I can feel change in the air. I can smell the SEASON’S shifting. There is a mystery in the wind, old memories passing through , and a soft whisper in the trees about what is on the horizon. They whisper so softly, I can’t quite make out what they are saying yet, but I am listening. I am investigating. I am exploring. I am waiting. I am responding to the call in the best way I can with the information I am receiving. Their whispers are moving my soul, taking me to places and at times I may not otherwise go, and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because I AM Committed to my soul’s path, more so than to anything else.

“Go to the Ocean today Erin. Break free today, BE creative, look for signs. They are coming. They are coming. Soon this will all make sense.”

Maybe it’s the Dreamer in me, or perhaps it’s the Free Spirit that I was born as, or it could be that everyone has these feelings. I don’t know, but I do know that when the Universe beckons, I listen. When I feel a stirring up inside, I pay attention. When the longing in my heart returns, I start asking questions.

Over the last few months I have learned a lot about the power of friendships. I have experienced the POWER of staying in one place long enough to build and become a part of community. Each day I earn my seat here a little more. Every week I give my gifts, I receive the gifts of my community, and I develop even deeper bonds and mutually nourishing relationships as a result. I have seen and felt the magic that happens when we let people in to our world, sharing with them those deep dark secrets that keep us feeling different, separate, unique.

Some people stay and some people leave. Those who stay help us see that what we don’t want anyone to know about us is also often our greatest asset.

Thank God.

And those who do not see this, it’s sad. But let them Go.

I had lunch with a dear friend the other day and she made a wonderful suggestion. She said, “Erin, when we let go of something, we all too often focus on what we are losing or saying good-bye to. But the magic happens when we shift our focus, and change what we place our attention on. Look to what is coming, what is next, and what you are now finally able to receive and create as a result of letting go of the things that were never meant to stay anyway.”


I love to feel inspired because I thrive when I am inspired. I have this belief that says we ALL need to feel inspired. Inspiration is the breath that breathes life into our dreams and desires. Inspiration is the fuel for our youthfulness, our vitality, and our dream tank.

When I lose inspiration, I lose energy , steam, and focus. When I am not feeling inspired, I find life to be robotic. So naturally I seek out people, places, things, and experiences, that inspire me, lift me up, challenge me, and fill me with God’s love and miracles.

I believe when we are inspired, we can do anything. ANYTHING is possible when inspiration pulses through our veins and dances in our hearts.


So, how do we stay inspired?

In a world where we have tight schedules, bills to pay, appointments, to do lists, families to care for, responsibilities, traffic, other people’s as well as our own expectations, fears, insecurities, and beliefs that tell us we HAVE to do things a certain way or else…

…we all become a bit depleted in the inspiration department.

This is simply NOT ok with me. Which means I have become devoted to staying connected, creating ways to re-fuel, to inspire, to be inspired, and to access the magic and miracles that await us all. What’s the point of life if we are just going through the motions??

Here ARe 5 Tips To Staying Inspired. Use them.

1) Break the rules. Not in ways that hurt others of course, but in ways that just say, YEP, I have control over my life. I AM the Creator of my reality, no one else.

2) PLAY. Be playful and child-like. Run around. Walk barefoot in the rain. Roll around in the sand with a child. Take a day off work!

3) Do something you’ve never done before. Like eat your lunch outside in the grass next to a tree. Or go out to dinner with friends in the middle of the week! This is about shaking off the pressure we put on ourselves unnecessarily to do things a certain way, the SAME way, day in, day out, week after week, year after year. Blah! Change it up!

4) BE CREATIVE and Try things a different way. Why do you do things the same way ALLLLLLLL the time? Isn’t that BOR-ING? How might you change things up today? Spice things up. Get sexy, Get edgy, Walk on your tippy toes!

5) Love yourself enough to take yourself on field trips. It could be for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a weekend, or a week! Go, fly, travel, see the world. This doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It could just mean breaking away from your routine to smell the fresh air, feel the sunshine, pet a puppy, or hug a tree!

I deeply and completely thank you all for being here. May we continue to walk this path together, asking, seeking, exploring, playing, moving, breathing, swimming, and dancing. May we all find peace, love, and freedom in the questions marks.

If you have EPIC tips on how to stay inspired…please share them with us here or on social Media in the comments! We’d love to hear!

Love and Light to you all,


If you’re ready to play more, create more, explore more, and dive in to life in an inspired way, you may be ready to coach one-on-one with me! If you love doing the “impossible” I’d love to speak with you! If this is you, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you!