Yes, I know…I’m a little behind on my Happy New Year post, but I have been traveling and just kicking back and taking it all in these past few weeks. I spent the month of December visiting my family in Moruya, Australia, and then headed off to Sydney to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and family, as well as my first week of 2012 on Bondi Beach!

So far, 2012 has rocked my world in every way! 🙂 How have you kicked things off?

With all the New Year’s Resolutions hype it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of thinking in extremes. For example, we put so much pressure on ourselves to hit the ground running hard and fast, and then most people are burned out and over it by February or March.

Listen, living a life you love is a daily practice and it is created choice by choice, action by action, thought by thought, day by day.

Remember this: Setting larger, long-term goals is great, however, also keep in mind that long-term is a result of how each short-term moment adds up over time. Therefore, commit to how you want this moment to be, this conversation to be, this kiss to be, this event to be, this day to be, etc. Are you picking up what I’m putt’n down?? I trust you are 😉

For me, I had a pretty incredible experience in Sydney for the first week of this year. It seemed as though the stars were aligning just especially for me, answering all my prayers and showing me that life really is becoming my dream, and my dreams really ARE my reality. However, that said, I am reminding myself as I remind you, of the importance of letting it go.

We can set our intentions, say our prayers, do our best, but then we must detach from the outcomes, for we are only in control of what we put out there and how we respond to what turns up. What actually happens has only the power we give it. Thus, if we cling to how we want things to be or how we think they “should” look like now, we can begin to spin out and spiral down FAST.

What’s required of us in order to maintain a state of joy and gratitude, is the ability to TRUST what is currently showing up, believing that the best case scenario IS unfolding REGARDLESS of what we tend to assume things mean for us long-term in the moment.

So I’ll say it again…

Set your intentions, say your prayers, make your vision boards, become super clear about what you want life to look and more importantly FEEL like…and then LET IT GO.

That’s right…as hard as it may feel, you have to let it go, trust, be patient, and live each moment as presently as possible, believing that the best case scenario IS unfolding for you right now!

I left Sydney yesterday and arrived in Brisbane, Australia, where I am writing to you from now. I’ll be spending a bit of time here and traveling around the area meeting and visiting with more family. Then, in a couple of weeks I’ll settle myself in on the Gold Coast, to prepare for yoga training that starts Feb 4th. Lots of exciting stuff in the works for this year, but today is today, so I’m just going to be here now and make the most of each moment. I am going to trust you are doing the same 🙂

I hope you are all being loving and gentle with yourselves, having respect and gratitude for your process, and surrounding yourselves with only the most supportive people and environments. May 2012, be a year filled with awakening, healing, unconditional love, and the beginning of a new-found sense of joy and a beautiful new life. Here’s to your highest self!!

Love, Light, and Hugs!