Wow…what a concept right?

That’s right, begin BEFORE you know how it ends, IS what I am saying. Why?

Well as all of you know, I have done my very best to be open with you, to share my ups and downs with you, and to keep my heart as open and vulnerable to you as I know how on any given day. This has not always been easy.

We all go through certain changes and transitional phases that make it difficult to find the words to express what we are thinking and feeling.

I have been going through one of those phases these last few weeks. One of my goals with Erin Lanahan Method is to deliver daily love, wisdom, and empowering messages to as many people across the world as possible. When I go through healing periods that require me to turn inward, this tends to pull me away from writing and being visible. One of my struggles when I’m going through stuff like this, is that I don’t feel like I have much to offer anyone, or anything helpful to share. (not ideal thinking by the way!) This would appear NOT to be very supportive of delivering daily love, wisdom, and empowering messages to you through my daily practice of writing. Hmmmmm…therefore, we have a conflict don’t we?

I still don’t think I have the answer to that question to be honest. On one hand, I get pulled away from things to use my energy to heal, and therefore do not fulfill my writing goals. On the other hand, I gather new information, insight, internal guidance and inspiration EVERY time this happens. Therefore, every time I learn even more to trust myself and my process every step of the way.

This can feel SO hard when you’re in the middle of transformation. Just like the caterpillar, the little thing has no idea its turning into something with more color and with wings so it can fly! Imagine how it must feel as it’s half way in between being a caterpillar and a butterfly. Whether or not it doubts it’s process, we will never know. All we know is that is ALWAYS becomes a butterfly!!

In its process of just being itself, it teaches so many of us about how to fully and honorably embrace our transitions and transformations.

Unfortunately, so many of us feel guilty about not being able to perform at the level we consider to be acceptable, 100% of the time. We also don’t believe we have the right to share our success story until we have proven to ourselves and the world that we have succeeded. The problem here is, we have the potential to make PROGRESS every day, and that IS success!

Want to hear something ironic?

If we wait to tell our story, to share our love, to help someone else, to get into a relationship, to start eating healthy, to begin working out, until we have achieved a certain level of success first, then we cut ourselves off from the opportunity to create the happy ending we are waiting for. Therefore, we never end up sharing our story, giving and receiving more love, being of service to others, eating healthier, and achieving our perfect body weight. Do you see how crazy this is??

I am choosing to make progress every day, and to aim for my goals. I choose to redefine Success, by saying it means this:

Success- The willingness to follow the deepest calling in our hearts, and to work towards bringing our dreams into our life experience on a daily basis,  no matter how big or small the daily progress is.

I will commit to reminding myself that the progress I make one day will differ from another day. Whether it’s one phone call a day, meditating for 20 minutes, writing a blog, showing up to help someone else, spending 30 minutes brain storming, or doing all of those things in the same day, it is ALL equally successful.

So, how are you holding back in this moment, this day, this week, and in your life? What are you waiting for BEFORE you put yourself out there, take that next action step, make that phone call, have that conversation, ask that special someone out, tell someone you love them, or start making healthy life choices? Are you waiting to get to your happy ending BEFORE you give yourself the opportunity to share your vulnerable beginning, and authentic now? Believe me, we all LOVE every part of a story. Why should any of us not really do what we love and share it with thew world right now, regardless of where we are in our process? I want to hear from you. Send me an email at [email protected] to share what you are going through.

If you or anyone you know, feels inspired to help Erin Lanahan Method deliver daily love, tools for living, and empowering messages to the world, please send me an email. I am currently looking to expand my team with excited and loving people who have a passion for sharing their life experiences and inspiring messages. You don’t have to be a professional writer! None of us can reach our greatest potential alone! Let’s do it together 🙂 Thank you!

Here’s to your transformation through Energy.Love.Magnificence!

With all my love, respect, and support,

xoxo Erin

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change. serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach send us an email to [email protected]. The E.L.M. Life Coaching Program is intense and an investment. Serious inquiries only.