As I was running this morning, with the ocean beside me and my feet hitting the sand one step at  time, I began to write this post in my head. Inspiration always happens to me when I run!

Lately I have been contemplating birth, babies, what that means to me, and how I feel about all of it. I am 32 years old, so from what I hear, it’s only natural that I would be thinking about this stuff. Apparently it’s my “Biological Clock ticking.”

Maybe it is, or maybe it’s just me, doing what I always do, which is taking what Mother Nature gives us, and breaking it down into daily life lessons, and then finding the tools that are available to apply such lessons into my own life and eventually sharing them with my clients so they too can apply them to their lives.

Who knows. I guess it depends on who you ask 🙂

I do want to talk to you today however, about this concept of birth. It does fascinate me. I will admit, I often find questions bubbling up inside me that ask me things like “Erin, if you were to be growing a life within you, what would you do differently.” Or, “If you knew you were going to start trying to get pregnant, what might that require of your thoughts, your actions, and your daily habits, and how might you be able to nurture that possibility into reality?”

I have also noticed myself thinking of my body in a different way when I think about it as something capable of growing and expressing the miracle of life. Instead of being judgemental or harsh towards myself and expecting my body to be perfect all the time, I have begun to see my body as a vessel, or a channel that life wants to grow inside of and ultimately to be expressed through.

I can’t help but wonder, and MEN this applies to you too, if we all walked around treating our dreams, our intuition, our desires, and our ideas, as though they were our unborn children, would we finally begin to understand the importance of creating an internal environment that is capable of growing life inside of us, that when nurtured by us, has the power to go from a tiny seed within, to a beautiful new life we birth into the external world?

Do you understand what I am saying? It is a known fact that what a mother-to-be thinks about, the actions she takes or doesn’t take, the amount and type of exercise she does, the relationships she chooses to have and engage in, the foods and drinks she consumes, and the environments she surrounds herself in, plays a vital role in whether or not she can get pregnant from the start and then once she does, it plays a vital role in the overall optimal health and well-being of the baby growing inside of her. It CAN determine the quality of the life she is growing and giving birth to.

Why would this be any different for birthing an idea, a vision, and a dream into reality?  IT’S NOT! It’s exactly the same and if we explore this idea, then it may increase our chances of actually giving birth to the gifts that want to come through us.

Whether or not you want children, have children, don’t want children, don’t have children, is irrelevant to the point I am making. My point is this:
Every single one of us, male, female, gay, straight, black, yellow, green, white, have the opportunity to be born and to give birth on a daily basis. Every time we wake up in the morning we are starting over and therefore being born. Every time we go through a huge transitional and transformational time in our lives we are being born. Every time we get our hearts broken and we come through the other side of it and heal, we experience a sense of being birthed into a deeper awareness and understanding of who we really are and what we are really capable of.

Every single one of us has ideas, we have dreams, we feel a longing to love and be loved, we want to experience intimacy and deep connection, and we all hope that we die with no regrets. We all hope that we are one of those people who feel as though we really LIVED every opportunity that presented itself to us.

Every time we feel inspired by something, that IS an opportunity presenting itself to us.

Here’s the mistake most people make. They cling on to a result and they end up cutting themselves OFF from growing life within them, and therefore birthing it into the world. You even hear about this with women who really want to have a baby. They try so hard and become almost obsessed with it, that it doesn’t end up happening for them. Then, when they finally let go, they get pregnant! It’s truly amazing how much wisdom this mother birthing baby analogy is offering us.

Whatever it is you are wanting in your life requires the same thing. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, if you want to grow a business, if you want to find true love, if you want to write a book, if you want to travel the world, it requires you to treat yourself as the vessel that is being chosen by the things you feel drawn to. We are not all drawn or attracted to the same things. When you feel that pull, you know that a mutual choice has been made. That thing has chosen you, and you have chosen it. However, I want to invite you to think of it like this. Rather than attaching yourself to the thing itself or to a specific outcome with it, instead explore what it needs you to become in order for you to create an environment within yourself, conducive enough to growing life within you and to giving birth to life.

For example, I was really drawn to a guy that I met a few years back and it was definitely mutual. I thought that meant it was because we were destined to be together. We were in a way, just not how I thought. This guy and I ended up going through a lot of life changing events together, and I had to take some serious inventory of myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my actions as a result of this relationships. As a result of his presence in my life, I became aware of how much I wanted to experience true soulmate-love. I was not ready for that then because the insides of me were not conducive to growing life or giving birth to any great quality of life.

However, it was the very event in my life that woke me up in many ways and showed me what I needed to do for myself in order to be born into a grater sense of joy and connection as well as to birth into the world all the inner gifts I had previously been aware of, but unable to access and express.

EVERY single moment is an opportunity for every single one of us to be born and to give birth. We can start over with every thought we have, we have the power to change the way we see things and go from an abusive, harsh mindset, to one that is non-judging and unconditionally loving. We are the ones that must decide to build our lives on a foundation that is motivated by the intention to be nurturing and nourishing so the soul can continue to grow within us, and that new life can flow through us at all times. We are all, men too, pregnant with possibilities. The ways in which we treat ourselves on a daily basis will determine whether or not we cut ourselves off from experiencing the life force within us and the potential we have to express such possibilities into the world through our very own bodies.

So remember this analogy. Being born is not easy, nor is giving birth. Both experiences can be painful, scary, and full of the unknown. However, when it’s mother birthing baby, we are all amazed by that miracle and we embrace the pain, the discomfort, and the unknown. Therefore, I invite you today to do the same for all the life that wants to grow within you and to be expressed by you. Whether it’s a child, an idea, or a dream, you are the vessels it needs to grow from the unseen world into the seen one 🙂

What are your ideas, your dreams, and what is the vision you have for your life? If you are going to birth these unborn gifts into the world, how might you need to rearrange things inside of you and all around you, in order to breathe life into them? Choose your thoughts, your food, your drinks, your friends, your actions, and your environments wisely, for they WLL determine the quality of life within you and the quality of life you are able to share with the world.

Sending you all so much LOVE,
Erin xoxo

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