WHOA! It has been a little while since I have written to you all. My apologies for my absence. However, it is just something I have to do sometimes. Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes we go through things in life, and it is very important to turn within and to allow ourselves the time, space, and the silence we need to nurture ourselves through the growth and the transformations we go through.

I want to be completely honest with all of you because I totally believe in the POWER of opening up and sharing with others what we go through on a daily basis. This last transition from Melbourne to the Gold Coast of Australia has been extremely challenging for me. I arrived here in January just after having met an amazing guy who I was super excited about having in my life. Due to him living in Singapore, we broke things off after a couple of months. I was gutted. My heart ached and my body felt like I was moving through mud! Have you ever felt this way?

When this relationship didn’t work out, I found myself confronted by many things on many levels.

 All my insecurities, self-doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs and thought patterns, began to emerge from the depths of my consciousness.

I had NO IDEA that I was still holding onto so much baggage that was not ultimately supporting or serving my highest good and purpose.

You see, when this happens to us, and we get slammed with our fears, insecurities, doubts, and our deep limiting core beliefs, this is a good thing! I know you may think I am crazy for saying that, but I am SERIOUS.

The only way we can continue to expand and really begin to claim our unlimited POWER back and become the creators of our own lives, is to become AWARE of everything that is currently holding us back from it.

I want you to take a moment and think about a relationship that didn’t work out, or a job you didn’t get, or something that you hoped would go a certain way, that failed your hopes, dreams, and expectations. Do you remember how you felt? Did you find that all of a sudden you were in a place of questioning and doubting everything that you felt so sure about the just day before?

This is what we do.

When one thing or two or three things seem to fail us, we begin to internalize failure and slowly but surely become more and more defeated.

However, what happened after a certain period of time for you? Did you heal? Did you grow? Did you learn?

It can be hard to always hear that “everything happens for a reason” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” When we are going through some of the hardest times in our lives, there are just days that we want to tell those positive people to go jump off a building, am I right?


The truth is, we have two choices.

 We can keep on keep’n on, and take that positive crap and apply it, OR we can drowned in our own sorrows, and suffocate in our own quicksand.

Most of us, most of the time, choose to LIVE, to keep on keep’n on, and to do our best until something shifts!

That’s what I am talking about. For me, I have been going through major transformations around my career. I have been in yoga teacher’s training, and about to begin Pilates teacher’s training. I am in a new country, and without knowing a sole here to begin with, I set out to continue creating and manifesting my dreams.

 I have been in this process for several years, but coming to Australia has been a process of uncovering and discovering more of my authentic passion, my unique gifts, and finding effective, creative, and inspiring ways to share my gifts with the world.

NOT AN EASY TASK, but one well worth the struggle. This desire to do this has called upon the Universe, to conspire and to co-create with me, so I can have everything I’ve asked for.

When we ask for what we want and we set our intentions, then our order is as good as placed. If we are unclear in the least bit, the Universe will have to continue getting more information from us in order to deliver exactly what we’ve asked for.

If there is anything in the Universe’s way of being clear about what we want, it’s because WE are unclear about parts of what we want.

 These are otherwise knows as BLOCKS. Therefore, the Universe will bring us opportunities to clear these blocks by creating circumstances, situations, and experiences that make us confront the areas of the orders we have placed, that we are currently unclear about.

For example, if you order a burger at a restaurant, and the waitress just writes “Burger” down and hands it to the chef, the chef will send her back to you to find out, do you want cheese, how do you want it cooked, bun or no bun, what sides did you want with that, etc? Every time she asks you a question, and let’s say you don’t actually know what you want, you are going to experience extreme levels of discomfort, frustration, and you may even find yourself wanting to get the hell out of there.

It is never comfortable when we are being asked something we don’t have the answer to.

Every time something happens in our lives that is uncomfortable, it’s an opportunity to gt more clear and straight up with the Universe, about the order we have placed.

The Universe is helping us get more clear, to unblock us, so we can manifest our dreams with ease and grace. Does that make sense?

Lately, I have gone through phases of writing a lot, and phases of complete withdrawal from being visible. I have felt super friendly and social, and given my best efforts towards building new relationships, and then I’ve felt like isolating and in total fear of doing anything outside my comfort zone. Every single day has been a wild ride and I have literally had to learn to get present with myself, stay in the moment, allow myself to be imperfect, and trust my process.

EVERYTHING I have been through over the last 8 years, such as: healing from binge eating, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, building my own personal training business, pursuing a writing, coaching, and speaking career, going through school to become a certified personal growth coach, moving countries, having to start all over again in many ways in Oz, finding a guy I really connected with and fell for, and then loosing him, living in 3 different states and 4 different cities within 6 months of being in Australia, and finally, going through intense training to become a certified international yoga teacher, has all been CRAZY CHALLENGING AND CONFRONTING. That said,  all of the ups and downs, ins and outs, trials and tribulations, joys and pains, were EXACTLY what I needed in order gain the level of clarity, humility, inspiration, motivation, direction, passion, connection, and drive I have today.

Everything you are going through is one of your greatest teachers. Some days you will not trust this, and you will even want to cuss at the idea. That’s ok.

 The only thing to remember is to STAY WITH IT MY FRIEND.  

Those who do not give up, who stay with their journey even in the darkest of nights, will rise up, and grow into strong, free, abundant, peaceful, happy, and healthy BEings. They will live their truth. We are all called to our highest path, but not all of us will answer the calling. When the phone rings…are you going to pick it up?

So, remember, life is not about having it all figured out, or never feeling scared or emotional, or in doubt.

No. Life is about feeling all of these feelings, and in the face of them, choosing to continue to follow your dreams anyway.

I am sending you all so much love.

xoxoxo Erin

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