s NORMAL to experience a dip in energy as a result. However, I invite you to try your best to stay connected to the excitement, rather than the hard parts about the new changes.

That said, notice when you are growing tired and unwell, and make your body’s health and your well-being a priority. No matter what’s going on for you, take some time out to nurture yourself. Schedule it in if you have to.

Whatever you are feeling or not feeling, experiencing or not experiencing just yet, is perfect. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Can you trust that?

I know I am going to use all the feelings and thoughts that are coming up for me as a result of so much change so fast, for me to grow even more. I want my fears and insecurities to reveal themselves to me so I can transform them, rather than holding on to them unconsciously. Won’t you please do the same with yours? 🙂

So, what are you going through? I want to know. Email me at to share your story with me.

Are you judging yourself in some way? Are you beating yourself up for being less than good enough in your own eyes? Lighten up! Wherever you are is OK. 

Sending you all so much Energy, Love, and Magnificence!!!



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