It was so great to hear from so many of you after posting my last article on Monday. I promise that my interactions with YOU, are what keep me strong and willing to face anything in my life. Thank you for participating, for sharing your stories with me, and for turning my passions into a reality. It is my intention to help you do the same.

Yesterday, as I was in the middle of my workout, walking lunges to be exact, something hit me. I had a series of things happen in the morning that sent me contemplating and exploring my Inner-Universe once again, and then I heard a voice inside of me.

It said:

“There is no good or bad experience, or better or worse, or successful or non-successful path. There is simply this experience and that experience. There is no right or wrong and there is no such thing as mistakes. What most of you suffer from is the belief that somehow you could’ve done something differently to somehow have ended up somewhere better than you are. The only reason you aren’t able to fully appreciate where you are, and the unique and individual experience YOU are having, is because your mind has created stories and judgments about it that tell you, somehow you have not done everything right, that somehow you have failed, and as a result you have lost the opportunity to experience everything you desire. Then you become filled with fear about repeating the same mistakes moving forward, and you live your lives filled with self-doubt, regret, and dissatisfaction, otherwise known as the shoulda-coulda-wouldas.”


I felt chills run through me and then I began to laugh out loud.

Of course.

So many of us, at least at some time in our lives, if not multiple times, have missed out on the beauty and the sacredness of the moment or the circumstance or the experience happening FOR us, because we are so distracted by the fear that if we don’t do everything just “right,” if we don’t make the “perfect” move, we are going to totally screw up our lives and forever look back in regret of the choice or choices we made. So instead, we try to make choices in the present, based on an outcome we are desperately wanting to avoid in the future. Mind you, how can we really know the outcome we are trying to avoid is even “bad?” Have we ever experienced it before? Most likely we only know or have heard of someone who went through it, who shared their feelings about it, which are also usually just a result of their perception, which is more than likely based on what they thought “should’ve happened” vs. what did. They too, didn’t really EXPERIENCE the situation. They were most likely too busy living in the fear of not “getting it right,” or in the RESISTANCE of what was happening, and therefore that became their experience rather than what was actually happening. OR, we think we have gone through it in the past and now project that same experience into the future, which then sets us up to repeat the fear of the experience or the resistance of it, once again, rather than having the actual experience for the first time.


If you were just able to follow all of that, it sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? Sorry…CORRECTION. That sounds Koooo Koooo CRRRAZY!

THIS is precisely what FEAR does to us. We are run by it, controlled by it, and destroyed by it. THIS SUCKS. I don’t know about you, but I believe there is a better way.

In India, they helped us see this so clearly each day. One night in the temple, as I was surrounded by hundreds of people dancing and singing, I literally began to shut down because I couldn’t see a way out of myself. I had become so aware of the fear and the suffering, but there was nothing I alone could do about it. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I was so sick to my stomach I felt like I was going to die. REALLY, I believed I had something terribly wrong with me. There was nothing to reach for, no door inside of me that I could see to escape through.

So I began to pray my freak’n butt off.

Then I was guided to actually feel my feelings, and I became clear that I had been resisting them, which was what was making me so sick. As I began to feel the energy in my body, I began to sob, and the tears poured down my entire face, neck, and chest, and I began to see things. I saw the suffering humanity has because of this resistance to our inner truth. Then I began to feel it. It was the deepest pain in my stomach, only it didn’t hurt when I stopped judging it and allowed myself to just be present with it. I opened myself up to this experience fully and the energies and emotions began to wash through every cell in my body. I felt like I was releasing lifetimes worth of memories, resistance, and fear. A lot of it was purged out of me through one of the most intense crying sessions I have ever had. I wasn’t sad, I was just feeling things. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Knowledge can only take us so far. The “Facts” can only take us so far. Ultimately what we need is an internal shift, something that literally clicks into place and makes it possible for us to operate from love and faith instead of fear. Otherwise, we will constantly be trying to manipulate our external circumstances to produce an internal experience we so desperately want to feel such as peace, security, joy, safety, hope, connection, serenity, freedom, bliss, compassion, love, silence, and stillness. These may come temporarily from external things, but they will elude us once again unless they are a product of a new consciousness, a new awareness, and new way of existing.

I went to India to participate as a student at the Oneness University. This is a spiritual school, not a religious school. It is completely non-denominational and encourages its students and seekers, to connect to, and deepen their bond with a God of their own understanding. The word God can be an uncomfortable word for many, so we use other terms such as Universal Intelligence, Supreme Light, the Divine, The Presence, Higher Power, or you could even call it Angels, Creator, Omnipresent Love, whatever you feel comfortable with.

I was there for what most of you probably heard something about, which was the BIG SHIFT on December 21st. Without going too much into this aspect of it, as I encourage each of you to do your own exploring, research, and experience your own findings about this auspicious time on the planet, I would like to state the obvious, which is, once again, the world did not end as many anticipated.

In fact, very much the opposite happened. We went from what was known as “The Dark Ages” into what is now known as “The Golden Age,” or from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga. Kaliyuga means a time when the mind is very dominant and our thoughts were more negative, and Satyayuga means the mind begins to cease and the consciousness therefore shifts and raises high enough to influence the collective experience on the planet. Now, the dominant thoughts are positive, which means we will only see things improve from here.

That does not mean it’s all gonna be easy, no, as we each become more and more aware of our own suffering and the suffering on the planet, things will intensify much more, before they get better. However, if we are conscious of this, and we work together and come from the “WE” mentality, rather than the “I” mentality, it will make things much easier for us all and we will be able to move through these challenges and towards Oneness with a lot more ease and Grace. Some of you may have heard the word AWAKENING. Some of you have not. Either way, it doesn’t matter. This is however what is happening. There is an awakening happening in the collective consciousness and we as a WHOLE,  are on our way to finding freedom from all the suffering we are currently experiencing as individuals and as a planet.

In the meantime, have your experience because it’s yours! Feel your feelings and explore what it’s like when you shift from RESISTING what is, to accepting it and therefore actually having the experience for the first time like I did in the temple. This can bring about an extremely profound shift in your consciousness, and everything may begin to look and feel different as a result.

Instead of questioning yourself, or doubting your success, or regretting the choices you have made, just stop. Place your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your belly, and give thanks for this moment. Open up to what is already here, and let THAT be your experience. Once the resistance melts away, you won’t feel so sick anymore, and you will finally have conscious contact with the Presence within you and all around you .

Let it guide you.

So, where can you let go of resistance in your life? What circumstances or experiences are you trying to avoid as a result of your perceptions of them, instead of just surrendering to them and experiencing the reality of them? What might you be cutting yourself off from as a result?

I LOVE hearing from you, so please leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog, or email them to me at [email protected].

Love and Gratitude,


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