Tonight  I am feeling so inspired to connect with you through my writing. Not because I have anything specific I want to say necessarily, but because I just love to share with you what’s in my heart regardless of the outcome, and to do my part in the context of bringing my passion, my story, and my message to the world.

There has been a LOT of big changes happening. I am sure you have been feeling them too. Some we can speak about, others we cannot even begin to find words to describe, but we definitely FEEL them. Yep, these are some seriously powerful times. We are being encouraged to take a deeper look at ourselves, to own and stand up for the desires of our hearts, and being afraid just doesn’t cut it as a good excuse to back down anymore. In fact, backing down and running away will make us sick. It will amplify the suffering, and therefore, as hard as it may seem, there is just no other path to walk than the one that is guided by the heart…THE PATH OF THE COURAGEOUS ONE.

Lately, I have been faced with a few health scares. My body and my health have always been very precious to me and especially because of the work I do, it has always been a huge part of my identity and given me a lot of pride to feel, to know, and to say “I AM super healthy.” So as you might imagine, to have a few things surface that are requiring I see specialists and healers, etc, are challenging me in ways I would rather avoid.


Nope. Avoidance is a big NO WAY, not an option, been there, done that, and it got me no where good. So…I have ONE choice. I must turn around and face the lion that is chasing me, and let the fucker eat me.

WE MUST NOT FORGET the truth of who and what we are. When we forget, we live in fear but even more than living in the fear, we live in the action of running away from the fear. This creates unnecessary tension, stress, and anxiety, that manifests itself in unpleasant ways.

When we are grounded in our truth, in the deep inner knowing of who and what we really are, then no matter what happens, we feel strong, we stay present in a place of unconditional love, and in this place ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I am aware that these little health scares are showing me a few very obvious things.

One thing is that it’s time to let go of any ego based pride that is a result of being attached to what others think about me. This need to be seen a certain way or to uphold some image, is an old operating system. I do not operate in this way any longer, however, some of these old programs are still running. Therefore, I must SEE them in order for them to change.

Seeing IS the Transformation.

For example, a student came up to me after class and shared something with me. At the beginning of our yoga practice this morning, we did a short meditation. I asked the class to notice if there was anything heavy inside of them or any way in which they felt something was weighing on them or weighing them down. Then, I continued to invite them and encourage them to just SEE, to observe themselves throughout their practice. I asked them to just see, without feeling any need to fix or change anything, but to simply be the observer and to experience the observing.

My student said that she became aware that over the last couple of years she had been feeling very heavy. She knew she was off and acting different from what felt like her most natural self, but today she realised it was because there was a situation at work really weighing on her heavily, which made her feel so heavy it literally robbed her of physical freedom. In this case, she was unable to feel comfortable doing a handstand because of how heavy she felt.

This is SUCH a beautiful awareness she had. I was excited for her. There was nothing for her or I to do at that point. Now that she SEES what is there, the SEEING itself will allow her to experience reality AS IT IS, whereas before she was not experiencing reality. She was having an experience, but it was one of unconscious fear and resistance VS. acceptance and awareness.

How cool is that?!?!

This observer mode could also be called our Inner Guru. As we become still and present with the Universe that lives inside of us, we suddenly tap into a wisdom, a guidance, a knowing, and an intelligence that is so GREAT, so ANCIENT, and so PROFOUND, that we couldn’t possibly take credit for it. It’s Magnificence and Brilliance humbles us in every way, and at the same time, it is available to ALL of us. We GET to use this SOURCE, this UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE, this SPIRIT OF LOVE, this INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM, to assist us in creating a heart centred life beyond our wildest imagination.

Even in my darkest moment of fear, I KNOW this is the truth. I know it for myself because I have personally lived it.

Something else these health scares have revealed to me, is how important it is I continue to follow my intuition and nurture my gifts. I am not special, WE ALL HAVE A GIFT. I am just choosing to nourish what seems to be mine. I have been feeling extremely guided to explore different healing methods. Mostly because my Inner Guru tells me there is something I am meant to be doing with it in my work with others. Whilst I do believe in healing and healers, it is also something I have resisted in ways when it comes to my own career because this was NEVER something I set out to do. I had a VERY different plan and idea about what my life was going to be and look like. However, as it turns out, it is WAY more awesome than any plan I could’ve come up with on my own, so I keep trusting this Inner Guru of mine to lead the way.

Ever since my return from India at the start of the year, I have literally been through a massive life PURGE. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING came into question. Every doubt, every fear, and every insecurity surfaced and pretty much all at once. It’s like I got hit with a massive bomb that exploded everything I thought I knew and left me with nothing but the chance to discover what reality actually is.


Mostly because there just doesn’t seem to be a better option. Today I can honestly say my Inner Guru is the very thing that guides me to and through EVERYTHING. Because of it, I have been able to travel the world, follow my heart, walk through some of the hardest moments in my life, love myself and others unconditionally, completely come to accept what is, experience amazing intimacy with my partner, and live my dreams every single day. It is my hope that all of you get to have this too.

Do you know your Inner Guru? Are you living your life and making choices from a place of fear or a place of love? They are two VERY different experiences. Please let me know. I really want to hear from you. Leave all questions and comments here for me in the comment box below.

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Thank you, Love you, Good night,


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