Daren and Meg and I at La Tabla

 This is me with friends, at La Tabla, choosing to ENJOY all the GOOD that is at my fingertips every single day! May you do the same!


Today I write to you from my favorite cafe in Vero Beach, Florida, La Tabla. I just LOVE the vibration here. The food is SO conscious, quality, nourishing, and being here aligns with me in every way. This place feels like MAGIC!! 🙂 Therefore it brings me great pleasure and joy to spend my money here on fresh juices, espresso, salads, smoothies, and snacks.

It is SO important that we align ourselves with what matches our deepest core desires. When we feel bad, we can pretty much assume there is a way in which we are no longer in alignment with our deepest core desires. For example, when I have a negative thought, perhaps blaming someone for something they did and for how I feel about it, or when I eat meat, or when I speak hurtful words or make a harsh decision before I think it through, or when I eat at a restaurant that does not serve healthy food, the end result is usually the same. I feel YUCK.

When I feel YUCK, I know I veered from the path of what serves me in the highest way and therefore my ability to serve others in the highest way. Note to self and note to you: This is NOT a justified reason to judge oneself, but rather to use it as a moral compass to find our way back on track. Keep it simple, keep learning, keep adjusting accordingly, and keep going.

My point today is this. We have a choice. Maybe not right away, but eventually we have a choice.

What comes first is AWARENESS, expansion in CONSCIOUSNESS, and then WILLINGNESS to show up differently. As we begin to grow more AWARE of feeling YUCK, we can take a look and SEE what decision we made and reactions we had that may have led us there. Then, we can admit defeat, and become willing to do things differently. We can SURRENDER.

Earlier this week I shared my painful break-up with you and what I do when PAIN strikes. In this blog I want to address what I am learning through this experience in regards to aligning with our deepest core desires. For example, some of my deepest core desires are to feel worthy, to feel loved unconditionally, to feel chosen, to feel like I am enough, to BE Love, to thrive no matter what, and to contribute in a positive way. When I become CLEAR about these desires, I can do one of two things. I can continue to look to someone else to fulfil them for me, OR I can acknowledge that I don’t really need anyone else in the equation to have these desires fulfilled. I can declare myself worthy. I can LOVE myself unconditionally through this hard transition. I can choose me. I can pray that I come to know my wholeness and enough-ness and I can pray to be made an example of love. I can also seek out ways to help others.

It has taken me a while to really GET this. I got it intellectually years ago, but that doesn’t really help much. To get it in our bodies, in our hearts, to have an AH-HA is what we want. THAT is where the freedom comes from.

So for me this is what has to go down on a daily basis, so that I can have peace and freedom within, regardless of what is going on around me.

1) I must have a daily practice. This includes, a way to bring myself back to feeling worthy, to remember to love myself through the pain and change, to be able to choose myself when I am tempted to give my power away to someone else in hopes that they choose me. I must hit my knees every morning and pray that my thinking be corrected, relieved of self-pity and self-seeking motives. I must ask Divine Love, God, and The Universe to expand my perspective, that I may see the bigger picture at work. I must ask for patience, that I may allow things to unfold in their perfect Divine Timing. I must set the intention to be made an example of Love on the planet. Yes, I pray because I already know I am not capable of doing this by myself. 

2) When I feel YUCK, I must get honest. I must take responsibility for feeling YUCK, and if I cannot see the way to return to my power, I must call as many friends and coaches as it takes to help me find my way back to the truth, the bigger picture, the core essence of my being. Then, I must strap on my courage and make a choice to see things differently. If I cannot, I must hit my knees and pray for the willingness and/or ability to see things differently, and I must pray as many days as it takes until it shifts, AND THEN SOME. 

3) I must decide if my pain is worth giving up my joy for. Yeah, because this is what we do. We give our joy AWAY in exchange for our pain. YUCK! That said, no judging ourselves about this when we see it. Just come back. Come back to your joy. Period. Stop focusing on what sucks, who did you wrong, what isn’t working out, and SEE what rocks, who does you right, and what IS working out. There is so much beauty! REALLY there is. Now some of you may not be willing to see your good yet. You may be addicted to your pain (I get it, I’ve been there!). If that is the case, no problem. Stay there if you want, but just know you are making a choice, so you can at least feel good about having the option. Perhaps when you are ready you will shift. Or will you?? 

Every day is a learning experience. Sometimes we must be thorough and rigorous with our work in regards to healing, because our pain can have such a STRONG kick to it. We come from a history of adversity and allowing pain to run the show is a collective pattern we have grown accustomed to. But just like we must be committed to a new way of eating for a healthier lifestyle, or  a weekly routine at our gym or yoga studio for a stronger body and mind, we must also practice mindfulness and strengthening our awareness if we are going to have a healthier  and happier existence and increased levels of peace and freedom in our hearts and souls.

So today I leave you with two questions. What are YOUR core desired feelings? How can you align yourself in a way that makes good on these desires?

As ALWAYS, I welcome your feedback, questions, comments, and shared experiences. Please leave them for me here on the blog, or in the comment section of social media! Also, if this article has resonated with you or inspired you, or may inspire or help someone you know, PLEASE SHARE! I deeply appreciate your help in growing our circle of love, support, and self-discovery!

Love you ALL,


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