Have you ever wondered if you were on the right path in life? Do you sometimes look up at the stars at night and wish upon them, to guide you towards the desires of your heart that seem to be out of your reach? Are you currently experiencing circumstances that challenge your ability to trust that everything is going to work out exactly the way they must, in order to support your highest good?

We all have these questions. Some of us from time to time, others of us every single day. There are even those of us who may not be conscious of these questions, but somewhere deep inside, they wonder…”Will I, Can I, Do I really have what it takes to?”

Recently I traveled back home to the U.S. to visit with friends and family in Florida and California. It had been 10 months since I’d left America for Australia, so as you can imagine, I felt many emotions about going home for the first time. Seeing family ALWAYS seems to kick stuff up for me, and I don’t think I am alone in this one 😉 I think it is safe to say that MOST of us, no matter how much we love and enjoy our families, get confronted by their behaviours, questions, and we fear their judgments and disapproval.

If we feel any doubt, questions, or fear AT ALL about the road we are traveling, then seeing family can truly send us into a downward spiral. However, if we come to know that it is normal to have questions, doubts, and fears sometimes as we walk the path laid out by our heart’s desires, then we can face our families, our friends, and the rest of the world with compassion for ourselves, trust in our process, and confident that we are only doing what has to be done.

Once we have heard our hearts speak loud and clear, we begin to understand that there is no other quality option, BUT to listen to it.

We face two choices: 1) To pray for the courage we will need to walk the soul’s path, or 2) To cower and perish as a result of suppressing the soul’s requests. Although the answer might seem VERY clear as to which choice to make, to stand at the crossroads between these two choices is never easy for anyone. If we did the math I bet we would be extremely surprised at how many actually choose what they assume will be easier, which is to NOT listen to the voice within their heart, but rather to let the voice within their heads do the decision-making.

Well, I am one of the one’s who have chosen to follow my heart. It feels scary some days, I feel alone sometimes, and I definitely questions myself more than I like to admit. However, even more than I have fear, questions, and doubt, I have faith.

I know that as long as I continue to listen to my heart and put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, that I am going to be taken care of, and life is going to unfold in ways beyond my wildest dreams.

I know this because I have already seen it happen, experienced it first hand, and have witnessed this miracle in the lives of my clients as well.

No, I don’t always know how things are going to turn out, or where life is taking me, or whether or not I will get married and have children, or have my first book get published and be a big hit, or what life will even look like in 5 years from now. BUT… I do always know that what is best for me can only happen if I allow it to. I cannot attract the soul mate relationship my heart desires if I am not being honest about who I am. I will not be the kind of parent I want to be if I have not worked through my own insecurities, doubts, fears, and chosen to follow my heart and therefore seen firsthand that it produces miracles. I will not feel good about any book I write, if the words are not an extension of the love I have found within me. So…there is a path I MUST walk if I am to ever really have what I want.

When I went home, it was mainly for my little sister’s wedding. She was hands down, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I know she’s my sister, but I am serious. Their was an essence of joy that lingered from her heart to his, and his to hers, and this essence of joy and love coloured and perfumed the entire experience for all of us. I knew every time I saw them together throughout this wedding excursion, that I was seeing what it looks like to have what I want with a partner.

In the past, this wedding and time with my family probably would have spun me out. I would have been a wreck! I would have felt less than, and been ridden with jealousy and fear, falling victim to a belief that told me I would never get to have what I wanted so badly. Thank God this is not who I am today or how I see the world. Today I believe that we attract to us, the people, places, things, and experiences that are a vibrational match to us. That means if something wonderful and beautiful is happening for someone else in your presence, that it is also happening for you! You can feel grateful, blessed, and deeply happy for them and for the simple understanding that you too are getting everything you have ever wanted 🙂

I actually had a couple of family members say things to me like: “Erin, you will never  find someone to settle down with. You are way too independent and driven to need a partner. But you should feel good about this, because after 20 years of marriage you will just get divorced anyway.”

Now, in the first few moments after hearing this said to me, my heart sunk a little into my stomach and I felt my power slipping away. But then I realised, “Erin, if this affects you, it’s because you are already holding on to this belief somewhere inside of you.” In that moment I acknowledged the old belief, and then I knew it was time to let that go. I then reaffirmed to myself, “No, that is not true. I deserve to be with someone who is just as loving and bright as me, and I GET to have that experience. This is not anyone else’s choice to make. No one gets to tell me what is possible for me or not. I DECIDE that. And so I did.

I DECIDED that “I DESERVE to be with someone who moves me at my core, someone who lights up a room, and someone who feels honoured and grateful to get to share his life with me.”

After that conversation, I was able feel gratitude towards my family member who said that to me, because it revealed an old belief I was carrying around that no longer served me or aligned with my heart’s desires. I was able to make a different choice, a conscious choice, and to let the old belief go so I could adopt a new one. My new belief now serves my highest good and is also in alignment with my heart’s desires.

I was also able to feel compassion for my family, because I know that the beliefs they unconsciously put onto me is their stuff…not mine.

It is empowering to remember this. When others pass their judgments or concerns on to you, it is just a form of their own limiting beliefs about themselves. You can lovingly say to them or just quietly within yourself, “Thank you for your input, but what you believe to be the truth is different from what I believe. Therefore, I will not carry your beliefs around with me because I have my own. I send you love.”

This is an example of the two different directions we can go in when we come face to face with other people’s perceptions of life. We can let others tell us what’s possible or we take our power back and begin to make those choices for ourselves.

When we honour who we really are, and begin to walk in that direction, the things that use to trip us up, do not have that kind of power over us anymore.

Even on the days or nights when we find ourselves sitting around in our pj’s wondering, questioning everything, and sitting in some fear, we STILL will feel more supported when we are honouring ourselves than when we are not. When we are on the path laid out by our heart’s desires, the answers and direction will always come in the darkest hour to re-confirm that YES…we ARE on the right path.

How might you be able to honour yourself a little bit more today, listen to your heart, and to let go of some of the beliefs you may have been carrying around that no longer serve your highest good? What beliefs might you have about yourself that aren’t even yours, but are someone else’s projections about what they think is possible for you that you adopted and never even questioned? Can you perhaps begin to start questioning those beliefs now? Do they serve you, where did they come from, and can you release them and make room for new ones?

Ok, please let me know what’s going on for you by either leaving your comments here on the blog, leaving them in the comment thread on Facebook, or email me at transform@erinlanahanmethod.com! I always LOVE hearing from you 🙂 :-):-)

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xoxo Erin