I want to talk a little bit about WHY it is so important to keep going, ESPECIALLY when it may feel the most challenging.

In my experience, when things get the hardest, it means we are the CLOSEST.

Hang in there just a little bit longer and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s funny, sometimes we will actually come through something pretty heavy, and then once we begin to feel light and free of it, it pops up AGAIN. It may pop up on your Skype Chat, your phone, your FB wall, when you’re out with friends, at work, at home, or somewhere else that you just so happened to be strolling along until…POW!

That’s how this awesome Universe works.

As we set our intentions for our lives and begin to get more and more clear about what we want, the Universe has no other choice but to answer our orders.

If we want more money, it will bring all of our money fears and insecurities to our attention. If we want to heal from a broken heart and find great love once and for all, it may throw our ex-lovers and relationship issues across our paths. If we want to loose weight, it may place us at lots of parties and events that serve lots of junk food.

What I am saying is this…

When you want something, you better be prepared to confront everything in your way of having that thing BEFORE it actually shows up for you.

This gets EXTREMELY challenging some days because it can feel like just too much to deal with at once. Yes?


You HAVE to keep going!

Here’s 7 Reason’s WHY you have to keep going:

1) You’ve done so much of the work already.

Don’t quit before the miracle happens. So  many of us do. When things feel the most intense, it’s because you are busting loose. You are knocking down the walls of your own limitations and you are saying YES to a better life. Stay with it, for you are about to reap the benefits of all your patience and hard work.

2) Everything You Want Awaits You.

Have you ever noticed how people who get lots of money, popularity, success, good looks, etc, who haven’t matured to a point of being able to walk gracefully and humbly with their gifts, end up going crazy, becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, going in and out of abusive and unhealthy relationships, or lose everything in the end anyway?

Don’t be envious of others. Trust that you are going through a different process. What you WANT is to experience what those “things” symbolize. However, you must reach a certain point in your own emotional development to hang on to them anyway. It’s better to have to go through more and wait longer, if it means you get to create a life beyond your wildest dreams, that you will be comfortable living in and never have to lose due to your own lack of responsibility and ego mania.

Everything You Want Awaits You.

It’s just on the other side of the darkness. Go the distance, and the pot of gold will be revealed. You WILL go from the caterpillar, to the butterfly.

3) Your playing small is selfish.

Yep, damn straight. If you’re playing small, then I just called you out.

Stop being selfish.

Look, we are all guilty of this from time to time, so I am taking it upon myself to give you the kick in the pants that I sometimes need as well. Whether you believe me or not, we all need you to share your gifts, shine your light, and do what ONLY YOU can do. That’s why you are here! When one of us plays small, it’s like having only half of a puzzle piece. This means the whole puzzle has a hole in it, a place where it is lacking the full picture.

No one can do what you came to do. I could do the same thing you do, but your people aren’t going to hear it from me, because they can only receive it FROM YOU.

I had to learn this too. I used to think “Who am I to think I can be a writer?”  “What do I have to say that no one else is saying?” “How am I special?” Well…I AM, and SO ARE YOU.

Someone else can write on the exact same topic as me, but my people aren’t going to receive it from them, because they can only hear it, see it, and feel it when it comes from me.

Do you get what I am saying?

Each one of us has a responsibility to show up as the best version of ourselves, to serve the whole picture, and to therefore live an incredible life as a result, WITH everyone else!

4) You have no other option anyway.

This is the funniest part. The joke is on us.

If you don’t keep going, what will you do? If you think you can just end things, I am not sure it’s that black and white. Now this is just my belief, and we are all entitled to our own, but as far as I know, you will just come back here to work through the same stuff you are working through now. So you why not just buckle down and commit to your process this time around.

If you give up on your process you will become numb, shut down, and that means hanging the Out Of Order sign on your heart, your life, and on your WILL to be great. Isn’t that scarier than what you are feeling now?

To me, the thought of rotting away in my own fear is my worst nightmare. It seems very simple when you think about it. Just like a flower, or any living thing for that matter. We are made to grow, not shrink. We are meant to head towards the light, not question our ability to blossom and bloom. It’s our most natural flow to experience life to the fullest, so anything other than that goes against who and what we really are.

5) If you give up now, you’ll miss the creative ending.

It’s like going to a movie and walking out when the mystery, suspense, and anticipation reaches it’s peak.

When we feel these feelings in a movie, we don’t think to ourselves “Oh my God I cannot do this. I cannot handle this level of feeling.” NO. We refer to them as THRILLING. We love it when we get taken on a wild ride because we TRUST it isn’t the end of the world, and that we are going to be home, safe in our beds at the end of the day. So we stay with it…until that movie ends. Then we go home and make plans to see the next one, all in the name of fun and entertainment!

This is the same as life. See your suspense, anticipation, and mystery as a movie coming to a peak. Then stick around for the awesome ending you are creating, knowing that you will soon be preparing for the next great adventure to follow.

6) You will break your own heart if you give up on yourself.

We all know how badly it hurts to have a broken heart. You know that deep ache and pain you feel in the chest, the heaviness, the lack of will to go on? Why would you put yourself through that?

Seriously, if you give up now…YOU WILL BREAK YOUR HEART.

He, she, him, her, they, and them can abandon us, but we will always find our way UNLESS we abandon ourselves. YOU have the ability to be your greatest support or worst enemy. You can save your life or end it, all by how you choose to show up for, or reject,  yourself.

Why break your heart when you have the power to make it dance instead?

7) You have a story to tell.

Do you ever stop and listen to someone else? Did you ever consider that each and everyone of us has an amazing story to tell? The longer we stick around, the juicier it gets.

What story?

The story of our lives. The story of our loves, our losses, our wins, our pains, our fears, and our courage to overcome those fears.

Yes, YOU have a story.

You HAVE to keep going because someone, somewhere, some day, needs to hear your story from YOU.

I really hope you allow yourself to read over the 7 reasons WHY you have to keep going. Let them sink into your awareness, your consciousness, your thoughts and actions. Do not forget them my friends.

What are you questioning today? What is making you so sure you cannot go the distance? Can you just be a little softer, more gentle, and a bit more loving with yourself? Just for today?

I want to know what you are going through. Send an email to Erin Lanahan Method at [email protected] to share your story with us.

I am sending you all so much love.

Remember, today is not the end of your life…it’s just the beginning.

Love Always,

Erin xoxo

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