Your Most Awesome Life?

What is that? Do you actually KNOW or do you just think you know?

It is a very common mistake we all make, to assume we know the plan, and then to get upset, angry, sad, and frustrated when it doesn’t work out. When this happens, we begin to feel defeated, broken, and we begin to lose faith and trust in the Universe. Afterall, if things don’t go our way…we must just be terribly cursed and unlucky right?


Our quality of life DEPENDS on our ability to detach from outcomes, as well as our ability to trust, that no matter what appears to not be working out, that our most awesome life IS unfolding for us right now.

As you know from yesterday’s post, I recently had to come to terms with the fact that someone I really cared about, was unable to meet me in the middle. There are two ways I can look at this…

#1) Oh poor me, I must not be good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, young enough, ect. I could even convince myself to believe that I am just not worthy of attracting the kind of relationship into my life that I desire because I am not, nor will I ever be, good enough for great love. If I really wanted to play the victim, I could tell myself that all men suck and they are just not capable of seeing a good thing when it’s standing right in front of them. Then, I could throw in the towel on love.

Sound familiar?


#2) I can choose to see this as a blessing in disguise, and accept that I am not the right girl for him and he is not the right guy for me. I can TRUST that the reason things could only grow as far as they did with this person is because it was the very thing I needed to move me closer and become more available to a partner to share my life with who is beyond my wildest dreams amazing.  I could convince myself to believe that although I may not be able to see where all of this is taking me, that the Universe IS carrying me and I AM going to have everything and more than I could have ever possibly planned for myself. I can agree to step out of the Divine plan’s way, so that instead of clinging to what didn’t work, I can open up to the gifts that are heading in my direction.

We always get this choice.

One of the fastest and simplest ways to make ourselves available for something far greater than our human minds can comprehend, is to let go of the outcome.

Know what you want, be clear, set your intentions, take conscious action, and then…Let It GO.

When we hang on to outcomes, it can actually PREVENT us from experiencing the full potential of any given circumstances. For example, I could’ve chosen not to keep talking to this special person, who I met over New Years Holiday, once I found out he lived in another country. I could’ve just said NO and never even gone on the first date. But I don’t choose to live my life this way, and I hope you don’t either.

I choose to believe in the best case scenario, not the worst case scenario. In this case, he ultimately didn’t have faith in the best case scenario, and that could be for a number of reasons that I’ll never know, except we just aren’t meant to be. However, I am happy I at least gave it my best shot. I didn’t close myself off  to an opportunity  just because the logistics may have made the chances of us working out look silly and impossible.

When we choose to believe that there is a great plan unfolding for us, then we let go of the reins.

We do our part by saying YES, by showing up, by following the guidance we are receiving, and then trusting that the outcome is being taken care of by something much bigger than we are. Afterall, we can’t know the future, but we CAN know how we feel about right now.

This is the only way to allow ourselves to be pulled through life rather than beating and pushing our way through it.

When we trust that our most awesome life is unfolding, it makes it easier to let go of our little plans and desired outcomes, BECAUSE WE TRUST.

There may be a minority of us who are just born with the ability to trust fully, however, the majority of us have to re-learn and regain our trust in our most awesome plan unfolding.

Here are  3 ways to identify that YOUR most awesome life IS unfolding right now:

1) Find confirmation from your  past.

Do you remember how it felt when you were so convinced that your life was over, your heart would never beat again, and that you were surely going to go to bed and never wake up? Well…what happened? Did your life continue? Is your heart still beating? Did you wake up the next morning and the morning after that?

I’m assuming that’s a yes, yes, and yes, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So let’s go deeper. Can you see now, how every bit of pain you suffered transformed you? Can you truly appreciate that?

The past is good for one thing, and one thing only…

…to remind us of how far we’ve come and to reassure our faith in our own capabilities to heal, grow, and discover more of ourselves and our dreams along the way.

If that had worked out then, you would have limited yourself from growing to where you are now.

2) Acknowledge the signs that are everywhere for you.

I remember when I was almost about to leave the States to move to Australia (a.k.a. OZ), and I began to panic a little bit. So I did what I always do and I began to pray and ask the Universe to show me signs that could help me feel confident again with my decision. I demanded that the signs be clear, in my face, and available NOW.

The first time I did this, about 8 weeks before I left, I was on a long distance run. A few minutes after I asked for a sign, I ran by a HUGE YELLOW moving truck that said “OZ MOVERS.”

Ummmmm…could you get any more clear and in my face? I had never even heard of that moving company before, nor seen their big yellow trucks.

The second time I asked for a sign, about 2 weeks before I left, I was in the car heading to run the bridge in my hometown. I asked for a sign, then let go of the outcome. I got to the top of the bridge on my run and a girl wearing an AUSTRALIAN FLAG tank top ran right past me!!!


This is what happens when we look for confirmation that we are on the path to awesomeness. We can’t see or know the future, but we can ask for some signs and support  along the way to help us stay in faith and trust 🙂

3) Listen to your gut, and I mean REALLY listen to it.

I think you’ll begin to find that there is a voice, a knowing, that goes deeper than all the chatter of the mind and all the stories we’ve made up and outcomes we think we want so badly. Underneath it all, there is something deeper saying, “You don’t feel sad about this because this is less than you are capable of having. You can actually let all of this go and just be in joy right now. Why are you so attached to this when I have such great plans for you?”

If I am REALLY honest with myself about all the “broken hearts” I’ve had, I am totally aware that each person wasn’t exactly what I wanted, even though I had totally convinced myself they were at the time. They all had things that deep down I was pretty certain would not be good for me or be the best I could experience. The problem is, we lie to ourselves about this, when we could actually just admit the truth, thank the Universe for ending something we were not willing to end because we were too attached to an outcome,  and move on.

So…what are you holding on to? Can you listen a little more deeply to yourself today? Can you let go of what your mind says you want, even though your gut says there’s something better? Can you ask for some signs and some reassurance to help refuel your trust and faith in YOUR most awesome plan? Will you stay open to the guidance that comes as a result?

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Remember, love yourself first, crank up your light, and dance with your unlimited possibilities!

Loving you always,

Erin xoxo

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