I Am Just Not Designed That Way.

  WOWZERS, I just got off a zoom sesh with one of my dear friends, and fellow coaches, Jaz. We were recording for her "conversations with Jaz" … [Read more...]

Stop Comparing and Start LOVING Who YOU Are

Here's Me and My friend Amanda! Yoga teaches us to embrace our individuality and to celebrate that with others doing the same. :-)  Lately it has … [Read more...]

YES…There IS A Better Way!

How do we know that we can fully believe things are working out for us? How is it possible to trust that if we follow our hearts, we will be guided … [Read more...]

Matters Of The Heart

No matter where I go, what I do, or who I am with, it always comes down to one thing. Is my heart happy?? I have been a seeker on a journey, an … [Read more...]

Expanding Your Light: How Feeling Uncomfortable Can Be A Good Thing

Hey everyone. I have so much to share with you! As you know, I have been getting my feet planted on the ground here in Sydney, Australia. I believe I … [Read more...]