Well, today marks the first day of my yoga training. I am officially becoming a yoga teacher! I am truly overwhelmed with joy about this.

This is something called Primary Food. I’ve talked about this with all of you before. Primary Food is made up of all the things that feed our hearts, our minds, our Spirits, and our bodies on an energetic level.

Primary Food consists of things like intimacy, connection, rest, fun, career, relationships, love, creativity, spirituality, living on purpose, exercise, etc. These are the things we NEED to survive.

If we don’t have them, our heart may be beating, but we will feel as though we are lacking, empty, unfulfilled, and even dying inside.

Several years ago, I struggled with some pretty messy habits. I had an abusive relationship with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, men, and with myself. I was trying so hard to fill that void inside and to avoid what was ultimately the inevitable. I got to a point where no food, drug, guy, or drink could stop the pain or make me feel satisfied for very long. It was time to heal. It was time to live an authentic life.

Not everyone chooses to heal. Some choose to continue numbing out and checking out.

I am humbly grateful for the courage I received to choose my health, well-being, and optimal life instead.

You see Secondary Food is the actual food we eat. We need sufficient nutrients in this food group as well, such as whole, organic foods, nutrient dense, proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats,vitamins, and minerals for our bio-individuality. The only problem is…

When we are lacking something in our Primary Food, it throws everything else off.

Therefore, if we try to “fix” things by changing just our food, it is very difficult to maintain. This is why you see so many people go on the dieting rollercoaster. It is because they focus on their Secondary Food, rather than their Primary Food, thus never healing the root of the issue.

When I work with my clients, the first thing we look at is their Primary Food. I do this because I have been on their side of things and I KNOW what it takes to achieve optimal health, hotness, well-being, joy, bliss, inner peace, and happiness. This is what we all REALLY want anyway.

Once we have this, the physical body follows.

So…what is your Primary Food? What are the ingredients your heart and soul NEED to exist in a happy place. What Primary Food groups might you be out of balance in, thus creating a need for you to drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, starve yourself, make poor choices around relationships, keep yourself stuck living a life that feels less alive than you know is possible?

Please…share your story with us at Erin Lanahan Method by sending an email to [email protected]. I personally want to know what you are going through!

Remember, transformation is a process. It is something we must CHOOSE every single day. Fitness is an inside job, a mind-set, and it must become the way in which we approach our lives with strength, willingness, humility, and vulnerability. Only then, will we begin to experience what it’s like to TRULY transform our bodies, our relationships, and our lives.

Sending you all soooooooo much LOVE!!

Cheering you on,


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