Receiving the Gift of Relationship: 5 Ways Relationships and Break-Ups Empower Us


Have you ever wondered WHY relationships can be so complicated? Does it interest you to explore the dynamics of intimate relationships, so that you can have the kind of partnership you truly desire?


And what about Break-Ups? Surely they don’t happen in order to punish us or cause us irreparable damage and unhealed pain, right?


This week we are taking a deep dive into love and relationships.  Because let’s face it, life IS relationship. And the quest for LOVE is what ultimately drives and motivates everything we do!


What we are talking about today,  applies to those of you in a happy relationship, who want to learn more about sustaining that sacred bond. It applies to those of you who are having relationship problems. It applies to those of you who are working towards the creation of partnership and intimacy. AND it also applies to all of you out there who are currently suffering from a broken heart.




In my experience as a Coach and a human being, relationships are the greatest way we learn, the fastest path to healing, and one of the hardest AND most joyful aspects of being human. These are our most honest mirrors, and they reflect back to us what we may not already see or have the ability to access within ourselves.


The question is…




Or, will we just keep pointing our finger, blaming our unhappiness and dissatisfaction on our partners, ex-partners, parents, siblings, and the world around us?


Relationships give us the opportunity to shift our operating system, from fear to love, from control to surrender, from motivation to inspiration.


If we choose to start asking different questions, we get the gift of shifting from:

“Life is hard and full of scarcity because of him, her, and them” mentality, to “What is he, she, and them, helping me see about ME, that needs to shift or change so I can experience this world and this life in the most joyful way?”


The choice is ours. And the opportunity is there shall we choose to say yes to it.


FREEDOM is ours if we want it, but we must be willing to acknowledge it as an option, we must work for it, and ultimately we must surrender to it. 


For example, I LOVE my partner. He is literally the man of my dreams. I have imagined him for years before we actually met. When we met, the stars aligned, fireworks followed us wherever we went, and they still do.


AND…my relationship with him has also been one of the HARDEST places for me to remain calm, to stay grounded, and to sustain my own well-being practices. I have been confronted by unimaginable challenges and been given an opportunity to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about myself and what I want in my life.




I believe that when we meet the people in our lives who’s presence will literally TRANSFORM who we are being in the world, we will feel very attracted to them, and pulled to one another. This is because the roles we will play for each-other will challenge us to confront and to feel our darkest of thoughts, our conditioning, our insecurities, our limiting beliefs, and our scarcity mentality.


NOT so we can suffer, but so we can be LIBERATED from our suffering.


We must become AWARE of what holds us back if we are going to be able to change how we show up and breakthrough to new places in love, health, and success. 


My partner’s presence in my life has been like a HUGE flashlight that has shined on the shame I was till carrying around, the scarcity mentality that still effected my business, and the fear I had about letting go and trusting the process. AND, because his presence helps me see these things, it naturally helps me heal them.


Another HUGE GIFT I get from having him around, is that I learn things I wouldn’t otherwise learn. Such as facts about music, he inspires me to learn Spanish and guitar, and he brings a whole lot of SILLY into my days, which helps me lighten up and laugh!


Let’s face it.  LOVE is a risk.  There is never a guarantee. 


When we embark on a journey of partnership with another, this will go where it goes and we cannot predict how far we go together. That said, 2 people can make a commitment, and then dive into the work they must do on themselves as well as in the relationship so they increase their chances of personal growth and liberation as well as an intimate bond that continues to deepen, expand, and grow them into greater expressions of  themselves.


But there are no guarantees. We must love WHOLEHEARTEDLY, without proof that this will last forever, or that we will not get hurt.


And THAT is one of the greatest lessons and gifts I continue to receive from the break-ups and heart-break I have experienced throughout my life, as well as in my current relationship.


You know why?


Because EVERY SINGLE HEART-BREAK I have ever had, was perfect and magical. They sucked at the time, but they were also the fuel for my seeking and therefore the reason I truly discovered who I am and what I am meant to be doing in the world, and how I deserve to be treated!


How does it get any better than that?


IF I am willing, my relationship challenges me to let go, to let God, to allow the process to unfold, to TRUST in the Universe first, and then to trust in him and in myself. Every day is a brand new day and another opportunity to experience the magic that shows up when we choose love, choose to see the best in him or her, choose to see the best in ourselves, and choose to stay present with what IS in each moment.


Here are 3 WAYS To Let Our Relationships Transform Who We Are Being:


1) When you start feeling bad, unfulfilled, doubtful, and afraid, ask yourself: “What am I feeling right now and where is it showing up in my body?”


Go to that place, maybe in your stomach, maybe your heart, or your throat. Take a few breaths there and REALLY feel the sensation fully. Get present to WHAT IS. What are you resisting? This feeling is only coming up so it can be healed and released, not so it can take you and your relationship down.


So if you knew that you were in fact HEALING, instead of there being something terribly wrong in that moment, how might that shift or change the way you see things or show up for yourself and in your relationship?


2) When you are BLAMING, see this as a red flag for YOU. Acknowledge that there is something you are resisting, something your are not wanting to see or feel about yourself, and something you have not been ready to heal until now.


It does not mean there is something “wrong” with you. It means there is some old program or pattern you have carried around that you do not need anymore, that is causing you unnecessary pain, and because it’s holding you back, you are ready to see it and let it go.


3) If the solution isn’t clear, be mindful about making fast decisions. It is easy to “bail” when things get hard, and to collect enough evidence as to why leaving was necessary (and sometimes it truly IS necessary). But challenge yourself on this. Is giving up or running, a pattern for you?


What if WHAT’S IN THE WAY IS THE WAY?  Are you looking through the lens of your fear and your past? OR through the lens of unconditional love, possibility, and creativity? Be willing to get SUPER DUPER honest with yourself about the ways you show up that hurt yourself and others. Give yourself love, compassion, and the gift of doing it differently this time so you can finally heal all the way, and begin to create and experience something better time.


Well that’s a wrap for today! Now I want to hear from YOU 🙂


What is the single biggest insight you are taking away from today’s post and how do you plan on turning that light bulb moment into an action that serves your personal healing and relationships?


Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know! Your comments and contributions could very well be the words that uplift and support someone else! Sharing is caring!


If you liked this post, please share it with you friends!


Thank you so much for your presence, your light, and for being my spiritual traveling buddy! Much Love!



Are you feeling called to create even healthier, happier intimacy? Or maybe you are ready to let go of heart-break and insecurity once and for all so you are free to move on and embrace your new-found confidence and creativity? If you are committed to personal growth, and you have a deep desire to step out in the world, to express yourself authentically and wholeheartedly, to be seen and heard and acknowledged for your Soul gifts, and you would LOVE some help with that, then let’s talk. You just might be ready to work with your very own Coach. If this resonates for you in your heart, if your body says HELL YES, then I would love to hear from you. Email me at and we will schedule time to talk. Namaste. 










Shine Your Light Unapologetically: A Three Step Process for Strengthening Shame Resilience

KALI Goddess

Call upon Kali. She is known as the dark Goddess of Revolution. She embodies Grace, and asks us to accept all of ourselves, the dark and the light. Kali will not tolerate ego and she will fearlessly destroy the maya, or illusion. She takes our darkness brings it into the light. To face our shame and darkness can be an intense process, but Kali’s energy and presence is powerful enough to help us move through this transformation. She is our strongest ally as we slay the demons and the dragons within.

Greetings friends!

This week’s Topic is Shame. I feel so passionate about the topic because, in my opinion, shame is an epidemic, and I’ll tell you what I mean.


But first, what is shame exactly?


Have you ever had a pimple or a cold sore on your face and found it difficult to look people in the eye?


Do you find yourself overcompensating and going out of your way to impress others or prove yourself, because deep down you don’t want them to find out “you are inadequate in some way?”


Maybe you have an idea or a desire, that you long to explore, but a voice in your head tells you not to bother because “you aren’t smart or savvy enough.”


Do you ever hide certain things about yourself because you don’t feel confident others will love  you if they found out about them?


If you can relate to any of these questions, then you know what shame is.


(If you’d prefer the video version of this message, please hop on over to YouTube to see it!)


Shame is the absence of Self-Love and Acceptance, and when Self-Love and Acceptance are missing, we go to great lengths to fill this void, often hurting ourselves as a result. 


Many of us walk through life, playing small and never quite coming all the way out of our shell, because our shame keeps us there.


We may experience shame about the way we look, about some illness or dis-ease we may have, or even about our finances. Shame can show up in our relationships, our career, our money, and our health.


Shame effects confidence and therefore it effects our relationships, our ability to make money, and the freedom to do what we love and live life authentically.


Whether it’s shame about finances, body shame in our relationships, shame about health conditions,  it’s still SHAME. It is still some way in which we are STARVING for our own self-love and acceptance. Shame deprives us of the freedom we are capable of having in our creativity, our purpose, and our communication.


Some of the symptoms of Shame are:

– feeling disgust with oneself

– disengaging from life

– disengaging from sex

– hiding from the world

– obsessing over what’s wrong vs. acknowledging and   CELEBRATING WHAT’S GOOD AND WORKING.

– comparing to others

– fear of rejection

– holding back/ not fully speaking one’s truth

– feeling less than and therefore the need to overcompensate for that in other ways


Shame shows up in different ways. It can wear many hats and it sneaks in when we feel vulnerable in some way.


Once again, here are a few places we may become aware of shame: 

– When we get sick or develop a health condition

– When we are looking at our finances or sharing our financial state with another

– When we are in an intimate relationship and we must let someone SEE us up close


The misconception is this: “I feel shameful because I have a chronic illness, which makes me feel broken or not enough.” Or, “I feel shameful because my partner rejected me.” Or, “I feel shameful because I have not made the best finical choices.” Or, I feel shameful because I have more than everyone I know.”


So we fall victim to the belief that shame is an effect of something VS. the cause of it.


Health, Money, and Relationships are 3 of our greatest teachers. They challenge us to confront every part of ourselves that we do not deeply and completely love and accept.


Therefore shame will absolutely show up in such areas of our lives, because health, money, and relationships make us feel vulnerable, and shame thrives on vulnerability.


That said, vulnerability is a GOOD thing.  


Without vulnerability we aren’t open to learning new things or exploring areas we have yet to go. Vulnerability lets us know we are in unchartered territory. When we are in the land of the unknown, where there is uncertainty, if we do not have self-love and acceptance, it will be much easier to let fear take over.


For example:

Say you are wanting to be sexy and spontaneous with your partner one night, and you have a clear vision of what you want to surprise him/her with. If you have self-love and acceptance, you will be free to explore this, without the dreaded fear of rejection. If self-love and acceptance are lacking, you will more than likely immediately go to the “What If’s,” such as “What if I embarrass myself, what if he/she hates it, what if he/she laughs at me, what if he/she rejects me?” And after all those uninspiring questions, you probably won’t follow through on your vision, leaving you frustrated and much to be desired!


This shows up similarly when we have a business idea or are confronted with a health challenge of some sort.


Unless we are REALLY AWARE of how our shame is holding us back, we may never  look at it, because let’s face it, no one EVER wants to look at their shame.


Most of us would prefer to keep pushing it down, even if that makes us more sick, more separate, more afraid.


It always seems like it will be too painful, too uncomfortable, and too much to look at shame.


But, that isn’t true.


To SEE is to be FREE.


What issue, conditions, and challenges are showing up for you right now in your life?

Are you struggling with your weight? Do you have a chronic health condition? Are you feeling insecure in your relationship therefore holding back on your partner because you don’t feel like you are enough sexually, physically, and/or intellectually?

Are you contracting because someone didn’t LOVE your work and/or message and criticised you for being poor at what you do? Are you feeling unworthiness because you are not married yet or in a healthy, happy, committed relationship at this time in your life?


YES, all of the above is where we can feel shame. But our shame is also triggered by “the little things.”


For example:

– having a big pimple right on your face

– having a cold sore

– having a partner that doesn’t dress the way you want him/her to

– driving a “less than ideal” car, owning a “less than ideal” wardrobe

– having everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more, when our loved ones have far less.


ALL of these things make us hold back, play small, and dim our light from the world.


They keep us stuck in the vicious cycle of “when this pimple goes away, when I am no longer sick, when my partner changes, when I have enough money, when I own a new car, when I am safe to exist without judgment, when I can blend in an be like everyone else, THEN I will be able to deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Only THAT never happens.


Because it doesn’t work like that.


Once the pimple goes away, it will be something else triggering the shame, and keeping us small.


Once the money comes, an issue will show up somewhere else, and once we get things the way we want them, there will still be something holding us back from being fully visible, fully owning our power, and feeling the kind of love, intimacy, acceptance, and support that we long for.


Until the shame is healed.


When self-love and acceptance are present within us, shame looses it’s power.


Once there is self-love above all else, love will prevail in every area of our lives.


The feeling of lacking or missing something will dissolve, the void will be filled, we will no longer have to waste energy on hiding or proving ourselves, and we will come to know a new freedom, and a new peace.


So How do we heal our shame Erin?


Last Week I talked about FEELING the Inner Body. I shared a 3 step process on how we go to the root of what we are feeling.


This is my number one suggestion on how to heal shame and I will refer to it again below.


Here is a 3 step Process for Strengthening Your Shame Resilience: 


1) Notice when something is triggering your shame. Close your eyes and feel it in your inner body. Just notice where the disempowered experience is happening inside your body. Is it in your chest? Your belly? Your throat? Just see and feel it. That’s it.


2) Accept it, and move on. You don’t have to give shame any of your power or energy. Step 1 brings your awareness to it. Now you can see it without identifying with it or buying into it. Stop it in it’s tracks. Don’t give it power to make up stories about you and DO NOT let it use you to have a voice. Just see it, and move on. Keep walking towards your desire. Embrace the unknown and let yourself have a new experience.

***Fun Fact- By presencing yourself to the shame in your inner body, and by choosing to see it and keep going anyway, you ARE in fact participating in an act of self-love. Go YOU!


3) Ask better questions.

Here are some questions you can ask in order to heal Shame. You can pick one or use as many as you like until you feel a shift. The answers are not important. Just allow yourself to FEEL into the question and notice what bubbles up inside of you as a result:


– What would it be like if I fell in LOVE with this part of me, this part of my journey and REALLY owned this as a part of my path to self-love and genuine peace  and freedom within?


-What if this IS the way to Joy?


– What’s Right about me? What do I LOVE about my body?


– What am I grateful for in my life?


– How can this bring my partner and me closer?


– What would it take for me to let go of this heaviness and judgment and have compassion and patience with myself?


– What would it be like to TRUST in the process, and to respect ALL of me and all that I have created?


– What would it take to BELIEVE in me right here and now?


Ok, that’s A LOT for today, so I gotta wrap it up here! I will leave you with this:


What if shame never had to shut you down, hold you back, make you feel and play small, or deplete your energy EVER AGAIN? I’d love to hear from you and get your contribution to this conversation!


If you liked this, please share it with a friend! See you next week!


Thank you ALL!




Calling all Spiritual Warriors who are ready to go deeper in the process of healing and transformation, and who feel ready for one-on-one coaching. Coaching is designed to help you embody your creativity, to own your power, so you can stop hiding and instead get out into the world in an even bigger way. I am committed to helping my clients discover their true purpose in the world, and to fully step into that, playfully, unapologetically, and purposefully! If this is you, let’s talk! Please email me at to set up a free call. Namaste. 




Feeling the Inner Body: 3 Ways This Will Transform Your Relationships + Your Life

Enjoying the sun


Greetings friends! I am grateful to say that I am sitting beachside as I write to you today! AHHHHH, creating a lifestyle business was absolutely intentional, and although every step of the way has been worth it, it has definitely required a lot of shifting and changing things within me and around me in order to have the life I truly desire. (and of course my life and me, are always a work in progress 😉


One tool that I have used for many years, and something many of you who know Eckhart Tolle’s work will be familiar with, is FEELING THE INNER BODY.


My very first coach introduced this method of healing and transformational personal growth to me back in 2006. And this has been a HUGE contribution to my healing and creating the life of my dreams.


That is why I want to share it with YOU!


It was brought to may attention recently that I sort of “stay in the closet” with this information. And as soon as a mentor of mine pointed that out I knew she was right!


She asked me WHY? “Why do you hide this most vital part of your process Erin?”


At a loss for words, I said “I don’t know.”


But as I sat with this more and more, and got honest with myself by feeling my inner body, I saw that I’d been hiding it because I was afraid that you wouldn’t value it like I do! I was also afraid I may seem a bit too WOO-WOO! 


However, once this was out in the open, and I could SEE it, it was obvious to me that all these “fears” were not real at all. They were my ego’s attempt at keeping me small, at preventing me from sharing my gifts, and from being more visible, making greater impact in the world!


Well, I won’t have some silly fear, pretending to be me, actually win this game. ABSOLUTELY NOT!


So in the name of kicking our fears to the curb and shining our LIGHT for all to see and share, here’s one of the most profound tools I know of, in terms of creating the love and the life that you want.


For those of you who prefer the video version of this message, you can just hop on over to my  to see it there!


And for the LOVE of reading, ENJOY the following…


Feeling the Inner Body: We have 2 experiences happening all the time. The one we are having in the external world, and then the one we are having inside of us, in the internal world.


Most of us get extremely caught up in the external world or the outer game of life, and know little to nothing about the inner world or inner game of life.


Why does this matter and what does this mean!?


Let me give you an example:


If I get upset at my boyfriend for not cleaning up after himself, and I am disconnected from my inner body, I may get all kinds of feelings and frustration towards him and find myself getting angry with him and blaming him for being lazy, and no matter how much I blame him, it won’t make me feel better. in fact, it will make me feel worse, which will upset me even more. More than likely, this way of being probably will not do much good for our relationship.


If I tune into my inner world, feeling my inner body, and get real with what is really going on for me, I may actually begin to become aware of things like:

– I am feeling overwhelmed

– I need to communicate with him lovingly about how we can create more balance in our responsibilities

– And most importantly, I may see that I am actually feeling disempowered around certain things like business and career and his “laziness” is triggering me because I am not feeling supported in the world.


If I am just playing the outer game of life, I will not necessarily become aware of the deeper reason for my feelings, thus running the risk of blaming it all on him with no relief in sight.


If I decide to play the inner game of life, I will be able to presence myself to the disempowerment I am experiencing and I can begin to ask myself questions such as:

  • “Is this anyone’s fault? (No)
  • What is holding me back? (I feel guilt about putting myself first, before the household duties.)
  • Is anyone making me put the household duties before my business. (No, only I am)
  • What is actually the solution here? (I must create a structure for myself so I can put my work and creative life first, carving out time for them each day and doing them BEFORE I do anything else. And then I must consistently show up for my commitment to these things.)


So do you see? In the outer game of life I would be angry at my boyfriend for being lazy and I would blame him for my frustration and unhappiness.


If I am playing the inner game of life, I will actually see that him not cleaning up after himself is actually triggering my overwhelm because I feel guilty about putting myself first and therefore I am not doing some of the things that feed me and as a result I feel disempowered in my life. Then I can take my power back. I can own up to my part in the disempowerment and do what I need to do to nurture myself and my business.


So how do i feel my inner body you say?


Actually it is SO EASY we miss it.


Here are 3 ways to feel your inner body and begin to connect with your inner world:

1) Notice you are irritated, upset, angry, frustrated, irritable, restless, and.or discontent.

2) PAUSE and close your eyes. Where do you feel that discomfort in your body? Is it in you tummy? Your chest? Your throat? Is it heavy? Is it swirling? Is it stagnate?

Just FEEL It for a minute or two.

3) Ask your body: “Body, take me to the root of this feeling. Show me what this is really about.” Then come back to the feeling inside of you. You may get a vision, a memory and insight of some kind. It may happen right way. It may happen later. Either way, you will be more centered and calm, and just this act of presencing will be enough to dissolve some of the charge you were feeling.


This process is so simple, yet so profound! I can guarantee as you begin to use thiese 3 steps that you will experience great shifts and changes in your life!


Here are 3 Ways This Will Transform Your Relationships and Your Life: 


1) You will no longer be a victim. This means that no matter what is happening in your life, you will be able to connect to your inner body and get the to the root of it for you. As you connect to the inner body, you will receive guidance AND get the learning from every life situation.


2) You will be able to release resentments towards your loved ones, and free yourself from how other people behave. How you feel will no longer depend on how other people are showing up! You will be FREE!


3) EVERYTHING will empower you. You will no longer see life as “happening to me” but from a fresh new perspective of “life happens FOR me.”


Questions about any of this? Is there anything you would like me to elaborate on? If so, please share with us in the comment section and I would be happy to address your questions and requests! Also, if you have experience with your inner body, I’d love to hear your contributions to this topic! Let’s get a groovy conversation going!


Love you all!


If you were inspired by this article and you want more, more, and more, please subscribe to this blog at the upper right hand corner of this page. AND if you are looking for a more connected experience and you feel ready to explore one-on-one coaching, let’s talk. Email me at 






Are you OWNING and EMBRACING Where You Are On the Path?

happy in business picture

“Erin, always, that which you most need is already at hand. It’s just your present belief in its absence that keeps it from view. You knew that.” – The Universe

For those of you who are feeling like you are meant to do something BIG in the world, but for whatever reason, haven’t been able to bring it all the way into physical reality just yet, this is for you!

If you KNOW you have a message, a gift, a talent, a deep burning desire, but you are getting caught up in the playing small, the heaviness, the doubt, the judgment, the fear, and the shame, this is for you!

I don’t often share publicly about my journey in business, but I am feeling like it is time!

I had a call yesterday with a friend of mine who is in a business community with me, and it inspired me to share some of my journey!

Kelly Jo Murphy and I had a chat to get to know each other a bit, and she shared some of her gift with me and I was truly blown away!

HUGE INSIGHT came through for me! Whilst I may not do it justice in trying to put into words my experience, I must try anyway. And you need a little backstory for it to make sense.

She spoke to something that I have never had anyone speak to before.

And the light bulb went on.

I have struggled, A LOT, to bring my ideas into physical reality since becoming an online business and presence (Coach, Soul-Ful Speaker, Writer). And ALOT of judgment and beating myself of and depression has come from this frustration.

You see, before I really found this to be my purpose, I was a big DO-ER.

ACTION and DOING was all I knew.

I was a fitness competitor and performer, always dieting and rehearsing routines. And before that I was a tope performing student and a cheerleader, on a competitive team, practicing 6 times a week. And before that I was a a competitive gymnast. And before that a dancer and circus performer.

I knew how to TAKE ACTION and make Shit happen.

THEN, I graduated from college and felt lost. “What is my purpose here on Earth? What am I meant to be doing?”

I roamed the country with these questions, landing in Los Angeles.

I fell into addiction and substance abuse. My body-image and self-love was at an all time low.

Then I discovered spirituality. And I learned how to enter the energy and stillness of BEING. And I found so much relief there.

For the first time, life was starting to make sense to me.

Finally I was getting answers to questions and thoughts I’d had since age 5 such as “What is the point of life? Why am I here? There has got to be more than meets the eye!”

And from that point forward it became more and more difficult for me to give my clients a 90 day diet or program to get the body they wanted. From there on out, I couldn’t give action steps or strategy or specific 1, 2, 3 programs because I knew that what was most important was to help my clients heal, and in order to do that, it meant introducing them to BEING.

So it didn’t take long before I transitioned from Personal Trainer to the stars to living in Australia, studying yoga, becoming certified to teach it, and beginning my path to sharing meditation, yoga, and mindfulness with anyone who was interested in this kind of growth.

My coaching work with clients went from “this is what to eat” To “Let’s get to the root of why you are trying to fill yourself with food and stuff, because your belly and life is full but you are still starving. It’s time to look at what your SOUL is hungry for.”

And then I immersed myself in this work.

But, my website didn’t really grow to reflect the changes I had made. And I never wrote the e-books I said I would, and my writing slowed down, and the videos I was filming weekly pretty much came to an end as well.

And I didn’t know why. All I could say was “I just feel the need to live for a while. To just be.”

Well, Kelly Jo Murphy actually put words to why it has been so difficult for me to narrow, to create strategy, and to bring my love into physical reality in the form of products and programs.

She said “The pendulum swang. You went from so much doing in your younger years, to learning how to just BE. And it was important for you to BE there for as long as you needed, until you were ready for that pendulum to come back to the middle, finding a way to bring both the doing and the being together.”

She spoke of our processes and how we all are at different phases at different times, and if we aren’t in the right phase of our process, no matter how hard we try, the doing and narrowing is just going to feel impossible!

FINALLY I felt relived that there wasn’t something WRONG WITH ME.

Finally I understood where I have been in my process.

And it made it easier to see where I am now, and to acknowledge the shift that is occurring, and to recognize that I AM more and more ready for the strategy, for the bringing of my creations through me into physical reality, but that I can have patience and know that I am also allowed to take this step by step.

And right now, I am at a critical point, where I must focus on what feels GOOD. How do I want my business to FEEL? Because If I begin to narrow too soon, I will create something that does not feel good and I am aware of that when I say things like “I want to create a group programs or write a book.”

Those ARE things I want, BUT, they are still tied to bad feelings of limitation and I contract and feel yucky when I say them. So I am only inspired to take a limited amount of action around bringing them forth into reality. And Kelly Jo Murphy felt that and pointed that out to me and I was like YES!!!!

So, my work is not so much about the WHAT just yet, but more so about how I want things to FEEL? AND, weirdly enough, I am uncertain. I have to work on this. It feels foreign to me, and uncomfortable. And yet it is an assignment I CAN take on, and WANT to take on.

Because the idea of LOVING the way it feels to wake up to my work, feels expansive and delicious.

So I guess that’s the first two words. EXPANSIVE and DELICIOUS.

I want my business to feel EXPANSIVE. I want my heart to EXPLODE with joy.

I want to feel so deeply grateful and peaceful and on fire with excitement, that nothing can stop me from the next right action.

I want to feel like I matter, like my work matters, and like my audience is my family.

I want my business to feel like an evolution, like consciousness birthing into reality, like freedom happening in the minds and hearts of humanity.

I want to fall in love with me, and with my audience. I want to feel held in a blanket of love and security. I want my business to feel supportive, nourishing, and nurturing.

I want to feel lifted up by it.

I want my work to feel like it is landing somewhere, and I want to feel like it is making a positive difference in the lives of other women and human beings everywhere, changing the world for the better.

Do any of you relate to this?

Where do you feel frustrated in your process? What dreams do you have that haven’t been born into physical reality yet?

Or, I’d love to hear how you came to KNOW how you wanted your business to feel and then how that has begun to manifest into physical reality to be a business that feels nourishing and yummy. How does it feel to have created that? I would LOVE to know!

Love Always,


P.S. If you resonate with my words, you may also resonate with my work! If you said, “YES, that’s me” at any time through this article, and you would like some support, then let’s connect! Email me at and we will set up a 90 minute call to have one of the most POWERFUL Conversations we have ever had, and we can explore whether or not coaching together is a a good fit.

Let Go of All That: Come Back to Center

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown


Phew! I just made it through a wicked time of disconnection and darkness! Without even realizing it, I had completely gotten swept away with life situations, circumstances, relationships, and my focus was spread out so much, and jumping around from one thing to another in such desperation to fix it all and control it, that I became totally ungrounded, insecure, and found myself in unbearable pain!

Why oh WHY do we do this to ourselves?

Today I want to share my forgetfulness, and lessons from it, with you, because for me, letting go of everything “out there” and coming back to my CENTER, is always the magical solution that heals all things.

I intellectually know this and get this, and yet I still do it. I still forget that there is never “all these problems.”

There is only ever ONE problem.

Am I centered and grounded in myself or not? Am I present? Am I connected to MY TRUTH within? Or, am I too focused on everything outside of me? Too attached to what other people think and feel? Too dependent on people, places, and things? Too easily effected by what other people believe to be true?

When I am taking care of me, breathing, keeping it real, slowing down, tuning in to my inner voice, giving myself time and space to just BE with myself, honoring and acknowledging the intelligence of the sensations within me, then everything else is just easier. Somehow everything always works out for the best. I have the confidence, the courage, the clarity, the creativity, and the room to be curious that I need in order to have PEACE in my heart.

When I become detached from this practice, when I decide to put the needs of others before my own, when I give up on honoring myself first and foremost, when I choose fear over love, not only do I end up suffering, but everything around me begins to fall apart.

When we are IN OUR POWER, the people in our lives respond to us in a way that feels respectful, appreciative, loving, kind, spacious, patient, and honoring. They have to. Because they are mirroring back to us how we feel inside. 

When we are NOT in our power, the people in our lives may respond to us with doubt, lack of confidence in us, little faith in our decisions, worry, they may reject or abandon us, and will extend an overall energy that makes us feel even more disempowered! They have to. The are reflecting back our own inner state of chaos, confusion, and lack of self-love.

I deeply and completely appreciate the practice of CENTERING. It is a game changer for me, my clients, and my students. The shift is almost instantaneous. If we stay devoted to it, not only will our own energy shift, but we will begin to experience shifts around us as well.

Therefore, the next time you catch yourself feeling insecure and caught up in chaos, confusion, a lack of clarity, self-doubt, sadness, heaviness, and/or a lack of self-love, just notice it. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by it, can you acknowledge it as your invitation to COME BACK TO CENTER?

Let go of the “problems” in your relationships, your work, your health, etc.

Instead of spewing out energy by bouncing your attention all over the place, trying to fix, control, and change things, just STOP IT.

Recognize that there is only ONE problem. You are not present. You are resisting what is. You are not connected to your truth. You are not centered and grounded in the love WITHIN you. You are focused on too many things instead of THE ONE thing that matters.

Come back. Come back home. Return to Love. Return to Peace. Return to the life force within you.

As we slow down, and become still, and close our eyes, even for just a minute or two, and as we breathe and feel the sensations at the center of our chest, we begin to feel safe again, and a warmth of peace comes over us, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will always materialize if we continue to come back to our CENTER. As we remain there, our connection to ourselves deepens. We gain a sense of being grounded again, and as we open our eyes, things begin to look and feel different than they did before we closed our eyes.

Try it.

Here are 4 Steps To Getting CENTERED when you notice you have let fear get the best of you:

1) Acknowledge the suffering. Notice that you do not feel yourself. Admit that you want to feel differently.

2) Take 1-5 minutes. Sit down. Close your eyes. Just breathe. Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Feel the sensations there. And just breathe. Notice the thoughts and images that try to pull you away from your center. Just notice them. And then lovingly bring yourself back. Back to the Center of your chest.

3) Stay in this place for as long as you want to or can. Experience your body and your breath from your Center. KNOW that as you do this, you are filling up your tank, you are activating the life force within you, you are giving yourself unconditional love through the act of being present with yourself.

4) Open your eyes and carry on with your day. TRUST that as you keep doing this 4 step process, things will get better. You will know what to do, and your outer world will begin to shift so as to reflect your inner state of well-being.

I would love to know how this process works for you, or if you have your own process for getting centered and grounded, we would love to have you share it with us in the comment section of this article or on social media!

Thanks for hanging with me friends!

Yours Truly,


P.S. I have a few spots that recently opened up for one-on-one coaching and I am super excited to find out who will be my new clients! If you would like an ally, someone to support you, hold space for you, and a voice that stands for your best self and most amazing life, then let’s talk! Coaching is a magical journey of healing, turning dreams into reality, and creating the life and love that you KNOW in your heart you are meant to have. Let me help you! Please email me at to set up a free 90 minute call so I can see where I may best support you. Talk soon!


Soul Food Session: What Does Your Soul Need?

never let go of your dreams

“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.”



Happy Holidays and welcome to SOUL FOOD SESSIONS! For the next 2 weeks ONLY I am offering something for the first time!

Soul Food Sessions are about re-connecting to yourself, on a SOUL level.

What does that mean?

It means getting back to what is true for you, what moves you, what inspires you, and what feeds you truly and deeply.

Re-connecting to your SOUL means going all the way back to the essence of who you are, the part of you that cannot loose anything or be permanently damaged in any way.

At the SOUL level, you have all the answers you could ever need.

By returning to this place, we facilitate healing in our hearts, bodies, and minds.

In session for the soul you will work with me for 90 minutes, from the comfort of your own home, on an inspiring, nourishing Soul Food call that is designed to bring insight, healing, and vitality back into your heart, body, and mind.

I usually work with my clients for 3-12 months at a time, so this is an exciting new thing I am trying over the holiday season, to offer these services at holiday prices and no long term commitments required.

This also makes it easy to gift a Soul Food Session to a loved one.

I am inspired to see how many incredible people I can work with in the coming weeks.

It is my intention to serve you so powerfully, that you walk away feeling like you got way more than you could have asked for.

So what is your wish?

Would you like to re-connect to your health and vitality?

What would you like some Coaching and Support with?

Would it feel good to have more clarity in your business? To feel more at peace in your own body? To have the strength and courage to move forward with your dreams? To heal from a painful breakup or trauma of some sort? To fill up your love tank and feel inspired again?

Whatever it is, BRING IT TO OUR CALL.

Or, purchase this as a gift for someone you know who would benefit from it, and then email me to let me know it is a gift. I will design a special gift email that will be sent to your loved one from you to them on the date you request.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

1) Register for $79 HERE  (a $250 value).

2) Send me an email to so we can introduce ourselves. In your email tell me what you would LOVE me to help you shift, heal, create, or change in your life?

OR, if this is a gift, email me your gift message to your loved one and the date you want this gift email to be sent to them. You can also benefit from the 2 Soul Food Sessions for $99 deal and buy one for you and for a loved one. What a perfect gift!

If you are doing the 2 for $99, you must send me an email with what you would LOVE me to help you shift, heal, create, or change in your life, PLUS, what is your gift message for your loved one and date you want this gift email to be sent?

3) In that same email, send me 3 days and times that work for you for you to set aside for our 90 minute coaching call.

And/Or if this is a gift session, I will set that up with the recipient.

4) You will receive an email back from me, with responses and conformations of day and time.

5) Put it in your calendar!

Register by going to

And that is it! All this information will arrive in your inbox right after you register!

***Please note that all sessions must be purchased and booked into our calendars by December 22, 2015, BUT you have two months to actually have the call. For example, you can book for January 27, 2016 as long as it’s booked by December 22, 2015. All purchases for your own sessions are good until February 7th, 2016, as long as they are purchased and put onto calendars by Dec 22nd.

*** For Gift Session- They must be purchased by Dec 22nd, and I will be booking those with the recipients between now and the first 2 weeks of January. Gift recipients have until March 15, 2016 to use their session, and I will make sure they have plenty of encouragement and opportunities to get this on the books. When they have their session will depend on when you want them to receive their gift email. After they receive it, we can book in their session.

Ok, please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Again, please go to book your session today!

Happy Holidays!



Health Challenges + Awareness = FREEDOM and GROWTH


There are only few things that I have chosen over the years NOT to talk about in my articles and posts.

I have chosen to be pretty open in the majority of my writing, because I feel that we all depend on the ones who say what we are afraid to say or don’t know how to say, the ones who let us know that we aren’t alone or the only one feeling a certain way about something or going through a particular life situation.

When we feel isolated and alone with our secrets, SHAME gets stronger.

We are only as sick as our secrets.

That doesn’t mean we should share our secrets with the wrong people, but it does mean that seeking out a trusted guide or mentor to reveal all of ourselves to, can be deeply healing and transformational.

I see it all the time, in the work my clients do with me, and the work I do with my own Coach.

I have decided to start talking about something I have never spoken about before. It is the fact that I have struggled with some upsetting and confronting health challenges throughout my life.

When I was young, ANYTHING that threatened my health or life force in any way, was my worst nightmare. I was so darn identified by my body and health, that health challenges literally shook me to the core because they rattled the identity of myself that I currently had.

Who would LOVE ME if I was “broken?”

Generally I am a VERY healthy person, but even really healthy people have health scares and challenges that totally ROCK them. We just don’t tend to talk about it in a positive way, open to the solution.

It is no coincidence that I chose a path of yoga and life coaching, meditation, and healing as my career. I chose them as my place of purpose and contribution to the world, because my health issues guided me to them for my own healing.

In my experience, that’s what health issues do. They guide us to whatever it is our bodies want and need, they we aren’t listening to!

The deepest and hardest lesson I have had to learn, (and still working on it), is that I AM NOT MY BODY. It does not define my SOUL.

I think of my body as my partner. It’s like a marriage. For better, or for worse, till death do us part.

So I am committed to loving this body, even when it gets sick and isn’t functioning optimally.

Only that use to totally throw me off. It use to create so much hate and frustration and disgust towards myself when I got sick.

And then I learned, that sickness is partly manifested as a result of those places within me that carry hate and judgments and anger and fear.

So sickness teaches me to slow down, to listen to my body, to LOVE myself, and EVERY time, I am humbled because I thought I was loving myself already, only to realise I still carried shame and hurt and negative thoughts about myself and about the world.

Instead of getting mad at my body for not behaving like I want it to, which is what we all tend to do with our partners and with the world, I am learning how to turn inward, how to challenge that voice that wants to be angry and hurtful towards my body.

I think, if I am in a marriage with this body, how can I help to create harmony and balance. What do I TRULY need right now?

Sometimes it means letting go of external things, like toxic friendship, substances, foods, and lovers.

Other times it means clearing away toxic thoughts and beliefs.

Sometimes both.

So I guess that’s really it from me about this right now. Just want to reach out to anyone and everyone who is challenged by their health in some way, to please have compassion for you body. Have compassion for YOU. There are reasons why we shut down and get sad and angry and afraid.

AND we can resolve that too. We can heal. We can love ourselves wholeheartedly, unconditionally once again.

Let your body guide you. If you are health challenged right now, let it show you where you may not be loving yourself, where you may be the most hurtful of anyone you know towards yourself. BUT ALSO LET IT HELP TO TRAIN YOU TO CHOOSE WHAT IS GOOD AND TO FOCUS ON THAT OVER AN ABOVE WHAT HURTS OR FEELS DEFEATING.

I am generally very healthy, AND, just like ALL human beings, I am a student of this body. And sometimes this body teaches us through dis-ease, ailments, and sickness. But I choose to learn, to overcome, to heal, and to keep going, creating thriving and optimal health as a result!



🙂 <3



It’s been a pleasure hang’n with you! If you’d like to hang with me even more, if you’d like to go even deeper in your personal journey, and you are ready to rise above your fear so you can heal once and for all and create something bigger than ever before, then perhaps you are ready to work with me as your Personal Coach. I’d love to meet you if so. Please email me at for more details.


Fear 0, Me #winning


Being human means we will deal with FEAR.

It will stop us or make us curious.

We will give in to it and let it run the show, OR we will use it as bait to show us what we need to work on if we want to keep growing and co-creating with the Universe, with our partners, and with our clients, co-workers, friends, and families.

FEAR is not real, but it sure feels real.

Obviously some forms of fear are healthy, but these are not the forms of fear I speak of today. Today I speak of the kind of fear that comes from bad experiences we have had in the past, that we project onto our future, making it difficult for us to ever have a NEW and BETTER experience NOW and moving forward. For example, in love and intimacy, or in our careers and family life, we tend to look at what isn’t working, what didn’t work in the past and we then we unconsciously create a belief system that says it won’t work now either based on the past. We are therefore choosing to focus on what we are AFRAID may or may not happen down the road, and so we begin to look for what is wrong in our partner instead of what is right.

We could be spending our time talking about what we LOVE and ADORE about our relationship, and what we would like to create together based on what we FEEL is possible, and yet we somehow end up using our intimate conversation time to lay out what we are scared of or we share our fears of worst case scenario happening. But what if we owned our power of choice instead? We could always choose to focus on the fear, but just the same we could make a decision to give our time and energy to the possibility. It really DOES come down to what we choose to look at, talk about, and nourish with our attention. Are you going to nourish the things you are afraid of, feed them, build them up, and give them power? Or would you rather spend your time and energy nourishing your vision, your creative abilities, your partnership and team work skills, and all the things that really ARE possible and available? Do you want to be fearful or resourceful? What if everything was actually really working out far better than you could ever imagine? How might you show up in your relationship or family today if you BELIEVED that you in fact could and would have everything you’ve ever wanted and more?

When we are living from a place of fear, then we are making every decision from a place of trying to avoid pain, or trying NOT to create the same thing that happened in the past. So as a result, we are focused on what we DON’T WANT. This never feels good, and what we focus on EXPANDS. So whether you want to re-create the past or not, if you are focused on it, then that is what you will have.

But the shift is easy.

What do you want? What do you believe in your heart is possible for you and your mate? Do you both spend time talking about this together? Do you share your biggest dreams with one another and let that INSPIRE your daily actions to support the life you want to build together? What would you like to create in your life regarding friends, family, and career? What is the lifestyle you desire? Are you willing to stay focused on that, and are you willing to KEEP bringing yourself back to this every time your fear tries to take you to the negativity, the worst case scenarios, the limiting beliefs, and the past projecting itself onto your present, thus creating your future?

Be BOLD. Be COURAGEOUS. We must leap and the net will appear, do something we’ve never done to get something we’ve never gotten, and for such faith and trust in the Universe, the Forces will unite and align with our goals, bringing us through and to that which we stay focused on.

Go Forth and Conquer friends.

What is your fear saying today? And what could you say in place of it? What do your dreams have to say? What does your HEART feel is true? Are you willing to give what’s possible MORE of your time and energy than you give to your fear? I’d love to hear! Please share with us on social media in the comment section, or in the comment section here on the blog, so we can all learn from one another!

It’s been a pleasure hang’n with ya! If you’d like to hang with me even more, if you’d like to go even deeper in your personal journey, and you are ready to rise above your fear and create something bigger than ever before, then perhaps you are ready to work with me as your Personal Coach. I’d love to meet you if so. Please email me at for more details.

Thank you! Love!






Every Day I Wake Up, I AM Faced With A Decision To Make

What Lens Are you looking through? (Blog Photo)

Every day I wake up and I am faced with a decision to make.

What LENS will I use today to look at life?

Some days I choose to see the best in everything, I choose this as my practice, my exercise, my inner game. Sometimes I am able to apply it and experience deep peace and joy as a result, no matter what craziness, chaos, or painful life situation arises around me. And other times it goes to shit by the end of the day.

Some days I forget to make a conscious choice at the start of the day, and somehow, I seem to be able to pause, check-in, and to set the intention for what I am wanting to create in each moment, conversation, argument, or conflict. It can be a shift that happens so easily, that takes me from a place of fear and insecurity, into a state of love, tolerance, and faith.

In that moment we face two doors, two paths, to ways. One says suffering, the other says liberation. Once in a while I forget, and I choose suffering, but the longer I practice, the easier it gets to remember how to be free, to see the beauty and opportunity in all people, places, and things that I cross paths with. That said, even when I forget and unconsciously choose suffering, it just teaches me more about how to remember next time, to be free. So all paths ultimately can lead to GOOD, love, peace, liberation.

So why is it easier some days than others? What is the deciding factor?

In my experience, when it seems to be more challenging, it is because we are NOT picking up our tools, we are NOT taking responsibility for our happiness, and we are depending on people, places, and things outside of ourselves for our solution. AND it also means we are peeling back another layer of limiting beliefs, releasing a deeper layer of fear, and healing another layer of lack, limitation, doubt, and insecurity. So when the shit hits the fan, it is not because we are “doomed.”  “victim,” “cursed,” “unlucky,” or “unfortunate,” NO, quite the opposite in fact.

It is because we are ready to RECLAIM our power back from that annoying, nagging, heavy, draining, dark voice that fills our heads with self- doubt, regret, resentment, self-loathing, and fear. 

One of the reasons I chose to become a Professional Coach, was because I have a deep desire to serve my clients in the same ways I was blessed by my coach many years ago. She helped me see for myself, to EXPERIENCE for myself, that even when my worst nightmare seems to be happening, it is only happening as an exercise, to test my spiritual fitness, and to offer me a different choice in that moment. The illusion or “nightmare” is an opportunity to practice shifting my perception, to challenge myself to see it differently, experience it differently, and to therefore CREATE something better for myself. You could use this as a daily practice.

A practice is something we do every day. It is never meant to be mastered. We do not have to seek perfection (Thank God). In fact, PRACTICING teaches us to explore, to let go, it encourages us to start again, and keep going, every day learning and growing and evolving based on what we have already been through. IF we stop using each life situation as a tool for learning and growing, we seem to get stuck, to begin to die inside a little, or a LOT. We may try to ignore this, with little to no success. Some confront it, and embrace the powerful opportunity that it offers, and some are perfectly ok with the way things are, with no real desire to dive deeper, and live bigger.

At least this has been my experience.

So perhaps it comes down to what we want, and what it requires to get there? We may have a dream that does not require much self-inquiry or healing. Or we may deeply desire a life that absolutely CANNOT manifest unless we work through the internal and external issues that arise as we move toward it.

What do you think it is for you? Do you keep diving deeper and deeper, or is there a place where you decide to stop and to stay where you are?

What brings you the most joy? IS it growing and learning? And what is it about the thing that brings you joy, that brings you joy? Why do you like what you like?

What do you accept? What do you resist? And WHY?

How do these questions make you feel? Why?

I was very inspired today, by a video I saw. Ok so it’s sponsored by DOVE, but whatever, I still think it carries a message worth contemplating. Not because I think we should ever feel pressured or the need to label ourselves, but because it asks us POWERFUL QUESTIONS.

What LENS do you see yourself through? And therefore how do you look at your life? What path do you choose? When you have a choice, which way do you go? And WHY? (see video at the bottom of the page)

Perhaps we never really need the answers to these questions? Perhaps the POWER comes from living in the questions marks, asking the questions and allowing things to unfold and reveal themselves to us from there??

What do you think? What has been YOUR experience?

Please share your insights with us in the comment section below on our social media sites so we can all learn from one another!

Thank You!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. If you are ready to DIVE IN DEEPER, and LIVE BIGGER, than you may be ready to work one-on-one or in groups with me as a coach. If you felt a deep HELL YESS, then please shoot me and email at so we can set up a POWERFUL COACHING CONVERSATION. I only work with people who want to do EPIC things in the world, and create the dreams they feel inside. IF you send me an email, that means, you are one of these people and therefore I invite you to have a POWERFUL CONVERSATION with me. This is a gift from me to you, and to the possibility that exists for us to work together if the shoe fits. All I ask is that you show up, bring you biggest fear and/or your biggest dream, and let us tackle it once and for all!! You ready for that? Looking forward to speaking with you.

Which Way Do YOU Go?



Fuel For Our Dream Tank: 5 Tips To Stay INSPIRED


I can feel change in the air. I can smell the SEASON’S shifting. There is a mystery in the wind, old memories passing through , and a soft whisper in the trees about what is on the horizon. They whisper so softly, I can’t quite make out what they are saying yet, but I am listening. I am investigating. I am exploring. I am waiting. I am responding to the call in the best way I can with the information I am receiving. Their whispers are moving my soul, taking me to places and at times I may not otherwise go, and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because I AM Committed to my soul’s path, more so than to anything else.

“Go to the Ocean today Erin. Break free today, BE creative, look for signs. They are coming. They are coming. Soon this will all make sense.”

Maybe it’s the Dreamer in me, or perhaps it’s the Free Spirit that I was born as, or it could be that everyone has these feelings. I don’t know, but I do know that when the Universe beckons, I listen. When I feel a stirring up inside, I pay attention. When the longing in my heart returns, I start asking questions.

Over the last few months I have learned a lot about the power of friendships. I have experienced the POWER of staying in one place long enough to build and become a part of community. Each day I earn my seat here a little more. Every week I give my gifts, I receive the gifts of my community, and I develop even deeper bonds and mutually nourishing relationships as a result. I have seen and felt the magic that happens when we let people in to our world, sharing with them those deep dark secrets that keep us feeling different, separate, unique.

Some people stay and some people leave. Those who stay help us see that what we don’t want anyone to know about us is also often our greatest asset.

Thank God.

And those who do not see this, it’s sad. But let them Go.

I had lunch with a dear friend the other day and she made a wonderful suggestion. She said, “Erin, when we let go of something, we all too often focus on what we are losing or saying good-bye to. But the magic happens when we shift our focus, and change what we place our attention on. Look to what is coming, what is next, and what you are now finally able to receive and create as a result of letting go of the things that were never meant to stay anyway.”


I love to feel inspired because I thrive when I am inspired. I have this belief that says we ALL need to feel inspired. Inspiration is the breath that breathes life into our dreams and desires. Inspiration is the fuel for our youthfulness, our vitality, and our dream tank.

When I lose inspiration, I lose energy , steam, and focus. When I am not feeling inspired, I find life to be robotic. So naturally I seek out people, places, things, and experiences, that inspire me, lift me up, challenge me, and fill me with God’s love and miracles.

I believe when we are inspired, we can do anything. ANYTHING is possible when inspiration pulses through our veins and dances in our hearts.


So, how do we stay inspired?

In a world where we have tight schedules, bills to pay, appointments, to do lists, families to care for, responsibilities, traffic, other people’s as well as our own expectations, fears, insecurities, and beliefs that tell us we HAVE to do things a certain way or else…

…we all become a bit depleted in the inspiration department.

This is simply NOT ok with me. Which means I have become devoted to staying connected, creating ways to re-fuel, to inspire, to be inspired, and to access the magic and miracles that await us all. What’s the point of life if we are just going through the motions??

Here ARe 5 Tips To Staying Inspired. Use them.

1) Break the rules. Not in ways that hurt others of course, but in ways that just say, YEP, I have control over my life. I AM the Creator of my reality, no one else.

2) PLAY. Be playful and child-like. Run around. Walk barefoot in the rain. Roll around in the sand with a child. Take a day off work!

3) Do something you’ve never done before. Like eat your lunch outside in the grass next to a tree. Or go out to dinner with friends in the middle of the week! This is about shaking off the pressure we put on ourselves unnecessarily to do things a certain way, the SAME way, day in, day out, week after week, year after year. Blah! Change it up!

4) BE CREATIVE and Try things a different way. Why do you do things the same way ALLLLLLLL the time? Isn’t that BOR-ING? How might you change things up today? Spice things up. Get sexy, Get edgy, Walk on your tippy toes!

5) Love yourself enough to take yourself on field trips. It could be for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a weekend, or a week! Go, fly, travel, see the world. This doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It could just mean breaking away from your routine to smell the fresh air, feel the sunshine, pet a puppy, or hug a tree!

I deeply and completely thank you all for being here. May we continue to walk this path together, asking, seeking, exploring, playing, moving, breathing, swimming, and dancing. May we all find peace, love, and freedom in the questions marks.

If you have EPIC tips on how to stay inspired…please share them with us here or on social Media in the comments! We’d love to hear!

Love and Light to you all,


If you’re ready to play more, create more, explore more, and dive in to life in an inspired way, you may be ready to coach one-on-one with me! If you love doing the “impossible” I’d love to speak with you! If this is you, please email me at Thank you!



Honesty + Honoring That Deeper Inner Calling

handstand split for EOL shoot

Today I HAD to get myself as close to the beach as possible. I was in bed with a terrible flu the last 4 days and for me, 4 days in bed puts things into perspective.


I think I questioned pretty much EVERYTHING. You see, I have always struggled with something:

Doing things the way everyone else is doing them VS. Doing things based on my OWN deepest core desire and instinct.

I suppose the older I get, the more I am tempted to believe the latter is irresponsible, maybe even dangerous. And yet, I don’t know that I am cut out for anything else. I try to be, but the moment always comes when I feel the need to take another huge leap, and go the distances of my hearts request, regardless of the risks taken in the process. My intuition tells me “GO FOR IT” and me fear tells me, “That is a mistake, and only irresponsible people do that.”

This morning I woke up with a LONGING in my heart. “What is it Erin?” I kept asking. “I just need to go, to flow, to BE, to holiday, to adventure, to take off, to beach it, to do it, to BE ME.”

Yes, welcome to the voices in my head.

Another thing I thought about a lot whilst I was sick in bed, was how much I speak to my clients about not editing themselves, in order to fit in, and yet I was aware of how often I still do this. For example, I am so afraid to let you in on the fact that I struggle between my truth and everyone else’s. But I don’t want to hide. That’s not what I’m about. So here it is.

I struggle to be open and honest because my clients and my students look to me for guidance, support, and my fear is that once you SEE me, once you know I too am questioning things, I will lose my value, my credibility, and you will no longer feel safe putting your faith in me.

And yet…

I KNOW that we can only really connect with someone when they become open, vulnerable, and tell the REAL TRUTH. Otherwise there is always an element of hiding, something not fully on the table, and I don’t know about you, but when I keep secrets, they keep me feeling lonely and more than likely blow up in my face down the road.

I haven’t traveled in over a year. That’s a LONG time for me. I suppose I surrendered to a different kind of journey once I realized that moving back here from Australia was going to challenge me to grow in new ways, as a result of STAYING put and working through whatever comes up for me along the way.  Everywhere I go, there I AM right 🙂

So I’ve processed 2 broken hearts in the last 18 months, I have faced deep, dark SHAME, AND I have completely started over certain aspects of my business, because although the old ways may have gotten me here, they were not going to take me much further. I have had many come to Jesus moments, more times than you can probably imagine. Each rock bottom moment has been an opportunity to get more clarity, to let certain things go, like fear, comparing, not trusting, and giving up any and all plans and timing I had for my life. It seems the Divine has different timing and plans than I do. And NO, do NOT always surrendered easily, in fact I have put up a pretty good fight for what I thought I wanted more days than I’d like to admit. But that’s the truth.

So today I honor the FREE SPIRIT within, taking her to the beach-side, to write in the outside breeze and smell of the ocean. Where to next??? Who knows!!! But isn’t it a beautiful thing to at least listen when we get that inner call? At least ask for more information? At least honor those deep desires and requests we get to the best of our ability? I BELIEVE this is critical for good health and happy living.

How do you honor the deeper calling within you? And…What do you fear telling other people about you? Please share with me here or on Social Media so everyone else can participate!

Thank you!

Love and Sunlight,


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When The Soul Is Ready the HEALING Appears

Amanda and I LUBA shootHere is my friend Amanda and I, opening our hearts, embodying the path we have chosen. Is it always easy, no way. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY 🙂 

Something I talk about often is HEALING. I am aware that this word means different things to different people. The kind of healing I am referring to in this article, is the kind of healing that happens on the SOUL level. This kind of healing effects everything. It is by healing our deepest wounds, some from this lifetime, perhaps some from past lifetimes even, that we are able to really shift and change our patterns, and begin to experience something else.

When I say “we begin to experience something else,” what I really mean is that our inner experience changes. Thus, the way we feel inside of our own skin changes. What once felt foreign, and uncomfortable, and unsafe, begins to feel like a place we can call home for a while.

Yes, it is true that there are some people who just never struggle with this to begin with. And then there are those of us who just come in to this world, struggling with the idea of being here. That was me. Who knows why. It could be our karma, our dharma, or put more simply, it could just be that we all have different paths to walk, different lessons to learn, different roles to play and agreements to fulfil, different challenges to face, and different opportunities that we can choose to pursue or to walk away from. Free Will States: We Have Choice. We can choose to remember and wake up, or NOT.

I remember from an early age, probably 5 years or younger, staring up at my bedroom ceiling, wondering what the point of this life was. I just had this deep feeling that there was more, there had to be, otherwise I found it difficult to understand how and why in the heck we would be here. So you could say, my journey into healing began at a very young age. I started asking questions, and down the rabbit hole I went.

You see, I never set out to do what I am doing today. I never planned on being a Life Coach, or teaching yoga, or blogging. It just happened, as a result of me beginning to choose to heal in my heart, my soul, my body, and my life. One thing just led to the next thing.

One of the gifts I get now, is to work with others, to have them invite me to bear witness to their pain, their challenges, their fears, and their hopes, dreams, and intentions for their lives. I get to use all that I have gone through, as a means to help them.

A few common themes that I see in my work with others:

1) This idea that we are supposed to be somewhere that we are not. And if we are not where we think we are supposed to be, then something must be terribly wrong with us.

2) This notion that if I just hate myself enough right now, then I will hate/force myself into doing the things that will make me prettier, smarter, richer, and THEN I will be able to feel love, THEN I will deserve to love myself, THEN I will be worthy of love, kindness, and compassion.

3) This idea that we are all alone, left to figure it all out by ourselves, to make it all happen, and that we are bound to strict and rigid ways of operating, or else we will surely miss the boat, get left out in the cold, die of starvation and loneliness, get fat again, etc, etc…

One thing I have to say to ALL of these ideas…

STOP IT! This way of operating in the world is EXHAUSTING!!!! Firstly, it is NOT true.

And Secondly…


Have you ever noticed that most people who have made a huge impact on the planet have faced EPIC adversity? Have you noticed that these people we look up to are the ones who have a story about what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now? The way they overcame their odds, their demons, their darkness, their debilitating fear and self-doubt, the way they moved past what happened to them and chose to create a life that spoke out loud about who they are and what they believe at their deepest core, INSPIRES us.


Because we ALL relate to adversity, to inner demons, to darkness, to what happened to us, and to that deeper place inside that tells us, either subtly or loudly, “YOU WERE MEANT FOR MORE. There IS  a better way.”

We are inspired by the ones above because they hear this voice inside, and they trust it enough to follow it. Their follow through shines the light on what is possible for ALL of us. Actually it’s not even that they trust it enough to follow it, but rather they come to such a ROCK BOTTOM, that they have no other choice but to hit their knees and pray for a miracle. (Those 3 ideas above will bring most of us to a rock bottom after a while, because they are an insane and PAINFUL way to approach life and treat ourselves.)

When we hit a low, a dark place, a rock bottom, it can appear like and feel like a curse, or the worst place one could EVER be. And on the flip side of that, those who come to know this place, get a second change. A chance to try again, to surrender, to Let Go and Let God, to give over their Self-Will and Ego-desires, and allow the Spirit of The Universe to become their energy, their guidance, their new Director in life.


What a GIFT.

When we are in need of healing, life has a way of bringing us back to our wounds over and over again, until we have had enough. Some never have enough. Then there are people like me, and maybe you, who  hit that point where we cannot bear another day inside such inner turmoil and conflict and pain, and we stomp our foot down, HARD, and  say:


And the healing begins.

Teachers begin to cross our paths, somehow random books end up in our laps, we find ourselves in places we never thought we’d go, and doing things we secretly always wanted to be able to muster the courage for but simply could not.

The light switch has been flipped from off to ON.

We know too much to turn back now, and so we must continue to move toward, to move through, to rise up, to step-into, and to embody our GREATNESS, even on the days we don’t feel so great. Even on the days we feel anything but great. Even on the days when we feel we have gone backwards, not forwards. Even on the days when we notice our path may be completely different from the one our family is on. No matter what, we commit to healing, knowing that as we do this, we break the chain of pain, we lift the collective consciousness, we create a better world, simply by contributing more to the Greater GOOD than to the blame and shame storm that sweeps through our nations and families.

And the healing begins.

The healing journey looks different for each of us, so try not to compare yours to anyone else’s. Remember that your SOUL has a purpose, a path it DESIRES and LONGS to take, so it can learn exactly what it is here to learn, and do what it is here to do. TRUST that. Trust your deepest knowing, and if you do not know what that is yet, that’s OK. If you want to know, then soon you will. Stay open, stay willing, keep praying for a miracle and you too will begin to shift from fear to love.

I am excited for you.

What does healing mean to you? I would love to hear about your personal experience with this or your questions and comments about it! Please write to me here on the blog or below this post on social media so we can all join in the conversation! If you think there’s a chance these words could shine light for someone in your circle, your tribe, your family, please share this with them!

Thank you SO much for being here. I may not know you personally, but I KNOW who you really are.

Love and Hugs,


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3 Ways To Take Your Power Back When You Have Forgotten Your LIGHT

Yoga Pagoda Crew Asana Style in front of MarketHere we are in all our Glory: the Yoga Pagoda Vero Beach Crew. That’s me, upside-down, as usual 😉 having a good ole time after a huge emotional release on Saturday! 


This past weekend I attended the Yoga Journal Conference in Hollywood, FL. I was surprised to feel VERY differently when I arrived than I had been envisioning leading up to it.

Yep, I had EXPECTATIONS. I expected I’d feel a certain way, that the event would look a certain way, and that the teachers would teach and BE a certain way.

I was WRONG.

As a result, I was a very emotional me all day Friday and Saturday. I had feelings arising that I did not anticipate, and boy was it CONFRONTING. Looking back, I suppose I thought going away for a weekend of friends and yoga, out-of-town, would be exactly what I needed to take me far-far away from some of the deeper wounds I have been healing as of late. I assumed that this adventure out-of-town would give me a little escape, a break, some time to just have fun and let go and forget about the pain I have endured these last few months.

Instead, it was the OPPOSITE. Every insecurity, fear, and limiting belief began to surface the minute we pulled away from my driveway Friday morning. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. “Great, how am I going to pretend I am ok, when I am feeling this way inside,” I thought. I did my best on the drive to make peace with where I was and not say a thing to my friends, hoping I could get away with leaving everyone out of the struggles I had going on inside.

I bring this up today because this weekend showed me a few things. It reminded me that I do not want to run away from my pain, and that in fact, facing into it is what is needed to continue to heal completely. It also remind me about the POWER of vulnerability and letting our loved ones in on our struggles, and giving them the chance to be supportive and loving. Lastly, it showed me once again, that expectations are always destined for let downs, and being present with what IS, and not quitting before the miracle happens is where the magic happens.

As I walked around the market place, filled with booth after booth AFTER BOOTH of the latest fashion statements expressed as yoga pants, mala beads, shirts, essential oils, and jewellery I began to feel swallowed whole. Girls dressed in funky pants and fun shirts, carrying yoga mats were everywhere, the next one more beautiful than the one before. It reminded me of my days at gymnastics and cheerleading competitions. Yoga “Celebrities” roamed the halls and we all compared and shared what teachers we were signing up to work with and how Divine they were or were NOT, and suddenly I began to feel like running as far away from there as possible. I wanted to go to my hotel room and just stay there for the rest of the weekend.

Yes, I wanted to hide. That place inside of me that still believes I am less than, not enough, and forgettable began to rear its ugly head again. I was AWARE of it. I was so shocked that it was coming for me! “It’s not suppose to bother me at an event like this, an event I have wanted to attend for years! What the heck!”

As I relaxed in my room Friday afternoon, I allowed myself to get honest, to admit my fears and insecurities, and to just BE with the messy, heavy, and painful parts of myself. Then, I became willing to feel better, to make a different choice. I didn’t begin to feel better right away. Nope, I felt like crap and cried all day Saturday for the most part. I took classes and listened to my teachers and felt things deeply. I stopped pushing it down and just let it all flow up and out of me. Even though it was not how I expected to feel, I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was HEALING.

As a result of this very emotional confronting day, I had to open up to my friends. They could tell I wasn’t myself, and I just couldn’t pretend, so I shared my fears and insecurities and struggles with them. They were able to relate, and to share theirs with me as well, and we began to laugh and bond more deeply as women. By the end of Saturday I was laughing and smiling and feeling social again, and as of Sunday all the little miracles began to happen.

I had several little miracles happen for me over the weekend, and it was enough to restore my faith yet again, to show me that the Universe DOES provide as we do the work around our own growth and healing. We must be patient, we must be thorough, we must keep going even when we want to give up. This is our practice, this is yoga.

Finally I understood. Staying connected to my confidence, my truth, gratitude, my higher power, my dharma, is something I must be able to maintain, regardless of what is going on around me, regardless of what things look like and feel like in the moment. It is easy to believe, to feel good, to be grateful, to have confidence, to be at peace, when things our going our way, look the way we want them to, cater to our strengths, and boost our egos. It is not so easy when we are facing our demons head on, when humility is having its way with us, when we are SEEING our fears and insecurities everywhere, and when we aren’t feeling safe and supported by the universe.

So the questions is this…

How do we stay connected to our truth, our dharma, to Spirit when we are feeling super triggered? When we have forgotten that our presence IS our Power, how do we return to love and gratitude and faith? How do we take our POWER back an re-enter the FLOW?

Here Are 3 Ways To Take Your Power Back When You Have Forgotten Your Light:

1) Acknowledge that you have forgotten your light in the moment. Get honest. KNOW that you are suffering, admit it to yourself,  but also KNOW there is a better way.

2) BE WILLING to feel differently about the life situation. Say, “I am willing to feel better in this moment. I am willing to see things differently now.”

3) Pray for a miracle. Ask the Universe/God/Divine Love/Mother Nature/Jesus/Buddha (*A God of YOUR own understanding) for a miracle. Say “I see that I am suffering. There must be a better way. I am WILLING to feel better about this. I need a miracle now. Bless me and this situation with a miracle. Thank you for this miracle.”

Then we must be willing to do this practice as much as it takes until the shifts begin to occur. They will happen, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but they WILL always manifest if we practice these steps and wait in faith for the solution. Your solution may come in the form of a conversation, a book, a teacher, a sign on the wall, an ad on the TV, or many other things. Stay open. Ask for the willingness to receive your message when it comes.

I trust that your miracles will unfold in Divine timing, and I look forward to hearing about them when they do. Please contact me here or in the comment section on social media for questions and comments. I love hearing from you! If you feel that these words may resonate with your tribe, please share!

Thank you so much for being here. Love and blessings.



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How To Exchange Your YUCK for Your GOOD!

Daren and Meg and I at La Tabla

 This is me with friends, at La Tabla, choosing to ENJOY all the GOOD that is at my fingertips every single day! May you do the same!


Today I write to you from my favorite cafe in Vero Beach, Florida, La Tabla. I just LOVE the vibration here. The food is SO conscious, quality, nourishing, and being here aligns with me in every way. This place feels like MAGIC!! 🙂 Therefore it brings me great pleasure and joy to spend my money here on fresh juices, espresso, salads, smoothies, and snacks.

It is SO important that we align ourselves with what matches our deepest core desires. When we feel bad, we can pretty much assume there is a way in which we are no longer in alignment with our deepest core desires. For example, when I have a negative thought, perhaps blaming someone for something they did and for how I feel about it, or when I eat meat, or when I speak hurtful words or make a harsh decision before I think it through, or when I eat at a restaurant that does not serve healthy food, the end result is usually the same. I feel YUCK.

When I feel YUCK, I know I veered from the path of what serves me in the highest way and therefore my ability to serve others in the highest way. Note to self and note to you: This is NOT a justified reason to judge oneself, but rather to use it as a moral compass to find our way back on track. Keep it simple, keep learning, keep adjusting accordingly, and keep going.

My point today is this. We have a choice. Maybe not right away, but eventually we have a choice.

What comes first is AWARENESS, expansion in CONSCIOUSNESS, and then WILLINGNESS to show up differently. As we begin to grow more AWARE of feeling YUCK, we can take a look and SEE what decision we made and reactions we had that may have led us there. Then, we can admit defeat, and become willing to do things differently. We can SURRENDER.

Earlier this week I shared my painful break-up with you and what I do when PAIN strikes. In this blog I want to address what I am learning through this experience in regards to aligning with our deepest core desires. For example, some of my deepest core desires are to feel worthy, to feel loved unconditionally, to feel chosen, to feel like I am enough, to BE Love, to thrive no matter what, and to contribute in a positive way. When I become CLEAR about these desires, I can do one of two things. I can continue to look to someone else to fulfil them for me, OR I can acknowledge that I don’t really need anyone else in the equation to have these desires fulfilled. I can declare myself worthy. I can LOVE myself unconditionally through this hard transition. I can choose me. I can pray that I come to know my wholeness and enough-ness and I can pray to be made an example of love. I can also seek out ways to help others.

It has taken me a while to really GET this. I got it intellectually years ago, but that doesn’t really help much. To get it in our bodies, in our hearts, to have an AH-HA is what we want. THAT is where the freedom comes from.

So for me this is what has to go down on a daily basis, so that I can have peace and freedom within, regardless of what is going on around me.

1) I must have a daily practice. This includes, a way to bring myself back to feeling worthy, to remember to love myself through the pain and change, to be able to choose myself when I am tempted to give my power away to someone else in hopes that they choose me. I must hit my knees every morning and pray that my thinking be corrected, relieved of self-pity and self-seeking motives. I must ask Divine Love, God, and The Universe to expand my perspective, that I may see the bigger picture at work. I must ask for patience, that I may allow things to unfold in their perfect Divine Timing. I must set the intention to be made an example of Love on the planet. Yes, I pray because I already know I am not capable of doing this by myself. 

2) When I feel YUCK, I must get honest. I must take responsibility for feeling YUCK, and if I cannot see the way to return to my power, I must call as many friends and coaches as it takes to help me find my way back to the truth, the bigger picture, the core essence of my being. Then, I must strap on my courage and make a choice to see things differently. If I cannot, I must hit my knees and pray for the willingness and/or ability to see things differently, and I must pray as many days as it takes until it shifts, AND THEN SOME. 

3) I must decide if my pain is worth giving up my joy for. Yeah, because this is what we do. We give our joy AWAY in exchange for our pain. YUCK! That said, no judging ourselves about this when we see it. Just come back. Come back to your joy. Period. Stop focusing on what sucks, who did you wrong, what isn’t working out, and SEE what rocks, who does you right, and what IS working out. There is so much beauty! REALLY there is. Now some of you may not be willing to see your good yet. You may be addicted to your pain (I get it, I’ve been there!). If that is the case, no problem. Stay there if you want, but just know you are making a choice, so you can at least feel good about having the option. Perhaps when you are ready you will shift. Or will you?? 

Every day is a learning experience. Sometimes we must be thorough and rigorous with our work in regards to healing, because our pain can have such a STRONG kick to it. We come from a history of adversity and allowing pain to run the show is a collective pattern we have grown accustomed to. But just like we must be committed to a new way of eating for a healthier lifestyle, or  a weekly routine at our gym or yoga studio for a stronger body and mind, we must also practice mindfulness and strengthening our awareness if we are going to have a healthier  and happier existence and increased levels of peace and freedom in our hearts and souls.

So today I leave you with two questions. What are YOUR core desired feelings? How can you align yourself in a way that makes good on these desires?

As ALWAYS, I welcome your feedback, questions, comments, and shared experiences. Please leave them for me here on the blog, or in the comment section of social media! Also, if this article has resonated with you or inspired you, or may inspire or help someone you know, PLEASE SHARE! I deeply appreciate your help in growing our circle of love, support, and self-discovery!

Love you ALL,


If you know it’s time to work one-on-one with your very own Life Coach, you are in LUCK! I am taking on 3-5 new one-on-one coaching clients for a 6 week period! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Please send me an email at to inquire. I am happy to send you more information about how to take the leap of faith! Look forward to hearing from you! NAMASTE. 


3 Ways to REMEMBER The Truth When PAIN Strikes!

Me in split in front of Ganesha at yoga barn

I wanted to share this picture of Ganesha with you for this article today. May Ganesha be the remover of your obstacles, and may you find the FREEDOM as you move through the pain.


Something I want to talk about today is a little word with a big punch.


We all have it, feel it, and go through it. For me pain has always been a great teacher. However, one thing I have become VERY aware of, especially having just gone through something DEEPLY painful that I am still healing, is that when we go through the most painful of things, it can knock us unconscious. When our deepest wounds are revealed to us, and the unhealed places triggered within us, there is a chance that we may fall asleep, forget who we are, forget what is real, forget the truth, forget that we are worthy, and just plain forget that we have options!

This literally just happened to me. I lost someone who I love very much in a break-up, and it broke my heart. It broke ME for a while. I am still in the healing process, but a huge part of this healing has been about the deeper wounds that surfaced for me as a result of this loss.

My deepest wound is a place inside of me that is very old. It has been with me since I was born, and some healers have said it is more than likely an unresolved experience of a past life, and just part of my soul’s lesson in this lifetime. This wound is the experience that I feel inside that I am not enough, and that bad things happened to me because I am not good enough, and other people get what they want and I don’t because they are better than me. (Yes, I know, silly.)

Now intellectually I understand this is NOT true. However, when we go through deeply painful things, such as loosing someone who we hoped would be with us forever, it triggers the stuff inside of us that is still not healed. We come face to face with the voices and the feelings that are very good at convincing us that our greatest fear is true, mine being, “I’m not good enough.” Because pain tends to weaken us, and these limiting beliefs zap us of our personal power, when we get triggered in this way, it is tempting to believe it, to fall victim to it, and to be destroyed by it. The key here is to REMEMBER that these experiences happen FOR us so we can fully heal, so we can resolve those unresolved places deep inside, and so we can ultimately be FREE, and attract to us what we TRULY desire in our deepest heart-centered place.

This is my point. It is SO important that as we go through PAIN, we recognize it for what it IS.


It is critical that we rise up in pain instead of settling for this SOUL amnesia it tends to create. Instead of acting and re-acting from an old charge, we must put on our spiritual warrior gloves and start digging. When there is pain and loss of personal power, there is OPPORTUNITY. There is the potential to grow beyond the limitations of our current belief systems, fears, and loop-holes that have kept us stuck, playing out the same patterns, and giving up on ourselves too soon. Therefore, when the pain hits, it just means it’s time to weed the garden, to get to the root of what is not working in our thoughts, our hearts, and our bodies. It is time to purge the old ways of experiencing life and to declare and make room for something better.

Instead of loosing faith and trust in who we are, in our process, and in the DIVINE LOVE that has our back, we must put our foot down and say NO! This time I will see things differently! This time I will feel good about who I AM no matter what this looks like! This time I will make better choices, I will love myself, and I will experience and receive the GOOD, GOOD, GOOD that is mine!

I have gone through many challenging life situations, many heart-breaks, and many painful experiences. I have also had MANY miracles happen in my life. I have experienced profound healings and INCREDIBLE love and passion, and I have always followed my heart to the best of my ability, letting it guide my life. This most recent life lesson for me, of losing the man I felt was potentially my life partner, who I deeply love, has so far been one the hardest soul lessons for me. Yes, it was hard to lose him, of course, but the real pain came from what loosing him triggered in me, which actually has NOTHING to do with him. He was simply the vessel that brought this deeply challenging lesson to me. I am almost at the point where I can thank him for it 😉 I will be able to thank him because I have healed deep shame, and I am healing a wound that has affected me my entire life and everything from my business, to my ability to manifest my dreams, to my family relationships, and relationships with others in general. So for this healing I am profoundly grateful. Was it easy, of course not. Was it worth it?


Here are 3 Ways You Can WAKE UP and Remember the TRUTH when you are feeling deep pain:

1) When pain strikes, PAUSE. Take a look at your patterns of choice making, relationships, self-care or lack thereof, and see what may be on REPEAT. If you find patterns that are wearing different hats, therefore looking different, but are actually the SAME ones on replay, it means you are the lucky WINNER of an OPPORTUNITY to pull the weeds from the garden, change the record, write a different story. The question is…ARE YOU WILLING?

2) REMEMBER that no matter how hard it feels, no matter how dark it gets, this is about YOU. This is about you making a different choice about how you move forward, about you show up for yourself and others, about how you respond to life and hold healthy boundaries, and about what you do today that will create your tomorrow. PAIN happens FOR us. I know that sucks to hear when you’re in it, and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to believe, but trust me. It happens FOR you. The question is…CAN YOU TRUST THAT PAIN HAPPENS FOR YOU? What are you willing to do differently?

3) It will be vital to reach out, to go where the LOVE is, and to surround yourself with the people, the blogs, the communities, the environments, the teachers, and the coaches, that support you and REMIND you of who you. Pain can sometimes make us forget the truth a million times throughout the day. So it is important to set ourselves up in a way that we can also be reminded 2 million times a days of the truth of the situation and of our potential, capabilities, and opportunities to be free as a result of what seems to really blow in the moment. If you notice you don’t have these support systems, my hunch is that part of your healing/lesson in this pain, is that it is time to re-align, to purge the people, places, and things that do not serve your highest good, and pray to be guided to the ones that do!

Ok, that’s it for today! If you have any questions or comments, please connect with me here on the blog or in the comment section via social media! If this article has been helpful, inspiring, or you feel it may help others, PLEASE SHARE!

I adore you, I respect you, I honor you. Thank you for being here.

Love You All,


P.S. If you are WILLING and READY to experience more love and freedom within and without, and you would like some support on that journey, it may be time for you to do some one-on-one Life Coaching with me! If you would like more information, please send an email inquiry to Love and Hugs!

If you would like to read more on how life happens FOR us, you may enjoy this article I wrote for Tiny Buddha:

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NAMASTE friends!!



Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers- Some Simple Questions For Peace Seekers

This is me in Bali, letting go of pain, opening up to life energy, and practicing the flexibility life asks of us, in this heart-opening backbend.

This is me in Bali, letting go of pain, opening up to life energy, and practicing the flexibility life asks of us, in this heart-opening backbend.

Life ebbs and flows, up and down, to and fro, smile to frown, side to side, here to there, we laugh, we cry. It happens. It’s life.

How we respond to life is what makes such a huge difference in what we actually experience, how we show up, what we give or take. Just when things couldn’t get any better…they change. And equally the same, just when you think things couldn’t get any worse…they change. Like the old saying goes…

“The only thing that never changes is that everything always changes.” 

Lately I have been doing a lot of questioning. It’s as if I have been going through a re-evaluation, OF EVERYTHING, deciding how I really feel about things, what I truly believe, and how I want to show up for myself and others. I consider this my way of taking another look, a DEEPER look, at myself, at life, and what words like happiness, success, wealthy, healthy, love, and connection mean to me AFTER everything I have been through, learned, unlearned, and seen thus far in my 35 years.

One thing I can see are patterns. Patterns of attachment. Attaching to people, places, and things, not wanting them to change, wishing they wouldn’t have changed, hoping they never will, and/or believing one day I can help them change.  Also I see attaching in the opposite way, to this idea that everything must continue to change and evolve and grow and get better, or else something must be wrong. I am not saying that either of these are bad, but I am saying I have become aware of their power to cause suffering. Where is the God, the flexibility, the faith, the trust, the vitality, the inspiration in such rigid attachment?

I am seeing that there must be a balance, that I am the best when I can find the sweet spot, between EFFORT and LETTING GO, that middle ground between KNOWING and UNKNOWING, that mysterious place of wonder that exists between CERTAINTY and UNCERTAINTY. Yes, my 35 years are showing me that this sweet spot, the in between, the place that exists no where and everywhere, is the practice, the focus, the intention, the meditation, the prayer.

Today I surrender everything I ever thought I knew. I let go of all that I once wished would come to pass. I release fully and freely my ideas and plans, and instead I nurture my awareness, I grow in my childlike curiosity, I play in the humble place I call maturity and growth, and I invite in, embrace, and receive the way this day, this week, this year, this life, is meant to unfold for me and the lives I am blessed enough to touch and be touched by.

I feel there is a great gift that comes as we grow older. I don’t know if we ever really grown up, whatever that even means, but it does inspire me to know we have the opportunity to grow through life, to grow into our own skin, to grow in love, to grow nowhere in particular but everywhere in Spirit. These are the things I find myself feeling grateful for more and more each year.

Last night I watched a news story about a girl with terminal brain cancer and I saw how it was the little things that brought her joy. It was playing a game she loves, being a part of a team, and participating in life just because she’s here on Earth, and for now, she CAN. So she did. And that was enough to bring her deep peace and deep gratitude. Seriously awesome.

Then I read on Facebook about a dear friend who has been struggling in a big way with health issues, feeling powerless, some days not knowing if or when she was going to get better. And yet she shared her beautiful message that reminded her friends, that success was not something defined by career or money or what kind of house and cars we own. Success to her, was how she experiences each day, the love that she nurtures in her relationships, and the “epic memories” she creates with the people who support her and touch her deeply.

So I was reminded by the Universe, once again, that this journey isn’t about what we “get” outside, it’s about how FEEL inside, what we GIVE, and the love that we nourish and nurture in our lives and the lives of others. So I re-committed to letting go of my attachments to how things were, how they are, or how I want them to be. Instead I began to shift my attention to the little things. I began to ask myself better questions, knowing all too well, that if we ask ourselves better questions, we always get better answers.

These are some questions I began to ask myself. Perhaps you would like to ask yourself as well:

1) Can you appreciate how things are right now, in this moment, TODAY, since you know they are going to change eventually.

2) Nothing stays the same, so how does that change the way you feel about right now? 

3) If this moment is not going to last forever, do you want to bless it or complain about it, love it or hate it, ignore it or let yourself have it? 

4) If everything were to be different tomorrow, what would you like to know you were grateful for and did not take for granted today? 

5) If this person in front of me was no longer in my life tomorrow, how might I wish to spend my time with them right now? What might I do or say? 

Every time we become willing to ask ourselves questions, we become willing to receive new energy, new information, a new way of seeing things. I bless this day for all of us, and pronounce it GOOD. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments you may have. Please leave them for me here, or below this article on social media. If you feel inspired, please pass this along and share with friends 🙂

Thanks for being here.



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A Simple Morning Routine To Get Into THE FLOW

Pinchimariasana hanumanasanaHere’s me getting into THE FLOW in Ubud, Bali one morning! 

Today I got up extremely early, because having a morning routine, which gets me grounded and rooted in gratitude and connected to the FLOW is important to me. How we start our day is such an important player in how the entire day unfolds. I have also set myself a new goal, to blog every Tuesday and Thursday morning, because 1) I love to it, and 2) I want to be a voice that shows up consistently for my readers. (So I got up and wrote MOST of this early, and I had to accept that if I was going to make my morning yoga class on time, I would have to finish this article on my late afternoon break!)

Have you ever experienced those times in your life when everything goes so smoothly, opportunities fall into your lap, and you seem to move through the day, from one task to the next, with ease and grace? This means you are in what I like to call, THE FLOW, aligned with the GOOD of the Universe.

When we are not aligned with the good of the Universe, we can experience things like fear, anxiety, stress, lack, limiting beliefs, and just plain SUFFERING. This experience, is obviously NOT ideal. I mean, I assume you would prefer to feel good right?

So how do we do that? How do we stay in a place of GOOD? A place of TRUST? A place of YES? A place of FAITH? A place of FLOW? How to we accept life on life’s terms, fully experiencing each day without resistance, negativity, and complaining?

There are some questions you can ask yourself when you begin to notice that you are feeling bad, stressed, anxious, limited, insane.

1) Am I trying to control people, places, and things, to do and be the way I think they need to be, so that I am ok? 

2) Am I attached to an outcome, and unable to see how things will work out if this does not go MY way? 

3) Am I convinced that I know what is best for me right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, you know you are trying to BE the Universe/God in your own life. No wonder you are scared and stressed! That is a LOT of pressure for a human being.

For me, it was a HUGE relief when I learned that I no longer had to run the show, that I could surrender, that I could do my part, and let the rest go, and instead of manipulating and controlling things to go MY way, I could PRACTICE trust and pray for faith. Man was I super-duper STOKED when this began to work magic and miracles in my life.

Many people say “Prayer doesn’t work.” Or, “How does a morning routine have the power to bring ease and grace?”

My answer is this, after you TRY IT YOURSELF, consistently for at least 2 weeks, you won’t need to ask that question anymore. We cannot think our way into right action. We must ACT our way into right thinking. Do it first, without trying to figure out how it will make a difference for you, and then see if you still need to ask me.

Getting connected in the morning is one way we can enter the consciousness of LOVE and TRUTH. From this place, we are able to see people, situations, and circumstances differently. We are able to feel gratitude even when things may not be the way WE  think we want them to be. When we are connected, we feel excited about what is unfolding, even when we have NO IDEA what the heck is going to happen, and we can still be confident that whatever it is, it is going to be GOOD, GOOD, GOOD. As we enter the stream of Love and Truth Consciousness, we can be made useful, and therefore find great pleasure in helping others, being of service, and contributing to the lives of those around us in big and small ways.

Entering the FLOW and staying there, is something we must PRACTICE. It requires DISCIPLINE. Discipline is designed to bring us FREEDOM. To see, do, and experience life differently, we must be WILLING to see, do, and experience it differently first, and then we must be humble enough to do our part only, to let go of our great plans for our lives, and to open ourselves up to the Universe’s/God’s plan for us instead. The fear here is usually, “What if the plans God or the Universe has for me, sucks?” LOL.

Trust me, the plan YOU have for yourself SUCKS, compared to the plan a POWER greater than you has for you. Trust Me.

It is easy to manipulate and control outcomes compared to surrendering. It takes COURAGE to let go. We call it faith. Those who get to that point of realizing how exhausting it is to force, push, and work so hard to “make” things happen, are often times the lucky ones. They hit a bottom and in their darkest hour they give up. They give up THEIR plan. They admit powerlessness. As a result, they begin to accept something bigger than them, because they have to. So they begin to ask for a better way, a way that works. They invite in Grace.

I am a grateful writer this morning. I AM grateful because I am the recipient of this gift. I have seen that as I let go and let God, as I surrender to a greater plan, as I do MY PART and show up for my life and for myself as the best I can be and nothing more, and I let go of the results, that I am taken to people, places, and things I would have never found my way to on my own. Opportunities, ideas, and growth, BEYOND MY IMAGINATION, come knocking on my door. This is how it works. And it can work for you too.

Start simple. Start with a morning routine. Here is an example, and one you can use until you design one for yourself:

– Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to.

– Do NOT check your phone or computer. Sit up in bed and do this before you begin your day in any way.

– Bring your focus to your breath. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales through your nose.

– Then move into 2 simple breathing exercises:

1) Inhale nose, exhale nose, inhale nose, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale mouth, inhale mouth, exhale nose. Repeat 3 times. Then return to a few natural deep breaths through the nose.

2) NOSE BREATHING: Inhale 4 counts, Hold the breath 4 counts, Exhale 4 counts, Hold the breath 4 counts. Repeat 3 times. Return to natural nose breathing. Feel the effect of this life energy now flowing through you.

– After you do these breathing exercises, get onto your knees beside your bed and speak. You can call it prayer or conversations with the Universe. Whatever resonates with you.

– Ask that your will be aligned with the higher will for you. Ask that you be free from fear and worry. Ask that you are made useful today. Express 3 things you are grateful for TODAY. Then send love to/or pray for 3 people.

Then, move into your day! Enjoy the effects of getting grounded and rooted in THE FLOW! Do this routine any time you need to throughout your day.

Questions? Comments? Please send them to me! You can share them here on the blog, or below this article on social media. I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to getting in THE FLOW and activating your LOVE and TRUTH Consciousness!

Love and Blessings,


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The YOGA of Self-Love: Practice Not Perfection


This is me, practicing the art of Self-Love, at The Oneness University, a 31 day intensive I attended in India last year 🙂


I became a yoga teacher because I FELL In LOVE WITH YOGA. I fell in love with yoga because it TEACHES ME ABOUT LIFE. Some of the hardest yoga we will ever do, is the yoga OFF OUR MAT, out in the world, in relationships, in our careers, in our own thought processes.

Yoga teaches us that it is not about what is happening or how much discomfort we may be feeling, IT’S ABOUT HOW WE RESPOND TO IT.

How do you respond to the discomfort in your life? DO you run from it, avoid it, try to make it something different?

I am inspired this morning by some personal challenges I have faced as of late. What it is showing me is to take another look, a DEEPER look, at how I respond to things. After all, if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will keep getting what we’ve always got. Personally, I AM ready to experience something better, something more aligned with who I really AM.

So the works begins.

Every now and then, just like we need to clean out our closet, or that junk drawer in the kitchen or office, we benefit greatly from cleaning out our thoughts, beliefs, and ways of doing things. This requires a few things. First, we must acknowledge we want to experience something different. Second, we need to admit to ourselves, that it’s time to start showing up differently in our lives and for ourselves. Third, it’s time to take a step back, to first become AWARE of what is no longer working, and then to feel our powerlessness around what to do differently.

Now, we could force and push and make things change and happen, however, in my experience it is best to sit. To be still. To observe and practice the art of WAITING. To NOT DO anything for as long as it it takes until clarity and INSPIRED action MOVE me forward. For me, this gets me all kinds of squirmy! Therefore, I KNOW it is a good thing. My natural default mode is to escape from discomfort as soon as possible in whatever way I can. So sitting THROUGH the discomfort, which yoga as well as other techniques have taught me to do, is the KEY to showing up differently in my life, for myself and others.

It can feel extremely uncomfortable and scary when we are moving through a time of many unknowns. The mind wants to KNOW. It would be happier making up negative stories about you and your future, than not knowing. So beware! This is our work! To remain conscious. To observe. To bring LOVE into the moment no matter what. TO FORGIVE our negative thoughts. To SEE ourselves fully without judging. To ALLOW things to unfold in their perfect way and timing. This is our practice. THIS is our yoga. The yoga of SELF-LOVE.

As I said above, I have had many challenges lately. Thankfully I have been through many in the past, and I know I came through them stronger and happier as a result, because I practiced, even when I didn’t want to. That said, it can be so tempting to give that negative self-talk, that gets louder in times of change, sad endings, and new-beginnings, our power. It does not deserve our POWER. Every time we buy into negative thoughts about ourselves, whether they come from us or outside sources, we FEED them. No more feeding the monster. Forgive your negative thoughts and move on. Instead, our yoga is to practice self-love. You will not be perfect at this which is why it is called PRACTICE. The practice itself, the effort, the attention to the application of a new loving way, in itself, IS AN ACT OF SELF-LOVE.

Each time we go through challenges, we get the opportunity to SEE something we didn’t see last time. We get the gift of LETTING GO of something that no longer supports us. We get to release people, places, and things and take responsibility for our own happiness, our own peace, our own life experience. We get to TAKE OUR POWER BACK.

What we all want is to FEEL something. We want to FEEL joy, abundance, connection, complete, peace, love, intimacy, freedom, powerful, acceptance, successful, accomplished, etc. The problem is we attach to what we think will give us these things, and we miss the boat way too often, and then wonder why we still don’t feel good.

“Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Stream of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from.” —Abraham-Hicks

Today, practice your yoga of self-love. Take an action in honor of this and perhaps let that action be asking yourself this question:

What do I REALLY want. How do I want to FEEL? Does this person, this idea, this goal, this (fill in the blank), truly, in all honesty, have the ability to grow in me, the feelings I DEEPLY desire?

Let me know what you find out! I love hearing from you in the comment section here on the blog or on FB! Love to you all!



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Stop Comparing and Start LOVING Who YOU Are

Amanda and I in Pinche at YPHere’s Me and My friend Amanda! Yoga teaches us to embrace our individuality and to celebrate that with others doing the same. 🙂 

Lately it has occurred to me just HOW deeply it can affect us when we are comparing ourselves to others, being compared to others by our loved ones, and simply having many outside sources such as magazines, TV, and especially SOCIAL MEDIA, that puts all kinds of images of “happiness” in our faces, eventually planting the seed of self-doubt. 

Am I doing enough? Is there something wrong with me since I don’t look like him or her? What does he or she have that I do not have? Why does my life look differently than his, hers, theirs? What am I missing? 

Perhaps one or ALL of those questions sound familiar. Perhaps you have been attacked by them at some point as well.

I love this quote:

“Comparison is the thief of joy – Don’t get robbed!” 

There is a problem that I see in the world, and it’s one that got me all messed up for a long time. I fell victim to wanting to be absolutely sure that if and when I was compared to someone else, that I would win. This was because I was conditioned to believe a certain recipe for success, and one that actually ended up  taking me AWAY from success rather than closer to it.

When we are trying to “Win” or be the best, or acquire the validation and accolades from our families and society, we miss the boat on the voice deep within that is calling to us. When we get quiet and LISTEN to this voice, it very often has an entirely different plan for us that the one we are forcing. This deep inner voice is loving and kind and supportive and UBER creative! However, it can be subtle and hard to hear at first, because our self-doubt, comparison, negative self-talk voice is SO darn loud after all the years we have fed it and allowed it to grow stronger and more powerful!


I am now recovering from this way of being in the world. For me, comparison and listening to sources outside myself about what was good, bad, successful, not successful, really screwed up my thinking! I became incapable of making authentic choices and following the voice within because I had so many other voices that I’d absorbed from outside sources, creating a whole LOT of self-doubt, shame, and insecurity, and I just kept trying to pour myself into the recipe of other people’s success! That said, I have to take responsibility. I cannot blame anyone or anything. I GAVE MY POWER AWAY to people, places, and things.

When we come to know better, it’s time to show up differently.

Once I identified with this, I was able to make different choices. It is a process, but one I am passionate about sharing because so many of us want to make the transition from what “They Say” to what “WE Say,” and simply do not know how. It can feel really hard, especially when you walk out your front door, or walk in the front door to your family’s house, and these beliefs and perceptions are re-enforced. It can be tempting to relapse on self-doubt and FEAR, but stay strong my friend. We are in a VERY special time, and things are shifting.

It is a time to recognise the Divine Light within YOU, to stand up for what YOU bring to the world, and to do whatever you can, big or small, to nurture that place inside of you that knows what you KNOW, and to feed that until it is the strongest voice in your head. It doesn’t matter what “They” think. When you get around people who see things differently, this is not a time to compare and wonder if they might be right. There is no such thing as right or wrong. There is what is right for YOU. What someone else says is right may not work for you, and it may not even work for them. Just because someone else is strong in their beliefs, their stories, their perceptions, means NOTHING, and especially nothing about you. Stay focused on YOUR purpose, YOUR passion, YOUR vision, YOUR dream, YOUR strengths, and go where the LOVE is.

Surround yourself with people who GET you, who appreciate you, and who you can be yourself with. Minimize your time with people who will never get you and don’t even want to try. They will only drain your energy. Pray for their health, happiness, and freedom, and move on!

So just for today, can you STOP comparing yourself to others? Can you STOP wasting your precious energy on what everyone else is doing, and use that incredible fuel for YOUR own life? If you lack clarity around what you are wanting or how to move in a more authentic direction in your life and create stability, can you journal about this, pray about this, ask the Universe for help about this? What are you willing to do today, big or small, that feeds YOUR soul, makes YOUR light shine brighter, and gives YOU the nourishment you need?

When you hear those creepy, mean, energy vampire voices trying to high-jack your day, feel free to use my favorite personal mantra, that I use throughout the day: “I love you, you are worthy. No matter what, I will not abandon you. I AM HERE. I love you. I bless you. I believe in you. Let their BE light. Shine bright.” 

Here’s to YOUR journey, that will be unlike anyone else’s! Embrace it, Enjoy it, and be Enlightened by it!

Love to you,


If you feel you would like some One-on-One support, perhaps you are ready to work with a Life Coach. If this sounds like YOU, please contact us at for more information. Thank you! 



BE A CONSCIOUS CREATOR: Finding Freedom Within and Without


Every day that I wake up is another day for me to create Consciously or UNconsciously.

I wasn’t always Conscious about having such a choice.

When we create Consciously, we are moving through each day with a deep level of INNER AWARENESS, a seeing, a watching, an observing of our thoughts, actions, and temptations to react, indulge, defend, rebel, allow in that which is good or not good for us, etc. This level of Awareness, or Consciousness, or SEEING, connects us to an energy or a presence within us that exists beyond the doing, beyond the mind, and beyond our thoughts and concepts about ourselves, others, and life. When we move though our day Consciously, life gets really interesting and really fun because we are living in the moment, with full AWARENESS of the WHAT IS. Love is in the driver’s seat.

When we create UNconsciously, we tend to move through each day either on an emotional roller-coaster or feeling disconnected and numb, only seeing what is happening outside us of rather than what’s happening inside of us. As a result, there is more of a tendency to blame others, to blame life, and to blame things outside of us for our circumstances, pain, fear, lack, etc. There is less INNER AWARENESS and more OUTER PROJECTING of our internal suffering, which then makes the world around us look a certain way, mirroring back to us, our deepest fears, limiting beliefs, and personal suffering.

This is not something people choose on purpose, it is only chosen by those who truly think there is no other option. There is too much fear.

That fear is in the driver’s seat.

In this state we think we ARE our thoughts, we think we ARE our bodies, and we are ruled by our attachments to people, places, and things. We are not free when we live here, no matter how much success or money we have. When we live Unconsciously, we are not living in the moment, and instead of fully experiencing life, or the WHAT IS, we stay stuck in our assumptions, stories, and judgments about the What Is, which makes it impossible to be present and actually experience our lives.

To live unconsciously is to exist, NOT LIVE.


I suppose this topic is very present in my heart at the moment, because I am half-way through running another one of my 4 Week Courses. This one is called ADVENTURES IN MIND, BODY, AND HEART: 4 Weeks To Be An Explorer Of Your Own Life.

Every time I Coach clients, Facilitate workshops, or Teach classes, I am compelled to revisit my own journey and to share the breakthrough moments, the miracles, and the game changing wisdom that shifted my entire inner and outer worlds, and CONTINUES to do so.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of NOW, says it beautifully:

“I am the AWARENESS that is AWARE of my thinking.”

We are not our thoughts. We are not our bodies. We are not our emotions.

But if we are NOT these things, than WHAT ARE WE?

If you intellectually understand the answer to this question, GREAT! That’s a very promising start. However, it is a VERY different thing to understand this in the heart, or to understand this deep within. We can understand things without defining them, or putting words to them. The mind is what wants to explain everything. But AWARENESS exists beyond the mind. A KNOWING is just that, a KNOWING. It is does not require us to explain it, to define it, or defend it. It just IS. When something just IS, you feel it. To feel it is enough. So contemplating on this will get you where you need to go.

When there is AWARENESS, it is like shining a flashlight into the darkness, the place where thoughts, beliefs, stories, memories, etc, continue to weigh us down, to rob us of our emotional freedom, and to keep us convinced that happiness, abundance, and peace come from doing more rather than doing LESS.

There is a difference between Conscious doing and UNconscious doing. The first, takes into consideration how one’s actions might effect others, and the entire, bigger picture. Conscious action could even be not taking action, but rather meditating, or journaling, or doing something that is designed to connect oneself to their own inner wisdom, which will ultimately lead the way in terms of what steps or actions to take. This could be called living in the FLOW.

The latter takes action without necessarily considering the impact of one’s choices on the greater plan. There is FORCE vs. FLOW here, and a pushing of what the mind thinks is necessary, rather than allowing what organically flows from the deeper knowing.

When we are living in the KNOWING of our AWARENESS, then we see things about ourselves, about others, and about life that we would not otherwise see if we were blinded by our assumptions, stories, and limiting beliefs (which are all rooted in the past). Therefore, we become available to new opportunities, to allowing in new direction and love, and we become willing to take the necessary steps toward living a life that is in alignment with surrender, goodness, forgiveness, and peace with and all around us.

Think about it, if all beings everywhere were peaceful and happy inside of themselves, do you think we would still be hurting one another and creating unnecessary pain and suffering? If our individual pain and suffering was resolved at it’s root, wouldn’t we be living and creating a life that mirrors that peace?

So the change starts with YOU, With ME, with One person at a time.

As Gandhi famously said:

“BE the change you want to see in the world.”

Unconscious doing, most of the time looks perfectly fine. We tend to stay on the surface of things, to engage in activities that numb us out more so than we engage in ones that open us up. We may be aware that deep inside something feels off, empty, sad, lonely, scary, etc, but we think we are alone in that, or we believe that confronting this may be far too difficult, so we just don’t say anything, we push it down, we pretend all is well, and just keep doing the same things day in and day out, deep down wondering what the hell is the point.

MY POINT today is this:


You may prefer living by “Ignorance is Bliss,” and that is perfectly fine. There is no judgment about that. We all get to CHOOSE how we live. However, what we choose, whether we like it, or believe it, or admit it or not, DOES AFFECT US and EVERYONE ELSE.

If you notice certain patterns, thoughts, circumstances, relationship habits, etc that repeat themselves over and over, it is simply a result of not turning inward to address the deeper core feelings that require some attention. When we have unresolved, or undigested, or UNconscious feelings, limiting beliefs, warped perceptions, etc, we get stuck in the paradigm they create. We no longer experience life, but rather we experience the story we have about life. Instead of living from the feeling place, or the heart, the intuition, the gut, we come from the head and identify as our thoughts.

As we begin to turn inward, to deepen our awareness, we become CONSCIOUS of what is REALLY taking place in each moment.

All of a sudden, the awareness dissolves the stories, the past-created perceptions, and the judgments, and we begin to SEE and to EXPERIENCE our life. We bust loose from the illusions we created about life, or the limited place we had put ourselves in without knowing it, and we come to know a new kind of freedom. We begin to know freedom in the heart, in the body, and in the mind. We begin to FLOW.

This seems to overwhelm many people at first, so I’d like to offer a few words of encouragement:

TO SEE IS TO BE FREE. Even if you are just beginning to see a little bit more, to become a bit more aware of why you do what you do, why you say what you say, why you choose what you choose, then you are already moving towards consciousness. IF you are willing to SEE and to be free, your willingness will invite in more awareness.

So…ARE YOU WILLING to experience more freedom within, more self-love, and genuine, pure love for life? Let me know! You can leave comments and/or questions here on the blog, or message me privately at

Thank you!

Love you all,


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I want to talk about a shameful little secret that we all have, that in my opinion, just doesn’t get talked about in the way I’m about to lay it out. I am also going to explain HOW TO BE IRRESISTIBLE in any outfit, at any age, no matter what.

Yep, you heard me. NO MATTER WHAT.

No make-up? So what. Some wrinkles?  Big Whoop. Haven’t had time to get your nails beautified? Still amazing.


Having entered my thirties 4 years ago, I have had the opportunity to experience life in a different way than I did in my twenties. Thank goodness right? Although my Spirit never grows old if I continue to nourish it with the things that bring it joy, my body on the other hand will grow older no matter what I do. It has become a common thing for woman my age and older, to talk about Botox and to be on a constant search for whatever ways we can, to escape mother nature’s plan for us. It makes me sad and frustrated and resentful to see how society talks about and views an aging body.

When I was in my twenties I had to do  a lot of work, and I mean A LOT, around my body image. I struggled for a very long time to make peace with my body, which came only as a result of returning to a place of love within me. Returning to my own love allowed me to FEEL beautiful regardless of how my body looked. Before this shift, I was always needing my body to look a certain way, in other words PERFECT, in order for me to FEEL ok. Only it was a vicious cycle. How I felt DEPENDED on how I looked. So I lived on an emotional roller coaster. On the days I approved of my body, I could be somewhat happy, only I lived in fear of food and not exercising enough because I didn’t want to wake up the next day to a body I disapproved of. So really, I wasn’t able to even be fully happy when I approved of my body.

Have you ever met someone who is unhappy all the time? Someone who is at war within themselves, unable to acknowledge their own beauty, and therefore insecure, full of self-criticism and obsessed with all the things they feel might save them, such as exercise, shiny objects, diets, Botox, tanning, and the list goes on?

This was me.


It is NOT our most attractive look when we live in a place of self-judgment, shame, insecurity, and feeling ugly and not enough. We do things when we don’t love ourselves, to make up for that lack of love, that are just NOT attractive.

I finally worked through my body image stuff towards the end of my twenties, and it was such a liberating experience! Instead of needing to look perfect first, before I could feel happy and love myself, I made the SHIFT. I began to love myself and connect to something deeper inside of me. I began to reach beyond the mind, beyond my thoughts, and into my own heart.

Meditation was one of the tools that helped me do this.

This is where I found myself. This is where I found love, SPIRIT, beauty, acceptance, joy, and light. From this place, a quality of happiness took over me that was new and real. I began to smile from the connection to joy that I felt, and this began to radiate outward. My choices and relationships began to fall into alignment with the love I felt for myself, so I stopped eating and drinking and using things that were harming me, and no longer felt the need to surround myself with un-supportive people, places, and things.

My body began to change automatically, because I was doing things from a place of love, so all my actions were loving. My body liked this A LOT. MY body and I became best friends instead of enemies.

My point is, growing happier as a result of feeling love for myself and making choices to respect and honor myself regardless of how I looked, ended up being the very catalyst for change that I was unable to reach when coming at it from the outside in. I began to make choices for myself from a place of LOVE vs. a place of fear.

It was an INSIDE JOB.

So back to this whole aging thing. Now, at the age of 34 years old, the next layer of this self-love, has recently confronted me. It’s this idea that we are supposed to have unwrinkled, perfect skin in order to be beautiful, or that we must preserve our youth in order to preserve our worth. I’m sorry people, but WE CANNOT ESCAPE GETTING OLDER.

I am a firm believer in eating healthy foods, nourishing the body with nutritious drinks, and doing things like yoga and meditation which keep the body and mind youthful, clean, clear, and functioning optimally. I DO believe that we age faster than we need to when we are not treating our Spirit’s and bodies with love. However, why is it that so many of us FEAR getting older and loosing our youthful look?

This is a topic still under exploration in my own life, and I am only 34, so I’m not about to claim myself an expert here. I am not necessarily offering the solution for you, but I am however opening up this topic for contemplation and discussion. I want you to honestly sit with this question:

“When will I be able to LOVE myself, just as I AM?”

Imagine what things could be like, if we ALL embraced the natural course of life. What if we chose to look more deeply at why we try to avoid it, and instead of trying to fix it or change it, we simply could just BE present with how we don’t feel enough at times, and how afraid we are of not being loved? What if we could SEE how attached we are to our masks, our costume, our body, skin, hair, nails, etc, and how afraid we are of loosing our concept of beauty? Can we let this SHOW US how we may need to redefine what beauty means for us? We may need to explore the feelings inside that come when we think we won’t look young or perfect anymore. Why is this so scary? What is it that you are REALLY wanting?

We all want to be IRRESISTIBLE. We only think we want others to feel this way about us, but in reality, the only reason that even matters is because we think we need it for confirmation that we are enough. We want youth and are attracted to perfect looks, because somehow there is a deep association we have to perfection and happiness. “If I was beautiful like her, then I would have no problems in my life.” “If my husband/wife was perfect looking, then I could convince the world that I am successful and happy inside.” “If I can stay looking young, then I will always feel like I deserve to be here.” These are the things that run through our heads!!!

What we would be far happier achieving, is the feeling of being irresistible to ourselves. To look in the mirror, to see a few wrinkles, to see a body that is perhaps still digesting last night’s feast, and to have compassion, to choose LOVE over fear, to team up with acceptance rather than resistance and to look back at that image in the mirror and say, “You are smoke’n HOT. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being so amazing. I love you more every single day, and for that I am grateful.”

How would that feel if you were simply IRRESISTIBLE to yourself?

Have you ever met someone who loves who they are (and I do not mean in an ego driven way, but a Heart-Centered way)? Someone who does not dim their light or put themselves down? Do you know someone who radiates beauty from the inside out and when you are with them, you just feel good, uplifted, supported, and when you think of them all you think are beautiful thoughts? They are IRRESISTIBLE!

To be IRRESISTIBLE, we must love ourselves. We must accept ourselves at any age, in any outfit, no matter what. The choice to feel enough or not, does not come from him, or her, or them, it’s YOURS to make.

When will you give yourself the permission that you seek, to finally FEEL and BE enough? If not now, when?


1) Do not let age be a separator. Everyone has been young, and everyone will grow old. We let our age separate us from those who are younger than us or older than us. We judge the elderly and laugh at them. We put down the young, as though they don’t know anything. Instead of doing this, let us come together and help each other go through the phase of life we are in! We are here to celebrate every day, and every age! We are here to fully experience all that comes with each new decade, including the wrinkles, the changes, and the grey. The young can have RESPECT and Curiosity for those who have gone before them, knowing they too will reach their time to be that age. They can listen and TRUST that there is much they do not yet know, and LET the older ones be the wise ones that they are. The older generations can take responsibility for the role they play for those who are younger, setting HEALTHY examples of how to stand in their power at their age, to be proud of their journey, to have achieved a state of confidence that is rooted in self-love and compassion. They can age with grace instead of shame and resistance. What we do and how we see each other, makes a POWERFUL impact on the way we will experience life. Let us all live mindfully, humble, and RESPECT one another at EVERY age.

2) Find your own way to honor yourself. There is no right or wrong way. However, there IS doing things from a place of  fear to make up for not feeling like you are enough or worthy vs. doing things from love just to celebrate who you know you are deep inside. Continue to check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I do this to nurture, nourish, honor, and celebrate myself, or do I do this to make up for something I feel that I lack?”

3) Get Honest. Get honest with yourself about why you do what you do. Vulnerability and inner integrity are two of the most interesting and attractive qualities we can have.

4) BE PRESENT. BE aware of your questions, your insecurities, your doubts, your fears, and your need to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do if you already felt good enough. Once you SEE them, instead of trying to fix them or change this about yourself, let it BE. Let yourself BE, just as you are in that moment, not trying to run, or hide, or change, but standing in the RAW, REAL, and EPIC truth about yourself.

5) Smile from your heart. When you look at other people, instead of looking at them through your fears of what they might see about you, or your insecure ideas about yourself, or your fears about what they are thinking, just SEE them. SEE yourself in them. SEE them in you. SEE from your heart, not your head, your ideas and concepts, your judgments and conditioning, but from your HEART. SEE that we are all the same. We ALL want to feel loved and accepted just as we ALREADY ARE. Look for what is right in them, in the world, and in YOU. This my awesome friend, IS beautiful. To shine the light for others by being the light is IRRESISTIBLE.

Thank you so much for being here with me, for opening your time, your mind, and your heart to take this in. It is a pleasure and a joy to spend this morning with you. Please message me here with any questions or comments, or you can email me privately at Thank you!

Love you all,


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No More Running: How to ACCEPT Yourself and Others Just As You Are


“Freedom resides in the WHAT IS, nowhere else.” -Erin Lanahan Method

Namaste Friends. Today I acknowledge that I have been back in the United States for 3 months. Whilst it certainly is not a very long time, I definitely have been through and done a lot since being back. I was sitting with things this morning, tuning into what might be the best topic for discussion here with you, and of course, the word that keeps coming up is ACCEPTANCE.

I could honestly explore this word and what the meaning of it is in my life forever, because ACCEPTANCE is something we seem to get in pieces, and as we grow up, grow older, and life and its many circumstances change, we are greeted by how easily we can accept life as it unfolds, accept ourselves exactly as we are, and accept others exactly as they are.

Now I am not saying we EVER have to accept unhealthy or harmful circumstances and situations that are unfriendly and bad for us, but rather to ACCEPT things as they are, and allow the acceptance to inspire the next decision and/or action. Thus, if things are not supporting our highest good, rather than making excuses and trying to pretend they ARE good for us, we are better off getting fully present to the harm and pain they create for us, and then acting accordingly.

I have not lived in the same city as my entire family, parents, siblings, etc, in many years. I suppose it is actually Divinely orchestrated that somehow, we have all ended up back in the town I grew up in, for this period of time. Who knows how long it will last, so I have been making the most of it. It certainly has been amazing, but not always easy.

Family can trigger us more than anyone! Due to the ties we have with them, past, present, and future, the memories we share, the mirrors we are for one another, they just have a way of making us see ourselves differently and usually much more INTENSELY than our friends, clients, co-workers, employers, etc. We can move away and do all kinds of incredible things in life, visit some of the world’s most treasured places, and develop into expansive, passionate, purpose-filled light workers in the world, and yet, the minute we see our family, some how we revert back to the years between birth and high school.

I am fully aware that this happens for me, mostly because the last time I really had a relationship with my family was before I left this town at 18 years old. Of course I have come home to visit over the years, but never more than 3-4 weeks, and you just don’t get down to the nitty-gritty relationship stuff when it’s happy holiday, i’ll be leaving soon type visits. This homecoming for me has been more about really facing into the beliefs I have carried about myself for many years that were created when I was a kid, and my beliefs about my family members that I have carried with me for many years that were also created long ago.

Upon my return, and my deep core belief that I am here for a reason, I made a commitment to myself, and a silent one to my family (Although if they read this, not so silent anymore ;), that I would let go of what I thought about myself and about them, and instead just EXPERIENCE myself and them as we are NOW, and go from there.

I had to move through many layers of my own charges and personal insecurities to ultimately be able to do this, so the ACCEPTANCE began with ME.

When I was in conversations with my siblings, my parents, or my entire family around the dinner table, or the like, I would notice old patters inside of me bubbling up, such as the need to be heard, the need to prove that I was good enough, and the need to feel acknowledged, appreciated, and accepted. Interestingly enough, I was aware it was also a pattern that still was showing up for me in my life overall. In those moments, with this AWARENESS, I could acknowledge, appreciate, and accept myself as a young woman, who for whatever reason, didn’t feel heard, good enough, or a part of,  in my childhood and teenage years, which regardless of the different way I experience life now, was still buried deep inside.

In the past I would speak loudly about my opinions, perhaps get emotional and upset, or start some kind of drama around how I felt, and I could now see the feelings that triggered such behaviour and instead of reacting to them, I could simply BE with them. Yes, it WAS intense at first. It WAS confronting and hard to sit still in it without crying or getting unnecessarily defensive. In doing so, I also became aware of the deep patterns within each of my family members, that created something similar for them, and I could acknowledged that for whatever reason, none of us felt heard, seen, appreciated, accepted, and admired. I could have COMPASSION for every single one of us.

To me it was ironic that we all felt this way, and yet, it wasn’t a huge surprise. In working as a coach, and a spiritual teacher I am aware of the personal hell people create for themselves without even knowing it. We all look for acceptance outside of us, growing deep resentments towards our loved ones and the world around us for our feelings, and blaming everyone and everything for our lack and limitations within and without.

As I began to SEE this happening, I could take responsibly in that moment. I could ACCEPT myself, ACCEPT them, and ACCEPT the good, honest truth, which is:

We love each other very much, we are not perfect, nor will we ever be, and that in and of itself  IS perfect. We expect more from ourselves than anyone else, and although we are loved and appreciated and accepted, we don’t feel this way because it is our own attention and love we seek, no one else’s. Until we give it to ourselves, we are just not capable of giving it away. Seeing our inability to give it away, can also help us become aware of how deeply we hurt for this within ourselves, to have our own appreciation, and to REALLY FEEL inside like we are enough, no matter what other people think, see, or believe. 

What other people think, see, or believe, is THEIR stuff, not yours.

We cannot be responsible for what other people choose, but we MUST be responsible for what WE CHOOSE. So this is how I experience ACCEPTANCE today. I simply stop to feel, to listen, to be with the WHAT IS. I give myself time to explore what’s happening, to let it land, and to gain some perspective and insight before responding. As I begin to SEE, I am allowing, and therefore accepting what is. Instead of trying to fix it or change it, I find it’s best to sit in it, and to hold the space for the ruth within, so as to shine a light on this within myself, and thus for each person around me.

Today I want you to know you are loved, heard, seen, appreciated, and accepted. So please, give this to yourself. YOU are worth it.

Lots of Love and Hugs!


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Nothing Is Permanent

Om pillow and never give up sign!

In case you cannot read the OM pillow above, this is what it says:
“Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own
heart.”- Unknown
Taken by me, here on my trip in Ubud, Bali. Love you all!

Well my diver is picking me up in less than 3 hours to take me to the airport. Today I am leaving Ubud, leaving Bali, and heading to America. I have so many different emotions running through me about this. I am excited to see my family, to reconnect with old friends, and to explore the opportunities that await me there.

I suppose this represents the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another chapter. These are the times in our life that kick up the most fear, because there is so much unknown.

Australia was so amazing in so many ways and I have such a DEEP appreciation and gratitude for my time and relationships there. I haven’t said goodbye to them for good, just for now 😉

I have come to experience this liberation from permanence.

When we go through life, acting as though each thing we do or decision we make is going to be “permanent,” it edits our freedom to do what we are guided to do in the moment.

Well, at least that’s what happens to me.

Therefore I find it really helpful to see everything as impermanent.

So far there is only one thing I can think of that I believe is permanent, and that is LOVE. I feel that LOVE never dies, it never ends, and it goes on forever and ever.

Even if someone dies, we die, our relationship ends, etc, the love , if it was REALLY love, that was there, will always be there, even if it gets covered up with layers of resentment, change, pain, and loss. So love is permanent, but everything else, well everything else always changes doesn’t it?

This helps me when I make decisions. I go with whatever my heart seems to be saying at the time, and usually my mind is freaking out, saying things like “how is that going to work, and what about this and that?” My heart knows that whatever action it is asking me to take is required for what I am meant to go through NOW. After the experience unfolds, things will be different, and it will ask me to take a new action, perhaps a new direction. If I see things as permanent, I will never takes risks, for fear that things will ALWAYS be that way.

This morning, as I enjoy my last moments of this incredible journey in Ubud, Bali at Clear Cafe on Hanuman Street, I am reminded that we NEVER know what comes next. Four years ago I was living in Los Angeles, CA and would have never thought I would move to Australia, and achieve so many of my dreams such as creating my dream job, living in another country, spending a month in India at the Oneness University, and then immersing in Yoga in Bali.

All I knew is my heart asked me to move to Australia.

It just asked me to take the leap.

As you can imagine, so many fears and doubts haunted me as they do anytime we take risks, follow our heart, and step into the unknown.

However, the more we do this, the more we see it as just part of the process, and when it happens the next time we take a leap, we recognise it, and we can trust a little more.

It all comes down to our perception right? Can we ever really make a mistake if everything we do is getting us more clear about who we really are, what we really believe, and what we really desire in our hearts? How can we go wrong if what we end up with is more faith, an expanded view of life, and a deeper connection to ourselves, the Divine, and others?

As I take off from Bali later today I will be embarking on this next phase of my life. I could sit here and tell you what that is going to look like, but the truth is…I have no idea. I have learned to let go of what we think we know and instead surrender to whatever is showing up in each and every moment, taking guided action that we can only take when we are present.

I would like to dedicate this article to the place in all of us that KNOWS even when it feels like we don’t know. Here’s to the ultimate SURRENDER. Here’s to letting go of what we think we know and what we think it’s all suppose to look like, in HONOUR of allowing, and therefore inviting in something that may be totally different than we’ve “planned,” and more than likely EVEN BETTER.

I’ll speak to you when I get to the other side!

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This Is About Following YOUR Light, No-One Else’s!

When we let go of the end result, and our attention shifts to simply enjoying and exploring each moment, our bodies, and our breath, all of a sudden, we BECOME LIGHT. We fly.

Me Post Power Yoga Session at Yoga Barn.
“When we let go of the end result, and our attention shifts to simply enjoying and exploring each moment, our body, and our breath, all of a sudden, we BECOME LIGHT. We fly.” – Erin Lanahan

This is Day 6 out of the 9 days I am here in Ubud, Bali. This experience has been one of a kind I’ll tell ya. Between practicing yoga 3-4 times a day, meeting new friends, meditating, consuming massive amounts of cleansing and detoxifying smoothies, juices, tonics, and raw foods I have really been unable to be anywhere but IN THE MOMENT. I have even found it quite challenging to communicate with anyone outside of this little bubble I seem to be in at the moment (not to mention the WIFI is less than ideal which makes it even harder).

I seem to be at another point in my life where I am getting an even deeper connection to my Intuition/Inner Guru/God Within. Sometimes it is hard to know what our intuition is saying. In those moments when we are unclear, we become indecisive. So for me, that looks like an extremely stressed out version of Erin, ummm’ing and ahhh’ing about what to do, trying to decide what I feel is best vs. what I think I “should” do based on the opinions of others, and literally STUCK in the land of “I’m afraid to get wrong!”

The last couple of days this has started to happen. My body has been extremely sore from all the yoga, but because I am here, I feel a bit of silly or guilty not taking as many classes as possible. That said, one thing I have learned from all my years in the fitness industry, is that a lot of our growth comes from the down time, the rest, and the days we take OFF. I need these just as much as the hard time on the mat.

Our greatest achievements come as a result of doing what feels right for US. 

Yesterday I went against my own intuition and took a class when I really wanted to meditate, swim in the pool, maybe do some shopping, just flow and chill. I absolutely could NOT find a grove in the class because everything felt like I was pushing AGAINST my natural flow. What did I do? After struggling for about 30 mins, doing the ummm’ing and ahhh’ing, I made a choice.

Yep, I have to admit, I was THAT yoga student who walked out in the middle of the class!!!

At first I felt really bad, and started running all the reasons through my head why leaving made me a weak devotee, a bad teacher, and then mostly because I was too tired to fight with myself, I just decided to let it go, to honour how I was feeling, and to go get a coconut kefir from Bali Buddha and head for my villa to just BE alone, to process all the feelings I am feeling during this phase of my life.

I got into my room, and I just sat. I closed my eyes, and I began to breathe, to feel the energy in my stomach, in my heart, in my throat, and in my body overall. 

It felt SO good.

A got a little teary as I realised how much I had been running from myself the last few days and not even knowing it. I felt compassion for the place within me where there is sadness, fear, and uncertainty.

These are only natural things to experience. We try so hard not to feel them, and yet, they are what make the human experience complete.

We cannot protect ourselves from SOME feelings without protecting ourselves from ALL of them. This means as we shut ourselves off to fear, sadness, rejection, uncertainty, abandonment, etc, we also shut off to joy, love, peace, connection, and inspiration. We MUST be willing to have a parental-like support for the places within us where we feel weak and small, and yet find our strength in the support that we also have within us and open up to life no matter what.

We must be willing to feel vulnerable as Brene Brown says and “Show up and share what’s in our hearts, regardless of the outcome.”

This is how we learn, strengthen, grow, heal, connect, and SHINE.

We have so much information that comes at us from so many different directions, and what ends up happening is we LOSE OURSELVES!

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to return to our breath, to return to a space where there is no-one else or nothing else to influence us, so we can re-connect to truth, so we can get back home. 

Once I was able to take this time out, to drop back into my heart, to re-enter MY flow, I remembered. I remembered that NO ONE ELSE, no teacher, no mentor, no friend, NO ONE, will ever know the truth for me more than my higher-self does.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I have been guided, supported, and HELPED so SO much by my teachers, mentors, healers, family, friends, shaman, coaches, monks, dasa’s, gurus, you name it! I am a coach and teacher myself. I have a MAD passion and deep love and respect for these people. I am not saying that these people cannot help us, they absolutely CAN and DO! What I mean is, at the end of the day, the whole point of all this help is to get us back to US, to re-connect us to the guru within. Ultimately even these great teachers cannot be inside of you, they cannot KNOW your Inner Guru the way you can.

So…today I decided to write to you, and to connect with my loved ones instead of going to morning yoga. I had almost forgotten that this IS yoga.

Yoga is about honouring our deepest truth, listening to our heart and body, being gentle, kind, and patient with ourselves, letting go of our attachments to results, outcomes, and destinations, and surrendering all our expectations to a greater plan unfolding.

Yoga is about SEEING the world from the heart instead of the mind. It’s about how we choose to show up in each moment, about how AWARE we commit to being in every moment, and how compassionate and accepting we are with ourselves, with others, and with the circumstances that are around us as well as within us. This means we can do yoga ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with ANYONE. We do not necessarily have to do it on the mat, in a class, with a teacher.

Something I love to remind my students and clients of, mostly because I love being reminded of it myself, is that happiness is not about living some concept or idea of happiness. It doesn’t look like some big cheesy smile and a boat that never gets rocked.

Happiness is simple.

It is acceptance of WHAT IS. It is the state in which we are no longer judging our emotions and making up stories about them, but instead exist in a state of ALLOWING, observing, exploring, and maintaining a sense of curiosity about what we are feeling in each moment.

Therefore we may be feeling energy in the body that our minds want to label as fear or sadness, but instead of sticking the energetic/emotional experience into a box where it gets stuck, we surrender the labelling process, and adopt the experiencing process to replace it. We just begin to EXPERIENCE the feeling, the emotion, the energy, and finally we begin to LIVE. That’s it. In this place, our Inner Guru can finally reach us, it finally has our attention, and we can finally receive the guidance, support, and love we were longing for and seeking all along.

Again, this is just MY experience, what MY intuition has shown me, where MY Inner Guru as taken me, and I am finding what works for ME in this life and simply sharing it with you. I always invite and encourage you to take what aligns with your truth and leave the rest! Find what works for YOU!

The light within me, honours and bows to the light within you. May you continue to breathe, to sit still, to listen, for as long as it takes until you are embraced and cradled by your own light.


Love you All!


Are you ready to walk the path of self-love, to experience greater connection in relationships, and deepen your awareness of your own Inner Guru?  Are serious about investing in yourself? If you said YES Erin, yes I am, then perhaps you are ready to work with me one-on-one! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Inner Guru Mentoring Program is an exciting, heart opening, highly effective way to re-connect you to your highest-self, so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. Thank you and Namaste 🙂






I’ll have the Sprouted Sunflower Seed Sushi, Kale Salad, with a side of OMy GOD Power Yoga!

handstand badakonasana

This is me…hanging out upside-down after yesterday’s morning yoga sesh! When you see something you want, are you intimidated or inspired? Let that which draws you to it, remind you that you can, you are, and you will. What u see is merely a reflection of something that already exists within you!


Right now I am sipping on an “Energy Plus,” which consists of Maca Root, Raw Chocolate, Herbal Chai, a Bali Boost (so many vitamins and minerals I cannot list), Unhade Gato (for the immune system), Date, and Cashew milk whilst I sit post-yoga and orgasmic salad lunch at Down To Earth restaurant. I have only been here for 2 full days and the beginning of this one, and I have already accomplished a HUGE goal.

Wait for it…

I have officially tried EVERY healthy cafe on my list! WINNING!

That said, I am sure there are many more.

You have heard that saying “Follow your Bliss.” Well for me that could translate into so many things:

Follow the Raw Cacao!

Follow the OM!

Follow the Spirulina!

Follow the Kale!

Cheesy? Perhaps, but I am sorry, these are the simple things in life that bring me me SO MUCH JOY. This basically means, in a place like Ubud, Bali…I am in heaven.

Ok, let’s talk about yesterday. Please excuse me if I jump around. I’m on a huge food, drink, and yoga buzz! Who knew that you could get drunk and high without alcohol and drugs??? I admit, I am now the kind of person I would have made fun of 5 years ago! “Oh she’s one of those weird people who eat all that weird food.” Not sure how I ended up here but I don’t care…I am staying!

Speaking of getting high…I had an interesting conversation with my teacher and now new friend, Joey Myers, yesterday right before he taught us Vinyasa Flow class at Radiantly Alive.

He said “Everyone is here for a fix, you know, we are all after that high we get from this lifestyle, post yoga, post green smoothie, etc. Yoga is an addiction, but is that such a bad thing when it could be heroine or cigarettes?”

This got me contemplating. Hmmmm…Is yoga an addiction? Am I addicted to yoga? It certainly is a far better addiction to have than the ones I use to choose, so perhaps he is right?

Obviously I cannot speak for you or anyone else, but I have to say after a lot of thought and exploring this concept, this is the conclusion I have come to for myself.

Yoga certainly CAN be an addiction, just like many things. However, the ultimate lessons we are exposed to as we practice is letting go of our attachments. This means letting go of our attachments to feeling good, letting go of expecting to feel good, and simply releasing all attachments we have to results, outcomes, and destinations.

Personally I have experienced a very unique kind of high when I do this, and it’s called snorting a big fat line of BEING IN THE MOMENT!

It’s exhilarating, inspiring, exciting, and yet there is a fear of it ending, which then takes us out of the moment, and we start to come down from that high.

As we practice more and more, which is really all life is at the end of the day, one big long practice, we get stronger and better at BEING. We become less concerned with what may or may not happen, and we simply begin to ride the wave of what IS happening.

Ahhhhh, now this is when it gets really fun.

As I spoke about yesterday, this trip is very much of a purging, a releasing, a shedding of unnecessary layers for me, and if you saw the puddles of sweat I left behind in class this morning, you too would know as well as I do, that I am literally being WRUNG OUT. It’s a cleansing and although it feels amazing in many ways, it also feels confronting in others.

That said, I much prefer being WRUNG OUT than my past experiences of being STRUNG OUT 😉 

Yesterday I had some more really big charges come up around work stuff. I found myself really wanting to be available for my clients because I LOVE MY JOB, and I LOVE MY CLIENTS, and yet my intuition was very loud and clear that I am meant to disconnect from coaching whilst I am going through this process here in Ubud, Bali. Feelings of guilt, fear, and shame all filled my belly and heart as I kept trying to schedule appointments all the while knowing it was ultimately a dis-service I would be doing to my clients AND myself! So, I sat in meditation and asked for some guidance regarding my clients and working with them while I am here.

This is the message I received:

“Erin, this is a sacred time for you, a time that will bring you AND your clients much insight and joy IF, and ONLY IF you allow yourself the time to fully embrace this experience. This situation was created for you because because this is showing you where you are still making people your God, where you are still afraid to surrender fully, and where you still think that you will be punished for listening and following through with your innermost truth. I need you to TRUST me now. You have a God and they are not it. Surrender to me fully, and KNOW that you are being taken care of in ways beyond your comprehension and so are your clients.”

It was an intense message to receive, but I knew what I had to do. So I emailed them and let them know. It was hard, but Healer must heal thyself right?

What could possibly be better for us and others, than listening to that Divine Guidance we feel from within?

Our minds will never be able to understand HOW in the heck this intuition could possibly be correct, which is why the mind will try to get us to doubt it and ultimately to not listen to it. 

One of the greatest lessons I have learned, am learning, and will continue to be learning for the rest of my life, is this:

Clear thy vessel so I can access the intuition, the Divine Information, the Internal GPS system. Eat and drink clean, high vibrational foods and fluids, make conscious choices, take pure actions, and this way of life makes it easier to access our innermost truth. Once we have access, we must practice the art of TRUSTING what we see, hear, feel, and KNOW deep down. Then, as a result of our trust, we must let our life be guided by these internal directions, we must follow through with the messages of love that we receive. 

Some days this is easy, other days not so easy. When it gets too hard, I call on other people to help me, like my friend Priscilla Stephan, once a client, and now a barter that I have in my life because we trade our services to help each other through the harder days. I called on her yesterday to do an Akashic Record Reading with me, and sure enough it confirmed that what I heard earlier in the day, was absolutely spot on.

It doesn’t matter if things are hard or easy, as long as we remain AWARE, as long as we are doing the very best we can in each moment.

You do not have to eat kale salads and drink green juices to listen to your heart. Anyone can do it. The only ingredients required are:

Willingness: To step into the unknown and get uncomfortable.

Vulnerability: Sharing who you know yourself to REALLY be within, regardless of the outcome.

Courage: To follow through on your intuitive hunch even if you are the only person put of 100 million who is doing it differently.

So, how do you feel in this moment? Can you simply breathe into it, to just BE with what IS, right now, right here? Can you hear your heart speaking to you? Can you trust it enough to listen? If you don’t feel ready yet, do not judge yourself. Life is one big practice session 🙂 So practice. You WILL get stronger I promise.

Ok, time to head back to my villa and go for a swim! Please write to me with any questions or comments here on the blog or email me at

Lots of love. See you tomorrow!



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I’ve Entered The Vortex…They call it UBUD, Bali!

Joey Myers and I

This picture of my yoga teacher Joey Myers and me, was taken after the yoga class I mention at the bottom of this love letter to you 😉 It was KILLER!! Enjoy!!! See you tomorrow xo

It’s 8:15am in the morning on my second full day in Ubud, Bali. This place is very much what I imagined it to be, and yet different and even better. I have felt extremely pulled to write about my journey here, as so many things continue to become part of my realizations. The energy here is very strong, well at least it is for me. I asked my yoga teacher last night, and he said “some say this is a vortex, a special place, but one must be ready for it to work on them.” Well…I must be ready because man am I feeling it!

I have been told that this experience in Bali for me, is meant to be a cleansing, a purging, and the start of my great integration of the last 2 and a bit years of living in Australia. I certainly have been through some wild things, and have been stretched beyond any previous form of consciousness and awareness that I had before leaving Los Angeles in August of 2011.

I think one of the most challenging, and yet exciting things about this moment I am in, is that I have no idea what comes next, and at the same time, I just KNOW it will be fabulous in every way, and I am honored to be along for the ride, to have front row seats to the Divine production called my life.

This may sound pretty spiritual, and if that bothers you,’s just how it is these days. I wasn’t always this way, but my life, my journey, has led me here, to this language, to these places, to the opportunities, relationships, and “coincidences” I have encountered. I cannot be something I am not, at least not anymore.

So, back to Bali…

Yesterday I went for my very healthy brekky which consisted of a green smoothie, a liver shot made of carrot and turmeric, a cashew milk cappuccino, and a wheat grass shot. It was amazing as I threw back these nutrient dense liquids, all the while feeling happy and proud to have the capacity to enjoy health and being surrounded by nature and yoga. There was a time in my life that I would’ve been more concerned with how early was too early to start taking shots of tequila, so lets just say I’ve come a long way in the last 4-5 years.

I was sitting at a table, on a veranda overlooking the jungle plants, as well as the amazing studio I was about to embark on my first Power Yoga sesh of the trip in, and I was aware of the heaviness left over from the ending of my relationship, as well as the irrational fears that come along with BIG changes. I was AWARE however, so I just sat there, with them, and let it be. It was actually really nice.

Then, I realized there were several people I know, or let’s just say have crossed paths with in some form or another, on multiple occasions, sitting in the cafe around me. When I realized, I spoke out, and apparently they all knew each-other too. Spooky. Sometimes we really forget we are not controlling things, and actually believe that somehow it is up to us when, where, and how things will happen. Yesterday was a HUGE reminder that God/The Universe is always up to something, orchestrating a Divine plan that we are in no way creative enough to compete with. It actually made me laugh aloud to SEE myself trying to.

Phew…there was a huge waive of relief to be reminded that I am not in charge, that all I have to do is STAY IN THE MOMENT, and take the next guided action, and the rest will literally unfold in a magical way automatically as a result.

Even-though I felt a bit charged up having seen these people, I was able to simply breathe into the feelings it stirred up in me. You see they happen to be here on a big writer’s retreat, and all my old stuff about “being left out,” “falling behind,” or somehow “not getting what I deeply desire,” were all kicked up.

Damn. Do I really have to deal with THESE on my holiday???


In the not so recent past, I would have allowed these charges to get the better of me, but yesterday, a very loving and yet POWERFUL voice reminded me of something. It said to me:

“Erin, these people were not placed here to show you your lack of worth. We put you all here for you to see that you are equals, to let you know that everything you deeply desire IS already happening, BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION, already unfolding, and this is simply our way of showing you where you are vibrating and what you are now attracting into your life so you can be even more excited about, and confident in, the person you are today, and all that you have to share.”

WOW…this was a very cool shift from the voice I used to hear which would’ve said things like, “your not good enough, they are above you, you will never fit in or get what you desire, yadda-yadda.”

We always get opportunities to see how far we have come, so it is so helpful and supportive if we can allow ourselves to SEE and ACKNOWLEDGE this when it shows up for us. We continue to experience things over and over again, until we go through them with CONSCIOUSNESS, which means we must continue to grow from it until it stops repeating itself, or else we will re-live the same experience out in however many ways it manifests in our physical reality, over and over AND OVER again, without getting anywhere (kind like a hamster on a hamster wheel, appearing as though it’s moving, but in the grand scheme, going no-where new).

I can humbly share that I am a student of this teaching below:

What we feel deeply in our most intuitive place, is not imagined. It is not far fetched. It is truth. This life is about tapping into that truth, then trusting it enough to follow through on it.

It may not always be easy, and most of us need help and guidance along the way during the really hard times, but there really is no other better way to fulfill our destiny, our mission, our Divine Assignment, as far as I have found to date. This however, is just my opinion, not fact. Take what aligns with you and leave the rest 😉

It has certainly been fun to connect with you this morning, but I must run off to yoga now. Lots of love! I’ll be in touch again tomorrow!



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Follow Your Heart: Interview With Tiny Buddha’s Founder Lori Deschene

Tiny Buddha's Guide Cover

It is SUCH an honour to present to you today, an interview I was able to do with my friend Lori Deschene. She is the Founder of Tiny Buddha, one of the top websites today that is providing life tools and inspiration to the world. I met Lori back in L.A., when I contacted her about a writing opportunity with Tiny Buddha. She graciously accepted me as one of her contributors and our relationship has seen each other through many trials, tribulations, and BIG transitions over the years.

I will forever be deeply grateful to Lori, for sharing so openly, and for being so encouraging to those of us, who just like her, have an incredible passion to provide inspiration and tips to our fellows, based on our own personal life experiences. In fact…Lori has an AMAZING book being released, so of course I wanted to tell you ALL about it!

It’s Called Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself! I feel I have the right to brag that I was actually one of the contributors that she chose to be a part of this incredible heart project. I feel so lucky and so pumped about this book being available for all of you!

I was also blessed enough to be someone who got to interview Lori about her book, and boy did I feel SUPER inspired and empowered after hearing her responses. Please give yourself the gift of hearing what she has to say about following your heart, relationships, what makes her so good at what she does, and how YOU can collect her magic for yourself 🙂

My interview with Lori:

1) What inspired you to write this book?

I was originally planning to write a different book about what it means to “win” in life. Shortly after I signed my contract, I went through a series of life challenges—a major surgery, a home break-in, financial struggles, and the death of my grandmother. It was an emotionally draining time for me, and one of the most difficult I’d experienced in years. After telling my publisher I wasn’t going to be able to write the book, I started being a little hard on myself, especially since I’d already announced the project on the Tiny Buddha blog. As time went on, I began to re-evaluate what it means to take good care of myself, and I thought about a goal I’d had to write a series of “Tiny Buddha’s Guide to” books, sharing stories and insights from community members. Since I had just gone through a time when I really needed my own love and compassion—and since I’d formerly struggled with depression, bulimia, and self-loathing—I realized I wanted to start with a book focused on self-love. I think it’s something we all struggle with at times, and yet it’s so important for our happiness. Everything we do in life is a reflection of how much we love ourselves.

2) What would be your top 3 suggestions or tips for someone who is wanting to follow their heart and manifest their vision into reality?

Don’t wait. Do something—anything—no matter how small to get the ball rolling today. “Someday” only comes if you eventually decide that day is today. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. As long as you’re willing to keep taking steps forward, you will learn as you go. Instead of having faith in a specific vision, have faith in yourself. Things may or may not turn out exactly how you imagined they would, but it’s the journey that will enable you to be the person you want to be.

3) How did you come to choose the contributors in your book? 

I came up with 10 themes related to self-love, and then I went through the Tiny Buddha archives to find four related posts for each chapter. My goal was to find 40 powerful stories, each with a unique message, so the book would share 40 tips. It was hard to narrow down the posts, since there are currently more than 1,600 on the blog, but I feel there’s a nice balance of people, perspectives, and experiences in the book!

4) What characteristics do the writers seem to have in common that you select as contributors on Tiny Buddha?

In the past four years, more than 650 people have shared their stories on the blog, and it’s an eclectic mix, with contributors of all ages from all over the globe. Some things they have in common: they’re all self-aware, they’re all committed to self-growth, and they’re all generous in sharing their experiences to help others who are seeking insight and support.

5) How have you come to know social media so well and what would you suggest to those who feel intimidated by it?

I don’t really know that I have come to know social media well. I think I know blogging well, and the Tiny Buddha’s social media pages have grown in large part because readers enjoy the quotes and stories from the blog. My advice to anyone who’s intimidated by social media is to jump in and get a feel for it. Social media is a tool, and like any tool, you need to use it to understand how it can work for you.

6) What is the main message you are hoping you have shared in your book, Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving?

We are far more than our worst mistakes and our greatest weaknesses, if only we believe it.

7) What is one word you would use to sum up relationships?

Fascinating. At least, they are when we’re not too wrapped up in emotions to see them that way! If we’re open to it, we can learn so much about ourselves through relationships. They reveal to use our unhealed wounds, our weaknesses, and our insecurities, as well as our needs, our strengths, and our potential.

8) What is your favourite topic to write about?

I like writing about what motivates us—why we do what we do—and how we can use self-awareness to minimize our pain and increase our happiness and overall wellbeing.

9) How can people find out more about you and what you are up to?

You can learn more about me and the book at Anyone who pre-orders through book before October 8, 2013 will receive the Self-Love Bonus Pack, with 8 digital items valued at more than $150, free.

Thank you Lori!!!

Lori is so much about equality and giving her writers just as much time to shine, if not more, than herself. So she interviewed all of us as well 🙂 You can read Lori’s interview with me here.

Also, check out some of these EPIC testimonials that Lori has gotten (and these are just a few), from some of today’s most powerful thought leaders:

“Lori is one of a kind. Her amazing heart and wisdom shine through in everything she writes! I am a HUGE fan of Tiny Buddha, and I’m constantly inspired by Lori and her work.” —Mastin Kipp, founder of The Daily Love (


“I spent months retweeting posts from a mystery handle called @tinybuddha. I wasn’t the only one: Hundreds of thousands of people followed the daily messages. I was intrigued and made it a point to meet the woman behind the message. Today, Lori Deschene is a friend and fellow author who spreads truth and inspiration throughout the twittersphere, her blog, and now her new book! Lori has shifted the energy of the Internet with her loving daily posts and now she is sharing more with the world throughout her incredible book!” —Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Add More –ing to your Life and Spirit Junkie


“Reading Lori Deschene’s wonderful new book, Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself, is like listening to a good friend who reminds you of who you are when you need to hear it the most. Deschene and her contributors write about real-life situations with real-life solutions and they do it with the same unflinching honesty that has made so popular. If you are ever hard on yourself—and who isn’t—you need to read this book.” —Amanda Owen, author of The Power of Receiving


Ok everyone, I thank you so much for your time, and I am certain you’ll be thanking me for pointing you in the direction of Lori, her book, and Tiny Buddha!


Love you all,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you are ready to walk the path of self-love, experience greater connection in relationships, and deepen your awareness of your own Inner Guru, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a Coach. If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Inner Guru Mentoring Program is an exciting, heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. Namaste 🙂


 Lori Deschene

 Lori Deschene

Founder of Tiny Buddha

Author of Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself

Letting Down Our Walls: 5 Tips For Living A Courageous Life


I suppose we could call ME courageous for even writing this article right?


I say this because, just like you, I have that same little niggling voice that says:

“Who are YOU to be giving tips on living a courageous life? What if they think you’re a fraud?” 

However, I have learned that COURAGE means being vulnerable, which is sharing what’s coming from my heart, REGARDLESS of the outcome.

The definition of Courage is:

-The ability to do something that frightens one. Or, Strength in the face of pain or grief. COUR comes from the latin word COR, which means HEART.

To share what’s in our hearts regardless of the outcome obviously feels a bit scary, which is therefore just ONE reason why it’s so courageous to go for it anyway.

My entire life has been about moving towards the things that feel right inside of me, that simultaneously scare the crap out of me! As an added bonus, I have had the honour of seeing just how amazing and creative I have been along the way at building walls, protective layers, and defences against getting hurt, rejection, and failure.

We all have different ideas of what happiness looks like and feels like.

In my opinion however, at the end of the day, EVERYTHING we aim to achieve is always because what we REALLY want is to FEEL a specific way inside.

We want freedom, unconditional love, to feel completely accepted and like we fit in and belong somewhere, and we want to be able to EXPERIENCE life and the joy and inner peace that comes as a result of being PRESENT. Imagine, if you felt peaceful, joyful, fully present, accepted, and loved unconditionally, and fully expressed as the most authentic version of yourself, would you still CRAVE the same “Achievements?”

The majority of the population still believes that we can “Achieve” these things by gaining more prestige, money, fame, success, validation from others, likes on Facebook, fans on social media, etc. This tells me that there must be something misunderstood about Inner Peace, living in the moment, and unconditional love. These are not “things,” but rather they are a level of consciousness, a state in which we are able to live and experience the world within us and all around us.

No matter how much “stuff” we have, how good we look, or how much success we have, it will not certify us with this level of consciousness. 

For example:

Instead of having goal lists that look like this:

  • Let go of expectations
  • Live on purpose, sharing my passion
  • Let go of my attachments to outcomes so I can experience the magic of life
  • Be present
  • Love unconditionally
  • Be of Service and think of others more than I think of myself
  • Be kind and loving to all

We have goal lists that look like this:

  • Grow my business into a multimillion dollar empire
  • Own two brand new cars by the end of next year
  • Reach X amount of LIKES on Facebook
  • Buy a MUCH bigger house
  • Reach X-amount of dollars in my bank account by the end of this year
  • Get married and have 3 kids by the time I am 35 years old
  • Loose 15 lbs and have the perfect body by Summer Time

Now…there is nothing wrong with the second list. It is perfectly normal and OK to want these things and to set goals to achieve them. There’s only an issue when we reach for such things, believing that these things will bring us the first list, when in reality, the first list is the foundation for lasting and sustainable health, peace, connection, and happiness. The rest will ultimately come (or you won’t even care if they don’t because you will already FEEL amazing regardless).

I used to BELIEVE that I must appear as though I had it ALL together ALL of the time if I wanted to be accepted and seen in a certain way.

This meant I kept what I called a “healthy distance” from clients, students, and friends. I thought if I got too close, they would no longer be able to benefit from my work or friendship, because then they wouldn’t have the same level of respect or trust in me.

What this ACTUALLY did, was kept me from truly connecting to anyone. It kept me from being an EQUAL. It pushed potential lovers away and made my clients and students feel like my lifestyle was unattainable which only discouraged them. I played “The Coach” in all my interactions with the world. I even did this with my parents, especially my dad who I was constantly wanting to prove myself to (even though he didn’t need any proof to know I was worth his love!!!). I wasn’t doing this consciously, but unconsciously. I did so because hidden deep within was a belief that this part of me was all I had to offer. It was the mask I hid behind. I did not trust that me, just as I am, just my presence alone in a room with a friend, a client, my partner, my students…WAS ENOUGH.

Let me tell you, the day I GOT this, my life totally changed!

When I finally GOT that my #1 duty in life was to share what is in my heart REGARDLESS of the outcome, I literally had a spiritual awakening. My relationships grew deeper and richer. I was able to experience real, UNCONDITIONAL love with my partner (in fact this is what brought us back together after a break-up). I was still able to be just as effective if not MORE EFFECTIVE as a teacher and a coach, because I was being real, raw, and honestly sharing ALL of me,  instead of only sharing the bits of me I felt were worthy enough. This freed up SO much of my energy and allowed me to actually share myself completely with the world, which apparently has been a much greater gift to be giving than the guarded version of me. WOW…Who knew?!?!? 🙂

We all build our own kinds of walls, protecting ourselves from similar things such as ridicule, judgment, failure, rejection, shame, and getting hurt. One of my favourite TED Talks, is by Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability. She has done years of research around this subject and has found that when we try to protect ourselves from the so-called “painful” or “bad” feelings, we actually protect ourselves out of ALL feelings including, connection, love, and acceptance.

It is actually NOT possible to build walls up for selective feelings, without building defences against ALL of them.

When we build walls up, it protects us out of fully experiencing ANYTHING, and therefore we are no longer able to fully experience LIFE, period!

We become NUMB.

For me, letting down my walls and beginning to truly LIVE a COURAGEOUS life, has been one of the most liberating transformations I have gone through thus far.

Here are 5 of my favourite tips for living a courageous life:

1) Stop thinking that everything is about the result or reaction you get from someone else or something outside of you. This is what keeps us from FULLY sharing ourselves. How others react and respond isn’t about us. It’s about THEM. Your #1 duty is to show up and bring ALL of yourself to the party. Share your truth and keep moving.

2) Let go of your attachments to the outcome. We get left feeling unsatisfied when we don’t fully share our truth, so share your truth regardless of the outcome. Even if he or she rejects you, even if you “fail,” and even if things don’t turn out the way you want them to, as long as you are no longer hiding your truth, you have done your part and life will begin to support you for it.

3) Be patient. We tend to want instant gratification and we are constantly comparing ourselves and our level of “success” to those around us. You have no idea what the next moment, the next day, the next week, or the next month will bring. Keep showing up for your #1 duty and live in the mystery and the possibility of Life rather than in the assumption that you are not getting what you want. PRACTICE PATIENCE.

4) Instead of focusing on how you want things to look, focus on how you want life to FEEL. If you are coming from a place of LOVE, you will feel much differently about life and others, and you will make much different choices throughout your day than if you are coming from a place of fear.

5) Let go of expectations. Go into conversations, projects, meetings, events, social gatherings, etc, with the intention to accept everyone and everything as they are. We only get burned when we hold an expectation, or when we expect someone to do and be the way WE want them to do and be. Why do we feel so entitled to have the world act accordingly to our little plans? Therefore, when the world doesn’t meet our little expectations, we feel justified in our victim and sob stories. The only person this harms is YOU! So try approaching each day without expectations and see how differently you see and experience the world within you and all around you.

Do you have anything you’d like to share with me? If so, please leave your comments here on the blog!

Sending you MAD Love as always,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you are ready to experience richer and deeper relationships with self, with others, with food, and with The Universe, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a Relationships Coach. If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 

 To check out Brene Brown’s TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability, click  here.




From Force To Flow: Here’s How Acceptance Changed My Life


Today I am reflecting on the last few months. Boy have they been a wild ride. Actually, on April 5th I had surgery. It was an old injury, an umbilical hernia, that I no doubt got back in the day when I was a crazy fitness queen. I use to push SO hard at everything, and it definitely began to show up in my body. At first it showed up in good ways. After all, having washboard abs and not an ounce of body fat felt really good at that time in my life. However, after years of pushing, then it began to show up in not so good ways. My nervous system was jacked, I was stiff and sore all the time, my back was going out about 2-3 times a year, and I just started feeling old in my body when I was only in my 20’s! Then, things like hernias began to reveal themselves. I had many different signs along the way that all screamed SLOW DOWN ERIN!

Did I listen? Most definitely NOT at first haha. But over the years, I have been humbled, and as a result, I have surrendered. This surrender led me to a much different place. To give you a clue of how different, I am now a yoga and meditation teacher, and I love it!

My surgery was almost like a closing of that PUSH and FORCE chapter in my life. It was obvious how far I’ve come in terms of the self-love I now feel for myself. I wasn’t able to exercise  much at all for nearly 7 weeks. A few years ago that would have completely destroyed me.


My entire self-worth and ability to feel good and strong inside myself, was attached to my physical body, how it looked, and how well I fulfilled my daily and weekly routines.

Let me just say how much better it feels to not have such an attachment anymore.

That said, the last few months have been about me confronting another layer of things that are not aligning with my highest good. Therefore I have been meditating on what shifts need to occur, and staying present with what is, and as a result, things are certainly coming back into alignment.

One thing that fell away a bit as a result of my surgery and then working full on once I recovered from it, was my exercise time! As much as I am not attached to exercise, I also know I LOVE it and it is something that supports me when it comes from a loving place. So I must be sure I schedule the things into my day, my week, and my life that are nourishing and nurturing on every level for me.

Last week was the first week I didn’t work 7 days in a row in 6 weeks. CRAZY right?

I agree. I KNOW I should NEVER agree to work 7 days, and yet…I did it anyway. WTF?

I did it because there was still an old program running that said, I must do X to get Y.

Sound familiar?

So many of us struggle with following our intuition or Inner Guru because of our conditioning. There are deeply rooted beliefs that tell us there is a specific formula for things and if we don’t follow it, we won’t get results. Most of the time, following such a formula does not feel good, and we actually end up feeling like crap. How can this be a good thing?

Now I do not claim this to be fact, but this is my experience:

Abundance, well-being, and prosperity are not a result of DOING. They are a result of BEING in a place that feels good. When we feel good, we have energy. When we are feeling alive, we get inspired.

When we are inspired, we call forth the magic of the Universe and it literally begins to deliver our desires to our front door.

Now this does not mean we will sit at home and do nothing necessarily. Rather it means, that when we are present, and in a place that feels GOOD, whatever is required will be obvious. We will be guided, and whatever actions are necessary to move us toward our heart’s desires will happen in a way that feels natural and organic. Everything will start happening automatically is what I mean.

Why do we feel that pushing and forcing our way is what makes sense? I remember my life coach said to me years ago, “Erin, what if you didn’t have to chase down your dreams, and they actually came to you? Is that something you can accept as your possibility, and is it something you are willing to accept as your reality?”

It resonated with every cell in my being. I just KNEW that was the way it was meant to be, and at the same time doubted that it could happen for me. Nonetheless, I held the intention, and I can honestly say I finally know what my life coach meant. What a paradigm shift!

When I went through my surgery in April, as you can imagine, I was made to SLOW WAAAY DOWN. I cried a lot. Mostly it was me purging old ideas, limiting beliefs, shame, rejection, and all sorts of things that I’d carried around inside of me for so long. My partner and I broke up the day after my surgery and it was the catalyst that I needed to help me access these old feelings and experiences. It was the best thing that ever happened to me too, because I was able to release so much in all the down time I had, and as a result, my partner and I ended up back together, and happier than ever.

You see, before my surgery and break-up, I was still pushing and forcing life to look and feel the way I thought it was supposed to.

I had no idea that LOVE, real LOVE, was something totally different than I thought it was…much like a lot of things 😉 

Love, is a choice. It happens when we no longer look through the eyes of fear, and begin seeing through the eyes of acceptance. When we see through the eyes of unconditional love, ANYTHING SEEMS POSSIBLE.

During the 7 weeks of physical healing, it was also 7 weeks of spiritual and emotional healing for me. I learned so much about unconditional love and acceptance, and I learned the true meaning of vulnerability.

As amazing as it was to learn about, and finally GET what vulnerability is…it was even better to begin experiencing the miracles that come as a result of BEING vulnerable every day in every way.

Over the last 4 years I wouldn’t say I have changed a lot. Instead, I would say I have dropped into a place inside of me, where I can finally allow the Spirit of who I have always been, to shine through in everything that I do. This isn’t easy for most of us at first, but it is one of the greatest feelings and most fulfilling journeys. I have gone from someone who use to push and force, who was results driven and motivated by ego-based fear, and who was extremely attached to outcomes and consumed by expectations, to someone who is able to allow life to flow to and through me and who accepts that life happens FOR me.

Today, I am still a work in progress. I still get messy and awkward and go through things that challenge me to stay true to what I know in my heart. The only difference is, I no longer try to hide this from you. As as a result, I can let go of expectations and attachments to outcomes. When we show up and share what’s in our hearts, regardless of the outcome, Self-Acceptance manifests! As I accept myself right now, exactly the way I am, I give unconditional LOVE my permission to take over my life. As I accept myself, I am finally able to let you in. As I let you in, you let me in, and we finally truly connect. As we connect, we both learn, we both heal, and we both expand. In my opinion, this is the greatest gift we can ever receive.

I am deeply grateful for the journey I have had thus far. It has taken me through many dark nights, many lonely days, and lots of fearful moments, but I am more ALIVE today than I have ever been. I know deep in my heart that there is a presence available to each of us that is so pure, so open, and so supportive, and when we tap into it, anything and everything we need arrives. (2 examples: #1) I was thinking of how I’d like to get a photo shoot done to get some pics of me doing yoga poses, and Lululemon literally just rang me to ask if I would be willing to be their yoga model tomorrow and feature in this week’s Newsletter. So…looks like I’ll be getting those pictures even sooner than I thought 🙂 Thank you Lulu! AND #2) I was just thinking about how much I love my man, and I just got a text from him. It said “I love you.” Best. Message. Ever. Thanks baby! )

If you feel you are ready to live your life with your Inner Guru in charge, so you can create a Heart-Centered life instead of an Ego, Fear-Based Life, then you are definitely ready for some support. Please go to  to find out about my up coming workshop starting 21 July.

Thank you, love you, Be well,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you are ready to experience soulful relationships, more inner peace in your soul, and purpose in your life,  and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a Soulful Coach. If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 





Your INNER GURU: Tapping In and Turning On Your Inner Awesome


Tonight  I am feeling so inspired to connect with you through my writing. Not because I have anything specific I want to say necessarily, but because I just love to share with you what’s in my heart regardless of the outcome, and to do my part in the context of bringing my passion, my story, and my message to the world.

There has been a LOT of big changes happening. I am sure you have been feeling them too. Some we can speak about, others we cannot even begin to find words to describe, but we definitely FEEL them. Yep, these are some seriously powerful times. We are being encouraged to take a deeper look at ourselves, to own and stand up for the desires of our hearts, and being afraid just doesn’t cut it as a good excuse to back down anymore. In fact, backing down and running away will make us sick. It will amplify the suffering, and therefore, as hard as it may seem, there is just no other path to walk than the one that is guided by the heart…THE PATH OF THE COURAGEOUS ONE.

Lately, I have been faced with a few health scares. My body and my health have always been very precious to me and especially because of the work I do, it has always been a huge part of my identity and given me a lot of pride to feel, to know, and to say “I AM super healthy.” So as you might imagine, to have a few things surface that are requiring I see specialists and healers, etc, are challenging me in ways I would rather avoid.


Nope. Avoidance is a big NO WAY, not an option, been there, done that, and it got me no where good. So…I have ONE choice. I must turn around and face the lion that is chasing me, and let the fucker eat me.

WE MUST NOT FORGET the truth of who and what we are. When we forget, we live in fear but even more than living in the fear, we live in the action of running away from the fear. This creates unnecessary tension, stress, and anxiety, that manifests itself in unpleasant ways.

When we are grounded in our truth, in the deep inner knowing of who and what we really are, then no matter what happens, we feel strong, we stay present in a place of unconditional love, and in this place ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I am aware that these little health scares are showing me a few very obvious things.

One thing is that it’s time to let go of any ego based pride that is a result of being attached to what others think about me. This need to be seen a certain way or to uphold some image, is an old operating system. I do not operate in this way any longer, however, some of these old programs are still running. Therefore, I must SEE them in order for them to change.

Seeing IS the Transformation.

For example, a student came up to me after class and shared something with me. At the beginning of our yoga practice this morning, we did a short meditation. I asked the class to notice if there was anything heavy inside of them or any way in which they felt something was weighing on them or weighing them down. Then, I continued to invite them and encourage them to just SEE, to observe themselves throughout their practice. I asked them to just see, without feeling any need to fix or change anything, but to simply be the observer and to experience the observing.

My student said that she became aware that over the last couple of years she had been feeling very heavy. She knew she was off and acting different from what felt like her most natural self, but today she realised it was because there was a situation at work really weighing on her heavily, which made her feel so heavy it literally robbed her of physical freedom. In this case, she was unable to feel comfortable doing a handstand because of how heavy she felt.

This is SUCH a beautiful awareness she had. I was excited for her. There was nothing for her or I to do at that point. Now that she SEES what is there, the SEEING itself will allow her to experience reality AS IT IS, whereas before she was not experiencing reality. She was having an experience, but it was one of unconscious fear and resistance VS. acceptance and awareness.

How cool is that?!?!

This observer mode could also be called our Inner Guru. As we become still and present with the Universe that lives inside of us, we suddenly tap into a wisdom, a guidance, a knowing, and an intelligence that is so GREAT, so ANCIENT, and so PROFOUND, that we couldn’t possibly take credit for it. It’s Magnificence and Brilliance humbles us in every way, and at the same time, it is available to ALL of us. We GET to use this SOURCE, this UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE, this SPIRIT OF LOVE, this INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM, to assist us in creating a heart centred life beyond our wildest imagination.

Even in my darkest moment of fear, I KNOW this is the truth. I know it for myself because I have personally lived it.

Something else these health scares have revealed to me, is how important it is I continue to follow my intuition and nurture my gifts. I am not special, WE ALL HAVE A GIFT. I am just choosing to nourish what seems to be mine. I have been feeling extremely guided to explore different healing methods. Mostly because my Inner Guru tells me there is something I am meant to be doing with it in my work with others. Whilst I do believe in healing and healers, it is also something I have resisted in ways when it comes to my own career because this was NEVER something I set out to do. I had a VERY different plan and idea about what my life was going to be and look like. However, as it turns out, it is WAY more awesome than any plan I could’ve come up with on my own, so I keep trusting this Inner Guru of mine to lead the way.

Ever since my return from India at the start of the year, I have literally been through a massive life PURGE. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING came into question. Every doubt, every fear, and every insecurity surfaced and pretty much all at once. It’s like I got hit with a massive bomb that exploded everything I thought I knew and left me with nothing but the chance to discover what reality actually is.


Mostly because there just doesn’t seem to be a better option. Today I can honestly say my Inner Guru is the very thing that guides me to and through EVERYTHING. Because of it, I have been able to travel the world, follow my heart, walk through some of the hardest moments in my life, love myself and others unconditionally, completely come to accept what is, experience amazing intimacy with my partner, and live my dreams every single day. It is my hope that all of you get to have this too.

Do you know your Inner Guru? Are you living your life and making choices from a place of fear or a place of love? They are two VERY different experiences. Please let me know. I really want to hear from you. Leave all questions and comments here for me in the comment box below.

If you feel you are ready to live your life with your Inner Guru in charge, so you can create a Heart-Centered life instead of and EgoFear-based Life, then you are definitely ready for some support. Please go to  to find out about my up coming workshop 🙂

Thank you, Love you, Good night,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach. If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 



YOU’RE ENOUGH: Here’s How Vulnerability Helps Us Find the TRUTH


Freedom and flexibility are not a result of our external limitations falling away, but rather the result of how we respond to the internal obstacles that we discover along the way. – E.L.M.

As a coach, a client, a teacher, and a student, I have the opportunity to experience both sides of this dynamic partnership. I get to see patterns and themes, and witness before my very eyes just how things seem to show up for every single one of us, in similar ways, at similar times.

Why do you think this happens?

Every time I speak from my heart, someone shares with me that they too, are going through something that feels the same. Well, I am definitely not psychic, so there must be another explanation. Perhaps this is just another way that we are all being shown just how connected we really are to one another, just how alike we are, and just how much we truly relate when the truth comes out.


This is the theme that I feel so inspired to share about today. Truth is something that is only accessible when there is vulnerability. Oh…Vulnerability? Nevermind.

Yeah, that’s what I use to say too. But hear me out. I know the word VULNERABILITY tends to be something we avoid, mostly because we don’t have a positive experience of it as far as we can recollect to date. I however, come in support of this word today, with the intention of creating the possibility that you might open yourself up to it again, like I have recently. I have just returned, alive and in one piece, from the dark waters of this discomfort.

That said, I must admit, when I stopped squealing, squirming, and assuming the worst, I realised it was only dark because my eyes were closed, and when I dug my heals into the ground and actually stood up, the water was only up to the middle of my thighs. Wow…who knew.

I have been stretching myself, reaching out to my ex-partner, who I have always known I loved, at least somewhere inside of me, but was just not capable of expressing or sharing that with him for the 9 months we spent together. We broke up for good about 6 weeks ago, and it was a very painful 6 week roller coaster that followed.

At the same time it BROKE ME OPEN in ways that I will be eternally grateful for and humbled by.

This has been one of the greatest opportunities I have ever been given, to really access all of me, so that I can share that with the world. This post is what I’ve learned about how we do that.

We all go through times in our lives where we experience an upheaval or uprooting of our core beliefs and patterns. This can be triggered by a break-up, relationship problems, heart-break, financial challenges, conflict around our careers, or due to health and/or emotional dramas such as illness or a sudden string of anxiety attacks.  Whatever the trigger is, it can literally shakes us to our core and begin to strip away everything we thought we knew, leaving us with only TWO OPTIONS. We can drop into love, or we can drop into fear.

If we fear being alone or separate from others, than the solution would be to find a way to connect. If we desire abundance that we no longer have to be afraid of loosing, then the solution would be to feel abundant without any attachment to outcomes. If we fear death or sickness, then the solution would be feeling alive and in a place of strength. Well, in my experience the solution to all of these things lies in the place of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is not just a word. It’s a PLACE we go inside of ourselves, where we can exist whilst we speak and share what’s in our hearts. In this PLACE, we hold only loving thoughts about ourselves and there is no such thing as attachments to results or outcomes. When we enter vulnerability, we enter an unlimited realm of possibilities, where we can be ourselves freely and to do so is the ONLY goal we have. We go there so we can show up in our truth regardless of the outcome. When we do this, SELF-ACCEPTANCE happens. As a result, the interactions and experiences we have, feel complete. They feel whole, because we brought our WHOLE selves to them.

One of my mentors said to me the other day:

“Erin, you cannot think your way into right action. You must ACT YOUR WAY INTO RIGHT THINKING.”

Click, Click, BOOM. The AH-HA moment happened. My entire life up until that moment, was controlled so immensely by the belief I had that went a little something like this:

If can figure out how to feel a certain way about myself first, or get the re-assurance from him or her or this or that first, THEN I can finally be myself and feel ok about who I am showing up as in the world. 

UMMMMMM….Love you, but no.

That’s not how it works. Well, at least not for me.

In my experience, if I want to feel love and feel connection, and feel desired and appreciated, then I must enter that place within ME. This is the place I have named Vulnerability. It’s that gentle, soft, patient, loving, kind way about sharing and being generous with what’s in my heart, even if you, or he, or she, or they, don’t like it, spit it out, stomp on it, and throw it back. Sound scary? Yes, I thought so too, but it sounds MUCH scarier than it actually is.

The thing is, how other people respond to you, ISN’T ABOUT YOU.

I have learned that what IS about me, is how I show up. HOW I SHOW UP will be the experience I get to have of the world. What happens after that, is not up to me, not my fault, not my business, and not ultimately my experience of the world. Does that make sense?

Entering the place of Vulnerability, gives us access to our TRUTH, because when we let go of outcomes and results, there is no longer anything we have to hide. We stop trying to control and manipulate what others see and feel, and we stop judging who we are and just share what we have to offer, trusting that it’s enough. The craziest thing is, even if it’s not enough for he, she, it, or them, if you have really shared all of you, it WILL be enough for YOU 🙂

When we become willing to enter Vulnerability within us, yes, the fears will show themselves. This is GOOD. Just SEE them. That’s it. Be present with them, and share what’s in your heart anyway. Are there any attachments to the outcome? Can you let them go? Just SEE your attachments to the outcomes. As you begin to SEE the truth inside you, your experience and how you show up in the world will already be well on its way to shifting from Fear to Love.

Here’s to our vulnerability, which gives us access to our BEAUTIFUL TRUTH!

Love and Light,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach. If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 


Inner Integrity: Getting Honest Will Set You Free!

Inner Integrity seems to be a common theme, threading through the fabric of my life lately. This subject was the content of our day 11 teachings in India, and ever since that day, I have been sorting through my insides, on a journey of uncovering my truth, and discarding anything keeping me from that truth and therefore the ability to communicate it effectively.

You see, if we do not communicate our feelings authentically, then we can’t possibly call forth an accurate response from God, The universe, or another person. Until we are crystal clear within ourselves, we are doomed to suffer the consequences of being lost in translation.

Having Inner Integrity means getting honest with yourself, moving beneath the images you have created for the world to see, and being able to take a deeper look at your feelings and then how you are showing up in the world, and seeing if they are a match.

Are they? No but Really?

This has been coming up for me AND for my clients. Telling the truth sounds like an easy thing to do right? Doesn’t a good person tell the truth?

Not necessarily.

Not unless they know what that is first, and then aren’t too afraid to speak it without all the fearful editing that happens to most of us. That’s right, our heads are like editing studios, on a mission to hold our pride and ego in tact.

In India, they spoke about how most of us are lying all the time, which includes telling a partial truth. We tell a partial truth, to hide the parts that are too inconvenient to explain at the time, the parts that may make us too vulnerable, or the parts that do not support the “image” we want others to have of us. In other words, mostly we lie to protect ourselves from discomfort and getting hurt.

Here is a quote from the notes I took on Inner Integrity from the Dasa’s teachings in India:

“There is a truth behind these images we create. We must SEE this truth in order to become FREE. When we become conscious and accepting of the truth, we become free. This is because once we have lovingly accepted the truth within us, we no longer have reasons to cover it up with defensiveness and lies.”

I want to confront this head on because I have personally experienced what it’s like to suffer the consequences of being too afraid to even be honest with myself about how I am really feeling inside about someone I love. When we are so afraid of getting rejected,  being hurt, of going through the pain of another heart-break, of looking silly or crazy, or of being mis-understood, all those fears edit and produce what ends up coming out of us through our words, choices, actions, and responses. Therefore, we aren’t ever saying what we really mean, and in fact we often times PUSH AWAY the very thing, or someone, we are hoping to move closer to.

In order to communicate to the world and express our innermost truth, creativity, vulnerability, and strength, we must first KNOW this truth for ourselves. This has been the hardest part of getting honest for me. I have never had trouble going to someone with my feelings, but I DO struggle with going to them from a place of Inner Integrity, or so I have learned.

If I  don’t go to the man I love, from a place of inner integrity, then I am not CLEAR about my inner truth. This means I cannot stay grounded in that truth and I will begin to get carried away with my fears of rejection and pain. As a result, I just end up communicating mixed signals and messages, in an attempt to open up AND protect myself at the same time (which is typically also laced with a little bit of blaming them for hurting me already) and instead of finding resolution, I perpetuate the confusion and conflict. Or I at least perpetuate it for myself.

We CANNOT be vulnerable AND stay in protection mode at the same time. These cancel each other out!

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. In fact it’s the only way we can stand in our power. Staying vulnerable makes a statement. It says, I love you, and I am strong enough to stand in MY experience AND hold the space for you to have YOUR experience. Vulnerablity is a result of standing up for the truth within you, regardless of the outcome. When we focus on an outcome, it’s harder to be vulnerable and honest because the mind begins to edit and create a variation of the truth that it hopes will minimise the pain because it’s already assuming the worst. Only it NEVER minimises the pain to come from fear. It actually creates more pain because the lack of honesty prevents you from the closure and resolution you can only get if you stand in your vulnerable truth.

I haven’t quite been able to stand in my vulnerable truth just yet with everything. I am still digging through my fears, and looking for the vulnerability. I know I am getting closer to it, but it is a profound process of getting more and more honest with myself every step of the way. This could mean even being willing to admit that maybe you DON’T want  something you thought you wanted, and then looking at why you are holding onto it, and being willing to let it go. OR it could mean being willing to get down to the raw and beautiful truth, and committing yourself fully to that so you become willing to lay your heart on the line completely, even if it  means you have to hear the word NO one more time.

When we have been FULLY honest, within and without, and still do not end up with our ideal response from the other end, at least we can finally walk away, we can finally let go, knowing we did everything in our power, knowing we got the learning from it, and knowing that next time we fall in love, we won’t for one second hide it or pretend we feel any differently then we really do. In the end it’s not about the outcome, it’s about the experience you have along the way as your connection to your inner truth deepens.

This is freedom.

I’d love to hear what you are going through and what you are thinking and feeling right now. Please leave all questions and comments here on the blog or email them to me at

Thank you! I love you!

Erin 🙂

Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach!:-)! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally manifest your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 



Should-a, Could-a, Would-a…But You DIDN’T!

How many times have you looked back on something or replayed certain moves on your part at some time in your life, thinking to yourself, “If only I’d done things differently, if only we had been more honest, if only I wasn’t so scared, if only I had really been myself, if only, if only, if only…THEN things would have turned out the way I wanted them to?”

Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say we have ALL done this and probably still do from time to time. This little glitch in our minds has me fascinated. In fact, there have been many times that it has been able to tease me into contemplation mode and all too often I have given into the foreplay with it, excited to explore what it appeared to be offering me.

Turns out, this is a kinky little concept, that gets us into bed with it, and makes it really hard to get out. It will suck your energy dry with all the romanticising about what you should-a, could-a, and would-a done.


Therefore stop falling for this concept, because it NEVER ends well. In fact, it hurts you by creating an illusion that is not based in REALITY. It tells you that if you just improve this or that, if you just hadn’t done that thing or said that other thing, or if you can just be a certain way for X-amount of time, that there will actually be a reward waiting for you. It dangles the carrot in front of your face, only you will NEVER reach the carrot, because the carrot is just a figment of your wishful thinking! It’s not real, and therefore time and time again, you just get left feeling defeated, powerless, frustrated, and dissatisfied.

Sound familiar?

The should-a, could-a, would-a’s usually make a strong case in defense of the outcome you THINK you wanted. But do you really believe that you have that much control over the outcome in the first place? I am FINALLY seeing that we just don’t, and the biggest problem that this belief creates, is our lack of acknowledgment and awareness of, and APPRECIATION for, the things that WE DID, and the things that ARE.

Due to experience from doing things the hard way for so long, I now believe that sometimes, certain things just AREN’T meant to be, and NO MATTER WHAT we did differently would NOT have changed the outcome in the end.

Instead of looking back or looking forward, let’s look AROUND us. Who’s there now? What is on your path today? What if you knew THESE were the answers to your prayers, your intentions, your visualizations, and your wishes and affirmations? How might you feel about them then?

What is showing up TODAY, is like the Divine’s way of directing us. Our wishes, prayers, and intentions are like plugging in directions into a GPS in our cars. When you do this in your car, do you then ignore the directions that your GPS begins to reveal to you? No, because you TRUST that it is taking you where you want to go. You just follow the next guided action, and the next, and the next. If you make a wrong turn, your GPS will re-adjust to keep you on the right path.

We so often think that somehow we’ve messed up our ideal outcome, that somehow we let something slip away because of our weaknesses, or somehow we just haven’t had what it takes to maintain a certain relationship or career path. But all along, we have been being guided, and everything that has happened up to now was bringing us to this very moment, like it or not.

I write to you about this today because I have recently had to revisit some past relationship stuff in India that has continued to affect me since I have been home. In India, we were made to dig deep and look at certain things about ourselves, our beliefs, our past lovers and partners, and our families. For me, some painful old memories and feelings got dragged back to the surface. I began to fall under the spell again, that there was actually a way for me to experience a different outcome than I had in the past, when it came to something in particular. You see, I had finally moved on from this concept, or so I thought, FINALLY accepting that things would NEVER be different, only to go through a number of things in India that made me feel, that perhaps I had been wrong about that. At first I kept my defenses up, but after a few weeks, I began to weaken and romanticise the should-a, could-a, would-a’s.

BIG LEARNING LESSON for me. One I’d hoped I’d never to have to learn again, but apparently I needed one last kick up the bum from the should-a, could-a, would-a’s.

This really messed me up in a lot of ways once I got home, because I was no longer able to see what was HERE NOW. I was no longer able to appreciate what WAS, what I DID, and what I AM. I was so blinded by this INSANITY, that I felt no gratitude at all for the many gifts that had already been placed on my path for me to experience, some of which had literally been Divine Deliveries to my front doorstep. I was so happy and thankful for all these things before India. However, when I returned home, it was like arriving back to a closet full of crap and I wasn’t sure about what needed to stay and what needed to go.

So I began to sort through it all.

For the last 4 weeks, I have been doing a real inventory of my past, my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and my relationships. It has been an extremely internal and personal process for me, and one that I am still in. However, each day I get profound glimpses of the truth, and I experience a little bit more clarity and acceptance.

What I have come to understand is ACCEPTANCE. It doesn’t matter “why” things went the way they did or didn’t go the way the didn’t in the past. They went the way they went. PERIOD. I MUST focus on where I am now, you must focus on where you are now, and let’s stay focused on what is showing up today, not yesterday. Trying to figure things out, to analyse why, only distracts us from what is present. Should-a, Could-a, Would-a will never take you anywhere good. It will lead you straight into your own insanity, carrying you further and further away from your chance to BE HAPPY.

What should-a happened, DID happen. What could-a happened, DID happen. What would-a happened, DID happen. You just don’t know it yet.

I will continue to walk along my path, leaning into my faith that I am being guided and supported, and I hope you will walk along with me leaning into your faith as well.

I’d love to hear what you are thinking and feeling. As always, you can leave your questions and comments here for me on the blog or email me at

Love and Gratitude,


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When Resistance Becomes Acceptance: Another India Experience

It was so great to hear from so many of you after posting my last article on Monday. I promise that my interactions with YOU, are what keep me strong and willing to face anything in my life. Thank you for participating, for sharing your stories with me, and for turning my passions into a reality. It is my intention to help you do the same.

Yesterday, as I was in the middle of my workout, walking lunges to be exact, something hit me. I had a series of things happen in the morning that sent me contemplating and exploring my Inner-Universe once again, and then I heard a voice inside of me.

It said:

“There is no good or bad experience, or better or worse, or successful or non-successful path. There is simply this experience and that experience. There is no right or wrong and there is no such thing as mistakes. What most of you suffer from is the belief that somehow you could’ve done something differently to somehow have ended up somewhere better than you are. The only reason you aren’t able to fully appreciate where you are, and the unique and individual experience YOU are having, is because your mind has created stories and judgments about it that tell you, somehow you have not done everything right, that somehow you have failed, and as a result you have lost the opportunity to experience everything you desire. Then you become filled with fear about repeating the same mistakes moving forward, and you live your lives filled with self-doubt, regret, and dissatisfaction, otherwise known as the shoulda-coulda-wouldas.”


I felt chills run through me and then I began to laugh out loud.

Of course.

So many of us, at least at some time in our lives, if not multiple times, have missed out on the beauty and the sacredness of the moment or the circumstance or the experience happening FOR us, because we are so distracted by the fear that if we don’t do everything just “right,” if we don’t make the “perfect” move, we are going to totally screw up our lives and forever look back in regret of the choice or choices we made. So instead, we try to make choices in the present, based on an outcome we are desperately wanting to avoid in the future. Mind you, how can we really know the outcome we are trying to avoid is even “bad?” Have we ever experienced it before? Most likely we only know or have heard of someone who went through it, who shared their feelings about it, which are also usually just a result of their perception, which is more than likely based on what they thought “should’ve happened” vs. what did. They too, didn’t really EXPERIENCE the situation. They were most likely too busy living in the fear of not “getting it right,” or in the RESISTANCE of what was happening, and therefore that became their experience rather than what was actually happening. OR, we think we have gone through it in the past and now project that same experience into the future, which then sets us up to repeat the fear of the experience or the resistance of it, once again, rather than having the actual experience for the first time.


If you were just able to follow all of that, it sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? Sorry…CORRECTION. That sounds Koooo Koooo CRRRAZY!

THIS is precisely what FEAR does to us. We are run by it, controlled by it, and destroyed by it. THIS SUCKS. I don’t know about you, but I believe there is a better way.

In India, they helped us see this so clearly each day. One night in the temple, as I was surrounded by hundreds of people dancing and singing, I literally began to shut down because I couldn’t see a way out of myself. I had become so aware of the fear and the suffering, but there was nothing I alone could do about it. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I was so sick to my stomach I felt like I was going to die. REALLY, I believed I had something terribly wrong with me. There was nothing to reach for, no door inside of me that I could see to escape through.

So I began to pray my freak’n butt off.

Then I was guided to actually feel my feelings, and I became clear that I had been resisting them, which was what was making me so sick. As I began to feel the energy in my body, I began to sob, and the tears poured down my entire face, neck, and chest, and I began to see things. I saw the suffering humanity has because of this resistance to our inner truth. Then I began to feel it. It was the deepest pain in my stomach, only it didn’t hurt when I stopped judging it and allowed myself to just be present with it. I opened myself up to this experience fully and the energies and emotions began to wash through every cell in my body. I felt like I was releasing lifetimes worth of memories, resistance, and fear. A lot of it was purged out of me through one of the most intense crying sessions I have ever had. I wasn’t sad, I was just feeling things. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Knowledge can only take us so far. The “Facts” can only take us so far. Ultimately what we need is an internal shift, something that literally clicks into place and makes it possible for us to operate from love and faith instead of fear. Otherwise, we will constantly be trying to manipulate our external circumstances to produce an internal experience we so desperately want to feel such as peace, security, joy, safety, hope, connection, serenity, freedom, bliss, compassion, love, silence, and stillness. These may come temporarily from external things, but they will elude us once again unless they are a product of a new consciousness, a new awareness, and new way of existing.

I went to India to participate as a student at the Oneness University. This is a spiritual school, not a religious school. It is completely non-denominational and encourages its students and seekers, to connect to, and deepen their bond with a God of their own understanding. The word God can be an uncomfortable word for many, so we use other terms such as Universal Intelligence, Supreme Light, the Divine, The Presence, Higher Power, or you could even call it Angels, Creator, Omnipresent Love, whatever you feel comfortable with.

I was there for what most of you probably heard something about, which was the BIG SHIFT on December 21st. Without going too much into this aspect of it, as I encourage each of you to do your own exploring, research, and experience your own findings about this auspicious time on the planet, I would like to state the obvious, which is, once again, the world did not end as many anticipated.

In fact, very much the opposite happened. We went from what was known as “The Dark Ages” into what is now known as “The Golden Age,” or from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga. Kaliyuga means a time when the mind is very dominant and our thoughts were more negative, and Satyayuga means the mind begins to cease and the consciousness therefore shifts and raises high enough to influence the collective experience on the planet. Now, the dominant thoughts are positive, which means we will only see things improve from here.

That does not mean it’s all gonna be easy, no, as we each become more and more aware of our own suffering and the suffering on the planet, things will intensify much more, before they get better. However, if we are conscious of this, and we work together and come from the “WE” mentality, rather than the “I” mentality, it will make things much easier for us all and we will be able to move through these challenges and towards Oneness with a lot more ease and Grace. Some of you may have heard the word AWAKENING. Some of you have not. Either way, it doesn’t matter. This is however what is happening. There is an awakening happening in the collective consciousness and we as a WHOLE,  are on our way to finding freedom from all the suffering we are currently experiencing as individuals and as a planet.

In the meantime, have your experience because it’s yours! Feel your feelings and explore what it’s like when you shift from RESISTING what is, to accepting it and therefore actually having the experience for the first time like I did in the temple. This can bring about an extremely profound shift in your consciousness, and everything may begin to look and feel different as a result.

Instead of questioning yourself, or doubting your success, or regretting the choices you have made, just stop. Place your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your belly, and give thanks for this moment. Open up to what is already here, and let THAT be your experience. Once the resistance melts away, you won’t feel so sick anymore, and you will finally have conscious contact with the Presence within you and all around you .

Let it guide you.

So, where can you let go of resistance in your life? What circumstances or experiences are you trying to avoid as a result of your perceptions of them, instead of just surrendering to them and experiencing the reality of them? What might you be cutting yourself off from as a result?

I LOVE hearing from you, so please leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog, or email them to me at

Love and Gratitude,


Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach!:-)! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally manifest your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 







INDIA Inspired: How 4 Weeks Changed My Life Forever

“Suffering is not in the fact, but rather in our perception of the fact.” -Sri Bhagavan

Yes, I am finally sitting down to write to all of you about my experiences in India November 20-December 25, 2012. Many of you have emailed me about when I would be writing again, and especially when I would share with you all that happened in India over the 35 days that I was there. It certainly has been a while since I have sat down to this precious blog of mine, and not because it isn’t one of my greatest passions, but mostly it’s because I am the kind of writer that only writes once I feel I have experienced life for a while. I like to LIVE my message before I share it, so please know and understand, that EVERYTHING I write about comes from my heart as a result of my personal experiences.

First of all, there is NO WAY I can tell you everything in one article, so I am going to bring the pieces to you that have made the greatest impact on me personally in this article. Also, just so we are clear, the journey has not ended. In fact, like most big spiritual journeys, the real twists and turns begin once we get back to our lives at home. SO, that is a BIG part of what you will read about here.

When I left for India, on my way to the Oneness University, I felt it in my guts. There was something waiting for me. When I arrived on the University Campus, I could feel emotions and energy stirring immediately. My mind began to freak out a little bit and was saying things like “Oh my God what have you gotten yourself into, don’t you know how LONG 31 days are?” “You are never going to survive this.” “What is going to happen to me?” The mind was fighting hard, the ego so afraid of dying.

Each morning we woke up early and met for our first class. Every day the enlightened and awakened Dasa’s (or monks) would show us miracles through pictures, videos that had been sent in, and by telling us stories. They would then move into the teachings for the day and slowly they began to show us the difference between what it means to really LIVE and EXPERIENCE life, vs what most of us are doing, which is not really living or experiencing anything at all. Then, at night, we would head to the Oneness Temple and do ancient rituals and processes designed to bring about a shift in consciousness, freedom from past hurts and anger, and liberate us from fear and suffering.

For me, I had to face many unresolved feelings towards my parents, past relationships, and ultimately I had to look at my relationship with my Higher Power, or the God of my own understanding. This was an incredible process that continues even as I sit here writing to you now.

What we don’t realise most of the time, is that mostly everything we do is driven by a thousand forms of fear.

We are constantly running away from our feelings, and none of us really feel at peace or connected to anything or anyone deep down. Separation plays a role in all of our lives and it is the invisible barrier that keeps me from you, you from me, and all of us from Love and Joy. Separation is the foundation for all the choices that we make, and everything we do is an attempt to fill that void that each of us feel whether we are conscious of it, or willing to admit it or not.

UGGGH. Harsh reality right? I thought so. As much as I thought I already knew all of this, the Dasa’a had a profound way of tapping me into the reality I had suppressed.

First of all, I had never fully experienced my parent’s divorce when I was 5. This is something I always said “didn’t really affect me that much,” but in India I saw the truth. It not only DID affect me, but it felt as though I lost everything that really mattered to me. My entire family fell apart, and I internalized the belief that I was not enough of a reason for my parents to find their way through their challenges. I went from feeling like my father’s one and only, and having my mom and dad in the same home, to a scared and lost child, in the middle of my mother’s and father’s guilt, fear, anger, and pain. I have been carrying around that anger, guilt, fear, and pain all these years, and had no idea. THESE are the kinds of things that effect EVERYTHING in our lives, our relationships with others, our self-esteem, our security, our perception of family, the world, and of ourselves.

Did I hear you say YIKES!!! I know, I said the same thing.

This may have been YIKES at first, but after I was able to fully experience these feelings, I felt lighter, brighter, and more peaceful inside.

Finally I was free from the weight of these hidden emotions, and I have been gaining more and more clarity and perspective about myself, my life , my career, my patterns, and my relationships ever since.

When I arrived in India, I was a VERY happy partner to an amazing man. I was certain he was one of the most special and rare people I could possibly have ended up with and my gratitude for him was growing every day. He was showing me what it was really like to feel loved, adored, respected, honoured, cherished, and to be in a partnership with someone who makes me laugh until I cry, and who is ready and willing to grow through ANYTHING with me. These are the qualities that I now find “manly, sexy, and brave.” It doesn’t take courage to be a player, or to run away from your fears and feelings. It takes courage to be a loyal, open, honest, and loving boyfriend.

After about 3 weeks in India though, I began to question EVERYTHING. This has been one of the most painful parts of the entire trip, and it’s still continuing. A lot of past relationship memories and experiences emerged for me in India, some of which I have struggled to resolve for several years. This is only natural when you are focusing on relationships EVERY DAY for a month. I began to feel old feelings and to fall into old patterns and beliefs, and all of a sudden things became extremely foggy and confusing.

UH-OH. Crap…now what.

Now it was time to walk through the hurt and anger that I had not been able to access before I left for India. The truth is, when I got into my relationship with Andrew, I had a hunch this stuff was still there, and a mentor of mine warned me that it was probably going to become a block for he and I at some point, but naturally, I ignored her 😉  The fact is, in order for me to have a happy and healthy, long-term partnership with ANYONE, this stuff within me needs to be resolved. Funnily enough however, some of it can be resolved by myself and the rest, well, I HAVE to be in a relationship to work through it.

When it was time to leave India, I was sad and yet excited about returning home to see what life was like after doing ancient rituals and processes every day for 31 days in a magical temple, and spending all that time self-reflecting, contemplating the teachings, and having conversations with the people who were there and going through all the same things. I have never cried so much, laughed so much, and felt so many different emotions in one day as I did each day there. I knew there was no way life would ever be the same as it was before I left. What I was confused about, and found this out when I got home, was that life was exactly the same as it was before I left, but I was different.

I got home on Christmas Day and my cousin picked me up as planned from the airport, only she had a surprise with her as well. Andrew hopped out of the car with a huge smile on his face and all I could feel was MASSIVE CONFLICT!

This is SOOOOOO not how I had pictured this moment, I thought to myself.

I tried really hard to fit back into my life, to be the cousin and girlfriend I was before I left, but every day I was deep in process, and the Dasa’s teachings ran through me, the energy from India vibrated in my cells, and I felt like everything was beginning to fall apart and there was nothing I could do about it.

Somewhere deep inside I knew and trusted that everything was going to have to fall apart in order for things to rebuild in a way that was even more honest, authentic, and driven by love and faith rather than fear.

You see, before I left for India, most of my choices, and this came as a shock to me whilst I was there, were motivated by fear, not love and faith. India made it very clear that those choices never make us happy in the end, and that we should only be so lucky as to have them fall apart, blessing us with an opportunity to become helpless and therefore willing to do things differently than we had in the past.

So, I did what I had to do. I did my very best to explain to Andrew what I was feeling and going through, even though I didn’t even fully understand it yet. I struggled to string sentences together that shined even a little light on things for him, but really all he could hear was “I want to break up.” Who can blame him though right? I know that’s probably all I would have been able to hear as well. All I knew was I had tried for 2 weeks to sort through my feelings in the relationship and it wasn’t working, so I didn’t know what else to do but to give myself some space from it to get to the root of what was shifting and coming up for me. I don’t want to be a girlfriend who’s only half in something with my man. He deserves to have ALL of me, to be appreciated, honoured, respected, and he deserves to have me be his biggest fan. So I knew until I could give him that, everyone was better off, as hard as it was, to be apart.

I also have had to give my career some space. I have reduced the amount of classes I am teaching and programs I am running just for a short time. This kicks up so much fear for me, and in the past I would crumble in the face of such fear and just keep doing what I always do. However, since I want to bring the best, most passionate work to my clients and students, I am choosing to take this time to process and heal, and resolve things within me, allowing the right content and material and programs to emerge from a much deeper place before I go out and share them. This way I will have LIVED what I teach, before I teach it. I am also feeling guided to explore some different things, and I need this time to do so.

Andrew and I ended up spending a week apart so far, and I have been able to see so much that I couldn’t see before. I can see the fears that have stopped me from forming any solid partnership in the past, the hurts that effect my choices, and the wrong thinking that clouds my perception of others. I went on a serious roller coaster ride of emotions and I am still on it, but I am feeling it begin to slow down, and there is a lot more clarity, peace, and serenity now.

Andrew and I met up yesterday and opened up about what we had been going through. Some of the greatest gifts I think two people can give each other is their willingness to be vulnerable, to have genuine respect and appreciation for the opportunity each person brings to the other’s life to grow into more of who they really are and to therefore experience true intimacy. I believe in Karma, and that when you cross paths with someone, and there is a real connection between you, that we shouldn’t let that go, we should embrace honesty and open up to what’s there. We should make sure we give that connection the space and time it needs to be explored because it has come into our lives for a reason. It is special and rare, and when we don’t fully experience it, then we don’t get the healing it was meant to bring us, we don’t receive the miracle, and we therefore continue to repeat the same old patterns.

Now this isn’t just about Andrew and I. This is about facing our fears and being HONEST and open with the people we love. This is about seeing vulnerability as strength instead of weakness and experiencing true connection and intimacy as a result. This is about learning from the pain that happened in the past, and using that to make a different choice in the present. This is about Love and Faith vs. Fear.

I cannot write to you today to tell you the outcomes of any of this just yet. I am still living it, but I will continue to share with you each day here on the blog, how this life changing trip to India is unfolding and revealing it’s gifts to me every day. Until then, I’ll leave you with this:

Everything that has happened in your life thus far, was always bringing you to this very moment. Therefore, open up to and receive the blessings this moment is offering you.

Suffering is a result of resisting what is instead of experiencing what is.

Take a deeper look at what you find “attractive” in others and be willing to re-evaluate what qualities make you happy in the heart vs. proud in the ego. Remember, you, with your Creator, have access to infinite possibilities, so why not ask to have fulfilled, the Desires of your heart? Why not ask for more clarity? Why not ask for a miracle?

Thanks so much for being here on this path with me. I love and appreciate you all. Please leave me your questions and comments here on the blog or email them to me at!



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Here’s How To Discover YOURSELF In Relationships!


Last night my partner and I had a really amazing talk about things he is processing and I was able to listen and hold the space for him. I really do cherish the way he and I are able to communicate. Relationships kick up so many of our fears, our insecurities, and our lack of faith and trust in the greater plan unfolding. We go from being single, to suddenly being confronted with thoughts and beliefs we didn’t even know we had! THIS is why I feel so blessed to have a partner who is willing to talk to me, listen to me, and work through his own “stuff” so I can work through my own “stuff.”

I was on the verge of running away from him for the first month or so, but as he continued to hear me, and be open and honest with me, and to hold the space for me to be vulnerable and afraid, I began to open up more. I began to see with my heart, and not my mind, and we began to connect on a deeper level every time I turned to him with my worries, questions, and doubts.

I was use to connection feeling like something instantaneous.

I thought I had to feel an instant spark or “I just wasn’t that into him.” A dear friend and mentor of mine used to tell me, “Erin, REAL connection and attraction is something that happens over time, when you see how someone shows up for you over and over again,” Well, now I totally understand what she was talking about!

Instant connection and attraction definitely DOES happen, and I’ve personally fallen down that rabbit hole a few times, BUT, the kind of connection two people need in order to share a sacred partnership, is something that takes time to develop and to find out if it’s even a possibility. Andrew and I DID have a connection and a mutual attraction straight away, but it was different from the type I was used to. It was more calm and interesting, and enough to make us want to find out more…and more…and more about each other. As we continued to follow it through, the connection became something REAL, something deeper, and a place where he and I can reveal the truth about who we REALLY are 😉

In relationships many people tend to get lost. They play the future game, or the blame game and both sides actually believe the other one is responsible for their happiness and well-being. More often than not, they are already living 2, 5, or even 10 years ahead of the day they are in, and instead of being present with the feelings they have in the moment, they are trying to deal with feelings that are coming from that which hasn’t happened yet, and may never happen. (And just FYI, I too have done ALL of these things in the past.)

I absolutely believe that a beautiful partnership is meant to serve each person as a Divine support system, and a safe space where each person can face into their limiting beliefs, fears of intimacy and commitment, worries and doubts about life’s many twists and turns, and together come through it even stronger. I do not however, believe it is meant for the happiness of each person in it to depend upon.

There is no human on the planet that has the power to “make” us happy.

THAT is an inside job. There may be special moments within the context of the relationship, that trigger deep happiness, but if two people are unhappy or even one person is unhappy, there is nothing the other person can do to change that.

I have been lucky enough to find someone who also understands this, so we have entered what I call, a “Conscious Relationship.” In a conscious relationship, both people are aware that the quality of their connection and happiness together relies upon their ability and willingness to maintain a sense of connectedness within themselves. They know that as individuals, they must continue to check in with themselves, and to work through the stuff that is being triggered in them in order to find their happy place that is not dependent on anything outside of themselves.

Yes, this is always a work in progress, but as both people do their own work, they are able to show up in the relationship with more clarity around what they need to work through as an individual and what needs to be worked through as a couple. Instead of one person blaming the other for making them feel jealous and insecure, the person feeling that way can begin to process those feelings of jealousy and insecurity coming up for them and really take a look at what they are being shown about their own beliefs and inability to let go of the past experiences that are shaping their current perception.


I love this saying and repeat it often because I almost ended things with Andrew about 10 different times in the beginning because my old ideas, experiences, and patterns were clouding my ability to see what was standing right in front of me. In the past I just thought certain feelings meant I wasn’t happy and therefore needed to end things. HOWEVER, I was able to look back and see a pattern in my life regarding relationships and this time I was open to looking at things differently. I was willing to explore myself more deeply because I had a hunch that my impulses to “run” were coming from some deeper feelings I had never really confronted or resolved. As I did this, my whole world expanded and my heart began to open in the places it had been shut down for so long.

My life coach use to say to me: “The heart wants what the heart wants, but if we are disconnected from the heart, we cannot see what it wants, even when it’s standing right in front of us. So instead, we get caught up in what the mind wants and only see that, which will never work or be able to nurture us in the same way. See with your heart Erin, and you may finally  be open to someone who you were unable to see before.”

After my life coach said this to me a couple of years ago, I began to make a conscious effort to ask my heart what it wanted. I began to ask for guidance and assistance, so that I could begin to see people from my heart space rather than from my mind. It has helped me so much and has definitely been a profound journey ever since I began to do this. I highly recommend! 😉

I really do believe that relationships have the potential to facilitate deep healing. When two people come together with consciousness, the relationship can offer them the opportunity to awaken into more of who they really are, to shed the superficial layers of ego, fear, and insecurity, and to experience connection and oneness in a much deeper way.

Whether you stay with someone for a short time or for this entire lifetime, it can be equally transformational. Every relationship I have had, whether short lived or several years long, have made me into the woman I am today and I wouldn’t change any of it. Each one of those guys hold a special place in my heart because of what I learned as a result of our time together, even if it ended painfully. Some of the most powerful healing experiences I have had came as a result of some of the shortest amounts of time with someone.

Andrew and I don’t go looking too far ahead, and if we begin to, we take some space, we continue to breathe,  and we pull ourselves back into the moment and into the day we are in. We can’t possibly know where our relationship is heading, and to be honest I don’t need to know or want to know right now. I trust that whatever form it takes is exactly what we both need. If things ended next month, we married for 50 years, or we do something in between, doesn’t matter. All that matters is how willing we are to explore the opportunities our current partnership brings to our healing and development as beings today.

More will always be revealed  😉

So, what’s going on with you? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please email me at to share your story, or leave your comments here on the blog!

Here’s to living your truth, seeing with your heart, and loving who you are! Thank you for being YOU!



Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach!:-)! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally manifest your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. 





Here’s 5 Reason’s Why You Should NEVER Compare Your Life To Others

Let me guess…

At some point or another, you have taken a look at someone else’s life and said to yourself (or out loud), “Why is their life better than mine. It’s not fair.”

Am I right? Perhaps when you are on your Facebook News Feed, and you begin to see pictures of extremely happy and successful people, you all of a sudden become aware that you feel sick in the stomach? Well, you are not alone! Unfortunately most people walk around feeling either better than or less than others. It is rare to find many people who walk around feeling completely equal to everyone else.

First of all, let’s get something straight. When you feel “sick” as a result of comparing yourself to someone else, that is just your body telling you there is a conflict of interest going on inside. When you see something you desire to have as your personal life experience, it’s a great feeling. BUT, it’s not such a great feeling when your thoughts immediately follow it up with, “that person must be better than me, and I can’t ever have something equal or better.”

It’s important to understand, that when you see something that you are absolutely capable of achieving and even MEANT to achieve, you will feel an intense feeling. You will feel strangely pulled, attracted, and fascinated with it. This is because you are being SHOWN something that you already have inside of you. It is ONLY when you get confused and think you cannot have it that you begin to shut down and feel intimidated rather than inspired.

Don’t be intimidated, BE INSPIRED. 

Ultimately, what we are all really seeking, is to FEEL a certain way about ourselves, about our lives, and to feel fully expressed, seen, heard, and appreciated for all that we bring to the world. We long for connection, creative expression, and the ability to feel comfortable in our own skin in every situation. We each crave playing a role in the greater plan unfolding, and we DO.

When this topic comes up with my coaching clients, it starts off by them feeling extremely shut down, defeated, and less than. As we process these feelings we see that they come from the client’s assumptions. In other words, what they are doing is taking a look at what their life looks like and then coming up with what that means to them. Then they look at someone else’s life and decide what that means to them. Then they compare the two.

Do you see how this just cannot possibly give you any accurate information?

When you compare your insides to someone else’s outsides, it just sets you up to feel like you are better than OR less than. NEITHER of these sum totals serve your highest good.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Compare Your Life To Others:

1) You cannot possibly KNOW how someone feels inside.

Even if someone has all the “Things” that you could ever want, a multi-million dollar a year career, a gorgeous partner, beautiful clothes, houses, jewellery, and cars, etc, but they are not actually fulfilled inside, would you still want your life to be like theirs? You ASSUME all these things will lead to feeling a certain way, and so you continue to chase these things. This is NOT how it works. We must feel good and satisfied and fulfilled inside about how we show up in the world, or no amount of  things, status, good looks, money, etc, will ever be enough. If we are genuinely fulfilled inside first, then all the “things” we manifest as a result are simply fun, but not necessary, and we have nothing that our safety, security, and deep joy depends on, because it is something we have regardless of our external circumstances.

2) We each have a certain path to walk and therefore our life experiences must support that path.

There is no better than or less than path. It’s like being in school. We each are heading towards something different so we must study different subjects. We must take different tests, and we must each be a student and become a master in our own right. If you really had it all to do over again, do you think you wouldREALLY want to do it differently? If you answered yes, then start by doing things differently RIGHT NOW.

3) Beauty, Success, Happiness, Abundance, and Peace can be expressed in a million different ways.

There is not just one type of beauty, one type of wealthy, one type of happy, or one type of peaceful. There are many different variations of these feelings and ultimately you want your life to be about YOUR unique expression of these things, not someone else’s unique expression of these things. You will never be able to express beauty, happiness, abundance, and success the way they do, and they will never be able to express those things the way YOU do. This is why we just cannot compare. It’s apples and oranges!

4) The more energy you waste comparing your life to someone else’s and trying to be like them, the less energy you have to be who YOU are, to share YOUR gifts, and to access and experience the profound level of health, wealth, and beauty that come along as a result of YOU BEING YOU.

Spend your time and energy seeking yourself and your unique expression of life, and sharing THAT with the world, rather than trying to be a clone of someone else. It’s FAR more rewarding to be YOU, I promise.

5) When you compare yourself to others, it devalues you, underestimates you, and limits you in every way.

To compare yourself to others, is the same as saying “I need to use other people to determine my own level of success and how good or bad I can feel about myself today.” WHY? Do you not already know? It’s like weighing yourself on a scale. What’s the point? If you are gaining weight, you know it. If you are loosing weight, you know it. If you love your body and genuinely feel healthy, radiant, and great in your own skin, why do you need a scale to give you a number that evaluates this for you? If you are gaining weight and feeling bad, then just focus your time and energy on doing something about it, rather than focusing on the number.  Stop giving your power away to things outside of you. YOU get to decide how you feel about yourself in each and every moment.

Ok, so that’s a wrap for today. I invite you to please share who YOU really are with us. YOU are the one that will have everything necessary to feel and experience the life you have always wanted deep in your heart. If you don’t believe me, try, and see for yourself. 😉

You all know just how much I LOVE hearing from you. Please leave your questions and/or comments either here on the blog for me, or email them to!

Here’s to YOUR unique expression of love, life, beauty, and success!



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Be Who YOU Are And The Rest Will Fall Into Place

Good Day friends! I hope as you read my words to you, that you feel worthy, loved, and supported, because YOU ARE!

Lately I have been hyper-aware of the importance of really speaking our truth, being who we really are, and as a result, allowing our relationships, experiences, and circumstances to begin to mirror that authenticity. Most of the time, the majority of us are walking around trying to be and say and do what we think others expect from us or require of us. We do this because of a deep core belief that tells us we are not good enough the way we are and therefore we better figure out how to pretend like we are good enough so no one finds out that we are not. Well this is a load of CRAP.

Each and EVERY single one of us are gurus.

We ALL carry an important message to share with the world. There is not any one of us that isn’t special, unique, and absolutely necessary on this planet! BUT, somehow we have gotten confused. At  some point, we got the wrong interpretation of things, and we came to believe the opposite was true. We came to believe that someone else knew us better than we did, that someone else was smarter than we are, and that someone else must deserve our personal power more than we do.

You see, we cannot possibly deliver our gifts to this world if we are too busy trying to be something that we are not. We are so caught up in TRYING to be good enough, that we completely disregard the gifts that we are capable of offering WITHOUT TRYING!

When you and I stand in our power, when we speak our truth, and when we feel comfortable with who we really are and therefore bring our real selves into every situation, we deliver a level of value that just comes naturally.

It is so easy we don’t even know we are doing it. This can throw us off. When something is so easy, we tend to think it’s not special, because we don’t have to work hard to do it. However, YOU may not have to work had at delivering that gift in particular but that is because it’s YOUR gift to share. Someone else has a different gift, and thus yours does not come easily to them, THEIRS does. This is why it is SO important to speak our truth and be who we really are, because NO ONE else can do, be, and share what we can.

Even if two people have the same passion, work in the same industry, and deliver the exact same services, they will STILL be different. Why, because what we do is an extension of US, and every single one of us puts a different spin on things when we are being natural and organic. In other words, it is ONLY when we are comfortable in our own skin, and therefore no longer hiding behind someone else’s fear, doubts, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts, but are standing in our own truth, beliefs, ideas, creativity, and power that we actually shine our light and share our gifts FULLY.

Relationships depend so much upon the part of us that we actually share, the way in which we show up, and whether or not we can be who we REALLY are or not. In fact, everything depends on this. Our ability or inability to be who we really are, can and will determine the amount of emotional freedom, deep peace, and inner happiness we get to experience on a daily basis.

There is NO SUCH THING as freedom without emotional freedom.

A client and I were processing this very thing yesterday. She kept believing that by achieving more clients, more money, and expanding her business, that she was moving forward and would therefore gain more freedom. But this is not how it works. What’s happened instead is she made some big movements in her business life, but inside she has never felt more limited, restricted, and trapped.

Emotional freedom is an INSIDE JOB.

This cannot be attained or achieved through external movements. We must make some internal shifts to have real freedom. This is the same with rest. We can lie on the couch for days, sleep for hours and hours, but rest is ultimately an INSIDE JOB as well. Quality rest, which is the only kind that can rejuvenate and restores us, comes from finding that internal place inside where we can rest, be still, breath, find the quiet and the calm, and reset.

I am sure many of you have experienced this after going on a holiday or a vacation. You go to “rest” and to have some “freedom,” but what happens is the schedule takes over and you are busy the whole time, and even if you “relax” and “do nothing” each day, there is still a part of you that comes home feeling a bit tired, as though you didn’t really get the “rest” you were hoping for, and less than ready to go back to your daily routines. This is because when we come at things from the outside, we will only ever have partial and temporary results. Not ideal right? Me thinks not :):)

So, how can you begin to speak more of your truth today? Do you know who you REALLY are beneath all the layers of pretending and hiding?  Can you begin to trust, that the very parts of yourself you have felt the need to suppress are actually the parts of you that when you show and share them, will help you to finally feel deep peace, love, and happiness?

Let me hear from you and what you are going through! I always LOVE to be a part of your journey. Either leave your comments here on the blog, or email me at

Sending you wildly accepting love and support!



Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, and you are serious about investing in yourself, then perhaps you are ready to work with a coach!:-)! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, fun, and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.


3 Ways To Let Go And Finally BE YOU!

You know, it is always such a gift to sit down at this computer and begin to write my letters to you (I call my articles letters because that’s how they feel). It’s a gift for me because I am finally doing what I love and showing you who I really am, to the best of my ability every single day. When I sit down to write, it’s not about only showing you the parts of me that I think you will like, it is about challenging myself to show you all of me, because I like myself enough to not want to hide anymore. If I hide, you can’t ever really SEE me. If I hide behind the partial truth, that means I’ve already decided for you, that there is something wrong with me. If you can’t SEE me, than how will we ever feel connected? Isn’t that what we all really want? To feel seen and connected and acknowledge for EXACTLY who we really are inside?

If you are nodding your head yes, then welcome. Welcome to E.L.M. and this space I have created for us to share connection with one another. Here we acknowledge, accept, and appreciate one another for exactly who we really are. If you are shaking your head NO…welcome to you too. I accept you just the way you are, and I am not here to change you or to tell you to feel any differently than you do. Whoever you are and however you feel…you are welcome here. I will not take my love away from you, no matter what, I promise 😉

As an Intuitive Personal Growth Coach, A Yoga Teacher, a Personal Trainer, and a Writer, I get the opportunity to interact with lots of different people all the time, in a variety of settings. I have worked with men of all ages, women of all ages, and I have helped my clients work through anything from feeling more purpose and passion in their lives, to creating their ideal partnership, to healing their relationships with their bodies, to feeling more peace and joy inside, to bringing their career life into alignment with their soul’s path, and the list goes on. As you can imagine, this work is near and dear to my heart, or I wouldn’t be doing it. One of the gifts I receive from my job, and there are many, is the gift of getting to know people. I hear what goes on in their lives, and over a period of time I see and hear patterns. Whether it’s a single wealthy man in his 50’s or a young married woman in her twenties, we all seem to struggle with similar things.

We all seem to need support when it comes to learning how to let go of who we think we are supposed to be, and embracing who we REALLY are.

Whether you are looking to get off the “dieting” roller coaster, or are wanting to find more meaning and purpose in life, or perhaps seeking to experience a healing within so you can finally attract a healthy relationship with a partner, it all comes down to this. What are you willing to do to connect to who you really are, so you can begin to share that with us?

We grow up in a world that tells us to think and feel a certain way. We are taught that this means that, success looks like big houses and expensive cars, that happiness is a product of how perfect we can look on the outside, and that we will be loved and respected and therefore accepted by others if we can fit into these boxes. We adopt the belief that if we can squeeze ourselves into these limiting shapes I just mentioned, that we will finally feel relief from separation and thus connection, inner peace, and joy will be our experience.

Well, who am I to say it doesn’t work this way? All I can share with you is what I have personally experienced as a result of my own life, and what I have seen and learned from working with others. In my experience, IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY, but please find your own conclusion. Choose your own beliefs about what works and what doesn’t, and live in a way that honours YOU rather than honouring the perceptions of someone else. After all, this letter to you is about finding out who YOU really are, not telling you who I think you should be.

What do you believe your purpose is in this life? What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? Do you value who you are and what you bring to the world? Are you carrying around someone else’s belief system, or do you have your own? There are no right or wrong answers, just FYI.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your happiness, sense of connection, confidence and self-esteem not be attached to ANYTHING outside of you.

What would it feel like if you could eat healthy and exercise, but know if you didn’t, it doesn’t mean you are not worthy of love? Or what if you could have beautiful homes and cars, but know those things are not what make you special or define who you really are and that even if they were to be taken away from you instantly, you would still know and feel that you are a successful and happy person. What if you could stop counting calories, stop obsessing about food, money, your tan, your hair, your relationship or lack thereof, and you could let all of that go and tap into the peace that exists when you are connected and embracing who you REALLY are?

If you could do that…WOULD YOU?

Those of you who visit me here often know my story. Therefore you know I use to struggle with my self-worth. It was dependent upon what you thought of me, what I looked like, how many fitness competitions I’d won, how much body fat I had or didn’t have, what I ate that day, what guys liked me or broke my heart, and whether or not you said I was good enough. That’s right. I lived for many years giving my power away like this. I became a master at making things look pretty on the outside, until I got sick, tired, and over it! Ultimately I reached a point of realising, that no matter what things looked like on the outside, until my insides and outsides were a match, I was going to be unhappy, feel less than, long for something more, bigger, and better, and I would most likely die trying to find something that could never be found. That’s right, we can die trying to find what we are looking for outside of ourselves.

That’s because IT’S AN INSIDE JOB!

Although it takes MASSIVE courage and willingness to step up to the challenge of this inside job, we are ALL capable of making this kind of move. In fact, it’s what we do most naturally, once we let go of all the conditions and beliefs we have picked up along the way.

So, how do we let go? What can we do to begin letting go of who and what we think we are supposed to be, and embracing who and what we really are?

Here are 3 Ways To Begin Letting Go So You Can Finally Be Who You Really Are:

1) There is freedom in being able to look silly in front of a room full of people. Start practicing being more silly! Get out of your comfort zone. Approve of yourself and you will find that there is no one else’s approval that really matters. The only person whose judgment of us matters, is OUR OWN. The more I do this, the more FUN I have and the more FUN people around me have too! Try it…I invite you to get silly with me 🙂

2) Before you ask anyone else what they think or how they feel about something, ASK YOURSELF.  Check in with what feels good to YOUR heart, and make a commitment RIGHT NOW, to make your heart’s requests a priority above all else. Everyone involved will be better off for this. There is no such thing as being selfish for caring for ourselves. It is selfish not to. We are all connected, so no one benefits when you play small.

3) Start with the feeling. It is important to remember that we must find the place within us FIRST, before we can truly experience it in our external world. This is a hard one for many people to understand. Whatever “thing” you think may bring you the happiness you seek, you are wrong. No “thing” and no “one” can give you what you want. What you want already exists deep within you, but you must be willing to uncover it. It takes courage to walk the hearts path. Be courageous.

Ok, I am going to leave you with those for now. No matter where you are in your life’s process or what is going on for you good or bad,  I invite you to contemplate on the above for a while. These simple things have helped me and others tremendously!

I’d love to hear from you on this! Please post your comments here on the BLOG or email me at to share your feedback.

Love, Light, and Freedom,

Erin xoxo

Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, you are serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, then please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, fun, and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.




Following Your Heart’s Path: The Answers Will Always Come In The Darkest Hour


Have you ever wondered if you were on the right path in life? Do you sometimes look up at the stars at night and wish upon them, to guide you towards the desires of your heart that seem to be out of your reach? Are you currently experiencing circumstances that challenge your ability to trust that everything is going to work out exactly the way they must, in order to support your highest good?

We all have these questions. Some of us from time to time, others of us every single day. There are even those of us who may not be conscious of these questions, but somewhere deep inside, they wonder…”Will I, Can I, Do I really have what it takes to?”

Recently I traveled back home to the U.S. to visit with friends and family in Florida and California. It had been 10 months since I’d left America for Australia, so as you can imagine, I felt many emotions about going home for the first time. Seeing family ALWAYS seems to kick stuff up for me, and I don’t think I am alone in this one 😉 I think it is safe to say that MOST of us, no matter how much we love and enjoy our families, get confronted by their behaviours, questions, and we fear their judgments and disapproval.

If we feel any doubt, questions, or fear AT ALL about the road we are traveling, then seeing family can truly send us into a downward spiral. However, if we come to know that it is normal to have questions, doubts, and fears sometimes as we walk the path laid out by our heart’s desires, then we can face our families, our friends, and the rest of the world with compassion for ourselves, trust in our process, and confident that we are only doing what has to be done.

Once we have heard our hearts speak loud and clear, we begin to understand that there is no other quality option, BUT to listen to it.

We face two choices: 1) To pray for the courage we will need to walk the soul’s path, or 2) To cower and perish as a result of suppressing the soul’s requests. Although the answer might seem VERY clear as to which choice to make, to stand at the crossroads between these two choices is never easy for anyone. If we did the math I bet we would be extremely surprised at how many actually choose what they assume will be easier, which is to NOT listen to the voice within their heart, but rather to let the voice within their heads do the decision-making.

Well, I am one of the one’s who have chosen to follow my heart. It feels scary some days, I feel alone sometimes, and I definitely questions myself more than I like to admit. However, even more than I have fear, questions, and doubt, I have faith.

I know that as long as I continue to listen to my heart and put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, that I am going to be taken care of, and life is going to unfold in ways beyond my wildest dreams.

I know this because I have already seen it happen, experienced it first hand, and have witnessed this miracle in the lives of my clients as well.

No, I don’t always know how things are going to turn out, or where life is taking me, or whether or not I will get married and have children, or have my first book get published and be a big hit, or what life will even look like in 5 years from now. BUT… I do always know that what is best for me can only happen if I allow it to. I cannot attract the soul mate relationship my heart desires if I am not being honest about who I am. I will not be the kind of parent I want to be if I have not worked through my own insecurities, doubts, fears, and chosen to follow my heart and therefore seen firsthand that it produces miracles. I will not feel good about any book I write, if the words are not an extension of the love I have found within me. So…there is a path I MUST walk if I am to ever really have what I want.

When I went home, it was mainly for my little sister’s wedding. She was hands down, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I know she’s my sister, but I am serious. Their was an essence of joy that lingered from her heart to his, and his to hers, and this essence of joy and love coloured and perfumed the entire experience for all of us. I knew every time I saw them together throughout this wedding excursion, that I was seeing what it looks like to have what I want with a partner.

In the past, this wedding and time with my family probably would have spun me out. I would have been a wreck! I would have felt less than, and been ridden with jealousy and fear, falling victim to a belief that told me I would never get to have what I wanted so badly. Thank God this is not who I am today or how I see the world. Today I believe that we attract to us, the people, places, things, and experiences that are a vibrational match to us. That means if something wonderful and beautiful is happening for someone else in your presence, that it is also happening for you! You can feel grateful, blessed, and deeply happy for them and for the simple understanding that you too are getting everything you have ever wanted 🙂

I actually had a couple of family members say things to me like: “Erin, you will never  find someone to settle down with. You are way too independent and driven to need a partner. But you should feel good about this, because after 20 years of marriage you will just get divorced anyway.”

Now, in the first few moments after hearing this said to me, my heart sunk a little into my stomach and I felt my power slipping away. But then I realised, “Erin, if this affects you, it’s because you are already holding on to this belief somewhere inside of you.” In that moment I acknowledged the old belief, and then I knew it was time to let that go. I then reaffirmed to myself, “No, that is not true. I deserve to be with someone who is just as loving and bright as me, and I GET to have that experience. This is not anyone else’s choice to make. No one gets to tell me what is possible for me or not. I DECIDE that. And so I did.

I DECIDED that “I DESERVE to be with someone who moves me at my core, someone who lights up a room, and someone who feels honoured and grateful to get to share his life with me.”

After that conversation, I was able feel gratitude towards my family member who said that to me, because it revealed an old belief I was carrying around that no longer served me or aligned with my heart’s desires. I was able to make a different choice, a conscious choice, and to let the old belief go so I could adopt a new one. My new belief now serves my highest good and is also in alignment with my heart’s desires.

I was also able to feel compassion for my family, because I know that the beliefs they unconsciously put onto me is their stuff…not mine.

It is empowering to remember this. When others pass their judgments or concerns on to you, it is just a form of their own limiting beliefs about themselves. You can lovingly say to them or just quietly within yourself, “Thank you for your input, but what you believe to be the truth is different from what I believe. Therefore, I will not carry your beliefs around with me because I have my own. I send you love.”

This is an example of the two different directions we can go in when we come face to face with other people’s perceptions of life. We can let others tell us what’s possible or we take our power back and begin to make those choices for ourselves.

When we honour who we really are, and begin to walk in that direction, the things that use to trip us up, do not have that kind of power over us anymore.

Even on the days or nights when we find ourselves sitting around in our pj’s wondering, questioning everything, and sitting in some fear, we STILL will feel more supported when we are honouring ourselves than when we are not. When we are on the path laid out by our heart’s desires, the answers and direction will always come in the darkest hour to re-confirm that YES…we ARE on the right path.

How might you be able to honour yourself a little bit more today, listen to your heart, and to let go of some of the beliefs you may have been carrying around that no longer serve your highest good? What beliefs might you have about yourself that aren’t even yours, but are someone else’s projections about what they think is possible for you that you adopted and never even questioned? Can you perhaps begin to start questioning those beliefs now? Do they serve you, where did they come from, and can you release them and make room for new ones?

Ok, please let me know what’s going on for you by either leaving your comments here on the blog, leaving them in the comment thread on Facebook, or email me at! I always LOVE hearing from you 🙂 :-):-)

Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready to experience more inner peace in your soul, purpose in your life, joy in your heart, overall better health and well-being in your body, you are serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, then please send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an exciting, mind and heart opening, fun, and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional weight so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.

Sending you all so much LOVE and LIGHT!

xoxo Erin


Announcing The Launch of Erin Lanahan Method 2012!!


Who’s Ready For Mind, Body, Spirit Fitness?? Welcome to Erin Lanahan Method 2012! I am so excited about this event you guys and have been working hard and digging deep to come up with a way to deliver something quality, effective, nurturing, fun, and inspiring. Well here it is!!! If you are on the Gold Coast in Australia…this is your chance! Gold Coast Aussies just happen to be the first group I have had the gift to share this with! 🙂 Learn more here:

Rock What YOU Rock Best…YOURSELF!

Hey there! I am writing this letter  to you from LAX, the Los Angeles airport! I flew in from Sydney early this morning and now I am waiting for my connecting flight to FL where I will hang with my family and friends for a couple of weeks. My little sister is getting married too…so lots of exciting events happening!!

Speaking of exciting, I have something very cool to share with you. My friends over at Everyday Health have published an article that I thought really aligned with E.L.M., and shares a great message for you. This article in particular will help you determine the specific body type YOU have and then understand how to make the most of it 🙂

As I have mentioned in the past, there is no point trying to fit ourselves into a shape we are never going to be. Instead, the optimal health and well-being journey is about loving the way YOU are, the body YOU were given, and being the very best version of that.

I highly recommend you take a read below:

This article by Everyday Health is educational, motivational, loaded with helpful tips, and may help you understand, and feel better about, the best way to achieve optimal health, fitness, and well-being for YOUR body type.

Please let me know what you think. Your comments are also VERY exciting for me and for E.L.M. readers! 🙂

Remember, the body YOU have is beautiful. Our journey is not about changing who and what we are, rather it’s about embracing our unique expression of beauty, health, well-being, and love.

Here’s to YOU! Get out there and ROCK WHAT YOU GOT!

Love and Laughter,


Happy People Are Healthier: Get OFF The Diet And Exercise Roller Coaster Here!


“Happy girls are prettier.” – Audrey Hepburn

In my career as a Holistic Health Coach, I wear many hats. I wear the Life and Personal Development Coach hat, the educational and inspirational writer hat, the and motivational speaker hat, the holistic nutritionist hat, the personal trainer hat, the yoga instructor hat, and a meditation coach hat. These are ALL things that contribute to creating a quality life of wellness.


Would you believe me if I told you that no matter which “hat” I am wearing, the job is the same? That’s right…my job is the SAME, regardless of what medium I work with people through, and therefore my passion is equal for all of my hats.


Because my PASSION is about helping YOU create healthy relationships. My PASSION is about helping other people realise and wake-up to their inner guidance system, their ultimate authentic power, and their capability of making conscious choices that align with their hearts desires. My PASSION is for creating a happier, and therefore healthier world. What does that all mean? That means, I live to help others create a quality life of wellness through shifting their relationships with food, exercise, themselves, and transforming their relationship to life itself.

How do you shift your relationship to life itself?

We start by taking  a look at how we approach our relationship to food and exercise. This tells us how we approach all things. It gives me a very good reference point for how my clients feel about themselves deep down, and therefore how they choose to show up in the world.

You see, for many years I struggled with my relationships with food, exercise, myself and with life itself UNTIL things began to finally click for me.

I had been a competitive gymnast, a fitness champion, a figure champion, photographed for magazines, and sponsored by fitness industry leaders. BUT…at the end of the day, I struggled. I struggled internally first and foremost, and I struggled to keep up with the harsh, rigid regime that was required of me to maintain my six pack. I just wanted a nice, lean, toned, healthy, strong, and fit body, without killing myself or feeling deprived. I wanted to be able to LOVE myself no matter what, instead of depending on winning or “being someone” to prove to the world I was loveable.

So I set out to find a way to do exactly that.

I wanted to go on vacations and not gain weight, or obsess about exercising or the amount of carbs and calories I’d consumed. I wanted to let go of feeling guilty for not exercising, or for eating healthy foods such as fruit and good carbs. I wanted to eat foods that I LOVE, find relief from bingeing and emotional eating, and I wanted to eat and exercise in a way that HONOR my body, create optimal health and well-being from the INSIDE-OUT, and therefore contribute to a healthy, hot, and sexy me. I wanted to FEEL amazing in my skin, and I wanted my fit body, mind, and spirit to be an organic result of me making choices to LOVE myself, rather than being a result of me being harsh, rigid in my thinking and actions, and almost abusive towards myself.

Well guess what…

When we are rigid, harsh, and semi-abusive in our thinking and actions around food and exercise, that is a pretty good reference point for how we respond to life itself and how we feel about ourselves deep down. If we have to cling to a regimen that is really not natural for us, then it says we do not TRUST that there is a way to do things with ease, grace, love, and therefore in alignment with us. We do not trust that there is a better way, a way where we can live without deprivation, feel amazing, AND look the very best we can possibly look.

The key here is, to LET GO of the results, the outcomes, and the expectations, and instead turn your attention inward. Begin to focus on how you want to FEEL in your life. How do you want to feel when you look in the mirror, slip on your jeans, head out for a run, walk through the grocery store, or when you lie in bed with your partner?


If you currently think that the way you FEEL is dependent upon this or that, you are right and wrong. How we FEEL is a choice we make, and you can feel however you want to feel RIGHT NOW. So, instead of waiting to lose 10 kilos, or 20 pounds before you FEEL confident, sexy, and worthy, begin to connect to the feeling of those things within you RIGHT NOW.

We are taught that the feelings follow the results. Well, duh. Obviously if we go from overweight to a healthy weight, we are going to feel better about ourselves and about life…at least temporarily. BUT, if we just change our outer world, we will still be left with our inner world, and THAT is why so any people Yo-Yo. They “fix” the outside, but the inside doesn’t shift in a way that they can really feel deep down that they are happy, loved, worthy, etc. So…the weight eventually makes its way back to their hips, stomachs, and thighs. The weight they carry inside, eventually manifests. This is because when we JUST fix the outside, it is not sustainable. We MUST go to the root, and make the changes from there.

When I work with my coaching clients, speak at an event, or write an article, my intention is to always challenge people to look at the way they approach their fitness, food, and life.

Are you coming from the outside in, or the inside out?

When we focus on feeling happy, worthy, loved, and capable, right now, and we begin to connect to that feeling more and more, then NATURALLY our choices and actions begin to fall into alignment with that. We begin to come from love rather than from fear, and those are two VERY different energies and feel very different in the body. For example, if you choose to go for a long run, to do a yoga class, or to attend a session with your trainer, and you do this coming from LOVE, then you will feel filled up by your choice because it is motivated by your intention to love and nurture yourself. This action will therefore feel loving, the way you move through it will be respectful and loving towards your body, mind, and spirit, and as a result, it will FILL YOU UP. However, if you make the exact same choice, coming from fear, then it will deplete you. If you decide to go for a run, workout, or to a yoga class because you will feel guilty if you don’t, or because you are afraid you will fall off track, or fear not looking a certain way because ultimately if your body isn’t perfect you can’t feel happy, then everything you do from this energy will work against you and ultimately burn you out. When we come from fear, it is not sustainable. You will never be able to maintain a healthy state of body, mind, and spirit when you come from fear.

Has this ever happened to you?

If you want to “lose weight” or “reduce your body fat” and these are the things that you are using to try to motivate yourself…IF it even motivates you at all…it WON’T last for long for most of you.


This is because you aren’t connected to something bigger, something deeper, and more meaningful. What you REALLY want is to feel light, energised, and full of vitality. You want to walk into a room and know who you are and feel good about who you are. You want to be able to look other people in the eyes and not feel insecure, ashamed, or afraid. You want to feel like life has meaning, you have meaning, and that there is a reason for your existence. You want to feel like a contributor to life. You long to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. What you want is to feel smart inside, beautiful inside, and strong inside.

Am I right about this? Me too! There is nothing wrong with us for wanting these things. We want them because it is our most natural and authentic state to feel peaceful, happy, joyous, and free.

So…THESE are the priorities!

I had been personal training for 10 years when I decided to become a personal development coach, and to really expand my writing and speaking career. I did this because it was so painful, frustrating, and unfulfilling for me to watch day in and day out, people who come to me to transform their bodies, but who never get off the “roller-coaster” as a result of not transforming their minds, their perceptions, and therefore their relationships to food and exercise. I saw the same pattern over and over:

Client comes in super motivated, client works VERY hard, client gets results, client enjoys life extremely for 3-6 months, then client slowly begins to slip back into old habits and ways, and their motivation dissipates. Then, client tries and tries to do it the way they did it in the beginning, hoping to get the same results and to feel the same feeling again, only to feel disappointed, and defeated. Client continues to work had for years without ever getting optimal results.

It’s like a drug. The first HIGH is always the best one. Then, it just becomes about chasing the high that you’ll never get back again, because it wasn’t something real to begin with. We do drugs because we want to FEEL a certain way and most people do not TRUST that this can be found in a way that honors the body rather than harms it. Everyone wants the quick fix, but why? The quick fix is just a long and drawn-out process that keeps us from ever fully experiencing true freedom, bliss, abundance, and optimal health.

Do you want true freedom, abundance, bliss, and optimal health?

I hope and trust your answer is YES!

You CAN have your cake and eat it too! It may be an ORGANIC, RAW, VEGAN cake, but who cares if it is delicious, makes you FEEL amazing, AND moves you closer to your health and wellness goals? 🙂 There are ways to experience what you want that you have probably never considered or been open to,  and I am here to help you if you are ready to make some empowering changes. My best medium for this is my 12 week mentoring program! I LOVE doing it, and my clients love it too 🙂

Do want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.

Sending you all so much LOVE and LIGHT! Please email me at with questions and comments! I always LOVE to hear from you and what you are going through 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

xoxo Erin



FACE YOUR FEAR: Here’s 5 Tips To Help You Face It And Be Transformed By It


Why is this something we ALL face?

Fear is something we all face because it is the very thing that challenges our ability to grow, to expand, and to fully LIVE. Without fear, we wouldn’t know about the places within ourselves that we are still unwilling to take a look at.

Do you understand what I am saying here?

When we are afraid of something, usually, at the core or the ROOT of the fear, is the belief that something outside of us has more power than we do. At the deepest seat in the fear, sits the part of us who is afraid that something dark can take us down, can take away our joy, and can ultimately end our life.

What is your current response to fear? Do you face into it, or do you skate around it? Do you suit up and show up with the willingness to take it on, or do you run from it? Are you the type of person who knows they cannot escape their fears, or do you actually believe you can ignore it until it goes away? Do you believe you are strong enough to handle anything, or do you reach for a false sense of security and numb out your fears with food, alcohol, shopping, smoking, sex, drugs, or too much exercise so you can pretend for short periods of time that you are actually doing something about improving your current circumstances?

These questions may feel confronting, and if so, I do not apologise. These are the same questions I have to ask myself sometimes as well. I do it because I love you and I love me.

It seems easier a lot of the time, to ignore, avoid, pretend, deny, run, move, etc, but let’s face it. The truth is, when we do these things instead of facing into our fears, the problems only get worse.

Recently I was going through something that felt so scary to me, that the mere thought of it made me feel sick, as though I was coming down with some awful virus. What was happening to me was my fear of this thing in particular was making me unwell. My thoughts were making me sick! What this turned out to be for me was a profound opportunity to take a look at some things inside of myself, inside of my thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, that I had decided long ago were “off-limits.” My head had created all these stories about certain feelings I had buried inside of me, and as a result, there was a pattern, a program that was running in my consciousness that had me living smaller than I am capable of living. This program was holding me hostage to the belief that I was not strong enough to face the “darkness” inside of me, and if I tried I would surely DIE.

I was being held hostage to the belief that “darkness” is an evil power that exists, and that the darkness was stronger and more powerful than the light.

Do you know what is the scariest thing about all of this?

When we actually buy into the voice that tells us we will die unless we keep ourselves from re-visiting those “off-limits” places, then we fall victim to the VERY thing we are afraid of. This is because the fear itself never gets dealt with, and therefore, it lives in our bodies. When fear lives inside of us, it affects us on an energetic level. Literally, we begin to vibrate with it. Since the Universe responds to our vibration, or our frequency, which is created by our thoughts and feelings, then the Universe will begin to deliver to us everything that matches our thoughts and feelings. So everything that matches your fear, is exactly what you will get.

This is WAAAAAAAAY worse than facing into the fear itself. That’s the craziest part! We don’t deal with stuff because we are afraid, and as a result we create and manifest a life of stuff that we are most afraid of instead of enjoying a life filled with peace, joy, abundance, and optimal health.

Does this make sense?

I am serious. Facing your fear is NOT as scary as you think! Not facing them will ALWAYS be much scarier in the end.

Here are 5 tips to help you face your fears and take your personal power back:

1) Acknowledge your fear FULLY.

Ex) I am afraid I am dying. Then silently repeat 4 times “I call all my energy back into my body now.” Feel your energy come back into your body.

2) Declare your willingness to face your fears.

You ARE strong enough to handle anything and everything happening right now. KNOW THIS. Then, connect with the light in your heart and speak to your fear by saying “I am willing to take a look at this you fully. I am willing to take you on. I know that I am strong enough to handle anything, so bring it on”

3) See yourself healthy, happy, joyful, powerful, and FEEL your connection to the energy source of the Universe.

FEEL your own strength, your own power, your own infinite source within that cannot and will not EVER die, no matter what things may look like.

4) Connect with nature.

Go somewhere beautiful such as to the ocean’s edge, a flower garden, or something equal. Observe nature. Feel the ocean’s playfulness as the water rushes in to touch your feet, excited to see you, and then rushes back out encouraging you to chase it. Watch the birds flip and fly, enjoying every moment without a doubt that they can do everything a bird is meant to do. Observe the flowers and contemplate their natural and organic way of growing without questioning themselves.

All the answers we need can be found somewhere in nature.

5) Think back about a time when you thought you would die if you faced something or tried something, but actually made it through.

Perhaps you even thrived afterwards. Remember how afraid you were, but how liberating it was to release the fear by facing it. Once you faced it you could finally stop LIVING IT.

Now do it again. Face your fear. Go for it. You ARE capable. You CAN do it. You WILL understand more later…count on that.

So let’s dedicate today to facing our fears shall we?

I invite you to take one fear that you have been avoiding, and write it down right now. Then go through steps 1-5 as best you can. Remember, the fear is not what we should be afraid of, rather it’s the unwillingness to allow the fears to transform us that we should be scared of. Fear coupled with our willingness to face it and our belief that we are strong enough to handle anything, no longer feels like fear. It becomes an opportunity we feel privileged to have. Fear left unattended to, becomes our living experience.

What’s it gonna be for you? Are you going to be a warrior, or a runner?

Please email us at with any questions or comments and let us know what you are going through!

In the meantime, face your fears, be the amazing warrior you really are, and know that you are loved and protected.

Sending you all so much love, light, and many big hugs!

xoxo Erin

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.



Are You Burning Out? Trust IS THE WAY!

Today I am here to talk to you guys about TRUST. What exactly is it and how do we do it?

Well, in my experience trust is something we must access within ourselves. It’s an inner awareness. Trust is something that happens more and more as we ALLOW it to. Trust is what happens as we let go of “our” plans and schedules and begin to surrender to a greater plan unfolding.

For example, there are many ways we experience new levels of trust. When my clients are working out, there are certain moves and exercises that I’ll ask them to do that they are afraid of at first. Their belief is that the cannot do it. They are afraid of falling, getting, hurt, and/or looking silly. They are very defined by and attached to the image and limitations they have set for themselves, or that they have accepted as their truth from the limitations others put on them.

This is precisely when I remind them that they must be willing to get uncomfortable, to feel uncertain, and to look silly and mess up if they want to move forward, expand, grow, and reach new levels of health, success, happiness, and wellness.

This opportunity is their time to explore what exists beyond their so-called limitations, in a safe place with me, so they can see that they actually have a choice and can choose to play a bigger game.

Most of the time, my clients’ desires to reach optimal health, happiness, fitness, and well-being outweigh their attachment to playing small in their workouts, and ultimately in their lives. As a result, they bust loose from their old beliefs and programs and embody something more powerful.

When I am coaching, often I have clients who are very afraid to detach from a strict schedule and the time pressures they put on themselves. These are typically my entrepreneurs and business owners. They get a certain amount of success by pushing hard and working almost 20 hours a day, but then as they begin to burnout, they suffer with finding a solution.

This is precisely when I remind them that they must be willing to let go of outcomes and results in order to experience the fruits of all their labor. There is a time to push and a time to receive. We will all be pulled to push, but when we are no longer pulled to push so hard, we must TRUST this gut feeling and shift our energy and speed into rest, receiving, and nurturing mode. We must always be willing to allow our intuition to guide us at all times. As we surrender, we give the Universe an opening to deliver and provide.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I can only say these things to my clients because I am not afraid to admit that I do it too. I also sometimes forget the power and importance of letting go and TRUSTING. It is perfectly OK to forget, just as long as you remember.

Life is a process of remembering that trust IS the process. Trust IS the WAY!

We are always in a process of peeling back layers, facing more fear, attaching to outcomes, results, and routines, and then having to let go and allow ourselves to experience trust on a deeper level each time around in the name of less suffering and more peace and joy.

I have been working in my industry of health, wellness, and personal growth for over 12 years. Some may consider me an expert, but I know that I am only a student. We are all always students, but in our learning, we teach. As we apply the information that is revealed to us along our own process of trusting, it becomes the way in which we see the world and the way we show up in the world. THIS teaches others that they too can do the same.

As many of you already know, I have been nurturing my relationship with the practice of Yoga. This has been an extremely humbling experience, but one I admire, respect, and feel deep gratitude for. Yoga is making me face so many of my own so-called “limitations” and it gives me no choice but to begin questioning and venturing passed them. Meanwhile, all my beliefs about fitness, exercise, the way the body works, diet, etc, are being challenged. These are quickly becoming old beliefs, as I embody new ones, and this process requires massive letting go and allowing the experience of trust to soothe my fears.

For example, I use to think you had to train 5-6 days a weeks with hard cardio and weights. I use to think you had to eat 6 times a day, every 2-3 hours, high protein and low carbs.  I use to think if I beat myself up for “cheating” on my diet, that it would actually be effective.  I use to believe food and my body were my enemy, and if  I could just become disciplined enough to control them better, I would finally be happy and feel good. I use to believe these were the things that made up the formula for a happy and peaceful life, and a fit and healthy body. Well, this may have been the case for a period in my life, but it stopped working. It was NOT sustainable. It was time for me to let go.

Now I know that way of life was just a phase in my evolution of health, fitness, happiness, and wealth.

Ultimately, or hopefully anyway, we move past each phase, and embrace a deeper, more authentic understanding of what it means to live a life of health, wellness, success, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, and love. This is a never-ending process. It will always continue to deepen, to offer us new insight and wisdom, to heal and transform us, and to humble and strengthen us.

If we can ALLOW this process of  TRUST to continue to unfold, life gets easier, work flows better, instead of chasing down opportunities, we begin attracting them TO us, and rather than having a separation between us and our bodies, we find a loving bond and connection with our physical bodies that begins to drive all our choices and actions, and therefore health, well-being, success, abundance, peace, and joy become our way of life.

So, what are you clinging onto so tightly that may be preventing you from experiencing more trust? Can you begin to surrender your plans and desired outcomes, in order to receive what the Universe has in store for you? Perhaps you can let go just a little bit, allowing the trust within you to emerge and gain a little more power, so you will grow to be able to let go completely and therefore fully experience freedom, peace, health, wellness, abundance, and success in all phases of your evolution.

What’s going on for you? I’d love to know. Send an email to to share your story, questions, or comments.

Sending You All SO Much Love and Many Hugs,

Erin 🙂 xo

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.


Check Your Ego! You ARE Worth It!

Over the last few months of my life I have had to revisit some places within myself and some experiences from the past, that I liked to believe were in the past and would stay in the past. Well I guess it doesn’t always work that way.

Each of us are on our own unique, individual path and that means we each will have our own unique lessons to learn along the way. You may be able to relate to this. Have you ever felt like you were repeating an experience of something you’ve been through before, that you thought was over and gone, only to find yourself facing it yet again? It may look a little different, have different people taking part in it, but it’s the same old pattern? Do you find yourself saying “What the hell…I thought I had gotten past this?”

This is not something to feel ashamed of, guilty over, or to judge yourself for. NO. It is an opportunity to explore the same thing with more consciousness than you had before.

See the truth is, you HAVE gotten past it in a way. It’s just that sometimes there are onion experiences and they come with many different layers for us to process and peel back. Every time we “re-visit” these circumstances, experiences, and relationships, we are actually visiting a new piece of ourselves and bringing new information, or light, to it. Each layer has its own way of bringing tears and cleansing us.

When we explore things with more consciousness, it means we bring everything we NOW know, to an experience we had in the past when we didn’t have the same tools or level of consciousness.

In other words, we go back to something we didn’t have the tools to fully resolve in the past, with the tools we need to fully resolve it now. Sometimes this take MULTIPLE re-visits!

Does that make sense?

The challenge is NOT to feel bad about yourself in the process. There is a tendency to judge yourself when this happens, and that is exactly what will make it impossible to heal and resolve the past with your new tools and awareness in the present.  If you are revisiting something, it’s because there was probably judgment in the past that made it impossible for you to fully release yourself from the negative pattern, and therefore you have come back to visit it so you can do it differently this time. Therefore, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT DIFFERENTLY.

If you are judging yourself, comparing yourself and your life to others, or falling into victim or self-pity mode, then your EGO is the one running the show.

Check your ego right now because you are worth it!

Your path is just your path and suffering does not come from what is actually happening. No, suffering is a result of your judgments and perceptions about what is happening.

For me, I watch my thoughts, behaviors, actions, words, and although I am not always perfect and still do and say things that are out of alignment with who I really am sometimes, more and more I learn to love myself through it all.

Remind yourself that it is unnecessary and counterproductive to feel judgment, shame, or regret when you are just doing the best you can in the moment. Those feelings just make things harder and they feed the negative pattern.

As long as you are willing to do things differently each time around, and feel differently about what is currently showing up, then your life will begin to take on a new, positive pattern, and a beautiful shape that represents who you really are.

Bow down to the teacher in all things, and allow life to humble you, so that your higher self can begin to run the show. Live your legend, because it’s yours, and no one else can live the same one as you.

Humility is where our agendas get tossed out in order to receive the teachings life brings to us through our circumstances and experiences. Humility is the key to growth, intimacy, true connection, giving love and letting love in, and humility will bring peace into the mind and the body.

When we have humility, we no longer perceive ourselves and our lives through eyes that judge, but instead we appreciate every single moment for exactly what it is and the wisdom in it’s offering.

So how can you release yourself from your ego driven fears and worries today? What might you be revisiting that feels old, that you can bring your new wisdom and consciousness too in order to heal and resolve things within you and all around you even more? Please share your story, questions, and comments with me here, or email me at

If you’d like to experience more Peace, Love, and YOUR Perfect Body, please register for my FREE call, “Peace, Love, and YOUR Perfect Body,” coming up this Friday April 20 @7pm U.S. EST/ Saturday April 21 @9am Brisbane, QLD time! Find out more and Register HERE.

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Love and Light!



Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.




Peace, Love, and YOUR Perfect Body

As I sit here today and ponder this topic,  I ask for the guidance I need to deliver this message to you in the way it has been delivered to me. This is a message I am always excited to share, and  I have been asked by thousands of people over the years, how I have achieved the level of peace, love, vitality, and fitness I experience every single day.

Peace, Love, and YOUR Perfect Body.

First of all, let me begin by making sure we are clear about a few things. When I say “YOUR Perfect Body” this means that I am about to help you begin to really find true appreciation for YOUR body, the way it is RIGHT NOW.

We all are born with different body types, and we are MEANT to look and be different in our own unique ways. I like to think of this like trees. Trees are all different heights, widths, colors, and shapes, and their differences are what make up amazing, interesting, and beautiful landscapes. We would get bored if they all looked the same yes?

It’s the same with us, only we forget to look at ourselves through a bigger picture pair of eyes. Each one of us plays an important role, an important part in the overall landscape of life, and therefore the ways in which we may be shorter, taller, thicker, or thinner, is a result of who we are and what we’ve come here to do. These are the characteristics that we should love and adore, not hate.

This is not an excuse to be unhealthy however. No way. This is simply to understand the importance of accepting the body type, height, and shape you were born with. Accept what it is, and then make a conscious choice to be the healthiest, happiest, hottest version of yourself from the inside out!

For example, I am 5’3, and bit of the thicker, more muscular build. I have big brown eyes, blonde hair that never grows longer than my shoulder blades, and my calves have been big since I was a toddler!

I will NEVER be 5’10 with long , thick dark hair, have blue eyes, long thin legs, or calves that can fit in the really sexy knee-high boots that don’t have a zipper. That’s just the way it is for me. It’s not good, it’s not bad. It just is. Now I could kick a fit and feel as though I got short-handed and resent the fact that I am too short, muscular, and not exotic enough to look like the fashion models, or the new girl an ex is dating. But at the end of the day, will that really enhance my life experience? Will it change things? Or will it just create less peace, less love, and an experience of living in a body I will always see as IMPERFECT?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Love, Peace, and feeling grateful and happy about your body does not come as a result of achieving the perfect body first.

NO. You must first achieve Peace and Love within you, and therefore be experiencing it all around you, if you expect to truly experience what it feels like to live inside YOUR perfect body.

Are you with me?

Let me tell you about a little spell that most of us have fallen asleep under. It’s the spell that curses you to believe that happiness, love, peace, and a fit and sexy body come from something outside of yourself. For anyone who has ever achieved a “perfect body” as a result of reaching outside themselves, will tell you this:

Either the physical results don’t last, or the happiness from the results don’t last, or BOTH.

Trust me. I have been a 4-time all around Figure Champion and a 6-time all around Fitness Champion, and was well on my way to becoming a successfully and professionally sponsored fitness model. However, I chose to take a different road and thank God I did. I was lucky, and realized pretty early on in my budding career as a fitness star, that the life and the body I was living in, was NOT going to provide me with sustainable health, happiness, or hotness.

In fact, that way of living, thinking, and being was going to age me, depress me, AND lead me away from who I was born to be.

I didn’t realize ALL of that then, but I had enough trust in my intuition to follow something in my gut that just didn’t feel right about the path I was on. Today I fully understand what my body was telling me back then. It was telling me I was UNHAPPY.

Throughout my entire life up until that point, I had used every bit of my energy to please others, to get the attention I believed I needed to feel good enough, and to come in first prize so the world had no reason to ignore or disrespect me. However, the problem wasn’t the world.


I didn’t love myself. I didn’t pay attention to, or respect me, and this projected from inside of me onto my outside world experience, and thus it was exactly what I began to look for from things outside myself.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting acknowledged, loved, and appreciated by others. These are good things to experience, they feel amazing, and they can definitely be a form of support throughout our lives. However, no one else’s love, attention, and respect will ever have the power to take away our happiness or grant us happiness. Only the way in which we treat ourselves has the power to do that.

Man. These are lessons I sure have learned the hard way, but I  tell you what, I wouldn’t take back any of it because I am so grateful to know what I know now!

I love the way I feel in my body, in my relationships, in my career, and in my life, and YOU CAN TOO!

Until I saw that having a perfect body didn’t actually give me long-term fulfilment, and therefore Love and Peace were not going to come as a result either, I didn’t know that I had it all backwards.


It’s NOT:

YOUR Perfect Body, Love, and Peace.


It IS:

Peace, Love, and YOUR Perfect Body.

The order of the words in the title of this message are that way FOR A REASON. Their order IS THE MESSAGE I am delivering to you today.

We must find peace, access love, and when we do these things, we get to live in our Perfect Body.

Are you feeling how I felt when this message first penetrated my consciousness? I hope so because I have some very exciting news!

I am going to be doing a FREE call for one hour just on this topic.

This is what you’ll get if you join us on the call:

1) I am going to be sharing  3 of the my most favorite tools to help you:

– shift from anxiety, dissapointment, and irritability, to a peaceful place within

– to feel more love and respect for yourself and therefore others

– to connect to the vision you have for YOUR perfect body

2) I am going to be answering as many as 3 questions at the end for some one-on-one coaching that everyone on the call will get to benefit from.

3)  3 days after the LIVE call with me, you will be receiving a recording of the call that will be sent to your email. This way you can listen to it as much as you want, and if you happen to miss the actual call, you can listen to it later!

So, are you going to meet me on the call?


Friday April 20, 201 at 7pm EST (United States) which is the same as Saturday April 21, 2012 at 9am (Brisbane, Australia time). I am in Australia, but this call is open to almost anyone in the world.

Please click on the link below for all the information you need about the call and so you can register. You will find all the Dial-In details you need for your country by clicking on this link below.

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Sending you all SO much LOVE and LIGHT!



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Life Is About Being Born And Giving Birth EVERY Day: Here’s What I Mean!

As I was running this morning, with the ocean beside me and my feet hitting the sand one step at  time, I began to write this post in my head. Inspiration always happens to me when I run!

Lately I have been contemplating birth, babies, what that means to me, and how I feel about all of it. I am 32 years old, so from what I hear, it’s only natural that I would be thinking about this stuff. Apparently it’s my “Biological Clock ticking.”

Maybe it is, or maybe it’s just me, doing what I always do, which is taking what Mother Nature gives us, and breaking it down into daily life lessons, and then finding the tools that are available to apply such lessons into my own life and eventually sharing them with my clients so they too can apply them to their lives.

Who knows. I guess it depends on who you ask 🙂

I do want to talk to you today however, about this concept of birth. It does fascinate me. I will admit, I often find questions bubbling up inside me that ask me things like “Erin, if you were to be growing a life within you, what would you do differently.” Or, “If you knew you were going to start trying to get pregnant, what might that require of your thoughts, your actions, and your daily habits, and how might you be able to nurture that possibility into reality?”

I have also noticed myself thinking of my body in a different way when I think about it as something capable of growing and expressing the miracle of life. Instead of being judgemental or harsh towards myself and expecting my body to be perfect all the time, I have begun to see my body as a vessel, or a channel that life wants to grow inside of and ultimately to be expressed through.

I can’t help but wonder, and MEN this applies to you too, if we all walked around treating our dreams, our intuition, our desires, and our ideas, as though they were our unborn children, would we finally begin to understand the importance of creating an internal environment that is capable of growing life inside of us, that when nurtured by us, has the power to go from a tiny seed within, to a beautiful new life we birth into the external world?

Do you understand what I am saying? It is a known fact that what a mother-to-be thinks about, the actions she takes or doesn’t take, the amount and type of exercise she does, the relationships she chooses to have and engage in, the foods and drinks she consumes, and the environments she surrounds herself in, plays a vital role in whether or not she can get pregnant from the start and then once she does, it plays a vital role in the overall optimal health and well-being of the baby growing inside of her. It CAN determine the quality of the life she is growing and giving birth to.

Why would this be any different for birthing an idea, a vision, and a dream into reality?  IT’S NOT! It’s exactly the same and if we explore this idea, then it may increase our chances of actually giving birth to the gifts that want to come through us.

Whether or not you want children, have children, don’t want children, don’t have children, is irrelevant to the point I am making. My point is this:
Every single one of us, male, female, gay, straight, black, yellow, green, white, have the opportunity to be born and to give birth on a daily basis. Every time we wake up in the morning we are starting over and therefore being born. Every time we go through a huge transitional and transformational time in our lives we are being born. Every time we get our hearts broken and we come through the other side of it and heal, we experience a sense of being birthed into a deeper awareness and understanding of who we really are and what we are really capable of.

Every single one of us has ideas, we have dreams, we feel a longing to love and be loved, we want to experience intimacy and deep connection, and we all hope that we die with no regrets. We all hope that we are one of those people who feel as though we really LIVED every opportunity that presented itself to us.

Every time we feel inspired by something, that IS an opportunity presenting itself to us.

Here’s the mistake most people make. They cling on to a result and they end up cutting themselves OFF from growing life within them, and therefore birthing it into the world. You even hear about this with women who really want to have a baby. They try so hard and become almost obsessed with it, that it doesn’t end up happening for them. Then, when they finally let go, they get pregnant! It’s truly amazing how much wisdom this mother birthing baby analogy is offering us.

Whatever it is you are wanting in your life requires the same thing. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, if you want to grow a business, if you want to find true love, if you want to write a book, if you want to travel the world, it requires you to treat yourself as the vessel that is being chosen by the things you feel drawn to. We are not all drawn or attracted to the same things. When you feel that pull, you know that a mutual choice has been made. That thing has chosen you, and you have chosen it. However, I want to invite you to think of it like this. Rather than attaching yourself to the thing itself or to a specific outcome with it, instead explore what it needs you to become in order for you to create an environment within yourself, conducive enough to growing life within you and to giving birth to life.

For example, I was really drawn to a guy that I met a few years back and it was definitely mutual. I thought that meant it was because we were destined to be together. We were in a way, just not how I thought. This guy and I ended up going through a lot of life changing events together, and I had to take some serious inventory of myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my actions as a result of this relationships. As a result of his presence in my life, I became aware of how much I wanted to experience true soulmate-love. I was not ready for that then because the insides of me were not conducive to growing life or giving birth to any great quality of life.

However, it was the very event in my life that woke me up in many ways and showed me what I needed to do for myself in order to be born into a grater sense of joy and connection as well as to birth into the world all the inner gifts I had previously been aware of, but unable to access and express.

EVERY single moment is an opportunity for every single one of us to be born and to give birth. We can start over with every thought we have, we have the power to change the way we see things and go from an abusive, harsh mindset, to one that is non-judging and unconditionally loving. We are the ones that must decide to build our lives on a foundation that is motivated by the intention to be nurturing and nourishing so the soul can continue to grow within us, and that new life can flow through us at all times. We are all, men too, pregnant with possibilities. The ways in which we treat ourselves on a daily basis will determine whether or not we cut ourselves off from experiencing the life force within us and the potential we have to express such possibilities into the world through our very own bodies.

So remember this analogy. Being born is not easy, nor is giving birth. Both experiences can be painful, scary, and full of the unknown. However, when it’s mother birthing baby, we are all amazed by that miracle and we embrace the pain, the discomfort, and the unknown. Therefore, I invite you today to do the same for all the life that wants to grow within you and to be expressed by you. Whether it’s a child, an idea, or a dream, you are the vessels it needs to grow from the unseen world into the seen one 🙂

What are your ideas, your dreams, and what is the vision you have for your life? If you are going to birth these unborn gifts into the world, how might you need to rearrange things inside of you and all around you, in order to breathe life into them? Choose your thoughts, your food, your drinks, your friends, your actions, and your environments wisely, for they WLL determine the quality of life within you and the quality of life you are able to share with the world.

Sending you all so much LOVE,
Erin xoxo

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.

YES…There IS A Better Way!

How do we know that we can fully believe things are working out for us? How is it possible to trust that if we follow our hearts, we will be guided towards living the life of our dreams? What if we are wrong? What if we believe and think positive and we still never get what we want?

Are these questions you ask yourself or others at times? If you answered yes, I hope you will keep reading.

First of all, how can you know fully if  things AREN’T working out for you? Is it possible to not trust your heart or follow its guidance, and to still create the life of your dreams? What if you are RIGHT about that idea or new way of doing things? If you don’t believe and think positively, what are the chances of getting what you want?

Yes, I did just ask you all the same questions in reverse. I did this to help lead you to your own answers, your own intuition about what actually feels right inside of YOU regarding how you choose to think, feel, and what beliefs you choose to keep or toss.

This is because YOU are the one who decides what the answers are to these questions.

How does that make you feel, to know you have this kind of power?

I talk to you guys a lot about letting go of outcomes, about practicing the art of detachment, and having the courage to set your intentions and declare your desires whilst surrendering the results to the Universe. This is the way of Happiness. This is the way of Inner Peace. This requires discipline.

We all have an inner guide, a voice that summons us to listen, to take its directions, and to answer it’s calling for us.

Some of us rise to the challenge, and others of us do not. It is not my place to say that one is wrong or one is right. At the end of the day, whatever you choose, is just what you choose. What you do with it will make the difference between feeling good or feeling bad.

Most of us walk around judging ourselves and others, doubting the unlimited possibilities we all have, and feeling uncertain about what we really want and how we will ever truly feel at peace, happy, and fulfilled inside.

We set goals. We achieve them. But still, eventually we return to that empty place inside that either says “I must have more of that thing that temporarily makes me feel good.” OR “There has got to be a better way.”

YES, there IS a better way…a new kind of discipline!

Being in the fitness industry for so long, and beginning my journey as a dedicated gymnast, DISCIPLINE is a word that entered my vocabulary at a very young age. That said, it has become a topic I have spent nearly a lifetime contemplating.

One definition of DISCIPLINE I found is this:

Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

Discipline is derived from the word DISCIPLE.


 Learner, follower, or Truth Seeker.

I have found over the years, that my once understanding of discipline has evolved into something very different these days.

If discipline is something that is supposed to help us gain mental and moral improvement, and as a disciple we are seeking to know the truth, then Discipline is the commitment to apply whatever tools, take whatever actions, and do whatever it takes to grow and evolve mentally and morally so that we come to know our truth.

Let’s look at exercise for example. I use to think discipline meant I had to show up 6 days a week and stick exactly to the routine I had set out for my gym workouts. I had become extremely attached to results. However, the results I wanted were to feel good about who I was, feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and body, and experience a deeper sense of love, connection, expression, and inspiration. I believed that by having a six-pack, I would achieve all of these things. Having a six-pack and becoming a 7-time Champion Fitness and Figure Competitor, DID help me feel all those things.

But not forever.

My misunderstanding of what discipline meant, and my attachment to  how I perceived happiness, eventually landed me in a not so happy, not very connected or inspired, and an extremely inauthentic, non-expressive place within myself. Now I am not saying it isn’t fun to have a six-pack. I am just saying that the happiness it brings us is extremely external and short-lived.

Long term happiness and inner peace is an INSDE JOB.

Discipline is actually meant to create flexibility in our lives. It’s like martial arts, the purpose behind learning to fight, is so to NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT. As it’s students show up for their practice each day, they work through the mental and emotional triggers that attract violence and unrest into their lives to begin with. Their practice extends beyond the physical practice itself. It begins to become a working part of their minds, their Spirits, and their lives.

Many people may think the point of martial arts is to become an awesome fighter so they can kick lots of butt…BUT the whole point is to find more peace, and to live a life of non-violence.

We all need structure as we begin to learn about discipline, but I want to plant a seed for you.

Being disciplined means you are committed to your internal growth number one, and whatever physical activities you do, are meant for both physical AND mental awareness, strength, and growth.

All of those questions I asked you above, require DISCPLINE.

If we choose to follow our hearts, because we choose to believe in ourselves and in the power of listening to the voice within rather than to to others, we will HAVE to be disciplined. Every time a seductive thought emerges tempting us to abandon the truth we seek, we must use our discipline to make a conscious decision to stay on our path and recommit to our deepest calling and what we feel is right. To follow our hearts is the way of a warrior. It takes courage and it requires strength.

When you begin to doubt yourself or your intuition, and you find yourself asking once again, “What if I am wrong?” What if I never get there?” What if everyone else knows something I don’t know” THIS is where you MUST stay disciplined. You must be a disciple seeking YOUR truth and no one else’s.

Here Are 3 Ways To Apply A New Discipline:

1) Check in with yourself, LISTEN, and TRUST.

Is your body and Spirit asking for a run, a meditation, a yoga session, a hardcore weight training session, a sleep in, a journaling session, a brainstorming session, etc? You must have the willingness to go within and the discipline is you being brutally honest with yourself about what will serve your highest good-by listening to your inner guide that is telling you what is best. Then, the discipline is applied by taking and choosing to trust the direction you receive and doing what your inner guide says to do, no matter what your monkey mind is saying!

2)  Every time you become aware of feeling bad, apply your discipline by tuning into your thoughts in that moment, and shifting yourself. 

What are you thinking? What stories are you telling yourself? Are you beating yourself up and choosing thoughts that are free-loading on your peace and joy? Apply your discipline by observing these thoughts, by contemplating them. As you become aware of them, you bring them into the light. Begin to shift them by connecting to what you REALLY want. Do you want to feel a deep sense of love and connection? Do you want to feel fully expressed in the world by living on purpose and sharing your passion? Do you want to just enjoy the conversation or meal you are having in that moment? Remember what you want, notice that your thoughts aren’t supporting what you want. Now have the discipline to change them! If you are unsure of how to change them, just repeat this internally several times:

“I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to feel differently right now. I am willing to shift and change my thinking.  I am open and ready to receive guidance in this moment.”

3) When you find yourself judging yourself or someone else, gently bring yourself back to the person you want to be.

This requires DISCPLINE in the beginning because it will feel constant at first. Be willing to show up for your yoga, your workouts, your friends and family, not perfect. Simply commit to the practice of exploring your mind, your body, and your life. Commit to trial and error. Commit to loving yourself through all of it. And commit to creating the highest expression of who you are in every moment. Apply your discipline every time you are not doing this. Just become aware and consciously observe and make a different choice.

Ok I hope you will come to know and appreciate a new kind of discipline. As we become disciplined in this way, we are able to experience greater health, greater consistency in all things, more balance, inspired creativity, a deeper sense of connection, compassion, and love for ourselves and others, and as a result, our awesome lives and selves begin to blossom and unfold before our very eyes!

Here’s to a new kind of discipline! Sending you all so much Energy, Love, and Magnificence!!


 Erin 🙂

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach, send me an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.

Stay With It: This Is Why Life Gets Hard Sometimes!

WHOA! It has been a little while since I have written to you all. My apologies for my absence. However, it is just something I have to do sometimes. Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes we go through things in life, and it is very important to turn within and to allow ourselves the time, space, and the silence we need to nurture ourselves through the growth and the transformations we go through.

I want to be completely honest with all of you because I totally believe in the POWER of opening up and sharing with others what we go through on a daily basis. This last transition from Melbourne to the Gold Coast of Australia has been extremely challenging for me. I arrived here in January just after having met an amazing guy who I was super excited about having in my life. Due to him living in Singapore, we broke things off after a couple of months. I was gutted. My heart ached and my body felt like I was moving through mud! Have you ever felt this way?

When this relationship didn’t work out, I found myself confronted by many things on many levels.

 All my insecurities, self-doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs and thought patterns, began to emerge from the depths of my consciousness.

I had NO IDEA that I was still holding onto so much baggage that was not ultimately supporting or serving my highest good and purpose.

You see, when this happens to us, and we get slammed with our fears, insecurities, doubts, and our deep limiting core beliefs, this is a good thing! I know you may think I am crazy for saying that, but I am SERIOUS.

The only way we can continue to expand and really begin to claim our unlimited POWER back and become the creators of our own lives, is to become AWARE of everything that is currently holding us back from it.

I want you to take a moment and think about a relationship that didn’t work out, or a job you didn’t get, or something that you hoped would go a certain way, that failed your hopes, dreams, and expectations. Do you remember how you felt? Did you find that all of a sudden you were in a place of questioning and doubting everything that you felt so sure about the just day before?

This is what we do.

When one thing or two or three things seem to fail us, we begin to internalize failure and slowly but surely become more and more defeated.

However, what happened after a certain period of time for you? Did you heal? Did you grow? Did you learn?

It can be hard to always hear that “everything happens for a reason” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” When we are going through some of the hardest times in our lives, there are just days that we want to tell those positive people to go jump off a building, am I right?


The truth is, we have two choices.

 We can keep on keep’n on, and take that positive crap and apply it, OR we can drowned in our own sorrows, and suffocate in our own quicksand.

Most of us, most of the time, choose to LIVE, to keep on keep’n on, and to do our best until something shifts!

That’s what I am talking about. For me, I have been going through major transformations around my career. I have been in yoga teacher’s training, and about to begin Pilates teacher’s training. I am in a new country, and without knowing a sole here to begin with, I set out to continue creating and manifesting my dreams.

 I have been in this process for several years, but coming to Australia has been a process of uncovering and discovering more of my authentic passion, my unique gifts, and finding effective, creative, and inspiring ways to share my gifts with the world.

NOT AN EASY TASK, but one well worth the struggle. This desire to do this has called upon the Universe, to conspire and to co-create with me, so I can have everything I’ve asked for.

When we ask for what we want and we set our intentions, then our order is as good as placed. If we are unclear in the least bit, the Universe will have to continue getting more information from us in order to deliver exactly what we’ve asked for.

If there is anything in the Universe’s way of being clear about what we want, it’s because WE are unclear about parts of what we want.

 These are otherwise knows as BLOCKS. Therefore, the Universe will bring us opportunities to clear these blocks by creating circumstances, situations, and experiences that make us confront the areas of the orders we have placed, that we are currently unclear about.

For example, if you order a burger at a restaurant, and the waitress just writes “Burger” down and hands it to the chef, the chef will send her back to you to find out, do you want cheese, how do you want it cooked, bun or no bun, what sides did you want with that, etc? Every time she asks you a question, and let’s say you don’t actually know what you want, you are going to experience extreme levels of discomfort, frustration, and you may even find yourself wanting to get the hell out of there.

It is never comfortable when we are being asked something we don’t have the answer to.

Every time something happens in our lives that is uncomfortable, it’s an opportunity to gt more clear and straight up with the Universe, about the order we have placed.

The Universe is helping us get more clear, to unblock us, so we can manifest our dreams with ease and grace. Does that make sense?

Lately, I have gone through phases of writing a lot, and phases of complete withdrawal from being visible. I have felt super friendly and social, and given my best efforts towards building new relationships, and then I’ve felt like isolating and in total fear of doing anything outside my comfort zone. Every single day has been a wild ride and I have literally had to learn to get present with myself, stay in the moment, allow myself to be imperfect, and trust my process.

EVERYTHING I have been through over the last 8 years, such as: healing from binge eating, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, building my own personal training business, pursuing a writing, coaching, and speaking career, going through school to become a certified personal growth coach, moving countries, having to start all over again in many ways in Oz, finding a guy I really connected with and fell for, and then loosing him, living in 3 different states and 4 different cities within 6 months of being in Australia, and finally, going through intense training to become a certified international yoga teacher, has all been CRAZY CHALLENGING AND CONFRONTING. That said,  all of the ups and downs, ins and outs, trials and tribulations, joys and pains, were EXACTLY what I needed in order gain the level of clarity, humility, inspiration, motivation, direction, passion, connection, and drive I have today.

Everything you are going through is one of your greatest teachers. Some days you will not trust this, and you will even want to cuss at the idea. That’s ok.

 The only thing to remember is to STAY WITH IT MY FRIEND.  

Those who do not give up, who stay with their journey even in the darkest of nights, will rise up, and grow into strong, free, abundant, peaceful, happy, and healthy BEings. They will live their truth. We are all called to our highest path, but not all of us will answer the calling. When the phone rings…are you going to pick it up?

So, remember, life is not about having it all figured out, or never feeling scared or emotional, or in doubt.

No. Life is about feeling all of these feelings, and in the face of them, choosing to continue to follow your dreams anyway.

I am sending you all so much love.

xoxoxo Erin

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach send me an email to The E.L.M. Personal Growth Mentoring Program is an intense and highly effective way to release your mental, physical, and emotional blocks so you can finally live your dreams. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only.


This Is Why You Should Begin BEFORE You Know How It Ends


Wow…what a concept right?

That’s right, begin BEFORE you know how it ends, IS what I am saying. Why?

Well as all of you know, I have done my very best to be open with you, to share my ups and downs with you, and to keep my heart as open and vulnerable to you as I know how on any given day. This has not always been easy.

We all go through certain changes and transitional phases that make it difficult to find the words to express what we are thinking and feeling.

I have been going through one of those phases these last few weeks. One of my goals with Erin Lanahan Method is to deliver daily love, wisdom, and empowering messages to as many people across the world as possible. When I go through healing periods that require me to turn inward, this tends to pull me away from writing and being visible. One of my struggles when I’m going through stuff like this, is that I don’t feel like I have much to offer anyone, or anything helpful to share. (not ideal thinking by the way!) This would appear NOT to be very supportive of delivering daily love, wisdom, and empowering messages to you through my daily practice of writing. Hmmmmm…therefore, we have a conflict don’t we?

I still don’t think I have the answer to that question to be honest. On one hand, I get pulled away from things to use my energy to heal, and therefore do not fulfill my writing goals. On the other hand, I gather new information, insight, internal guidance and inspiration EVERY time this happens. Therefore, every time I learn even more to trust myself and my process every step of the way.

This can feel SO hard when you’re in the middle of transformation. Just like the caterpillar, the little thing has no idea its turning into something with more color and with wings so it can fly! Imagine how it must feel as it’s half way in between being a caterpillar and a butterfly. Whether or not it doubts it’s process, we will never know. All we know is that is ALWAYS becomes a butterfly!!

In its process of just being itself, it teaches so many of us about how to fully and honorably embrace our transitions and transformations.

Unfortunately, so many of us feel guilty about not being able to perform at the level we consider to be acceptable, 100% of the time. We also don’t believe we have the right to share our success story until we have proven to ourselves and the world that we have succeeded. The problem here is, we have the potential to make PROGRESS every day, and that IS success!

Want to hear something ironic?

If we wait to tell our story, to share our love, to help someone else, to get into a relationship, to start eating healthy, to begin working out, until we have achieved a certain level of success first, then we cut ourselves off from the opportunity to create the happy ending we are waiting for. Therefore, we never end up sharing our story, giving and receiving more love, being of service to others, eating healthier, and achieving our perfect body weight. Do you see how crazy this is??

I am choosing to make progress every day, and to aim for my goals. I choose to redefine Success, by saying it means this:

Success- The willingness to follow the deepest calling in our hearts, and to work towards bringing our dreams into our life experience on a daily basis,  no matter how big or small the daily progress is.

I will commit to reminding myself that the progress I make one day will differ from another day. Whether it’s one phone call a day, meditating for 20 minutes, writing a blog, showing up to help someone else, spending 30 minutes brain storming, or doing all of those things in the same day, it is ALL equally successful.

So, how are you holding back in this moment, this day, this week, and in your life? What are you waiting for BEFORE you put yourself out there, take that next action step, make that phone call, have that conversation, ask that special someone out, tell someone you love them, or start making healthy life choices? Are you waiting to get to your happy ending BEFORE you give yourself the opportunity to share your vulnerable beginning, and authentic now? Believe me, we all LOVE every part of a story. Why should any of us not really do what we love and share it with thew world right now, regardless of where we are in our process? I want to hear from you. Send me an email at to share what you are going through.

If you or anyone you know, feels inspired to help Erin Lanahan Method deliver daily love, tools for living, and empowering messages to the world, please send me an email. I am currently looking to expand my team with excited and loving people who have a passion for sharing their life experiences and inspiring messages. You don’t have to be a professional writer! None of us can reach our greatest potential alone! Let’s do it together 🙂 Thank you!

Here’s to your transformation through Energy.Love.Magnificence!

With all my love, respect, and support,

xoxo Erin

Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change. serious about investing in yourself, and ready to work with a coach send us an email to The E.L.M. Life Coaching Program is intense and an investment. Serious inquiries only.


Here’s 7 Reasons Why You HAVE To Keep Going

I want to talk a little bit about WHY it is so important to keep going, ESPECIALLY when it may feel the most challenging.

In my experience, when things get the hardest, it means we are the CLOSEST.

Hang in there just a little bit longer and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s funny, sometimes we will actually come through something pretty heavy, and then once we begin to feel light and free of it, it pops up AGAIN. It may pop up on your Skype Chat, your phone, your FB wall, when you’re out with friends, at work, at home, or somewhere else that you just so happened to be strolling along until…POW!

That’s how this awesome Universe works.

As we set our intentions for our lives and begin to get more and more clear about what we want, the Universe has no other choice but to answer our orders.

If we want more money, it will bring all of our money fears and insecurities to our attention. If we want to heal from a broken heart and find great love once and for all, it may throw our ex-lovers and relationship issues across our paths. If we want to loose weight, it may place us at lots of parties and events that serve lots of junk food.

What I am saying is this…

When you want something, you better be prepared to confront everything in your way of having that thing BEFORE it actually shows up for you.

This gets EXTREMELY challenging some days because it can feel like just too much to deal with at once. Yes?


You HAVE to keep going!

Here’s 7 Reason’s WHY you have to keep going:

1) You’ve done so much of the work already.

Don’t quit before the miracle happens. So  many of us do. When things feel the most intense, it’s because you are busting loose. You are knocking down the walls of your own limitations and you are saying YES to a better life. Stay with it, for you are about to reap the benefits of all your patience and hard work.

2) Everything You Want Awaits You.

Have you ever noticed how people who get lots of money, popularity, success, good looks, etc, who haven’t matured to a point of being able to walk gracefully and humbly with their gifts, end up going crazy, becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, going in and out of abusive and unhealthy relationships, or lose everything in the end anyway?

Don’t be envious of others. Trust that you are going through a different process. What you WANT is to experience what those “things” symbolize. However, you must reach a certain point in your own emotional development to hang on to them anyway. It’s better to have to go through more and wait longer, if it means you get to create a life beyond your wildest dreams, that you will be comfortable living in and never have to lose due to your own lack of responsibility and ego mania.

Everything You Want Awaits You.

It’s just on the other side of the darkness. Go the distance, and the pot of gold will be revealed. You WILL go from the caterpillar, to the butterfly.

3) Your playing small is selfish.

Yep, damn straight. If you’re playing small, then I just called you out.

Stop being selfish.

Look, we are all guilty of this from time to time, so I am taking it upon myself to give you the kick in the pants that I sometimes need as well. Whether you believe me or not, we all need you to share your gifts, shine your light, and do what ONLY YOU can do. That’s why you are here! When one of us plays small, it’s like having only half of a puzzle piece. This means the whole puzzle has a hole in it, a place where it is lacking the full picture.

No one can do what you came to do. I could do the same thing you do, but your people aren’t going to hear it from me, because they can only receive it FROM YOU.

I had to learn this too. I used to think “Who am I to think I can be a writer?”  “What do I have to say that no one else is saying?” “How am I special?” Well…I AM, and SO ARE YOU.

Someone else can write on the exact same topic as me, but my people aren’t going to receive it from them, because they can only hear it, see it, and feel it when it comes from me.

Do you get what I am saying?

Each one of us has a responsibility to show up as the best version of ourselves, to serve the whole picture, and to therefore live an incredible life as a result, WITH everyone else!

4) You have no other option anyway.

This is the funniest part. The joke is on us.

If you don’t keep going, what will you do? If you think you can just end things, I am not sure it’s that black and white. Now this is just my belief, and we are all entitled to our own, but as far as I know, you will just come back here to work through the same stuff you are working through now. So you why not just buckle down and commit to your process this time around.

If you give up on your process you will become numb, shut down, and that means hanging the Out Of Order sign on your heart, your life, and on your WILL to be great. Isn’t that scarier than what you are feeling now?

To me, the thought of rotting away in my own fear is my worst nightmare. It seems very simple when you think about it. Just like a flower, or any living thing for that matter. We are made to grow, not shrink. We are meant to head towards the light, not question our ability to blossom and bloom. It’s our most natural flow to experience life to the fullest, so anything other than that goes against who and what we really are.

5) If you give up now, you’ll miss the creative ending.

It’s like going to a movie and walking out when the mystery, suspense, and anticipation reaches it’s peak.

When we feel these feelings in a movie, we don’t think to ourselves “Oh my God I cannot do this. I cannot handle this level of feeling.” NO. We refer to them as THRILLING. We love it when we get taken on a wild ride because we TRUST it isn’t the end of the world, and that we are going to be home, safe in our beds at the end of the day. So we stay with it…until that movie ends. Then we go home and make plans to see the next one, all in the name of fun and entertainment!

This is the same as life. See your suspense, anticipation, and mystery as a movie coming to a peak. Then stick around for the awesome ending you are creating, knowing that you will soon be preparing for the next great adventure to follow.

6) You will break your own heart if you give up on yourself.

We all know how badly it hurts to have a broken heart. You know that deep ache and pain you feel in the chest, the heaviness, the lack of will to go on? Why would you put yourself through that?

Seriously, if you give up now…YOU WILL BREAK YOUR HEART.

He, she, him, her, they, and them can abandon us, but we will always find our way UNLESS we abandon ourselves. YOU have the ability to be your greatest support or worst enemy. You can save your life or end it, all by how you choose to show up for, or reject,  yourself.

Why break your heart when you have the power to make it dance instead?

7) You have a story to tell.

Do you ever stop and listen to someone else? Did you ever consider that each and everyone of us has an amazing story to tell? The longer we stick around, the juicier it gets.

What story?

The story of our lives. The story of our loves, our losses, our wins, our pains, our fears, and our courage to overcome those fears.

Yes, YOU have a story.

You HAVE to keep going because someone, somewhere, some day, needs to hear your story from YOU.

I really hope you allow yourself to read over the 7 reasons WHY you have to keep going. Let them sink into your awareness, your consciousness, your thoughts and actions. Do not forget them my friends.

What are you questioning today? What is making you so sure you cannot go the distance? Can you just be a little softer, more gentle, and a bit more loving with yourself? Just for today?

I want to know what you are going through. Send an email to Erin Lanahan Method at to share your story with us.

I am sending you all so much love.

Remember, today is not the end of your life…it’s just the beginning.

Love Always,

Erin xoxo

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Here’s 3 Reason’s Why Honesty Is All We Really HAVE


Honestly, how honest are you with yourself and with others on a daily basis? My guess is that most people are only ever half-honest with themselves at best.

Our lack of honesty with others is not intentional most of the time, it’s just a repercussion of our inability to be honest with ourselves. The problem with this is,  we hurt a lot of people by default.

A lack of honesty exists only in the parts of ourselves that have not woken up from our slumber just yet. It is where we are still hiding in fear.

Why is honesty so important?

First of all, let’s be clear. When I talk about honesty, what I mean is the ability to have conscious thoughts, actions, and relationships. What I mean is to allow the real and raw expression of your deepest, most inner truth to do the talking AND the walking.

Do you know what that is? Do you know who you are, what you want, what you like, what your boundaries are, and what you’re worth? Do you have an understanding of how willing you are, or not, to be available for great love, great connection, great opportunities, and therefore an AWESOME life? Do you have unwavering respect for yourself, and are you willing to stand up for what you deserve?

I have been in a couple dating type relationships with people over the last few years who were stumped by me when I asked them certain questions. Apparently my inquiries called upon them to take a deeper look inside than they were ready for, and boy did they get triggered! I found myself having these experiences with them as a result of me needing to get more clear about their feelings for me. I wasn’t happy, but couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just let things be the way they were.

Based on how things were going on the outside, it all seemed like things should be working. However my intuition, my gut, and my highest awareness knew something wasn’t right and must be addressed.

Yep…there were DEFINITELY mixed signals I was denying.

THAT was my real and raw innermost truth, speaking to me, urging and encouraging me to be brave and follow what I knew and felt. This is always challenging because we doubt ourselves and we fear coming across as needy, demanding, or over analytical.  Am I right?

When I went to them, from as much love, openness, and honesty as I could, they jumped to the defense pretty fast. It’s as if all of a sudden I was the enemy trying to take away their freedom. But the TRUTH is, I was only asking them how they felt, so I could make the best choice for ME. I never asked them to change, or give me something they could not.

I didn’t want to be the center of their Universe, NO WAY and NO THANK YOU! I just wanted to know if they wanted to explore existing in the Universe WITH me, as partners.

They ummed and awed, and their discomfort was VERY clear. They didn’t know how they felt and they weren’t in any kind of place to know any time soon. So they got mad at me, sometimes nasty with me, and a little bit of sweet and vulnerable in between. But even still, they were unable to give me any clear answer about how they felt about me or if they wanted to create something with me.

Where did that leave me?

That left me to decided what was best for me, which in both cases was to walk away, as hard as that was for me at the time.

However, we cannot be with someone who is lacking in their own ability to be honest and clear with themselves, because there is no way they can be clear and honest with someone else, and the likelihood of them sending mixed signals and leading you on is VERY good.

However, that said, we must take full responsibility for our part in all things. If we are truly being honest with OURSELVES the whole time, we will know enough to not allow things to carry on as they are, falling down the rabbit hole of our own denial. Deep inside we always know the truth of the situation we are in. It’s just a matter of being strong enough to admit it to ourselves and then taking appropriate action.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what you already know. Why? It could take way longer than it should for you to get your SH*T together if you do this.

When we begin to live our lives from the truth we feel inside, we become more and more able to trust ourselves.

It is difficult to trust ourselves before we have taken the leap of faith, followed our intuition, and found out we were right! The more we do this, the more we grow to trust our truth to take care of us, and therefore the more honest with ourselves and others we become. Then, the flow of beautiful, authentic relationships and opportunities begin to blossom in our lives. We let go of what’s not good for us, and make room for all that is.

If you are in a confused place as well, being with another confused person may be cool for you right now. It might feel good, and you may prefer the lack of direction, clarity, and real connection. Hey, whatever floats your boat! Ultimately if it works for you, that is great!

For me, I am in a place in my life where I  am realizing that honesty is all there really is, and all I really HAVE, so it just doesn’t work for me to put myself in those kinds of scenarios. Although I must admit, they have certainly been AMAZING strengthening exercises for my honesty muscles!! 😉

No matter what you are going through in your life, EVERYONE benefits by your ability to be brutally honest with yourself and therefore others. Why stay in unhealthy, unhappy, and less than ideal situations when your greatest, most awesome life and relationships await you??

Here are 3 reasons WHY honesty is all we really have anyway:

1) If the house isn’t built on steady ground, then the structure and future of its well-being will always be shaky.

In life, we WILL be confronted. Our relationships will kick up ALL our muck, our deepest fears, and our darkest insecurities, no matter how amazing the relationship is. This is the whole point of relationships. They are here to heal us and guide us towards our highest expression.

If we don’t have honesty, with ourselves and each other, we don’t have much to stand on. In order to get through the intense, yet transformational ride of relationships, we have GOT to connect to, and then from, our truest, most authentic selves first.

This is the same in jobs. If you lie to yourself and pretend you are happy doing something you know limits your bliss, then EVERYONE will feel that on some level. Most businesses don’t run as effectively and efficiently as they could BECAUSE the majority of the people working for it are denying themselves the gift of trusting their truth. So many of them are living in denial of who and what they really are, and sadly they are usually not even aware they are doing it. Not unless someone begins to call them out, and ask them questions. Instead of standing up in their lives and declaring what they deserve, they just take a seat and settle, until they get a glimpse of how the truth can really feel.

 2) The only thing that REALLY ignites our bones is the TRUTH.

There is nothing more terrifying, and at the same time nothing more EXHILARATING. Think about it, when do you feel the most alive? I bet it’s when your FEELING the most.  It’s when we hear or see something that wakes us up, that offers us a glimmer of hope for a better way, and that resonates with every cell in our bodies regardless of how resistant our minds are to it.

It’s like sky diving. Terrifying, exhilarating, the mind says HELL NO, but the heart and body say HELL YES. Which one do you listen to most of the time?

I am not saying we all need to go sky diving. I am personally still working through my own fears around trying this (although I’d like to). All I am saying is to take another look at your truth and then ask yourself who’s making the decisions in your life. Is it your fears or your truth?

3) We can “fall in love,” make a billion dollars, travel the world, build businesses, have lots of children, and achieve the perfect body, but if we do it from a place within ourselves that is not operating from pure honesty with ourselves and others, then the chances are, we will still not be happy with the results.

It may take longer to build your life and reach your dreams when you focus on your truth first. Since we live in a society where more is better as fast as you can, this can feel like an unrealistic attempt to make.

Hey, it’s your choice.

In my experience, real and raw joy is an expression of real and raw honesty. If you think you’ve experienced joy without honesty, believe me…you have NO IDEA what you’re missing out on. NOTHING can compare to the real deal.

So, can you begin to ask yourself some questions? Are you willing to explore your own heart, your mind, and reveal your truth to yourself and then shine it in the world? I am eager to hear the truth you speak. Please share it with us at Erin Lanahan Method by sending an email to:

Remember, your truth is exactly what I need to you to give, and my truth is precisely what you came to receive.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

Sending you all so much love, an open heart, and an honest word.



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3 Ways To Identify That Your Most Awesome Life IS Unfolding

Your Most Awesome Life?

What is that? Do you actually KNOW or do you just think you know?

It is a very common mistake we all make, to assume we know the plan, and then to get upset, angry, sad, and frustrated when it doesn’t work out. When this happens, we begin to feel defeated, broken, and we begin to lose faith and trust in the Universe. Afterall, if things don’t go our way…we must just be terribly cursed and unlucky right?


Our quality of life DEPENDS on our ability to detach from outcomes, as well as our ability to trust, that no matter what appears to not be working out, that our most awesome life IS unfolding for us right now.

As you know from yesterday’s post, I recently had to come to terms with the fact that someone I really cared about, was unable to meet me in the middle. There are two ways I can look at this…

#1) Oh poor me, I must not be good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, young enough, ect. I could even convince myself to believe that I am just not worthy of attracting the kind of relationship into my life that I desire because I am not, nor will I ever be, good enough for great love. If I really wanted to play the victim, I could tell myself that all men suck and they are just not capable of seeing a good thing when it’s standing right in front of them. Then, I could throw in the towel on love.

Sound familiar?


#2) I can choose to see this as a blessing in disguise, and accept that I am not the right girl for him and he is not the right guy for me. I can TRUST that the reason things could only grow as far as they did with this person is because it was the very thing I needed to move me closer and become more available to a partner to share my life with who is beyond my wildest dreams amazing.  I could convince myself to believe that although I may not be able to see where all of this is taking me, that the Universe IS carrying me and I AM going to have everything and more than I could have ever possibly planned for myself. I can agree to step out of the Divine plan’s way, so that instead of clinging to what didn’t work, I can open up to the gifts that are heading in my direction.

We always get this choice.

One of the fastest and simplest ways to make ourselves available for something far greater than our human minds can comprehend, is to let go of the outcome.

Know what you want, be clear, set your intentions, take conscious action, and then…Let It GO.

When we hang on to outcomes, it can actually PREVENT us from experiencing the full potential of any given circumstances. For example, I could’ve chosen not to keep talking to this special person, who I met over New Years Holiday, once I found out he lived in another country. I could’ve just said NO and never even gone on the first date. But I don’t choose to live my life this way, and I hope you don’t either.

I choose to believe in the best case scenario, not the worst case scenario. In this case, he ultimately didn’t have faith in the best case scenario, and that could be for a number of reasons that I’ll never know, except we just aren’t meant to be. However, I am happy I at least gave it my best shot. I didn’t close myself off  to an opportunity  just because the logistics may have made the chances of us working out look silly and impossible.

When we choose to believe that there is a great plan unfolding for us, then we let go of the reins.

We do our part by saying YES, by showing up, by following the guidance we are receiving, and then trusting that the outcome is being taken care of by something much bigger than we are. Afterall, we can’t know the future, but we CAN know how we feel about right now.

This is the only way to allow ourselves to be pulled through life rather than beating and pushing our way through it.

When we trust that our most awesome life is unfolding, it makes it easier to let go of our little plans and desired outcomes, BECAUSE WE TRUST.

There may be a minority of us who are just born with the ability to trust fully, however, the majority of us have to re-learn and regain our trust in our most awesome plan unfolding.

Here are  3 ways to identify that YOUR most awesome life IS unfolding right now:

1) Find confirmation from your  past.

Do you remember how it felt when you were so convinced that your life was over, your heart would never beat again, and that you were surely going to go to bed and never wake up? Well…what happened? Did your life continue? Is your heart still beating? Did you wake up the next morning and the morning after that?

I’m assuming that’s a yes, yes, and yes, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So let’s go deeper. Can you see now, how every bit of pain you suffered transformed you? Can you truly appreciate that?

The past is good for one thing, and one thing only…

…to remind us of how far we’ve come and to reassure our faith in our own capabilities to heal, grow, and discover more of ourselves and our dreams along the way.

If that had worked out then, you would have limited yourself from growing to where you are now.

2) Acknowledge the signs that are everywhere for you.

I remember when I was almost about to leave the States to move to Australia (a.k.a. OZ), and I began to panic a little bit. So I did what I always do and I began to pray and ask the Universe to show me signs that could help me feel confident again with my decision. I demanded that the signs be clear, in my face, and available NOW.

The first time I did this, about 8 weeks before I left, I was on a long distance run. A few minutes after I asked for a sign, I ran by a HUGE YELLOW moving truck that said “OZ MOVERS.”

Ummmmm…could you get any more clear and in my face? I had never even heard of that moving company before, nor seen their big yellow trucks.

The second time I asked for a sign, about 2 weeks before I left, I was in the car heading to run the bridge in my hometown. I asked for a sign, then let go of the outcome. I got to the top of the bridge on my run and a girl wearing an AUSTRALIAN FLAG tank top ran right past me!!!


This is what happens when we look for confirmation that we are on the path to awesomeness. We can’t see or know the future, but we can ask for some signs and support  along the way to help us stay in faith and trust 🙂

3) Listen to your gut, and I mean REALLY listen to it.

I think you’ll begin to find that there is a voice, a knowing, that goes deeper than all the chatter of the mind and all the stories we’ve made up and outcomes we think we want so badly. Underneath it all, there is something deeper saying, “You don’t feel sad about this because this is less than you are capable of having. You can actually let all of this go and just be in joy right now. Why are you so attached to this when I have such great plans for you?”

If I am REALLY honest with myself about all the “broken hearts” I’ve had, I am totally aware that each person wasn’t exactly what I wanted, even though I had totally convinced myself they were at the time. They all had things that deep down I was pretty certain would not be good for me or be the best I could experience. The problem is, we lie to ourselves about this, when we could actually just admit the truth, thank the Universe for ending something we were not willing to end because we were too attached to an outcome,  and move on.

So…what are you holding on to? Can you listen a little more deeply to yourself today? Can you let go of what your mind says you want, even though your gut says there’s something better? Can you ask for some signs and some reassurance to help refuel your trust and faith in YOUR most awesome plan? Will you stay open to the guidance that comes as a result?

Please share your story with us at Erin Lanahan Method by sending an email to We always appreciate your feedback and courage to reach out.

Remember, love yourself first, crank up your light, and dance with your unlimited possibilities!

Loving you always,

Erin xoxo

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5 Ways To Heal From A Broken Heart Once And For All

A Broken Heart…

It’s something most of us have probably had once, twice, or many times. As you all know, I speak from my heart as best I can. I share my truth, my triumphs, my pain, my experiences, and my joy with you, for both you and for me. I believe this kind of openness helps us heal and evolve our ablity to connect with others.

Recently I met someone who I felt was pretty special. Our circumstances weren’t ideal because, although we met in the same country, we do not live in the same country. Bummer #1. However, my passion for possibilities and my faith in true connection took over, and my head had to take a back seat. I was ready to give things with him a full on GO, as crazy as that might have been.

We communicated back and forth pretty consistently for a month, but my intuition kept nudging me, “Erin, this doesn’t feel right. You are doing it again.”

I was doing it again. I was basing my feelings on the level of my own hope and faith, without really checking in with his level of feelings, his hope, and his ability to have faith in the possibility of our outcome. So, I gathered all my courage, I had a talk with my heart and promised it I was only doing what was best for it, and I had a conversation with him.

Let’s just say this. He and I were not on the same page. Bummer #2. There was such a HUGE part of me that wanted to give myself less, so that I could receive the minimal amount he was able to give. I almost allowed myself to shrink my possibilities because the person on the other end was unable to see and feel what I saw and felt.

Well, I didn’t do that this time. Luckily, the last time I did that was painful enough for me to learn that if I just keep sticking up for my values, my worth, and my ability to believe that anything possible, that I WILL find great love.

Afterall, if it’s not great, I’d rather be single.

Even though I am going through my own process about having to let this person go, and it isn’t always easy, at the same time I am choosing to OPEN my heart, not close it.

If we want to keep moving closer to what we desire most, we must do more of what takes us there. When we shut down, we become stagnant, numb, and unconscious. When we open, we may feel raw, uncertain, vulnerable, and scared, but at least we are feeling something. At least we remain conscious and available for the next amazing opportunity to enter our hearts.

Most of us repeat a pattern. Our heart gets broken, and we carry that damaged baggage with us into the present and the future. We shut down to new people, assuming they are going to be the same as the last, and we slowly begin to grow more and more numb inside as we use whatever we can to avoid feeling the pain. But WE become the only thing in our way of having everything we’ve always wanted. WE cut ourselves off from love, no one else.  

This took me many broken hearts, and the last 32 years to figure out.

Based on my own life experiences, and what I have seen and helped my clients go through, I have put together my own set of tools. I have come to know the difference between what my head thinks and what my heart feels.

Here are 5 ways to heal your broken heart once and for all:

1) Embrace the uncertainty, pain, and discomfort. Go deep inside. Stop being afraid of it. Stop trying to make it go away with food, drugs, alcohol, staying too busy all the time. It will NOT go away unless you shut up, sit down, close your eyes and FEEL IT. It may feel like you are going to die, but I promise you, you will be at breakfast the next morning and the morning after that. You aren’t going to die by feeling it. In fact, you are going to wake up from your slumber and you will finally begin to LIVE!

2) Get out of victim mode and recognize the Universal intervention instead. We all want to complain, to get down and out, and to wonder “Why me?” “Why does this always happen to me?” “What’s wrong with me?” “How can I possibly go on?”

STOP IT! We continue to go through things until we go through them with 100% consciousness. If we are only half awake in relationships, then we are only making half authentic decisions and choices. Of course things will NOT work when we do this.

A girlfriend of mine recently kept running into her ex-husband everywhere. It KILLED here every time too. However, she has set a very clear and powerful intention, to find real, great love. She asked the Universe to help her heal, so she could finally be open to all that her heart desires.

Well, as the saying goes:

When we ask God for patience, God gives us long lines.

If you want to heal and find great love, expect to be confronted by all the things that are keeping you from it first. Be grateful, not a victim, for you are getting what you asked for.

3) Every time you feel your heart shriveling up, shutting down, and closing off, make another choice. Breathe deeply into the tension in your chest, and affirm this:

“In this moment I choose love. I will only OPEN my heart from this day forward. I am love. I am open. I AM READY TO RECEIVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe for the gifts you have delivered to me. I am blessed.”

Literally feel into your heart. Feel it opening, feel it’s resistance to opening and promise it you will take care of it. It is not afraid to love again. NO. It is afraid of what you’ll do to it if love with someone doesn’t work out.

Remember, only YOU can close yourself off from love…no one else.

4) Be willing to let all the men, women, and past stuff go, so you can be free to experience who and what is NOW. We must remind ourselves that no two people are the same. Just because you get into the same circumstances with someone new, that didn’t work in the past with someone else, doesn’t mean you are in the same situation again. No, because the person is different this time. TRUST that there is a reason you are repeating the same thing with someone new. This may actually be your chance to regain your faith in unlimited possibilities.

Every relationship is an opportunity to heal, to grow more conscious, more alive, more open. We don’t have to wait to be perfect before we fall in love. It’s the opposite. Love is there to heal us. In a conscious relationship, two people have the power of helping one another reach their full potential, by learning to trust and believe in things they lost faith in prior to meeting one another.

There are just some things that cannot be healed or worked through until we are actually IN a relationship with someone else. So what are you waiting for?

5) Trust your inner guidance and walk away from something that cannot give you what your intuition says is available for you. Every broken heart we’ve had, and every relationship that didn’t make it, was NOT for no reason. All of those experiences were our opportunities to become stronger, more clear about our boundaries, more confident in who we are, to learn how to really love ourselves, to reclaim our power, and to trust that when we declare and demand what we know we deserve, no matter what happens, we will be better off in the long run.

Use all of that awesome experience and divine knowledge you now have, not to close yourself off from love, but rather to become more open to it.

Trust that you KNOW how to navigate your way through much better this time. Also trust your intuition and walk away if the other person isn’t showing up as an equal match to you. Always come from love and give them the opportunity to show up before you walk away, but if they cannot match you, do what feels right for YOU.

So many of us hold on to something that isn’t really working for us because we are afraid we won’t find something better. This especially happens the closer we get to finding great love because each person we meet gets so close to being and having everything we’ve always wanted. BUT, hold out for the one who has EVERYTHING. Hold out for the one who sees you, who gets you, and wants you just as much as you want them. Hold out for the one who doesn’t have to be convinced of what is standing right before them.

A broken heart is not a curse. It’s not something to feel ashamed of or angry about. I know it can be hard not to feel those things, but you you have a choice. I have a choice too. Today, I choose to open, to love more deeply than ever before, and to trust and believe in what’s possible for me and my life.

What do you choose?

Please share your story with us at Erin Lanahan Method by sending an email to You are supported absolutely!

Sending you all many hugs, lots of love, and an open heart,

Erin xoxo

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What’s Your PRIMARY Food?

Well, today marks the first day of my yoga training. I am officially becoming a yoga teacher! I am truly overwhelmed with joy about this.

This is something called Primary Food. I’ve talked about this with all of you before. Primary Food is made up of all the things that feed our hearts, our minds, our Spirits, and our bodies on an energetic level.

Primary Food consists of things like intimacy, connection, rest, fun, career, relationships, love, creativity, spirituality, living on purpose, exercise, etc. These are the things we NEED to survive.

If we don’t have them, our heart may be beating, but we will feel as though we are lacking, empty, unfulfilled, and even dying inside.

Several years ago, I struggled with some pretty messy habits. I had an abusive relationship with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, men, and with myself. I was trying so hard to fill that void inside and to avoid what was ultimately the inevitable. I got to a point where no food, drug, guy, or drink could stop the pain or make me feel satisfied for very long. It was time to heal. It was time to live an authentic life.

Not everyone chooses to heal. Some choose to continue numbing out and checking out.

I am humbly grateful for the courage I received to choose my health, well-being, and optimal life instead.

You see Secondary Food is the actual food we eat. We need sufficient nutrients in this food group as well, such as whole, organic foods, nutrient dense, proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats,vitamins, and minerals for our bio-individuality. The only problem is…

When we are lacking something in our Primary Food, it throws everything else off.

Therefore, if we try to “fix” things by changing just our food, it is very difficult to maintain. This is why you see so many people go on the dieting rollercoaster. It is because they focus on their Secondary Food, rather than their Primary Food, thus never healing the root of the issue.

When I work with my clients, the first thing we look at is their Primary Food. I do this because I have been on their side of things and I KNOW what it takes to achieve optimal health, hotness, well-being, joy, bliss, inner peace, and happiness. This is what we all REALLY want anyway.

Once we have this, the physical body follows.

So…what is your Primary Food? What are the ingredients your heart and soul NEED to exist in a happy place. What Primary Food groups might you be out of balance in, thus creating a need for you to drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, starve yourself, make poor choices around relationships, keep yourself stuck living a life that feels less alive than you know is possible?

Please…share your story with us at Erin Lanahan Method by sending an email to I personally want to know what you are going through!

Remember, transformation is a process. It is something we must CHOOSE every single day. Fitness is an inside job, a mind-set, and it must become the way in which we approach our lives with strength, willingness, humility, and vulnerability. Only then, will we begin to experience what it’s like to TRULY transform our bodies, our relationships, and our lives.

Sending you all soooooooo much LOVE!!

Cheering you on,


If you are truly ready to transform your body and your life, please ask me about my Transformational Life Coaching Programs by sending an email to Serious inquiries only please. Thank you in advance!!

Do You Stop To FEEL The Gratitiude?

Seriously though…do you ever stop yourself in your tracks to make yourself FEEL the gratitude for everything that you already have?

How do we expect to get more of what we want if we are unable to appreciate that which we’ve already manifested? Do you actually think the Universe, or any greater power for that matter, wants to give something new to an ungrateful person? Would you want to give another gift to someone who snubbed the last one you gave them? No…probably not.

I bring this up because I am aware of how easy it becomes for all of us to move so quickly into a place of complaining and comparing. We just seem to be unable to stay in gratitude for more than a VERY short period of time? We only just get the new job, the new relationship, the new car, the new house, the vacation, and we feel super excited and grateful for a day, maybe three, and then we are off to whinging once again about what the new thing is missing or how it is not everything that we want. REALLY???

WHY do we do this?

This is a result of a lack of consciousness around our thinking and speaking. We must actively STOP ourselves when we begin to see that we are looking for what’s wrong with everything, and instead look for what’s possible.

If we can truly appreciate everything that we have already created and manifested, ONLY THEN, can we continue to get more of what we want at lightning speed. Otherwise, the lack of gratitude and the narrow-mindedness slows down the process. When we get so focused on the negative, that’s what we send out to the Universe, and therefore, that’s what we get back.

Are we afraid to focus on the positive? Perhaps, we have somehow convinced ourselves, that if we feel grateful for what we have now, that we will get stuck with it and never get something better?

What we appreciate, appreciates.

In the context of sufficiency, appreciation becomes a powerful practice of creating new value in our deliberate attention to the value of what we already have. – Excerpt from “The Soul of Money”

When we appreciate everything available and present for us NOW, it empowers us. When we only look for what’s missing or focus on lack of some kind, we become disempowered, tired, and uninspired.

Just because you allow yourself to feel grateful, thankful, and appreciative for the job you have now (even though it may not be what you love exactly), doesn’t mean you will get stuck in that particular job. No! What will happen is, you will begin to focus on the possibilities, you will become inspired, you will focus on what IS available, what IS possible, and therefore, the Universe will conspire to deliver to you all that which is a vibrational match to your abundant and creative thinking.

When you can focus on the best case scenario, why focus on the worst case scenario?

If you can stop and FEEL the gratitude, why wouldn’t you?

What you focus on expands. Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings I know. It can change your life in an instant. If you’ve ever felt deep gratitude, you know what I am talking about. It moves you from the core. It can bring you to tears and laughter all at the same time. It’s a beautiful experience, yet we keep ourselves from it day after day. Why?

What are you grateful for right now. What are 5 things that you alway wanted and now have? Look for reasons to be happy. Seek out proof of your possibilities and wildest dreams unfolding. Demand and declare your optimal outcome!

Maintain your creativity in the process. As you feel yourself slip into negative thinking and speaking of lack, stop it. Instead, shift your thoughts to the things about your new situation or circumstances that can work in your favor, or that may be a stepping stone for you to reach a whole new level of personal freedom and happiness. When you notice yourself feeling bad, notice it’s because you’re focused on worst case scenario. Again, STOP IT. Instead, begin to make up a new story. See what you want in your mind’s eye and play like a child with all the many ways you can bring  that vision to life. Appreciate your current life experiences and circumstances for being the vessel to help you get even more clear about what you want to create in your life.

Be grateful now. Be happy now. See only the best case scenario unfolding right before your very eyes.

What are you going through? I want to know. Please email me at to share your story with me.

Thanks for stopping into E.L.M. I’ll meet you back here tomorrow!!

Sending you so much love and hugs!




Wherever You Are Is OK!

That’s right…that’s what I said. Wherever you are is OK!

I bring this up tonight because as a coach and a human being, I am always hearing my clients struggle with shifts in their energy, productivity, motivation, creativity, clarity, etc. I too have had to learn not to judge myself when shifting is a happening!

Do you find it hard to be tired? Do you judge yourself for having a day when you are just off your game? Perhaps you go through phases of feeling super motivated, inspired, and creative, and then days and weeks go by where you just can’t be bothered?

Well I’m here to relieve you from yourself!


I am currently going through some massive shifts in my own life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and most days I feel really amazing. However, today I just felt a bit off. I am more tired than usual, as a result of my first week of teaching 6 am bootcamps all week. Also my body is very sore from the combination of the new yoga I’ve been doing mixed with training my method, Erin Lanahan Method, and therefore, I am just not as capable of thinking as clearly or feeling as rested as I like.

When we experience change, there is always an adjustment period.

Just like I will grow accustomed to my new schedule and workouts, so too will you get comfortable and on track with whatever is changing and shifting for you. Whenever we grow past our comfort zone, it requires massive stretching and bending and moving into places that can feel uncomfortable at first. It’s NORMAL to experience a dip in energy as a result. However, I invite you to try your best to stay connected to the excitement, rather than the hard parts about the new changes.

That said, notice when you are growing tired and unwell, and make your body’s health and your well-being a priority. No matter what’s going on for you, take some time out to nurture yourself. Schedule it in if you have to.

Whatever you are feeling or not feeling, experiencing or not experiencing just yet, is perfect. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Can you trust that?

I know I am going to use all the feelings and thoughts that are coming up for me as a result of so much change so fast, for me to grow even more. I want my fears and insecurities to reveal themselves to me so I can transform them, rather than holding on to them unconsciously. Won’t you please do the same with yours? 🙂

So, what are you going through? I want to know. Email me at to share your story with me.

Are you judging yourself in some way? Are you beating yourself up for being less than good enough in your own eyes? Lighten up! Wherever you are is OK. 

Sending you all so much Energy, Love, and Magnificence!!!



If you are ready to transform your body and your life, please send an email to ask about my coaching programs at Serious inquiries only please 🙂 Thank you in advance!


I’m Here For You

Hey guys…WOW!!! Tonight I am exhausted! I had an amazing day but I am fried. I am going to keep it short tonight because I need to go to bed!

I have been training hard in yoga as a student and also studying to get my teachers training certification. I am also teaching boot camps 7 times a week, writing about 10 articles a week, doing my transformational life coaching with 3-5 clients 5 days out of 7, and having fun in between all that 🙂 So…life is good, but I am going to honor my energy tonight and wrap this up quick.

I just wanted to show up for you here, to remind you that I am holding the space for your transformation and cheering you on. A lot of times we think that in order to change or achieve something, we have to be perfect. As long as you show up to your life and do the best you can each day, you ARE succeeding.

You will feel strong some days, and not so strong others. You will get a good nights sleep tonight and maybe not tomorrow night. Some days you will have lots of energy and other days you will feel a dip in your energy. IT’S ALL GOOD! Just do the best you can with what you’ve got 😉

That’s what I am doing right now. I’m showing up for myself, and for the commitment I made to post an article here on the blog every single day for 30 days. This is day 8!

What are you going through? I want to know. Send me an email at



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Date Me!

Ha ha…so I know what you may have thought this article was going to be about. However, I am not talking about dating me, I am talking about one of my favorite recipes!

A dear friend and client of mine came to visit me over the summer, just before I left for Australia, and I shared with her this simple, healthy, and yummy recipe. She thought we should call it “Date Me.” I thought that was brilliant, so we did!

I think dating and relationships in general, no matter what phase of one you are in with someone, are good motivators for making choices that support a FIT life. Afterall, we must BE what we want to attract. We must feel sexy and feel our best to attract, and then have the confidence to keep, someone of equal calibre.

I have been living in the “health” world for many years now, and therefore I have become VERY creative at making foods that keep my clients and me looking good, tasting good!

I recently made this recipe for a bunch of family members and guess what…it was a hit! It’s so important to have simple, yummy snacks and meals we can turn to throughout the day. We want to satisfy our salt tooth, our sweet tooth, and make sure we get plenty of variety.

Here’s a yummy treat that can be eaten as a snack in between meals or as a healthy dessert!

So please… DATE ME!


Serves 4

**You’ll need: 12 Organic Medjool Dates and 1/4 jar of organic, all natural peanut butter. (You can also use almond butter, or any  nut butter, or unhulled tahini is good too)

-Slice each date down the middle and remove the pits

-Take 1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter and stuff the dates with it

-Stick the dates in the freezer

-That’s it!!

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s filling, it’s satisfying and guess what…it’s HEALTHY!

You don’t have to put them in the freezer, but so far, myself and all who have tried this prefer the dates and peanut butter frozen. It makes it creamier and just plain better! Keep them in the freezer for about 4-6 hours before eating.

If you want to add a little someth’n someth’n for a chocolatey taste, you can mix some organic dark chocolate chips in with the peanut butter before stuffing the dates with it. You can also just stick about three dark chocolate chips into the top of the date, into the gooey peanut butter to get the chocolate fix for less!

This is a perfect snack because it has a little bit of protein in every bite, which will help keep your blood sugar balanced, and therefore reduce cravings and sugar crashes.

Yuuuuummmmmmmm!!! Eat up!

Tell me what you think! Email me at

Love and Hugs!!!


If you are serious about transforming your body and your life, please send an email to me at and ask about my coaching programs. Serious inquiries only please.


3 Tools To Help You Live With Uncertainty And Discomfort

Are you one of those people who cannot stand it when you don’t know how things are going to turn out? Do you find yourself going insane when there is discomfort of any kind? Or perhaps when the outcome is unclear,  you always assume the worst case scenario?

Heck, I will admit it right now that I have been that person many times. I still have days where I become aware that I am letting uncertainty and discomfort  get the best of me, but I now have some extremely powerful tools that I can apply when I notice myself slipping into that insanity!

Here are 3 Tools To Help You Live With Uncertainty and Discomfort:

1) Ask yourself questions.

Ask yourself WHY you are thinking of the worst case scenario? Do you have proof that the worst case scenario is the most likely outcome? Are you basing your present on the hurts of the past, assuming that what happened then must be what’s happening now? Are your fears coming from what’s actually happening now, or from the rejection you’ve internalized from the past?

You must learn to separate your unresolved feelings that are left over from the past, from the reality of your current situation. If you haven’t completely healed from something in the past, then yes, present relationships and circumstances will act as the Divine Forces to bring up those unresolved feelings so they can be healed.

Ask yourself,  “How can I allow myself to see this differently? How can I let go of the past just for today, and instead focus on the best case scenario in this moment? What might I be carrying with me into the future, that has nothing to do with my future? Can I choose to trust that all is well right now?”

2) Make friends with your uncertainty and discomfort.

Remember, uncertainty and discomfort are not bad. They are part of all of life. When we learn to live with the unknown and discomfort, comfortably, we will finally know peace.

Making friends with these feelings requires a new kind of discipline. EVERY time you notice yourself begin to drift off into the insanity they can kick up in you, notice it. Observe the beliefs, the patterns, and the thoughts that come up for you every time you feel these feelings.

Know that there was a time when you told yourself that these were bad feelings, a time when you decided they meant you were going to get hurt, and a time when they appeared to be the cause of pain and suffering.

Are you willing to change your mind about them? I hope so.

Here’s something Tony Robbins says that I LOVE:

“Your quality of life is directly related to the amount of uncertainty you can live with comfortably.”

We must be willing to change the way we feel about uncertainty and discomfort. In order to do that, we have to look for reasons to believe that they can be good feelings, and mean good things for us.

Start here:

TRUST that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that in order to learn to trust these feelings, we must first choose to see them as our friends and allow ourselves to have a new experience with them so we can begin to feel differently about them. When you feel the uncertainty and discomfort come up, do something different than you normally do. Begin to break the pattern and the cycle of fear. Instead of jumping into old habits and negative thinking, let go of the past, and watch for good things happening now. Resist doing what you’ve always done just a little bit longer than your urges say to. Something deeper will begin to emerge.

3) Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, and probably NEVER WILL.

Take some notes, jot stuff down, and do some journaling. Put it on paper so you can see it. How many times have the things you worry about actually happened? How many times, when you were afraid you weren’t going to be ok, were you actually not ok? And in the situations that really did happen, or the times you really weren’t ok, did the pain and suffering last or did you get through it and become a better, happier person as a result? Is what you are feeling uncertain and uncomfortable about now really showing up the same way as what hurt you in the past? Is the guy you’re dating now showing you the same signs as the one who broke your heart a year ago? Or is he showing up for you over and over again, yet somehow you are still in fear he’s going to let you down like the other one did?

More often than not, in the moment, we are FINE. There is nothing to worry about at all. The relationship is good, the job is good, and life is pretty good too, yet we are just uncomfortable with being ok and we fear that it’s going to fall apart at some point. We believe “It’s only a matter of time before I wake up from this dream” or “This is too good to be true” or “I can’t possibly survive this.” We can’t stand living in the unknown and having so many ideas and dreams that we can’t possibly know the outcome of until we continue to live our lives one day at a time.

So, when uncertainty and discomfort starts to drive you mad, remember that something hasn’t happened until it’s happened. Stop living in the future and live today as though the worst case scenario hasn’t happened… because it HASN’T!! Has it?

Think about best case scenarios only 🙂

Having these three tools have helped me SO much in my own life, and I believe they can help you too if you really apply them.

What are you going through? I want to know! Email me at to share your story with me.

Sending out a HUGE hug to YOU!

Love Always,

Erin xoxoxoxo

If you are ready to transform your body, your relationships, and your life, please send me an email at and ask me about my coaching programs. I will personally design something to meet all your needs. Serious inquiries only please.





If You Want The Truth, HERE It Is!

I am feeling compelled this evening to speak to you guys about something near and dear to my heart. The Truth.

I have been looking, seeking, digging, searching, and working my whole life at finding what the truth is for me. I have also worked with thousands of people, and as a result, this is what I’ve found.

The truth about fitness is this. You MUST change on the INSIDE if you want long-term results on the outside. Sorry…but that is the truth. True transformation is an INSIDE JOB. I am not going to lie about it or sugar coat it any longer. I am here to help you transform your body, but only as a result of transforming your life, and that is the truth.

Exercise and working out is an amazing thing to do for your mind, your body, and your spirit, and it can affect your life in hugely positive ways. However, it is NOT the be all end all to living a FIT Life. No, living a FIT Life comes from within, and it requires a deeper awareness and sense of discipline than most people understand. To truly change in the way that I KNOW deep down you want to change…you must be WILLING to go the distance. You must be willing to take a look inside if you want to create healthier habits and release harmful patterns.

I can help you if you are serious about this. Contact me at to have a chat with me about a coaching program that may suit all your needs.

The truth about following your dreams is this. Sometimes we are meant to walk a path that no one before us has walked. This means THERE IS NO PATH paved for us already. At least not the obvious kind. To be a visionary, someone who lives on the cutting edge, who sees things before they happen, who knows where we are heading as a collective consciousness before the majority of people know, it requires walking a different kind of path. We must be able to turn within and find the guidance, the road map, and all the signals we need to keep moving towards our passion and purpose. This isn’t always easy, and there are days when it may feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but you are. Just stay with it. Continue to find the path that is paved inside of you.

If you can see it in your vision, feel it with your heart, and know it in your gutt…then it IS POSSIBLE. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you. That my friends is the TRUTH.

The truth about love is this. Love is Love. I know we want to believe that we need it from this person or that person before we can fully experience it, but that is a lie. You must be able to give yourself affection first. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you. Does that feel weird? Why? If you can’t do it, how is someone else going to? Until you love yourself, you will probably find it very difficult, whether you’re conscious of it or not,  to let anyone in who can love you more than you can love yourself because it will feel just as awkward to you as it does when you say it to yourself, (and prossibly even more so).

Plus, if you can say it to yourself and fully mean it and feel that love for yourself from yourself, then when other people aren’t showing up for you, or giving you the quality attention you deserve…it will be much easier to say, “You know what…this just isn’t working for me.” Then you’ll move on and find the kind of relationship that you really want to be in, which will ultimately be one that matches your unconditional love for yourself!! TRUTH…I promise.

I’m not saying it doesn’t feel amazing to have that special someone in our lives and standing by our side. I am the biggest fan of partnership and sharing my life with someone. However, if it’s not a reflection of unconditional self -love, then it’s most likely NOT the highest form of  a relationship, and therefore most likely not the right person for you in the end. That said, everyone who crosses our path plays a role in our healing and growth. We learn from every kind of relationship.

The truth about food is this. Eat based on how you want your life to FEEL. Choose foods, not because they make you skinny or comfort you, NO. Choose foods that support the goals and passions you have for your life! Food is not something there to abuse. It is a POWERFUL weapon, sort of like a gun. It can be used irresponsibly and disrespectfully, causing pain, suffering, and death. OR it can be used honorably, respectfully, and responsibly to not only save YOUR life, but to protect you from anything harmful so you can live the very best life possible!

When you eat consciously, you consume the foods that energize you, regenerate your cells, cleanse your blood and skin, offer you clear thoughts, generate creativity and confidence, support anti-aging, and that motivate you to show up for your life every single day as the best God damn version of yourself! THIS IS THE TRUTH. Now isn’t THAT what you want?

The truth about the truth is this. Everyone must find THEIR personal truth. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL. You will know the truth when you hear it, because you will feel it in every cell of your being. You may not agree in your mind, but in your body you will know it’s the truth. 

THAT is the truth. Now find it for yourself.

What are you going through? I want to know. Email me at to drop me a message. I am sending you sooooooooo much LOVE!!



If you are truly ready to transform your body, your relationships, heal your struggles, and live the very best life possible, please ask me about my coaching programs at Serious inquiries only please.

Now Here’s Fitness: 5 Tools To Help You Love Your Body AND Your Life

Hey there everyone! Wow…I am so excited! I am writing for 30 days consecutively, here on the blog, in celebration of my new website, the year of the Dragon, and 2012. What a transformational year this is going to be for us all!!

This is day 4 of 30 posts, so make sure you type in your email at the very top of this page, where it says “Subscribe to Erin Lanahan Method by Email.” This way you can follow along for the ride and each time I post a new article, it will get emailed directly to your inbox! How cool is that?? So coooool  🙂

I am actually looking for new writers to come be a part of E.L.M., and help me on the blog. I want to make sure Erin Lanahan Method is bringing you daily love, inspiration, and wisdom. However, I am only one person and cannot do this all by myself. I am busy coaching, creating products, and collaborating with other amazing companies so that I can ultimately provide you with even more opportunities to get the information and guidance you are seeking.

But that means I need some help.

So, if you have a passion for writing, and want to share your story, experience, strength, and hope, please shoot me an email at

Ok, let’s get down to fitness shall we??

Here are 5 Tools To Help You Love Your Body AND Your Life:

1) Get VERY connected to the way it feels when you visualize your goals as if they have already happened for you.

Write down 5 reasons WHY you want to transform your body. Get very specific. Do you want to feel sexy when you’re lying next to your boyfriend? What does it feel like when he puts his arms around you when you feel amazing? Do you want to feel excited in the changing room at the bathing suit store because you love the way you feel and look in a bikini? Perhaps you want to feel confident and comfortable every time you walk into a room. Get really connected to that feeling. Feel what that feels like inside of you when you visualize your goals as if they’ve already manifested. Then allow the way THAT feels to be the very feeling that pulls you to the gym, drives your healthy choices, and keeps you motivated

2) Eat WHOLE, organic, chemical free foods.

The foods you eat will determine your mood, your energy, the willingness you have to make transformational decisions, your courage, and the quality of your relationships. By eating higher quality foods, you CAN and WILL transform your body and your life. Start by adding in 1 large salad a day. Make sure it has lots of dark leafy greens in it such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, collards, and rocket. Make sure it is organic. Although organic foods may cost a little bit more upfront, they will save you a lot of time, money, and poor health in the future. It is best to stay away from pre-packaged foods. Stick to the foods that grow directly out of the earth and have not been processed.

3) Put your right hand on your heart, your left hand on your belly, and send love to yourself.

It may sound silly or pointless, but showing up for YOURSELF is one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools I know. I personally have healed many addictions, eating disorders, body image issues, depression, and anxiety from using this tool alone. You can too.

Begin to practice self-love with this tool. Do this daily.

4) Use a combination of different types of exercise.

The key to living a life you love in a body you love, is to love your life and your body!!! Exercise is more than just something that gets you leaner or skinnier, or hotter. Exercise has the ability to bring  joy, peace, balance, and love into your life. Stop thinking of exercise as a one size fits all remedy. You must find the recipe that works for YOU. Try some yoga, pilates, boxing, tai chi, resistance training, running, etc. Each form of exercise promotes different types of energy and emotions in the mind, body, and heart. Choose exercises that bring joy to your day and love into your life. When you are happy…your life AND your body will be easier to love!

5) Meditation

Did you know that you can basically meditate your way to your best body? Nope…I am not joking you around. I am alive and dead serious! Meditation increases the flow of oxygen to the body, and well…it takes oxygen to burn fat! Also, the power of silence relieves the body of stress and quiets the mind, thus calming the nervous system and supporting the body to function optimally. When there is so much noise going on inside of us, we use anything to try to numb it out. We use people, food, drugs, alcohol…whatever it takes. But guess what…none of those things work for long, and at the end of the day we are still unhappy.

Do yourself a favor and start with 5 minutes a day 5 days out of the week. As you get comfortable with 5 minuets, begin to increase your time.
Ok everyone, that’s a wrap! Let me know what you are going through!



If you are ready to transform your body and your life, email me at to inquire about my coaching programs. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you!


You Have GOT To Let It Go

Hey guys! Letting go is something we all hear about, talk about, and even probably try to apply in our lives when we are in pain, fear, or discomfort of some kind.


Do you really ever let it go?

How in the heck do we let go anyway?

We must TRUST. But before we can trust…we must practice trusting.

As we let go a little bit each time, and see that we are ok…we learn not to fear the unknown or the uncertainty or the discomfort. We learn that just because we don’t “know,” doesn’t mean we are going to die. It doesn’t mean we aren’t getting what we want.

Whether it’s a job interview, a relationship, a piece of clothing, or an idea you have…when the current gets strong…surrender to it and trust where it is taking you.

In Australia, there are lots of pretty serious rip currents. They say, if you happen to get caught in one, you must let the ocean take you out to sea, because eventually, it will bring you back to shore.

Most people die before they get to shore however, due to panick. We get so afraid to let go, to trust that we will actually make it to where we want to go, that we end up clinging too tightly to outcomes and drown ourselves in the very process that is bringing us home.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But we do it.

So, whatever it is you are holding onto today, I want you to practice trusting. Let it go just a little bit, and wait for the Universe to provide you with proof that you are going to be ok.

If you never give yourself the opportunity to trust someone or something, by letting go of them or it, how will you ever get to see that when you do, you always survive? When you survive…you gain more trust, and as a result you feel more empowered around letting go even more. Then you get to experience true freedom and transformation.

What are you holding onto today? What are you so afraid of loosing? Tell me what you are going through. I am sending you all so much love!!



If you are serious about transforming your life, email me at to inquire about my special coaching programs. Looking forward to working with you!

3 Ways To Get What You Want

Let me begin by saying this…

Getting what you want can be an extremely easy and fun thing to do. In fact, when you use the three ways I am going to share with you in this article, not only do you get what you want, but so does everyone else!!

How is this possible you say??

In general, most people have been taught that in order to get what they want, they must use the “me against the world” mentality. They actually believe they  must fight, kill, take, steal, lie, and cheat to get what they want.


That is SOOOOO yesterday!

We know far too much by now to actually keep buying into this B.S. 🙂 What we did in the past, is not working. It is hurting us all.

Getting what we want is what is supposed to happen naturally, keeping in mind that what you want may show up looking differently than what you expected. Beware, as it is easy to assume that you are not getting what you want when you actually are.

Nature sets things up for us to get what we want, by giving us all exactly what we need to bring to the table in partnerships. However, until we understand that we can only have what we want if everyone else has what they want too, we will continue acting like miserable animals, hurting one another, and never feeling happy or satisfied with life. If we live this way…there will never feel like there is enough…of ANYTHING.

Do you want to get what you want?


Getting what you want takes creativity, and we are all extremely creative whether you know it or not. You ARE a powerful creator, and you CAN be the best version of yourself, get everything you want AND live in a world where other people are having that exact same beautiful experience as you are.

We need each other to do this.

We must look for the resources that are already available to us. We must acknowledge the gifts that are already PRESENT in our lives. It requires a new outlook on our relationships, one that appreciates and understands the level of possibility each person in our lives bring to us. And it goes both ways. You bring just as much value to others as they bring to you.

It’s time to share our wealth!

Here are 3 ways to get what you want:

1) Reciprocity

If we both need help, then I am certain there is a way I can help you, and in exchange there is a way you can help me.

For example, on this Australian journey of mine, I have had moments of needing help. I’ve needed places to stay until I learned how to get around new cities, using public transport. Certain family and friends came forth and offered me the help I needed to get established here in Australia. In return, they got to see the way I approach life, the way I relate to exercise and food, and they got  first row tickets to what it’s like to live a FIT life. From me, they learned about healing, food, healthy habits, they felt and found inspiration, and then began to transform their lives. From them, I received support, appreciation, patience, and as a result I began to transform in ways beyond my imagination.

Actually, I’ll take that back. I began to transform in the exact ways I’d always imagined and dreamed of. This of course is an ongoing process for them and for me. Together, our lives are better off, as a result of sharing our wealth and reciprocating what each side is abundant in.

They could have allowed themselves to feel put out by me, or burdened, or fearful that me being in their homes may leave less of everything for them. I could have allowed myself to get annoyed or resentful that they wanted to ask me questions and constantly learn what I know. We could have completely cut ourselves off from the possibilities present for us.

But we didn’t. We accessed them instead.

When we create partnerships like this…everybody wins.

2) Collaboration-

Collaboration creates prosperity.

There are no haves or have-nots. We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners; we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone.   -Excerpt from “The Soul of Money”

Getting what we want takes courage and faith in your own ability to deliver value. Do you believe you have the power to deliver value to the lives of others?

Well…you do.

When I got here to Australia, I was totally committed to growing my company, Erin Lanahan Method. I was clear that my focus was to build the coaching piece of my business. I wanted to coach more individuals, corporate executives, the employees of corporations, small and large groups, and therefore I chose to look for any opportunities that may be available for me to do that. This takes belief in one’s self.

We must believe in ourselves, trust our intuition, and follow the guidance we receive from within. When you feel a nudge to call someone and discuss an idea, pitch a new concept to a company you feel in alignment with, or maybe to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone you love…follow the nudge. Listen. Do it.

I have been doing that since I got here, and there are multiple companies helping me grow my brand, share my concepts and strategies to help inspire many people, and who have given me the platform I need to become known as the kind of coach, writer, and wellness expert that I am. I offer their clients a new outlook on life, food, fitness, and I bring a shift in perception and inspiration, love, and acceptance to the lives of those clients.  

In return, I help those companies grow their client base, keep their clients happy, and I help them offer a level of transformation they always wanted to offer, but just didn’t have the time or tools to do so.

They pay me, and I make them money. I grow and expand my business and reputation, and they grow and expand theirs too.

Win…Win I tell ya.

3) Cooperation

How can you expect to get what you want when you aren’t willing to give others what they need?

Come on people…let’s cooperate.

Here’s some text from a book I highly recommend, “The Soul of Money.”

Nineteenth century scientific and economic theorists painted a harsh reality of how the natural world actually works. They basically described competition for food and resources as being the inevitable and defining force by which Mother nature balanced the population and resources, and selected in favor some species over others.

Charles Darwin went on to describe “survival of the fittest” in large part as the competition for scarce resources, as the basis for the evolution of species.

Contrary to those models of Nature as innately, intensely, and almost exclusively competitive, more recent scientific study has illuminated the powerful role of mutuality, synergy, coexistence, and cooperation in the natural world and the more accurate picture of life that presents.

Even a cursory look at the world food supply and world population tells us that there is enough food to feed everyone, but that other factors keep some populations oversupplied and even overfed while others are malnourished and dying from hunger. Chronic hunger isn’t “Nature’s way” of limiting population or improving the species. In fact, it is less about Nature and more about flawed government, politics, and economic systems of our own construction.

The idea that scarcity is “just the way it is” is no longer even viable science.

Scarcity is a lie. “Not enough” is crap. It is not the truth. What you need and what you want is ALWAYS available. It is a result of our own inability to operate from reciprocity, collaboration, and cooperation that we experience lack instead of the unlimited resources available to and for us.


What do you want? What is holding you back from believing it is available to you right now? Do you feel threatened when you see other people get what they want because you think that means you can’t have what you want??

Tell me what you’re going through.

Email me at

If you really WANT to change your life, transform your body and mind, and want to take the necessary steps , please ask me about my coaching programs. Serious inquiries only please.

Sending you all so much love and hugs,



THIS Is What I Know: 5 Tips To Live A Better Life

I may not know much, but how to live a better life… I KNOW. I have struggled with so many things, such as alcohol, drugs, food addiction, body image disorders, poor choices, bad relationships, insecurities, low self-worth, lack and limited thinking, fear, anxiety attacks, depression, you name it. And guess what…I SURVIVED.

I not only survived, I have embarked on an amazing journey internally AND externally. I have healed so much, and now …I THRIVE.

I began working in the fitness industry over 12 years ago, and my job in most people’s minds was to help them  get “FIT.” However, let’s face it, what people REALLY want is to get HAPPY.

Changing your body by exercising and eating healthier foods is one way to support getting happy, but here’s the brutal truth…it’s gonna take more than just that.

I have worked with hundreds of clients via personal training, life coaching, nutrition coaching, and have interacted with thousands through my articles, blog, website, workshops, public speaking, and social media. As a result, I have a really good feel and understanding of people. I have worked with celebrities, high-profile executives, royalty, house moms, middle class citizens, struggling actors, writers, the Hollywood Entertainmnet business, and the list goes on. These all may seem like very different kinds of people, and in some ways you are right about that. But at the end of the day they all want the SAME thing.

Everyone wants to feel good in their own bodies.

Everyone wants to walk into a room and know they are showing up as the best possible version of themselves in that moment. Everyone wants to feel acceptance, love, forgiveness, and freedom. Everyone wants to create work/life balance, have better energy, more clarity, and a lifestyle that supports their optimal well-being that they can also maintain. Am I right??

Well…how do you do this??

First of all, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you thought I was going to offer you the next fix or fad diet you are on the wrong blog. I am here to help you live a better life. I want to teach you how to live a FIT life. Are you in??

Here are 5 tips that will help you live a better life:

1) Stop comparing yourself to other people and just focus on your own vision and life’s purpose. Why are you here? What does the fire inside of you burn for? If you could do or be anything and NOTHING was going to stop you or get in your  way, what would that be? It doesn’t matter how silly or impossible it sounds to you. What is it? YOU are the creator of your life. Nothing about anyone else’s journey or path, has anything to do with whether or not you can succeed. Get clear about your vision and purpose for your life. Trust that you are the ONLY person on the planet that can do what you do, the way you do it.

2) Cleanse and clear your body, your environment, and your life of toxic energy. This means toxic chemicals, toxic choices, toxic foods and drinks, toxic people,  and toxic thinking. Do you find yourself consuming conversations, interactions, food and drink, and media that do not serve your highest good or your ultimate plan? Check in with yourself and begin to bring your attention into your body daily. How does that person make you feel? How does the language you are using or inviting into your life affect the level respect you have for yourself, and thus the level of respect you get from others? Do you feel that the foods and drinks you choose support you? Are you dying, surviving, or thriving? Which do you want for yourself?

3) Become more deeply educated about what it truly means to be fit, to experience happiness, and to have everything you’ve ever wanted. I hear people all the time who tell me, “I know how to be healthy, but I just don’t do it.” REALLY?? I find that hard to believe, because when we REALLY understand (and I mean get it at the deepest core of who we are) what we are doing, and the impact it has on our overall well-being and ability to fully enjoy life, I personally believe we would all make different choices. At least I know that level of new awareness changed my life HUGE ways! For example, if you know it in your innermost self, that something has the power to change you in a negative way, thus creating more of all that which depresses you and makes you feel stuck in your life, is it something you will continue to choose?? Why would you? People do it every day. Are you going to be one of them?

4) If you want a better life, you must have better thoughts. This is not new information, but it’s information worth repeating over and over again, until we ALL get it.  Your thoughts become things. What you focus on expands. Here’s a video I put together on this topic for you. Make sure you come back to read the rest of this post, and get your tip #5!

What We Focus On Expands: Are Your Thoughts Making You Fat? 

 5) You must have the willingness to transform before you can expect to get the kind of results you are really after. News Flash…Health, HOTNESS, and transformation is an INSIDE job people, and that’s right, it requires WILLINGNESS. I cannot tell you how exhausting it is as a coach and trainer, to get approached all the time by people who say they want change, but who are not willing to do their part. Come On…Seriously?? These days, I turn everyone away who does not come to me with a sincere readiness to take on the necessary steps to transform their lives. Is that you? What are you willing to do to have everything you’ve ever wanted? Maybe you aren’t sick enough of where you are, or maybe you are already perfectly happy with where you are. I applaud you wherever you are and send you love and support. If you need help, and we ALL need help, seek it out! Be willing to ask for it. The resources you need are always at your finger tips, but first, you must really want something before you get creative enough to access the resources that are available to you. Are you ready to get creative?

What’s going on for you? I want to know. Here’s to a beautiful moment, day, year, and life.

Love and Hugs,


P.S. If you are ready to transform your life, your body, and manifest your dreams, write to me at Serious inquiries only. Sending you so much love.

Happy New Year and New “Moments” Resolutions


Yes, I know…I’m a little behind on my Happy New Year post, but I have been traveling and just kicking back and taking it all in these past few weeks. I spent the month of December visiting my family in Moruya, Australia, and then headed off to Sydney to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and family, as well as my first week of 2012 on Bondi Beach!

So far, 2012 has rocked my world in every way! 🙂 How have you kicked things off?

With all the New Year’s Resolutions hype it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of thinking in extremes. For example, we put so much pressure on ourselves to hit the ground running hard and fast, and then most people are burned out and over it by February or March.

Listen, living a life you love is a daily practice and it is created choice by choice, action by action, thought by thought, day by day.

Remember this: Setting larger, long-term goals is great, however, also keep in mind that long-term is a result of how each short-term moment adds up over time. Therefore, commit to how you want this moment to be, this conversation to be, this kiss to be, this event to be, this day to be, etc. Are you picking up what I’m putt’n down?? I trust you are 😉

For me, I had a pretty incredible experience in Sydney for the first week of this year. It seemed as though the stars were aligning just especially for me, answering all my prayers and showing me that life really is becoming my dream, and my dreams really ARE my reality. However, that said, I am reminding myself as I remind you, of the importance of letting it go.

We can set our intentions, say our prayers, do our best, but then we must detach from the outcomes, for we are only in control of what we put out there and how we respond to what turns up. What actually happens has only the power we give it. Thus, if we cling to how we want things to be or how we think they “should” look like now, we can begin to spin out and spiral down FAST.

What’s required of us in order to maintain a state of joy and gratitude, is the ability to TRUST what is currently showing up, believing that the best case scenario IS unfolding REGARDLESS of what we tend to assume things mean for us long-term in the moment.

So I’ll say it again…

Set your intentions, say your prayers, make your vision boards, become super clear about what you want life to look and more importantly FEEL like…and then LET IT GO.

That’s right…as hard as it may feel, you have to let it go, trust, be patient, and live each moment as presently as possible, believing that the best case scenario IS unfolding for you right now!

I left Sydney yesterday and arrived in Brisbane, Australia, where I am writing to you from now. I’ll be spending a bit of time here and traveling around the area meeting and visiting with more family. Then, in a couple of weeks I’ll settle myself in on the Gold Coast, to prepare for yoga training that starts Feb 4th. Lots of exciting stuff in the works for this year, but today is today, so I’m just going to be here now and make the most of each moment. I am going to trust you are doing the same 🙂

I hope you are all being loving and gentle with yourselves, having respect and gratitude for your process, and surrounding yourselves with only the most supportive people and environments. May 2012, be a year filled with awakening, healing, unconditional love, and the beginning of a new-found sense of joy and a beautiful new life. Here’s to your highest self!!

Love, Light, and Hugs!






Patience Please – Everything Is A Little Upside-down


Hey guys! As you can see…things are a bit upside-down right now 🙂 I would love and appreciate your patience as I get this new site up and running. I am still in the middle of transferring everything over from my old site to this new one. I am also facing one glitch after the next, but all in all it’s a pretty amazing ride and I’m laughing at myself the whole way!

It is such an exciting time for Erin Lanahan Method, and I am working around the clock behind the scenes to bring you the best quality possible. It is my intention to create a space here for all of us to feel like we can stretch, expand, and go deeper, bolder, and shine brighter than ever before.

E.L.M. is here to inspire you, educate you, motivate you, and give you a place to turn to when you need guidance towards healing and finding reassurance and support along your path.

Are you ready to change your life?

Some of what I’ll be offering is a shop, videos, e-books, fitness tips, articles, and opportunities to coach with me one-on-one at special rates! Stay tuned for E.L.M.’s detailed page explaining exactly WHAT coaching is, and what benefits it offers to the lives of so many. If you want to get started now, shoot me an email at and we can set up a complimentary call to help you gain clarity and insight into how I may best serve you. Otherwise stop by again soon!

Please bear with me. Expansion is a process, and every day I am making progress here at E.L.M. Please don’t hesitate to read what’s here so far, browse, comment, share articles with friends, and by all means shoot me an email at with any suggestions or requests you may have! Your input is deeply appreciated!

Thank you!

Love and Hugs,


Life Is Like A Bowl Of Trail Mix…

…you never know what you’re going to get in each handful!

I know, I know…you think I made a mistake right? It’s suppose to be a box of chocolates, not a bowl of trail mix! What ever am I thinking??

Well let me tell you. First of all, I removed the box because I really prefer not to purchase any of my food in boxes. Typically boxed or packaged food means low quality and highly processed. These days, I get a kick out of making my own trail mix by wisely choosing the yummy ingredients one by one and placing each one into their separate little recycled baggies until I can get them home to mix them.

You see, the thing about trail mix is, I can take the bits and pieces of wisdom I have collected over the years, from schools I’ve graduated from, certifications I have completed, experiences I have had, teachers I have met, and personal trial and error, to successfully combine a mix that is yummy in every bite, balances out my blood sugar, and keeps me excited about the next handful. Now THAT is talent 🙂

In life, it is important to remember that we don’t have to take things as they come. We can choose not to take the pre-packaged experiences, and instead, create our own! We can take pieces of this philosophy, that belief system, and few dashes of our own intuition, and create something balanced, colorful, full of all the nutrients we need, and most importantly, something that is FUN and feeds us in every way!

I love creating my own recipes because it reminds me that life is my greatest recipe, and it teaches me that I can mix whatever ingredients I feel would make a yummy experience. I can make the same trail mix every time OR I can try different ingredients just because I CAN!

So, are you buying pre-packaged experiences or are you creating your own?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices. Some will appear to taste better short-term and create discomfort long-term. Others will taste healthy now, and perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable in the short-term, yet they will create energy, vitality, and soul-full expansion in the long-term. Some will just taste like ecstasy now and bring nothing but joy to your day, every day, while others just won’t do anything for you, never have, and never will. It’s all a matter of preference and YOU are the Head Chef.

You get to choose the ingredients of your life. You get to have fun doing it and enjoy every bite of it. Therefore make the most of your power to create your wildest recipes!

Happy Eating!!



P.S. Here’s one of my most favorable trail mix recipes…although I invite you to create your own 😉

-*goji berries




-*dried cranberries

-*incan berries

-*dried blueberries

-*pumpkin seeds

-*sunflower seeds

*organic, raw, sulphur free, gluten-free, vegan

I prefer to mix it up so the fruit laces every bite, but is a lesser proportion than the nuts and seeds, to create a higher protein, lower sugar combination. Again, I am always trying something new depending on the day!

Wishing To Explore New Opportunities?

Are you wishing to explore new opportunities?

If so, good! That is quite natural for the Spirit to crave. We are ever evolving beings and expansion is our most natural way of expression.

I find myself re-inventing, tweaking, and changing my path all the time. It’s fun, but it can also feel scary. Do you ever sit around, thinking about everything you want your life to become and wonder how you will ever get there? Then, 6 months later, do you find yourself having even more clarity about what it is you want your life to feel like, and therefore see how and why what you wanted 6 months ago didn’t unfold the way you thought it should at the time?

Be gentle and patient with yourself.

You are exactly where you need to be, and if you can trust that, it will create an opening for you to fully embrace and enjoy the process you are in right now. Whatever it is you are currently experiencing IS, whether you see it or not, playing a huge part in the intentions you have set for your life experiences. 

When you notice yourself getting caught up in self-doubt or lack of faith, remember these three things:

1) Anytime you need assistance you can ask for it. Call upon a God of your understanding, the trees, the Universe, mermaids, the Archangels, Buddha, Jesus, ferries, whatever works for you! What you seek does not matter, as long as your request is pure and asking for guidance. Then, open yourself up to any signs, visions, or messages that may come to you through conversations, thoughts, dreams, books, articles, someone’s t-shirt, a TV show, etc. Signs and Divine guidance can come in mysterious way 🙂

2) Your intuition is never wrong. It’s only our fear of being wrong or of failing that stops us from going the distance. If you feel strongly about something, it IS a sign that you are being summoned to follow it. What you find may be completely different from what you set out to find or create, but if you stay open, you will always be pleasantly surprised. It will most likely require some patience, willingness, and committment on your part, but it’s worth the effort!

3) When you are in a situation that really challenges your ability to stay connected to your dreams and passions, find one thing that really matters to you and do it every day, or as many times a week as possible. This will act as an anchor for you and keep you in the higher creative energies that bring new ideas to life.

Ok, I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season so far. It’s a bit strange for me being on the opposite side of the world this Holiday Season, but I am making the most of my new experiences no matter what!  

Sending you all lots of LOVE and Holiday Hugs!!

xo Erin

NOW Is The New When


The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that’s what life is.
— Abraham

I love this quote from Abraham, and it just so happen to hit my inbox on a day when I was really basking in this knowing.

Do you ever just laugh at yourself, when you realize that all you really have to do to enjoy life is to enjoy the moment you are actually in right now? It is so simple, yet so many of us LOVE to complicate things.

Each day I put this knowing into practice and I invite you to do the same.

Life isn’t about tomorrow or the excitement, joy, or potential pain you will feel from some event that hasn’t happened yet.

No. Life is about how you are able to interpret, accept, and appreciate the NOW.

As we let go of “getting there”, fixing things, and changing things,  and instead remind ourselves that we are already here, right now, then life becomes about how much joy we can uncover and discover in every moment.

Do you trust?

Do you trust that even when one moment may feel awkward or uncomfortable, that you are in fact exactly where you are supposed to be?

I find that the discomfort comes from a lack of trust about this.

At the end of the day, all we really have is the way we perceive the moments we live, from one moment to the next. What we experience is really up to us. Even if you have something extremely challenging and scary you are facing, what else is the solution?

You have two choices…to be miserable and paralyzed with fear and resentment OR to find the doorway within the obstacles that gives you access to opportunities and a greater love for yourself and for life.

As I put this knowing into practice I find a greater sense of ease and direction in my life. I still have days where I resist this, but thankfully, they are less and less.

Can you apply this knowing in your life? Do you trust yourself enough to let go and surrender to the NOW? I want to know. Please leave me some love here 🙂

The Divine Light within me, acknowledges and appreciates the Divine Light within you.

Love Always,



Girls (and guys) Just Wanna Have Fun!

Aint that the truth!!! We all just wanna have fun! Am I right?

What if having fun WAS the goal for every day?

What if I told you that nothing else matters but how much fun you are actually having playing this game we call LIFE? I mean they even made a game about it just as a subliminal reminder not to take ourselves or this experience too seriously!

But seriously, I am not saying to be “irresponsible,” however I AM saying to treat all of it like a game. In the Board Game Of Life, you pick an SUV, hop in, and enjoy the ride. You can choose marriage, babies, college, a great career, a big house full of kids, a gigantic salary, and you can potentially get rich or end up bankrupt. You can choose revenge, chance, you can retire in style, and make millions if you want to. There are NO LIMITATIONS. So why wouldn’t you live life to the fullest right? Regardless of the outcomes along the way, do you find yourself actually believing at any point that the game is real?? I think not.

If you could go to work each day, engage with your friends and family, and make choices in each moment, based on the fact that you are just playing a game and it is meant to bring you great fun and joy…how might that affect the way you see and do things?

Having fun yet??

Perhaps you think I’m crazy? If so, that’s ok because I sure am having fun with this 🙂

Really though, what if you could make each move in life, with the same ease and non-attachment that you use while playing the board game? It’s fun to strategize right? It’ exciting to take risks. It’s an adrenaline rush to win a lot of money, loose it, and then win it again. Why?? Because you KNOW that none of it can hurt you. You KNOW that the pink, green, blue, and yellow money is fake, and not really your SOURCE of abundance right? It’s just there to PLAY with. Nothing that happens can actually have a real negative effect on who and what you truly are.

This is the SAME in real life.

We have all just forgotten that we are playing a game.

Not just any game though…an AMAZING game filled with so many options and opportunities to experience ups and downs, and to hop on extreme rides every single day! Have fun with it!

When you aren’t having fun, you are probably feeling discomfort of some sort, just like we do in  a game when we are being a poor sport.

You know those people who take game playing, winning, and loosing so seriously they miss the entire point of the game (which is to have fun by the way)? Don’t be like them!

Just like you would laugh at them and tell them to “chill out, it’s just a game,” do that to yourself every time you catch yourself feeling less than your infinite, unlimited, and abundant self!! Remember, if you are feeling discomfort, it’s only because you are forgetting that you are playing a game that is meant to be FUN. Snap out of it! Wake up!

If  you’d like to know more about how to have more fun playing the game of Life, then I trust you and I can have some real fun together. I am offering a special coaching program for the first 5 people who contact me about this. 6 weeks of one-on-one phone coaching, 3 videos offering  different FUN workouts, and 30 of my top tips for living a life filled with MORE FUN! All for $500.00!

If you feel pulled to connect more deeply with me about coaching together, please send me an email at  introducing yourself. Tell me one thing you would do if you could do anything you wanted, and I will email you the details about how to proceed.

Are you ready to play the game??

Let’s Go!

Enjoying Life,


Matters Of The Heart

No matter where I go, what I do, or who I am with, it always comes down to one thing. Is my heart happy??

I have been a seeker on a journey, an explorer sailing the wild seas within myself, and a warrior of the daily battles that tend to happen inside my head. I may not KNOW much, but I do know that at the end of the day, nothing matters but love. Nothing matters but acceptance. Nothing matters but the Spirit. There is no greater Source than the one within us.

So why can it feel so hard? To be happy that is. Why do so many of us struggle to “find” it? Can it really be found? Perhaps not. Perhaps happiness is like all matters of the heart. It simply exists all the time, and it is always available to those who choose it.

How do we choose it you say?

We choose it over and over again, every time anything but love or but happiness is lurking in the background, and we choose it and we choose it, no matter what, until it becomes our default mode.

Tonight I am thinking of old friends, old lovers, old memories, old ways of life, and really feeling so much I haven’t felt in a long time, but I am ok. I miss pieces of them, but I am still ok. I am always ok if I choose to be. 

As I look ahead I stop myself, and I come back to this moment. I do what matters to my heart. I engage in matters of the heart, and I speak up about how I feel and share it with you. This is how I choose my happiness. This is how I choose love.  Thank you for being here with me.

I love you,


If Every Day Were A Vacation Day I Would…

If every day were a vacation day, how would that change the way you feel about waking up? What would you do? Where would you go?

Maybe you would choose to spend your days, dancing from one curiosity to the next. Or perhaps you would never get out of your pj’s and instead snuggle up with your journal and write fantasy stories. Maybe you’d go to the beach to watch the waves crash upon the shore, allowing them to cleanse your busy mind until you found your natural state of peace again.

Whatever it is for you, I invite you in this moment to connect to how that feels inside of you, to get to wake up every day and only do what you feel pulled to do and to do everything you feel pulled to do.

What a concept right?

I am sure you are having thoughts such as “That sounds great but who in their right mind actually believes that is possible?” or “If I did that each day, who would pay the bills?” It is only natural to have these questions come up. However, I am not asking you those questions…I am asking you how it would feel to follow your inner guidance on  a daily basis? If we play with this idea for purposes of this article only, perhaps you can allow yourself to take this ride with me right now.

What kinds of things would you do each day if you could do whatever you felt pulled to do and money just took care of itself? What would life be like it that WERE possible? How do you know it isn’t?

I have been traveling Australia since the end of June. I packed up my life in Los Angeles, CA and carried it with me in my heart to my first Aussie destination, which was Sydney. After a couple of months in Sydney, I was offered a rich opportunity to move to a beautiful place called The Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia. I was hired on as the Health and Communication Consultant, to help get an Eco Health and Sustainability Retreat up and running effectively.

Los Angeles, Sydney, and working for the retreat on The beautiful Mornington Peninsula offered me uniquely different experiences and opportunities for transformation. All three journeys brought me great pleasure and joy, but when I was ready to move on I did, regardless of the “what if’s” or the paychecks I was leaving behind.

When I decided to move to Australia, there was no finite plan. Finite, is not a word that I enjoy as part of my vocabulary. It seems to go against everything I believe we are. If I believe who and what I really am is infinite, unlimited, and unconditional love, abundance, and joy, then to refer to anything as finite, confuses me. I have discovered, that to think of my resources as coming from anything finite,  is actually the very thing that cuts myself off from the source of all resources.

I felt pulled to go on this journey, and along with that I felt fully committed and willing to process through any and all fears and limiting beliefs that may try to convince me I am anything other than what I belive myself to be.

You are also infinite, unlimited, and unconditional love, abundance, and joy.

Do you believe me? You don’t have to, but the only person who suffers if you don’t, is you. What if you are? How does that change the way you see your life?  What if every day were a vacation day and you got to play whatever games you wanted?

As I move from idea to idea, curiosity to curiosity, experiment to experiment, exploration to exploration, city to city, I access even more of my true essence and the knowing that comes along with that. I get to create my day every day. If every day is a vacation day, then I know I have no limits, no time schedule other than one I may choose to create, nowhere I have to go other than the places I choose to have fun with, and nothing I have to be other than exactly what I am in the moment. This gives me a sense of freedom. As I am liberated by these feelings, I become open to everything that is possible in each moment. There’s nothing I “have” to do. There is only “What do I feel pulled to do right now.”

Sometimes you may feel unclear about what you are pulled to do. This is ok.

Simply take some time out each day, or multiple times a day, to turn within and to ask yourself, “What am I feeling pulled to do today, what is it I want in this moment. Expanded Self, please show me the way.”

I have this dialogue with myself every day, sometimes 50 plus times a day. As I continue to allow myself to follow what I feel pulled to do, I continue to discover new things, to develop a deeper level of awareness, to connect more deeply with myself, with others, and with the outside world, and I keep getting new opportunities to express even more of who and what I really am, and to create an even more playful and enjoyable dream vacation on a daily basis.

If you’d like more help creating this dialogue with yourself, and to therefore live a life filled with more joy, doing only what you feel pulled to do, keep reading! I have a special offer for you at the end. Please don’t skip to the end…the rest of the article IS worth reading 🙂

So…If every day were a vacation day, what would that change inside of you? I invite you to connect to this feeling inside of you. As we connect more deeply to how we want our lives to feel, it creates an inner shift. 

When we can grant ourselves the permission we seek, to awaken to who and what we really are, and to really do what we feel pulled to do, and only what we feel pulled to do, then what once seemed impossible becomes our greatest terrain for adventure and transformation.

I have recently left The Mornington Peninsula and I am creating the next game I want to play, and having fun laughing at all the rules I made up in the past to make myself believe it wasn’t possible to do what I am actually doing every day!! This makes me excited about all the other once “impossibilities” I am now going to begin living as though they are natural for me and easy to create!

Although I am always a work in progress, I have experienced deep transformation over the last few years. Here are 3 things I have learned that I want to pass along to you:

1) Every time you feel discomfort, it is an opportunity to reclaim your power back from something that once caused you a loss of power. Claim your power back at every chance. Discomfort is there to help you see that you are giving your power away, and actually believing that something outside of you can take away your happy place. It’s not true, that is a lie you told yourself at some point. As you begin to recognize discomfort in the moment, acknowledge the loss of power you feel from it. Then make a different choice. You are infinite, unlimited, and unconditional abundance, love, and joy, and anything that makes you feel otherwise is simply an illusion and not true. Play the game, but this time…claim your power back!

2) Once you take the leap to trust your inner guidance, be prepared to come face to face with all your fears and limiting beliefs, but KNOW, they have no power, other than the power you give them. If you remain committed and willing to move THROUGH them, you will always reach a new way of living on the other side.

3) Question your beliefs and your limitations. Sometimes you will find yourself telling old stories and repeating things unconsciously, not having reconsidered them since the first time you heard them or made them up. Make sure you are living with a belief system, and using an inner dialogue that fully supports your highest good. Who says what you are capable of or not? Who gets to decide what is possible or not? Why wouldn’t it be possible to enjoy every day of your life AND have all the bills taken care of without a struggle on your part?

You choose. What do you want? A life filled with limiting beliefs and fear that stops you? Or a life filled with new opportunities and possibilities that emerge from within the fears that you choose to walk though and thus are liberated from? I want to hear you say it. Let me know.

If you feel pulled to explore this topic in more depth, and to really find out how you can apply this in your life, to liberate you from the daily “have to’s,” then I trust you will enjoy the 6 week coaching program I have developed for clients just like you!

I am offering 6 weeks of coaching for $600! All you have to do is share this article on your Facebook and/or Twitter and then reply to this post with a comment including your email. If you prefer a bit more privacy, you can just share this on Facebook and/or Twitter, and then send me a private email at introducing yourself. Whether you submit your info in reply to this post, or send me a private email, I will be in touch to connect more deeply with you, and then we can can proceed accordingly. I am looking forward to working with you!

Sending you so much support, appreciation, and hugs.



What Is Abundance?

I am writing to you from this window, and feeling abundantly abundant 🙂

We hear of this word ABUNDANCE all the time. It is something we say we want, and something many of us chase and chase, but somehow always feel as though it eludes us.

I am finding that abundance is not something we can capture or achieve, but rather something we receive when we are open, willing, and present in the moment.

Abundance is a feeling within, an inside job, and not a result of any external triumph. Even when we have opened up to receive the always present and available abundance within, external triumphs become less important and we remain aware that they are only the physical manifestation of our inner state of consciousness.

I don’t know about you, but I have won things, been the best, been placed front and center, gotten what I wanted on the outside, and had my life “appear” to be perfect in other people’s eyes.

What those people didn’t know, was how much lack and limitation I was feeling on the inside.

Those short-term achievements made me feel good for a little while, but they always wore off. Do you know what I mean?

If we depend on money, cars, houses, status, property, our looks, etc, to feel ok, then we are in for a pretty hard fall or sharp wake up call. It’s the same as a drug addict depending on cocaine to function and feel ok in the world. What begins to happen is the effects he or she once got from the drugs, diminish, and then they must begin to consume more. The drug addict will consume and consume, only to begin to feel emptier and emptier, and less and less. What once made he or she feel good, will stop working. This is my point about depending on “stuff” for our energy, life force, and abundance. This is what I mean about abundance being an inside job.

Abundance for me, and I will speak for myself, come from things like walking through an organic garden and witnessing the very food I eat growing all around me from the earth. I see that the plants just grow and grow, and there will always be enough.

Abundance comes from the days I sit at the beach and 3 dolphins swim right up to where we are swimming at the seashore to remind me that life is everywhere and that nature supports me. I feel abundant when a koala climbs up and down trees right before my very eyes, thus bringing me pure and utter joy, and therefore completely shifting my day.

Abundance for me, is a result of gratitude for every single day I get another chance at loving myself and others and the opportunities it brings to share even more of my gifts. 

Abundance is how I feel in this moment, as I write this to you, staring out the window at the ocean. This place I am in, at this table, on this chair, in front of this window,  is a vision I had just a couple of months ago. Abundance is the feeling I get on days like today when I find myself living my visions, and becoming aware of myself here, at my computer, doing what I love with a beautiful and inspiring view, just like the vision I had, without ever knowing until this very moment that I was on my way here the whole time. I am reminded once again, of the power we each have when we set our intentions and then let them free to unfold naturally.

Abundance is the feeling I get when I look around at the relationships in my life and feel in awe of the level of respect and support that flows freely between my loved ones and myself.

Abundance is what I experience when I let go and let God, and trust that all my needs will be met, only to go to sleep that night having had all my needs met and more!

Abundance for me, is the feeling I have when I KNOW I can walk away from the things and people who I love but do not serve my highest good, and trust that both of us will be guided to the best life for each of us as a result of my courage to stand up for myself and what matters most in my heart.

Abundance is a feeling, not trophy or a million dollars, unless these things are an extension and an expanded expression of what’s going on inside of you.

What IS going on inside of you? If it is abundance you seek, find it within yourself first. As you make the choice to open up to feeling abundant, only then will you begin to find it everywhere.  

Please share with me what’s coming up for you right now. I am feeling so grateful today and had to share this gratitude and inspiration with anyone and everyone. This is not to brag or make anyone who is currently struggling feel bad, rather it is to help you tap into your own unlimited abundance and expanded self. Please let me know if you’d like any further support.

Lots of love and so many blessings to you all!



On The Road Again

Ok, so I have some wonderful news!!! I am off  to study yoga on The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! I am embarking on another journey! I have some serious traveling to do in between now and when I begin my training February 4th and I am pumped about it. I will be spending time and visiting with family all around Australia, whom I either haven’t seen in a long time or have never even met. I have just begun those plans so I will keep you posted.

I am also getting down to some serious business and putting all my time and energy into growing and expanding Erin Lanahan Method. I look forward to sharing more of that with moving forward and I appreciate all your support and suggestions.

I can proudly say, by February 1st, I will have been in Australia for 6 months, and within those 6 months I will have lived in 3 different states, and 4 different cities! This is awesome!

I know it may seem as though a lot of change has happened fast, and in a way it has. However, when we work on ourselves and our lives from the inside out, it can often appear and feel as though there is no movement, when quite the opposite is happening.

To move on the inside is the hardest and most important part of the transformation process.

What we ultimately do externally is hopefully just an extension of where we are internally.

Once we shift inside, massive shifts happens FAST on the outside, and what a joy ride it can be!

I have been working on myself from within for a long time. When I moved from Sydney to the Mornington Peninsula just recently, to help open this Health and Wellness Retreat I am working at, I knew it wasn’t going to be long-term. I felt it in my gut. But I also knew I had to come because a part of what I needed to move forward was going to emerge from my time here, and it definitely has to say the least. I have had somewhat of a breakthrough and all of a sudden I am experiencing the power of clarity, inspiration,  and divine direction like never before.

How are you feeling lately? I know for me I noticed a huge shift after October 28th passed. I believe those of us who did the 3 daily practices I suggested doing on October 8th, probably have felt a deeper shift than those who weren’t preparing consciously for such an energetic shift.

It’s ok if you weren’t preparing, but it’s important to remain patient and gentle with yourself now, to allow your body the space it needs to catch up with and integrate what just happened.

I have been feeling more and more pulled to the Gold Coast over the last few weeks. It was challenging for me to trust this intuition at first, but after many hours of processing feelings and confronting my fears, I am absolutely certain this is what I am being guided to do. I have always wanted to study Yoga, to add it to my knowledge base of fitness, so that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to become a certified Yoga instructor by Essence of Living in Mermaid Beach, Australia.

I also have a few other amazing plans up my sleeve, but I’ll reveal more to you as time moves on and I get solid around the details. If you follow along, you can come with me for the ride!

I am going to sign off now. Time for reflection, contemplation, and meditation before bed time. Lots of love to you. Let me know how you are doing. Thank you for being here with me.



A New Day


Hey there. Man, it feels weird not having posted anything since October 27th. I actually was planning on my last blog of 21 consecutive days of blogging, to be on the 28th. However, that day was a wild one for me, and I never did get to my computer. I never did I get to my computer yesterday either.

Today however is a new day. When I woke up yesterday, October 29th, I was exhausted. I hadn’t gotten to sleep until 5am that morning due to a favor I did for a friend at 2am, and needless to say, I woke up feeling as though change was looming once again. I felt called to really turn within and to get brutally honest with myself about what my gut and my heart were saying. It was time to make a decision.

This journey for me here on The Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia, has been one of the most profound, transformational experiences I have ever been through. I have gone deeper in my own personal development than ever before, and I have come through some pretty intense emotions and decision-making processes. As a result, I have more clarity about the direction I want to move in from this point forward. I have more clarity about how to live in integrity, while still being loving, and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships.

I am still working a few things through, but when I know more, I will share with you in detail about where this journey is taking me.

Mostly, tonight I want to talk about A New Day. We have moved into a time on the planet where we create our own destinies. Everything is available in The NOW, and we are being encouraged to learn to live in the moment, to be completely present at all times, and to surrender to what is actually showing up right NOW.

When we make decisions based on what may or may not happen in the future, it creates all kinds of drama around a decision that is really pretty simple to make. Just like relationships. If a guy has all kinds of potential that is definitely a good thing. However, if that is not what is currently showing up in your time together, then you may better off deciding what is best for you based on the present information. Do get what I am saying?

There must be space for you. There must be an opening for your gifts, and for what you are bringing to a situation or a relationship. If there is no space or opening, you can be the greatest gift in the world, but it will not matter. No one will hear you, there will never be time for what you need to express, and ultimately, what you have to offer will not have the opportunity to be given or received. That’s when I walk away. It’s not because anyone else is doing anything wrong, it’s just a decision based on the facts about where people currently are. I used to try to change things, but recently I have learned the blessing available when I can acknowledge the truth, accept what is showing up right NOW, and then make a choice based on what’s best for me according to the information available to me.

There is beauty, peace, joy, and liberation in accepting what is. To accept that you will never change is a freeing thing, not a scary thing. When we realize that we are the way we are, and people are they way they are, because we all play a role and a part in the greater plan unfolding, then it makes it easier to accept the things you wish were different. It also brings you into the moment. When we are in the moment, we can finally see that there is actually nothing wrong at all.

I am feeling deeply inspired by my journey, by my purpose, and by my mission. I am grateful for my life, for my friends, for my parents, for my blog, for my work, for my clients, for my challenges, for my teachers, and I am grateful for the guidance that continues to hold a space for me and to be a presence in my life and in my heart.

I thank you all for coming here to join me, to read the words I write, and to share your journeys with me. I trust you are finding your way, and doing the best you can to make every day a new day.

Lots of Love,


Just A Few Words…

Today was an interesting day. I am facing so much intense emotion every minute of every day lately, and today was at an all time high with regards to the peaks and valleys of my emotions.

All I can say for now, because it’s midnight here and time to go to bed, is that something magical happens when we stop resisting what is and simply just show up for what’s summoning us in the moment. This has been so hard for me and I literally have been acting like a 2-year-old throwing temper tantrums. Thank goodness I am mostly having them internally, because otherwise my friends and co-workers would probably ask me to go home and never come back, ha ha!

Seriously though, I had something pretty amazing happen to me at the end of my day today, that confirms the power of surrender. However, as a result of this experience, I ended up working late and I’m super exhausted, so I’ll save that story for another post. I just wanted to touch base tonight and at least check-in. Sending you all so much love! Let me know what’s going on for you…Nighty night!

Huge Hugs,


What If?

What If I stay where I am? What if I go somewhere different? What if I find what I’m looking for? What if I don’t?

What if?

What if humanity continues to feel separate? What if we wake up into Oneness? What if we never forgive each other? What if we all loved one another like family?

What if?

What if there is a God? What if there isn’t? What if I don’t have a soul mate? What if I have many?

What If?

What if I’m doing everything wrong? What if I’m doing everything right? What if I believe in something that doesn’t exist? What if everything I believe is real?

What if?

What if I never fit in? What if fitting in means playing small? What if I’m misunderstood? What if they hear what they need to hear and not what they don’t?

What if I get sick and die? What if I live forever? What if I lose someone I love? What if there is no such thing as loosing someone?

What if?

What if I never meet a man who really gets me? What if I do? What if I never have children? What if I have 1 boy and 1 girl?

What if?

What if nowhere ever feels like home? What if home is found inside of me? What if I never feel at peace? What if peace happens through me?

What if?

What if I never know what’s best for me? What if I make the best of everything? What if I don’t do what I love? What if I love everything I do?

What if?

We can ask ourselves What if ? as many times as we want in a day, in an hour, or in a minute. The truth is, we can’t possibly know the answers. All we can do is sit in the unknown, in the NOW, and decide which answer feels better to play with in the moment.

What if I clung tightly to outcomes? What if I completely let go? What if I can’t stand uncomfortable? What if uncomfortable is ecstasy in the making?

What if?

Here’s to ecstasy in the making.



Revelations – Awakening As One – October 28, 2011 – YouTube

Hello friends. I wanted to share this video with you as well, as I find it pretty insightful and creatively delivered. I’m interested to hear your thoughts and feelings that it inspires or triggers.

Love you,


Something To Explore: October 28 Shift In Collective Consciousness

Hey everyone! For today’s blog, which is day #15 of my 21 days of consecutive blogging to transformation, I wanted to share with you this bit of information I received about the upcoming October 28th shift I have been mentioning throughout my last 15 blogs. Please read below if you feel pulled, and explore all the possibilities. Blessings and so much Love and Light to you all!

xo Erin

Information on 28th October 2011

Compiled by Grant Woolven

The final cycle of the Mayan Calendar is the Universal Level. It began on February 11 this year and ends on October 28. October 9 to 28 is the ‘Seventh Day’ with a theme of attuning to Divine Grace and ascension into Divine Consciousness. October 28 is the completion of the Nine Cosmic Levels of the Maya and the 108 Movements of Shiva in the Vedic tradition, and is an important day for prayer, meditation, spiritual healing, group activity and Oneness Blessings.

During the next nine months humanity has an opportunity to perceive everything in life as sacred. Carl Calleman writes: The entire cosmos will be recognised as an expression of divinity. This final transformation of the ancient (separative) mind into a mind of light will be heralded by the Venus transit on June 6, 2012; Venus will literally passage across the surface of the Sun, which will act as a cosmic mirror for humanity and catalyse a celebration of global unity.

Over 10 years ago Sri Bhagavan, founder of Oneness University, described spiritual awakening as a neurobiological process. Recently numerous teachers and scientists have also arrived at the same conclusion – as the brain is transformed the heart flowers, and the nervous system is ‘rewired’ for bliss. This process transcends euphoric states and catalyses an ongoing experience of biological oneness with the universe. Separation dissolves and the individual feels at one with their environment while still being unique.

We are the Revolution of Conscious Evolution. The Mayan Calendar and Our Era Carl Calleman writes about the Venus transit on June 6, 2012. This Venus transit is an occasion for the collective consciousness of humanity to integrate our fundamental spiritual oneness and the insight that we are now on a path toward enlightenment; where the cosmic plan is designed to lead us.

The Universal Level will be very different from the previous eight levels. To the Maya these last 260 days of the 16.4 billion year cycle are the manifestation of what all of creation has been working towards and planning for:-

It is when all things are brought together and all the conflicting ways of being, acting and thinking will be resolved and unified in a light that makes it possible for everyone to understand  everyone else and everything at once.

The underlying theme of this Level is Divine Grace; it is only through this vehicle that humanity will become enlightened. All limitations will dissolve. When this happens every human being will intuitively know and understand why the cosmic plan was designed in this way. The involuntary response will be an overflowing of gratitude to the creator and all the great masters and avatars that helped bring it to fruition. This will happen concurrently with the recognition of our own inherent divinity as the separation between man and divine will permanently dissolve. Verse 21:4 in the Book of Revelation describes this:

 ”And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.”

As balance in the two hemispheres of the brain occurs we will experience a state of pure being that is timeless. For this to occur the dualist mind with its survival oriented ego, will need to surrender itself to the ‘new mind of light’, which will function intuitively. Practices and processes that help purify the subconscious of limiting programs and unresolved emotions, and will help catalyse release from the separate sense of self.

During this level major changes in consciousness will occur every 18 to 20 days. Individuals that are unaware or unprepared may experience fear as the illusion of separate self is dissolved. The experience of an expanded state of being free from psychological dominance may be overwhelming for some and result in temporary personal collapse. The recognition of the necessity of divine grace and the cultivation of humility, gratitude and integrity, will be important during this time. The assistance of avatars, masters and teachers will also be essential for many people. Others will intuitively recognise what is happening and simply surrender to the process. Carl Calleman also predicts the end of all hierarchies and governments. If everyone lives in unity and harmony with the Divine, why elect someone to rule them?

It is important to consciously prepare for global enlightenment. It would thus seem wise for all of us to prepare ourselves, beginning today, by immersing ourselves in the cosmic flow of time and in all possible ways seeking to transcend the influence of duality in our thinking, acting and being.

Until Then the time between October 28, 2011 and the Venus transit on June 6, 2012 will be a time of adjustment for humanity, especially for those individuals who were unprepared for the shift in consciousness. This will mark the end of all limitations and cycles. The Mayan calendar will have served its purpose, as will have all other calendars, and beyond this point human beings will be completely free to chart their destiny. Humanity will live in true freedom, joy and peace.

The remaining sacred day during the eight years between the Venus transit in 2004 and 2012 is:

Date: October 28, 2011

Phase: End of Seventh Day

Ruling Aspect and Intention: 13 Sun – Ascension into Divinity

**Organising and participating in group meditations and spiritual awakening processes on this date will contribute to the emergence of a field of intuition and telepathy among human being. This will support recognising the flow of the cosmic time plan with the common focus on enlightenment.

Hey guys, here is a video I am sharing with you of a question and answer session wit one of my greates teachers Sri Bhagavan:) This may also help you understand more about what is happening and how to surrender to it. Enjoy!

It’s Time To Listen Now


Are you listening?

Can you hear your inner wisdom guiding you? Do you feel the guidance from your higher self summoning you to live in accordance with the Divine Plan?

I do.

It’s time to listen. Listen to your innermost self, and listen to whomever is speaking.

They are telling you something. Whether you care about their actual words or not, listen to the way they effect you. Listen to yourself and what comes up for you in these moments. Feel what happens in your body. Are you moved, annoyed, inspired, thinking you know better? Are you connecting with them or are you thinking about yourself? What are they showing you about yourself?

Your responses to others will reveal to you how much compassion you really have, how deeply you can really love, and how willing you are to trust that we are all a reflection of one another.

 How committed are you, to loving and accepting every part of yourself and ever part of others?

As we become more aware of the gifts relationships offer us, we can begin to receive their gifts. It is a blessing to become aware of our lack of compassion, inability to love unconditionally, and to come face to face with our darkest thoughts and deepest fears as they are reflected back to us through an interaction we have with someone else. It is not an opportunity to judge ourselves when these places within us are revealed. No. It’s an opportunity to LOVE ourselves, and to go deeper, to bring light to those places, and to awaken those parts of us that have been sleeping all our lives.

Tonight I feel inspired to invite you to speak to me. What can you teach me about myself? Tell me your story, and how you are coping during this transformational time on the planet. I want to hear you. I am willing to allow your presence and your words to transform me. Thank you in advance.

Sending you so much love and blessings,


Sometimes It’s Better To Love Em From A Distance

How do you love someone so much and at the same time know it is best to love them from a distance?

This has been one of the most challenging lessons for me. There is a person in my life who I love very much, on many levels, but I know from experience I am better off being honest about my feelings with this person. When I am honest about my feelings, it is always made clear to me that he and I are in two completely different places when it comes to romantic love.

What has been so difficult, is loving this person in more ways than one. I have struggled with my boundaries in our relationship because I want to love unconditionally. However, sometimes we just have to love someone unconditionally without actually engaging with them.

I have struggled so much in the past, but the fog has begun to clear. In the past, I would always end up compromising my own well-being because I thought I “should” be able to love him unconditionally and therefore accept him exactly the way he is. However, I am just now beginning to see and understand that I can absolutely love him and accept him unconditionally without actually having to see him, email with him, or talk to him.

Tonight I am free. I have managed to stay in alignment with my values, to live in integrity, and to continue loving and accepting this person unconditionally. Up to now, I was unable to do what I felt was loving him AND stay in integrity all at the same time. This time was different because I told him I could not see him anymore if nothing had changed, whereas in the past I would’ve tried to make myself be different. I decided to love and accept myself unconditionally as well as him, and instead of trying to be different, I did something different.

I don’t feel the need to explain to him that I will always love him and accept him exactly the way he is. Only I need to know that it’s nothing personal towards him, but that it just doesn’t work for me, and I’m better off to love him from a distance. So that is exactly what I will do.

Please let me know what you are going through. It is an intense time on the planet right now and we are ALL being super confronted in our relationships, at work, with health stuff, etc. You may be experiencing really intense feelings you can’t quite understand and it’s possible you are questioning everything you once believed. It’s ok! You are safe, and just experiencing the same transition we are all experiencing. As we move closer to October 28th, expect even more of this stuff to surface. Be gentle, loving, and kind to yourself and others. Show compassion towards all living things, and stay open to the magical opportunities and possibilities that will be revealing themselves to you each day.

I love you all. Let me know what’s coming up for you!

xoxo E

Here’s To Oneness

Hey guys, man what a commitment this has been…to sit down night after night and find the gold in each day and to express it in words. I do think about this stuff all the time. It’s like every moment I am looking deeper, and finding such abundance in every challenge and triumph.

I am really going through some pretty heavy stuff the last couple days. Although all of it is good, and will ultimately serve my highest good, it feels really confronting and can be exhausting by the end of the day. As much as I have wanted to just climb into bed some nights and skip blogging, I don’t. Even if I write something short and simple, I still do it because I committed to myself, to you, and to blogging consecutively for  21 days. I can happily say that I stick by my commitments these days, rain or shine, and although it’s not always easy, it feels right.

Committment has taught me so much. The fear of it, and ultimately the doing of it. I have discovered that sometimes, the only thing to teach us about committment, is to make commitments and then show up for them no matter what. As we show up over and over, we begin to feel empowered and happy about being the kind of person that follows through on their word. To me this means a lot, because I used to be someone who did not follow through very often with my word. However, sticking by my commitments has taught me that my mind makes things sound a lot worse than they really are. When I take contrary action I actually find so much joy in things I thought were going to be painful. Showing up for yourself and for others creates an esteemable life.

It’s also important not to show up for others expecting certain responses or acknowledgment, because you will never be able to depend on how you affect others or whether or not you are received by them. All we can do is show up for the up in the world as the best version of ourselves we can bring to the table on any given day, and whoever needs us will be there to appreciate us.

I am here each night, as a gentle reminder to be loving and kind to yourself. We are all experiencing intense emotions and are being very confronted by our fears, our relationships, and our beliefs about everything as we move closer to this big shift in consciousness I have been writing about. This is OK. There is nothing to fear. Everything is healing and we are moving into a unity consciousness, where we will bask in more joy, abundance, peace, and love.

Here’s to Oneness.



Summing It Up

Hey guys. Man, the energies are getting more intense every day. I just finished a long talk and process with a friend and I am exhausted now. It’s also way past my bed time! I just want you to know I am here. It’s October 18th here in Australia, so just  ten more days until the big shift in consciousness. I hope you are preparing for the awesomeness 🙂

Ok see you here tomorrow! xo


What IS Freedom?

What is freedom?

This question has had me on a pretty wild ride for some time now. I use to think freedom meant having lots of money and cool planes, trains, and automobiles. That would make sense right? I mean those things definitely allow you the freedom to go wherever you want. However, I have discovered that freedom is not something we get from anything external, at least not long-term freedom anyway.

I have avoided many things because of my fear of loosing my freedom as well. It seems as though most of my life has been designed by my strong intention to BE FREE, and therefore ANYTHING that threatened that was nowhere I would be found. Things like intimate relationships, working for someone else, and anything that gave me any kind of rules or expected any level of commitment, all fell into the “RED ALERT AVOID” category.

But ask yourself…What does being free mean to you?  We seem to associate lots of money with lots of freedom, but some of the wealthiest people I know are imprisoned by either a fear of loosing their money, their need to have more than everyone they know, the way they have defined themselves by the amount of money they have, a fear that no one really loves them for them, the huge burden and responsibility and guilt they carry to provide and take care of everyone, or an insecurity and semi-paranoia that everyone wants something from them.

What’s interesting is, we all seem to carry around fears, and we are attached to certain things consciously or unconsciously that on some level we are terrified to not have available because we associate it with a loss of freedom.

I believe that freedom is the result of feeling free all the time.

If feeling free is not unconditional, such as a place we can access within ourselves regardless of our environment, who we are with or not with, and regardless of our circumstances, then that means  our freedom is conditional. If freedom is conditional, well that isn’t really freedom is it? How can you be free if your freedom is dependent on this, that, or the other?

For me, I have always been so afraid to live in a place with no access to a gym, let alone without having a car. These two things are huge safety nets for me. Funnily enough, on my quest for freedom, I have manifested a temporary situation where I am nowhere near a gym, and have no car.

When I decided to move to Australia, I knew I was on a mission to find my freedom. I also knew that my decission meant I was in for a wild ride. At this point in my journey I have just come to accept that what we want will come as a result of working through everything that holds us back from having what we want. I’m at a point now where I just have fun with it.

When I decided to move from Sydney to The Mornington Peninsula, where I am currently living and working in one of the most beautiful, nurturing, and magical places I’ve ever seen, I knew I would be walking into a situation where I’d be living and working at a retreat center, surround by nature, with no gym and no car. These were the two main thing that almost had me turn down an opportunity of a lifetime.

There comes a point in time when we get a chance to say yes or no to an opportunity that feels so in alignement with us, yet is laced with all our deepest fears. This is when I repeat the mantra “What’s in the way IS the way.”

If we can identify these opportunities, and say yes, we will get everything we want and more than we could’ve ever asked for. If we don’t see the opportunity, it will pass us by, and hopefully we will get another chance down the road when we are more ready.

I was ready to say YES to this opportunity, and to deal on my fears one day at a time as I moved through the transition. Right before I made the final flight from Sydney to Melbourne, I went to visit my grandmother. I went for a run one morning, and I stumbled across a park. I wasnt really feeling like running but I was feeling like working out. I knew I wouldn’t have a gym where I was going so figured I’d better start finding an alternative soon, so I looked around at the park with curious eyes, and my creative juices just began flowing rapidly through my body. Within minutes I was using rocks, hills, benches, poles, railings, and having one of the best workouts of my life! At the same time I was having SO MUCH FUN. I felt like a kid again, running up hills, jumping off rocks, pulling myself up on railings, climbing trees, and more.

A small boy about 4 years old saw me and came over. He seemed to love what I was doing so he started copying me and then began to show me his ideas. At first, I’ll admit, he annoyed me, ha ha…but within a few seconds I was able to see he was a blessing and showed up for a reason. So I began to watch him and listen to him.

I began getting all these ideas, about how important it is for adults to play like children, to let out their free-spirit, and to just have fun with movement again…just like kids do.

I had been wanting to create my first workshop to teach at the retreat, and that day the creation of my newest workout method and upcoming retreat was born. It’s called Transformative Playground – where adults can be kids again AND transform their bodies and lives a s result.

So, how does all of this tie into freedom? Stay with me…I’m taking you there now…

When I got to the retreat I was newly inspired by my innovative outside workout, and immediately began assessing the property. A couple of days after my arrival, I was having one of those amazing workouts once again and feeling so refreshed that I was no longer dependent on a gym, a certain park, a country or city, or certain equipment to get my weekly workouts.

Today, once again, I took off for a morning run in a direction I’d never gone. What do ya know…I ran by a children’s’ playground. Literally, it had slides, monkey bars, bridges, the works! So I cut my run short and went to PLAY! I did lunges in the field, swung across the monkey bars, did push-ups on the wobbly bridges, pulled myself up on the railings, and even slid down the slide 🙂 It was a blast! I was making up new intuitive movements on the fly…just like kids do. I also had forgotten my water bottle, and of course…there was a faucet at the playground!

You see, being dependent on a gym means I am bound to places and circumstances that have the availability of a gym. I want to feel free ANYWHERE I am. Therefore, I am realizing, if we just let go of the things that imprison us, we open ourselves up to the abundance of resources available in every circumstance.

I was told by my life coach once, “Erin, if what you think you need isn’t available, then you must not need it. Look around for what is there with the intention of finding what you need.” 

If we want real freedom, real abundance, real connection, real joy, real peace, real intimacy, we must be willing to use what resources we have available. As we stop focusing on achieving these things by way of collecting attachments with the belief that we will not have what we want without this, that, or the other, then we will find those things within ourselves.

Freedom is an inside job. Traveling the world to a bunch of different places does not represent freedom if you do not feel free. Afterall everywhere you go, there you are. Freedom comes to those who are aware of its depth. Freedom is a result of learning to be flexible and to feel ok in any situation.

When we are truly free, then nothing or no one can take that away from us.

Look, I am a work in progress, but this new understanding of freedom has opened up my world to so much. I hope you will explore what freedom means to you as well.

Hugs and Love,


Checking In


That's Me, connecting to the free-spirited, wildlife inside:)

Hi guys. Tonight I am just checking in. I’m only checking in with you briefly, because as I check in with myself, I feel tonight I need to rest. I am going to take a nice hot shower, meditate, read, and doze off into a deep slumber.

I just got back from a long day at work, building the internal and external systems and environment here at The Hummingbird Eco Retreat, my new home and workplace for the time being. Then we all took off to the beach, to run around and connect to our wild, free-spirited energy, and just played and laughed like a bunch of kids. I have had a good day, and now it’s time to call it one.

I just wanted to show up here, as I have promised you, and myself, 21 days of consecutive blogging as we prepare for this amazing shift in consciousness that awaits us on October 28th, yay! (See my previous 8 blogs)

I would love to know how things are going for you. Please reply to this post or shoot me an email at

Love and Light to you all!



What’s Your G-O-D?

I have been extremely aware lately, of this need for us to connect to something bigger than ourselves and what meets the eye. Whether you call it God, Divine Energy, Expanded Self, Higher Self, Higher Power, The Universe, The Cosmos, it doesn’t really matter. The truth is, we all reach a point where we think…I just can’t do this alone, I need help. What we tend to do is scramble around looking for people and using substances that do not have the power to help us, and eventually we grow tired, bitter, afraid, and defeated by our “lack of success.”  As a result we begin to feel unsafe, uninspired, and disconnected from everyone and everything. Some may even feel a deep sense of loneliness and abandonment.  However, no one has abandoned us but ourselves. We are only alone, because we refuse to seek real connection.

Why do we make it so hard on ourselves when the help we long for is only a prayer, a letter, or a conversation away?

There comes a point in my work with my coaching clients, when I know I have to begin talking about this subject. This can be such a tricky topic because up till now, there have been so many different beliefs, and people have literally killed and died to defend their beliefs.

However, true healing cannot happen until we accept Divine Guidance into our hearts and into our lives. Lately, my clients are arriving at the next phase of their healing and it is beautiful to watch them explore this idea of creating a God of their own understanding and deepening that relationship.

Whatever your beliefs are, I am not trying to disagree or change them. I think anyone who has a strong connection to a God of their own understanding, has an unlimited resource that those who do not have this connection are cut off from. Unfortunately, until we develop this deep, internal relationship, with a power greater than ourselves, we will remain disconnected from its support, love, and guidance. That said, it’s important to note, the Divine will never cut us off, but we cut ourselves off by refusing to surrender and to seek its help.

For me, I was always wanting so badly to believe there was some cosmic power that heard my prayers, who was watching out for me, and who I could rely on to save me. As much as I longed to believe this, I always had many doubts about whether or not it was really something worth having faith in. What if I believed and it let me down? What if I found out I was wrong and God either didn’t exist or somehow forgot about me?

What has helped me, and what I invite my clients to do as well, is to write out a description of what their perfect God would be like. I tell them to get as descriptive and detailed as they want.

My God loves me no matter what, listens to me whenever I seek its listening, lets me sware and get angry at it if I need to, sings me lullabies and keeps me company when I can’t fall asleep at night, speaks to me in words and ways that I can understand, grants me the courage I need to carry out my highest passions and purpose, and reminds me that I must always do my part. My God is gentle, kind, but has taught me that it only helps those who help themselves.

If I do my part, which is staying open, willing, and humble, and I ask for help, then I am granted the strength, power, energy, and resources I need to accomplish my soul’s mission in this life.

My God teaches me about love, intimacy, freedom, compassion, and grants me more and more awareness around who and what I really am.

What I am to my God is just as important as what it is to me. For my God I am a humble servant. I always show committment and willingness to heal, open my heart even more, and to do what I can to make a positive impact on the lives of others. For my God I am a friend, a lover, a child, and a messenger. This brings great pleasure and honor to my life.

What does your God do for you? What do you need from it? Perhaps you are angry or disappointed. Can you allow yourself to voice that to it, and ask for help?

What are you doing for your God? Are you expecting answers and results but unwilling to show your devotion, love, humility, surrender, and gratitude? Are you criticizing it for the very things you are not doing? Are you willing to let go of your little plans to receive the gifts it has for you? Can you be its vessel? Do you want to be?

I sometimes write a letter, hit my knees and say a prayer, or have an actual conversation. Many times I have said or written things like, “God, I am really upset. I feel so angry and frustrated. I want so badly to believe you are there, listening, responding, and taking care of me. I want so badly to know at my innermost awareness, that you exist and that I exist far beyond what I can see, but I am growing weary. I am forgetting the truth I think, and I am doubting whether or not you really are the truth. I am having a crisis of faith. Today it just feels like everything sucks and I am resentful at you for not giving me better circumstances. I am willing to see this differently, so if you are there, please grant me a new perception. Please help me. I will listen and I will follow, but you must show up and guide me. I cannot do this by myself, and I am nothing without you. Therefore, please show me that I am not nothing and give me a sign so clear that I cannot deny it. Please deliver it in a way that I am able to understand and accept into my experience. Thank you, I love you, Amen.”

Most of the time, by the end of that letter or conversation/prayer, I am already in a different state, and all of a sudden I begin to feel a presence inside of me and all around me. If I weren’t willing, I may miss this presence, but I stay open and willing to feel everything after I ask for help. Why ask for help if you aren’t going to accept help when it arrives? I stay open and willing to see everything after I ask to be shown a sign. Therefore, I begin to get bits of information, signs, insights, synchronicities, and an overall greater sense of calm, peace, safety, love, and inspiration.

This is a powerful process, to create a God of your own understanding and then to remember to turn to it every time you need help. It’s so simple, yet so many of us don’t think to do it. I am curious about how it may affect us as a collective consciousness, and as a world if we all did this on a daily basis. Why don’t we start by applying in our own lives first.

The time is NOW. We are being called to rise to our highest form of human existence. This BIG Shift I have been writing about lately, is reminding us that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. We have an invitation to awaken into a new way of thinking, being, and living. Are you coming or not?

Let me know what’s going on for you. You can leave me comments here, or email me at

I love you,


Where There Is Discomfort, There Is Power

I have decided to talk more about this whole idea of reclaiming our power. It seems to be coming up everywhere. On my coaching calls with clients, in my own life, and I have this sense, that it is definitely a collective experience and a sign of the times.

Once upon a time, it was explained to me, that I was experiencing discomfort, because hiding behind the discomfort was my personal power, or my spiritual power. I didn’t totally get it,  but I knew it resonated with my body. It FELT like the truth. I don’t know about you, but truth is not something I can tell by the way it sounds, truth is something I know by how it feels.

When we feel the uncomfortable feelings such as fear around money, frustration about our circumstances, being annoyed by a friend who is always late, fear about running out of time or energy, lack of acceptance around our pyshical body, feeling as though we don’t have enough or aren’t enough, or can’t create what we really want, what is really happening is we are being shown where we have hidden our power. If we are conscious of this, we can do something about it. If we aren’t, we become it’s prisoner.

Where there is discomfort, there is power.

 For example, today I was annoyed at a friend who was late. I almost went here about it: “How selfish is she, and how dare her, and does she not respect my time, and what a %#@!” But I didn’t. Instead, I caught myself, and observed and felt the discomfort. Then, with consciousness I asked myself where I had hidden my power in this. A few moments later, I realized her being late was triggering my fears around running out of time,  feeling like I am not able to have what I want, feeling as though I have no power or control, and feeling like I was not being respected.

Once I realized that my power was hiding behind those fears, I was able to go to those fears and say “You are not running out of time, because there is an infinite amount. You are saying you can’t have what you want, but is there anything else you’d rather be doing right now? (The answer was no). You are saying you have no power, but you can decide right now that your power is not really gone, you have just hidden it. Is she really disrespecting you, or is she just overloaded? Ok, I recognize I have enough. I am abundant, I am blessed. All my needs are met, I am deeply loved an cared for, and there is no where else I’d rather be right now.”  Then, I felt a sense of ease come over me.

We cannot always change our circumstances right away, but we CAN change the way we feel about them. As we change our feelings about them, then our circumstances change. This is the difference between not having power, and having power. I have been healing from a huge belief, passed down for generations, that there is not enough. So I now welcome any opportunity to help me practice shifting that belief and seeing that there is absolutely always MORE than enough of everything for everyone.

Another example, is an email I got from a friend. He and I have a bit of history and I almost always feel a loss of power when he shows up in my experience. His email was about coming to visit. I was not sure how I felt about it or about him, so I sat with it for a while. I began to observe that my power was not in the not responding to his email, it was going to come from responding to it, and being ok regardless of his reaction to it. As I speak my truth with everyone, I gain power by learning through repetition, that only the people I want in my life stick around when I live my truth. The rest fall away, and that is ok by me:)

Are you experiencing a loss of power? What is coming up for you lately. It’s an intense time, but there has never been the kind of energetic support for transformation as there is right now. The time is NOW.

Let me know what’s going on for you. You can reply to this post or email me at

Love and Light,


This Isn’t About Him, Her, or Them…It’s About YOU

One night, in a deep meditative state, I heard a voice from deep within in me, yet at the same time all around me say, “This isn’t about him, it’s about you.”

I was in the throes of healing from heartbreak. The guy I’m speaking of is one of those soul connections, you know the kind where you get knocked off your feet the first time you see the person? Yep, I was a goner from minute one.

This person has influenced my life in profound ways. He himself hasn’t done this consciously to my knowledge, however my response to him was what ultimately delivered so much healing to my heart, to my body, and to my life. He did not want the same things I wanted from our relationship, but sitting here now, I understand that it was best for things to happen the way they did.

Here are three of the many things I have learned from this:

1) It’s never what you think it’s about. When someone crosses your path, what you feel and experience has nothing to do with them. It’s all about you. Everything they call up in you is their gift to you, but how you handle it from there is your gift to yourself, to them, and ultimately to the world. Remember, this isn’t about him (or her), it’s about you. Take care of YOU, and that is always what’s best for everyone in the bigger scheme. If someone is meant to be there, they will remain standing in the end.

2)  As we become willing to always turn within and look at ourselves when we feel hurt, jealous, insecure, lonely, resentful, etc, we get to find freedom from these feelings. If you are blaming someone or something else for your suffering, you better get use to suffering. Suffering transforms when we choose to respond to our feelings from a place of curiosity and eagerness to learn and awaken. Then, everyone and everything becomes our teacher and instead of being trapped in victim mode, we become grateful for the experiences, and we become courageous warriors who use everything to teach us more about ourselves. As a result, we bring light to the places within us where we lack self acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and love, and we begin to accept, feel compassion for ourselves and others, experience a release from resentment as we see our part in things (even if our part is just that we are refusing to let go of old stories), and finally we begin to get a real sense of what it feels like to have self-love and a kind of real trust that knows we are being taken care of, even if we can’t see it, understand it, or explain it.

3) When we speak to others, respond to others, or share our time and energy with others, it’s important to observe ourselves and be aware if we are speaking and doing things with an intention of eliciting a specific response or outcome, rather than just wanting to be real and present with them. As we begin to observe our needs for controlling and manipulating circumstances and situations, to get certain results, we can then feel the feelings of fear that drive us to do that to begin with. For me, when I do that, it’s because I am afraid if I just be myself, vulnerable, honest, and just plain me, that I will find out the person on the receiving end thinks I’m boring, average, not cool, nothing special, and not someone they feel the need to go out of their way to spend time with and to love. The real fear is of myself, and not wanting to look at my needs for others approval as a result of not having my own approval. If I am conscious of this, I can just go right to the root of my fear, and begin to work through it by sending love and acceptance and approval to myself. If I am unable to do this, I can at least ask for help. When I have those things, I no longer need it from anyone else, and therefore I am free to respond from a neutral place, unattached to any result.

As you observe your fears, it is helpful to know there is power there for you if  can bring enough consciousness to it to shift. All suffering is just an opportunity to reclaim our power. As you begin to notice and bring awareness to your fears and suffering, you can consciously choose NOT to respond from them, and therefore as you respond from a neutral space, unattached to the outcome, you start to transform yourself, your relationships, and your life.

I don’t now about you guys, but I am flying pretty high the last couple days. As I keep sharing with you, there is a BIG shift in the collective consciousness on the 28th of October so the  days leading up to it are pretty juicy. I have given you a daily process you can be doing, to help support your transition into this next phase of the human experience. We are in for some yummy goodness! Life is gonna get really cool! However, you may be feeling a lot of intense emotions right now, and that is completely normal. Big Shifts bring up BIG Sh*t!

Ok, that’s all for today. How are you going? Please fill me in here, or shoot me an email at if you’d like to share anything with me 🙂

Love you all!

xo E

Ah…Relationships: When Is It Time To Call It Quits For Good?


Hey mates! Ha ha…I had to give you a little Aussie-ism as I am hearing them all long day these days:) Today is day 5 of the 21  days of blogging to transformation I have been talking about. Boy are things speeding up and life gets more interesting every day. How are things going for you? Are you doing the process I suggested?

I have recently had someone re-emerge in my life. He kind of does this. He appears, disappears, appears, and disappears. For a long time this relationship was a GOLD MINE for me because it really brought up all my stuff around fear of intimacy, lack of power, lack of self-worth and self-respect, lack of boundaries, and lack of values that align with integrity. The last time I saw this person was almost a year ago and now he’s emailing me about visiting. What do I say???

I have been meditating on this one for a couple of days now, and the message I keep getting is to let him go. I keep hearing this higher-than-self voice gently saying, “Erin, tell him where you’re at, and accept that it is time to let him go. You have learned all you can learn, and healed all you can heal from this relationship.”

The truth is, I really am a different person than I was when this guy came into my life. I believe we both played a very special, very important role in each other’s lives, but I think there really does come a point in time when we have to choose something different for ourselves. The temptation is to say, “Yeah, come visit and let’s have some serious fun!” However, from past experiences, I know where that will and WON’T get me. It’s not a matter of just not taking things so seriously and just having some fun, because believe me I have tried that with this person.

Sometimes, it’s just time to team up with integrity, to put all our money on something better, and to place the bet. Either way it’s a risk, but at least when we try something different, we have a chance of getting a better result. Otherwise , we will just keep getting the same results over and over. I don’t know what I want from this relationship. I used to think I wanted committment, or to at least explore what it would be like to be together, in monogamy. Now, I can’t say I feel that way about him anymore, so I have to wonder…what kind of room does that give us? Friends? What kinds of “friends” would we really be? I’m not certain he meets my friendship standards to be honest.

Number one priority in, or out of relationships, is to love yourself. Know your boundaries, your values, and what you are worth and NEVER compromise that. TRUST that when you align with your highest feelings and values, things will turn out for the best. My mother always said, “You can’t do the wrong thing with the right guy.” (Or girl,  guys:) I believe the same goes for friends. If we are authentic, honest, and vulnerable, the right people will remain standing in our lives, and the rest will fall away.

We must live in integrity, and let the right person drop into that space. If he or she isn’t dropping into your space and rising to the event to be with you…it’s time to graciously say “Thank you, I love you, I wish you all the best, but I must clear my space for someone better for me.”

Today was a very cool day for me. I have been making up super creative workout using trees, logs, hills, steps, and railings, and getting amazing workouts as a result. I am finding such freedom in not NEEDING a gym to get a workout in. I am realizing I do not NEED nearly as much as I once thought. I am discovering that freedom IS when you can feel happy, joyous, and free, wherever you are, under any and all circumstances, no matter who you are or are NOT with. I am finding true freedom, and for that I give thanks.

Please drop me a line or email me at to share what you are going through. Let me support you however I can as we all grow through this shift together!

Love Always,


Preparing For A Big Shift Brings Up BIG Sh*t

Hey guys. It is a bit after midnight here, so I am going to try to write a short blog so I can do my meditation and get into bed:)

As I have been talking about in the last few posts, there is a big shift happening in the collective consciousness on October 28th. This is a beautiful thing to be excited about, not anything to fear at all!

Have you been feeling things at a much more intense level lately and wondering what the heck is going on with you? Are you coming face to face with your fears, your old stories and patterns, and low vibrational habits that no longer serve you? Perhaps you are finding that there are certain relationships in your life that are totally triggering you, and you are having to look at yourself in a way that feels very uncomfortable. 

As we all prepare for a big shift (because whether we are conscious of it or not, our bodies ARE aware of it), then our BIG sh*t starts to get called up and kicked up. This is again, a good sign! Although it can feel really yucky and uncomfortable, we are actually purging things like our old ideas, lack and limitation, fears around intimacy, our beliefs around money, etc. Literally, and many of us ARE aware of this, we are being stretched and pushed to go back to the root of certain feelings and fears, so that we can make a different choice about what it means and therefore no longer have our lives be run by them.

This is the shift in consciousness that is currently happening. Why? Because what we have been doing, the beliefs we’ve had, and the way our structures were built (within us and without), are not working anymore. Therefore, the walls must come down. Life, structure, and beliefs, as we have formerly known them, are changing.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting super confronted DAILY, by my beliefs about love, faith, and what is possible for me. I am being put into situations, for example not having a car right now, that are forcing me to be vulnerable, face my fears about loosing freedom, and to find a deeper sense of self and a stronger ability to trust that I AM being taken care of. I get so afraid that I will not have what I want when I want it.

I am dependent on others for rides temporarily, and so I am at the mercy of their schedules. This throws me into a freak out mode, and I all of a sudden start wanting to go places just because I feel like I can’t. Then I ask myself  “Erin, if you had a car right now, would you really want to go to the post office?” The answer is usually “No.” So that tells me that it’s not about wanting to go somewhere, it’s about me needing to process through my deep inner fears around loosing my freedom, and I am much better off going to my room to get sttill and give my self time to BE with my feelings, then I am to go to the post office. In fact, many of us run from our feelings, and I literally am seeing myself try, but have manifested a situation where I can not run away any more. I HAVE to BE with my feelings because there is no way for me to go anywere else!

I have always wanted to experience true freedom, true abundance, true joy and peace. Well, this is my opportunity. As we work through our ideas about what freedom, joy, abundance, and love really mean, we discover that they are things only attainable from the inside out.

I am finding my freedom, learning about abundance, and finally surrounded by people and circumstances that call me to rise up and to become an even better human being. Tonight, I am grateful. I am grateful for this long day, for the run and swim at the beach with my friend who dragged me there when I didn’t want to go, and grateful for the Hot Springs where my roommates and I went to unwind, decompress, and talk about our fears and troubles we are having in our relationships with one another. I am learning about true trust, intimacy, unconditional love, and seeing that everything I have ever wanted is unfolding right now. All I have to do is slow down so I can see it and enjoy every minute of it.

What has been coming up for you lately? Please share with me what you are working through. You can leave me a message here or email me at

Love to you,


Reclaiming Your Power

Good day, or if you are in Australia…Good Evening. It is 10:30 pm here and I have had a very long day. Being here at this retreat centre, on The Mornington Peninsula, doing the work I am doing, with the people I am working with, is a beautiful thing. It is a beautiful thing  for a couple of reasons. First, it is full of meaning, purpose, and it challenges me daily to expand into new areas and ways of thinking and being. Second, it kicks up all my deepest fears, resentments, lack and limiting beliefs, and is really testing me to look beyond what’s in front of me, to feel my feelings deeply, but to remember that this experience is something I created for only ONE reason. That reason is to reclaim my power back.

As spiritual beings, having human experiences, we have hidden our power on purpose. It’s like a game for our soul, or like watching a movie. The only problem is, sometimes we forget we are playing a game or that we are watching a movie. We are such powerful creators, that most of us have actually have fooled ourselves into believing all of this is real. This was thew whole point, however…to forget we are all-powerful, and to go on an easter egg hunt to find the golden egg full of our truest essence.

Some of us hid our power behind having no money. Some of us in addiction. Others of us in bad relationships and a fear of intimacy or committment. Then there are those of us (like me ), who have hidden a little bit of power in all those things. The reason why circumstances such as getting fired, or having no car, or getting dumped, or ending up with super open partners, or finding ourselves in abusive situations pop into our experience, is because our power lies within the feelings they call up in us. Most people never really allow themselves to FEEL their feelings. However, these experiences will keep showing up until we do. Our spiritual selves have set this up to recur until we finally get it, because we all have come here to find the prize, the golden egg, the thing we call POWER.

As we feel through our feelings FULLY such as lack, limitation, fear of loosing our freedom, fears of being alone, fears of dying, etc, we will get closer to our power. If we can allow ourselves to feel these things fully AND at the same time remind ourselves none of it is real, then we are well on our way to reclaiming our power. When we get to the point where we can notice these feelings as they emerge, allow ourselves to feel them fully, remind ourselves that our circumstances aren’t really real, and then appreciate our own ability to create something that feels so real even we fell for it, that’s when we become available to receive the power we have hidden from ourselves.

Awareness is power. As we become aware, we awaken. As we awaken into the knowing that our power has been with us all along, then we can reclaim it. By reclaiming it, we are then able to pop anything we want into our experience. We will remember we can create whatever we want, whenever we want. Now how cool would that be???

This is where I am. As I feel the intense feelings throughout any given day, I know too much to let myself get carried away by them. My immediate thought is “I must go process this, and I must feel these feelings fully so I can find the power I have hidden in this.”

The more I do this work, the richer my life becomes. I think you will find the same thing happen for you.

Let me know what’s happening for you and how you are getting though it.

Lots of support from me to you!



P.S. just another short video clip I shot, to stay connected with you as we travel this journey we call life! xo

Prepare For Transformation- 21 Days Of Blogging




Hey everyone. I am writing this on my blog, today, because today marks a very special time on the planet. On October 28th, we will experience a big shift in the collective consciousness, and today, October 8th, 2011, is day ONE of the 21 days leading up to this special transformation. I will be writing a little something reflective EVERY day, starting now, for 21 days. I hope you will join me here, and in your own personal journey. You too can commit to reading something inspirational, journaling, and giving thanks on a daily basis, for the next 21 days, to prepare your minds, bodies, and spirits for transformation 🙂 If you want to go deeper however, I have written out a 21 day program at the end of this post for you!

I am currently living on 72 acres of National Trust Land in Australia. I have just moved from Sydney, to The Mornington Peninsula, to be a part of a project I feel inspired to participate in. It always blows my mind the way we can end up in places, doing things, that nothing BUT a power greater than us could’ve possibly planned for us. I know I most certainly couldn’t have planned my circumstances as they are to date. Just a few short months ago, I had NO IDEA I would be right here, right now.

I just arrived here at the Hummingbrid Eco Retreat Centre, where I will be a workshop facilitator and the Health and Communications Manager. I figure it’s the perfect time to get up on my blog DAILY, to record my experiences as they unfold here, and to do whatever I can to help prepare myself, and you, for this amazing transformation on October 28th.

Lets face it, we have all heard of these so-called BIG days, such as “the millenium”, “twenty-twelve,” etc, and have allowed ourselves to get all hyped up, only to see nothing change. However, more often than not, change is not something we can see, at least not at first.

Change is something that starts within us, and as we change on the inside, the world around us will mirror such shifts.

October 28th will bring about greater awareness, an awakening of sorts, and many of us will begin to experience life in a very different way. As these shifts occur within us, we will begin to notice more peace, more joy, more compassion, and a greater understanding of how we are all connected. As a result, we will acquire an intuitive sense about why we should really do everything we can to create love not war, and therefore use our time and energy to support healing rather than contributing to suffering. As the wars within us come to an end, so too will the wars in the world follow suit.

If you would like to join me on this 21 day challenge, here is a basic program you can follow. Don’t worry if you cannot start today (as I do realize I am in Australia and many other countries are heading to bed right now). Also, don’t worry about being perfect. This is about progress…not perfection. Just start as soon as you can. Remember, this is not something to feel you have to do, but instead something you get to do if you choose to 🙂

From October 8-28th:

Morning (best to this before breakfast, best around 6am):


Express Gratitude to

1) Ancestors

2) Parents

3) Spouse

4) Brothers and Sisters

5) Children

6) Friends

7) God or a Higher Power of your own understanding

Intent: Set an intention for the day. You can now pray or ask the Universe for healing  in the areas of yourself where you feel fear and disconnected from nature and others. Ask for awakening, and to experience true Oneness and a sense of inner peace, love, and joy.

Express thanks and gratitude to God, or the Universe, or the cosmos, or to Mother Nature. In other words, give gratitude to a Higher Power of your own understanding.

Afternoon (Best at noon)

Good Intention Meditation:

1) Close your eyes, and get quiet and still. Think of 10 people to send love and light to. Really feel this love and light in your body, and imagine it filling up your heart. Then send this love and light from your heart to 10 different people, animals, or places. You can choose as many people, places, or things as you want to send this to, as long as you send to at least 10.

2) Put your left hand on your heart, right hand on your belly. Send love and light to yourself, into your very own body. Really feel yourself receiving this self-love from your very own hands.

3) Give thanks to yourself, to your loved ones, and to a higher power of your own understanding. Give yourself a big hug. Seriously.

Evening (Before or After dinner, best at 6pm)


Contemplate the following:

1) If you do not accept yourself, either your body, physical appearance, or any of the quality in you, become aware of that and accept yourself.

2) The incidents where you got hurt by somebody. Be with that pain and forgive them.

3) Contemplate the incidents where you hurt others. Be with those feelings and responsibility, and seek forgiveness from them through silence. (You can imagine a conversation with them if it helps.)

4) Pray to a higher power of your own understanding to heal all your pains and then put your left hand on your heart and your right hand on top of your left hand, and feel yourself being made whole again. Feel the healing happening. Focus on what love feels like inside of you.

5) Pray for your friends and family members.

6) Express Gratitude to your Higher Power.

General Things To follow on these 21 days as we prepare for transformation:

1) Have Good Thoughts. Think good things about the planet and about others. Pray for their wellness. If you get any negative thoughts, just become aware of it.

2) Speak Good Words. Speak nice auspicious, kind words. Avoid using words or language that is hurtful to others. This will bring about good Karma for you:)

3) Do Good Deeds. Try to help others. Be of service in any way you can. Even the smallest of helpfulness to someone or something else, makes a very LARGE difference. Avoid doing things that will hurt others. 

Ok…see you here tomorrow!

Love and Light,

Erin xoxo

INSIGHT Into Fear and Adventure


Here's My Most Recent Accomplishment! 🙂

Hey everyone! How are you?

I have been really consumed with getting settled and adjusted here in Sydney, Australia. Man, I must admit, there have been ups and there have been downs. I knew this would be the case before I ever left the States. I think there is something in me that craves this sort of “being kicked out of the nest” feeling, where all comforts we once had are removed. It has really challenged me to put my beliefs to the test. I have been confronted with all my deepest fears and insecurities, and although some days are almost paralyzing, at the same time, I am working THROUGH these core beliefs and feelings.

When we work through our fears, we gain more strength, courage, and trust in ourselves and in the greater plan unfolding in our lives. This is just the way I choose to live, and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to work through your fears.

Coming to a new country has pretty much removed everything physical from my life, that I never even knew defined me as much as they did…until they were gone. I gave up my car, my house, my furniture, my job, my some of my clients, and the comfort zones I had such as Whole Foods, and my local cafe’s and gyms. I did this for the sake of experiencing a greater sense of myself, and to discover even more of my purpose. By getting lost, once again, in the deep-sea of fears and insecurities that were lying dormant within me, I am embracing the journey towards finding a greater sense of who and what I am, and what my life is really about.

I am learning that humility is one of the greatest things to embrace in life, and that staying humble will empower me to allow and receive new ideas that my pride may have blocked from me.

I am also really having to implement this idea of surrendering “my plan” to a power greater than myself, and trusting that if I let go of what “I” want, I will actually give myself a greater chance and opportunity to discover what I didn’t even know I wanted. This opens the door for possibility beyond my imagination.

Trust has been another great teacher of mine thus far, because I became aware of how much I doubted and lacked faith that if I really let go of my ideas for my life, that it would make way for the real me to emerge. I am still practicing this and learning from this on a daily basis, and it isn’t always easy.

At the end of the day, I am happy. I may be scared, confused, sitting in the vast unknown, and feeling utterly undefined, but I am happy. I know that these are the very feelings and experiences that have the power to transform me, as I commit to the willingness to keep trudging my way through them.

“We must lose ourselves, to find ourselves.” Today I may feel lost, but I also know I have gotten lost on purpose…for the sake of being found.

I want to share with you, a huge accomplishment for me. I was recently published in INSIGHT Magazine, Australia’s #1 Empowering Lifestyle Magazine. It is such an honor to watch all my efforts to follow my heart, although not always easy, manifest into physical proof that following my heart is the right thing to do for me. Funnily enough, that is the name of the article INSIGHT published of mine. 

 I just want to thank all of you, for traveling along with me, and for sharing your ups and downs with me as well. It is an honor and a pleasure to connect with you here. Please leave any questions and comments you have for me, just below this post:) You can also share this via Facebook or Twitter, if you feel it may benefit anyone you know.

You can also see more of INSIGHT Magazine, Septemeber Issue, byt picking it up at your local news stand, or visiting

Big hugs, and Be well,



Turn Your Fears Into The Strength That Paints Your Life


I have pondered what I was going to write about, as my first post from Sydney, Australia, since the day I arrived. As a writer, I think it’s natural to find a message in just about everything that happens in life, and to then get caught up in delivering it perfectly. It is however, a beautiful thing, and such a gift when we learn to do that for ourselves. That is,  to find a message, a lesson, strength, insight, awareness, and a new tool for living, in all the little challenges we face each day.

So much has been happening on this journey, in such a small amount of time, I kept thinking, “where do I begin” and “how can I possibly express and share my experiences with my readers in the most effective way.” Well, the answer I came up with was….”JUST BEGIN.” Afterall, this is only one article, and one of many opportunities to write and share my thoughts and experiences with you:)

One teaching I have received as I have walked my path in life, is that of living life authentically. This word is one we tend to hear about often, but do you ever stop and really explore it, and what it means for you, for your life, and for your unique expression?

Many years ago, when I began working with my Life Coach, I was struggling with my career path. I have always had a love-hate relationships with Personal Training, because it constantly challenges me to find ways to work in my industry that feel supportive of my deepest intentions and beliefs about what Fitness really means to me and how it can play a role in healing people’s Spirits and lives. Tracy said to me “Erin, if you could do this job in a way that was unique to your expression of life and fitness and what you believe about its healing powers, how would that look for you? How might that change the way you design people’s workouts and how you speak to them about their own wellness and the choices that they make?”

When Tracy asked me these questions, I felt fear, but at the same time, liberation. I had never thought about it this way. I had never considered the option of really creating my own expression of health, wellness, fitness, and life skills. This was how my journey really began to evolve and as a result, I got to discover more and more of my authentic self and how that plays a role in the world.

When I chose to make this move to Sydney, Australia, after building a life in Los Angeles, California for the last 7  years, I knew it would come baring many challenges, and it would require more strength and courage from me than I was currently accessing. This is exactly what attracted me to making this move, for as much as I feared, what I wanted was a much greater pull than my fears. I wanted to experience true transformation, in a way I had not previously been ready for. The last seven years of my life were preparing me for this move, and I know that in my bones. I did not, and still don’t, know exactly how this will all unfold. However, I know that when we remain committed to our process and to the journey, and stay with it no matter what fears try to yank us off the path, that there is pure goodness waiting on the other side for us. Well…I want that pure expression of goodness as me and my life, so here I am.

I believe we all crave expansions, expression, to have a voice, to feel heard, to feel loved and accepted, and to know we are validated. Well, my attempts at achieving all of these things taught me, that I cannot go anywhere else to receive these gifts, but inside of myself. I now understand that challenges, change, confronting fears, and stepping into new places and roles that require new levels of strength and courage, are all avenues for us to access our inner selves, and that ultimately lead us to a place of more self-love and compassion, forgiveness, healing, self-respect, self-esteem, and the kind of  inner joy that is unwavering regardless of external circumstances.  THIS is why I do things like move to Sydney, Australia to embrace a completely different and new experience.

It is different here in ways I did not expect, and not so different in the ways I did expect. None of this is good or bad. It just is what it is. It’s funny how just not even knowing how to cross the street anymore, can really make you feel like a newborn baby, feeling everything for the first time. It can send you into a sense of  HOLY SH** or a sense of AWE, but we always get the choice.

Literally I have to check the parked cars, before crossing streets on my morning runs, so I know which way to look for on-coming traffic. I also keep finding myself on the wrong side of the running path, as everyone here does everything on the opposite side of things as Americans. I know I will get use to it, so for now, I am really embracing the childlike energy this keeps me in, as I look to the people around me, to teach me what to do. It challenges me to look outside for guidance, whilst staying completely connected to my own inner guidance to point me in the direction of the right people to ask and places to try.

I have always owned a car. Public transportation was always fascinating to me, but not something that was readily available anywhere I lived. In L.A. it was more accessible than anywhere, but still, that city really isn’t set up well for it. Here, I have been learning to catch buses, and grocery shop without a car trunk to put it all in, and to be creative with the ways in which I get my groceries home. These things all seem so small, but they inspire such BIG change as a result.

This move has required more trust from me than I had available when I got here. So this is where I am now…learning even more about trust. I am exercising a new muscle, the one that keeps me feeling the fear and doing it anyway, willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of discovering more truth and living my life in the best possible way for me. This is the kind of workout that falls under the umbrella of my unique expression and beliefs about what fitness really means 😉

Fitness is about living a Fit Life. It’s about stepping into uncomfortable situations that reveal our weaknesses to us, so we can make them stronger. Fitness is about nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits in all the ways we can, by making conscious choices about what we eat, what we think, the words we use, how we treat others, and the way in which we spend our time. Fitness is a method, a way of life, and a philosophy that has the power to support expansion, connection, and to transform the world.

I will have you know, that although I have days that feel scary, and there are decisions I must make that I feel undecided about, and there is so much left in the unknown that it sometimes hurts and gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, I will not give up on myself, I will not give up on this journey, and I will not give up on you.

I invite you all to turn within, to be gentle with yourselves, to breathe deeply, to give yourselves the love and nourishment you deserve, and to allow yourselves to be vulnerable enough to reach out when you just need someone to give you directions, while at the same time staying connected to your truth.

I will be here, asking for directions and watching others cross the street so I learn how. I will be catching buses that may take me to an unknown destination, and I will be getting lost, only to find my way again. I will remain willing, courageous, and vulnerable. I will reach out for help, yet at the same time, I will be checking in with myself, and following my intuition, staying committed to walking this life as the most authentic expression of myself. I hope you are doing the same:-)

Please share your stories, or any questions and comments you may have for me, right here. I absolutely love hearing from you!

Sending you all so much love and light!



Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia!

The time has finally come to make the big move! I wanted to connect with all of you as I await my departure to Sydney, Australia tonight. Thank you for inspiring me, and for walking this path with me! Here some final words as I shoot my last video in America for a while! I will see you from down under next time!

Love and Light To You My Friends!

xo Erin


Synchronicity: The Signs Will Appear When You’re Open and Aligned

"When You Follow What Feels Good, Good Happens"

I wanted to share with you a few very cool synchronicities that have happened to me in the last month or two, since I decided to move to Australia (by the way, I officially leave Los Angeles for Sydney, tomorrow at 10:30 pm! ;).

In case you don’t know what synchronicity means, here is the Wikipedia definition:

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.

As soon as I began to contemplate the idea of moving I began seeking out guidance and signs from the Universe. I asked to be shown very clear signs that would guide me to making a choice that was in alignment with my highest good. Little things began to happen, like I’d meet people who just got back from there and raved about it, or friends would meet Australians everywhere they went and would report it to me. These signs began to grow and get bigger and even more clear. Therefore, I decided to go for it.

That first week after I decided to commit to the big move to Sydney, there was a computer ad that kept being shown. On the homepage of the desktop of the computer on the ad, was in big letters “AUSTRALIA”  it was a page about booking a flight to Australia, which had nothing to do with the ad itself.

Then a client of mine had to keep rescheduling her appointments because she was working on a big deal for a new client. When she finally came in to see me she said “You’re never going to guess who my new client is.” I said “Who?” She sad “Tourism Australia!” I was blown away. The signs and confirmations just kept flooding in. I got to a point of feeling very safe and secure with my decision.

After a month or so had passed, I began to move into a little bit of fear. My little ego demons started getting louder, and tempting me to side with the belief that I had made a huge mistake. So, I did what I always do. I sought out guidance and insight from a higher power. I asked for some very clear signs to comfort me and help me to know if this move to Oz was still best for my highest good.

About 20 minutes or so, after I sent that request out into the ethers, I went for a long run. On my run, I saw a huge, yellow moving truck. As I ran past it, I looked at the writing on the side of the long truck and it said OZ MOVERS! I had a tearful giggle and kept on running feeling deep gratitude for the very CLEAR sign I got:)

More recently, about a week ago, when visiting my family in Florida, I had another moment of doubt and fear. So, once again I asked for a sign. It wasn’t but a day or two later than I was running on the bridge and ran past a girl wearing an Australian flag tank top that said Australia on it. Once again, I felt deep, tearful joy and gratitude for the clear and quick responses of a Divine Higher Power.

Today, I had just gotten done sharing a little bit of these synchronicities on Facebook, and then began to work on a couple other things. I turned around to the table behind me in the restaurant and asked a woman if she knew the zip code of the West Hollywood location we were in. She didn’t know it. Do you know why??? She’s from Australia!

Synchronicity is something very cool that begins to happen when we are in alignment with our truth, our highest self and greatest good. Synchronicity is Divine confirmation, comfort, and the clarity we get as a result of staying true to ourselves and walking a warriors path of love, healing, expansion, and adventure.

I would love to hear from you and the synchronous moments occurring in your life as well:-) Here’s to your health wellness, and vitality!

Love you!


Small Town Girl From Vero Beach: Zero Or Hero Beach?

When you look at the world, what do you see?

I have a been a big city girl, living in Hollywood, California for the last 7 years of my life. However, a big city girl is not how my story began. I grew up in Vero Beach, a small town on the East Coast of Florida.

Like anyone who’s been raised in a small town, the small town girl inside me is a piece of my heart that will live on forever.

There is something to be said about growing up in a place that revolves around family, high school football games, homecoming parades, the annual art show, the fireman’s fair, and St. Helen’s Harvest festival.

That’s right, think Varsity Blues, and you will get an idea of the way in which I grew up. Round here, the talk of the town was who’s running for sheriff, homecoming queen, and how the Vero Beach Fighting Indians did at their Friday night football game.

The small town girl inside me is the part of me that loves family, volunteering to be of service to others, getting involved in projects that make a difference, and team work.

However, once I moved out to Los Angeles, California 7 years ago, I had to shed many of the small town qualities that weren’t as cool as I once thought they were.

Here in Vero Beach, once the home of the Dodgers Spring training, we locals tend to find a sense of separation within ourselves and from each other. We are taught that money makes you more important, that those who win prom court and football games are more special, and that living on the beach side and going to private school, is worlds away from living on the main land and attending public school.

We all grow up judging ourselves, judging each other, and sadly, regardless of where we live or how much money we have, we all pretty much end up wondering if we will ever be good enough.

The last 7 years of my life in Los Angeles, have been 7 of the most awakening years of my life. I came face to face with my demons, and thankfully have achieved resolution with them. Of course I am always a work in progress.

I learned that we can be a Zero, or a Hero, no matter where we are living in the world.

There are many different theories as to how my hometown got its name. However, the Latin to English translation of the word VERO, means: in truth, indeed, to be sure.

ZERO Beach is a bit of an inside joke between the locals here. It’s a common way in which the younger generation locals have referred to this little town. It comes from our experience of having nothing much else to do except socialize in orange groves! However, it’s a perception issue nonetheless.

I pretty much left this famous Indian River Citrus town, when I was 18 years old. I went off to Florida State University, in Tallahassee, FL, and basically never looked back. After I graduated college, I just kept moving west, on a mission to find this small town girl the key to unlock her big city dreams. I have encountered many ups and many downs along the way.

On my path to discovering and manifesting my dreams, I have realized the importance of  love, acceptance, and compassion for self and for others.

I have transformed from a mind and spirit that felt separate and thought in separation terms, to a mind and spirit that feels we are one and thinks in oneness terms. The comparing myself to others and the fears that I was falling behind and losing the game of life began to dissolve. Instead, I recognized that it’s not a competition. Everyone has their path, and journey, and purpose, and we have no idea what anyone else’s journey is about. The small town part of my consciousness, that felt it was US against THEM, vanished.

Now I know it’s just US, working together as ONE.

Over the years, I came home to visit Vero Beach about once a year. For many years I snubbed this town, resenting it for being so “small and boring, and full of small-minded people.” However, as I have evolved and grown up, and shed the judgments and separation I grew up with, I have been able to find so much beauty here this visit.

I have learned to laugh at the gossip and not get involved. I have learned to bite my tongue and smile at the rich old women who want to label me by where I live and where I come from.

I have learned to send love to the people who have hurt me, and to forgive myself and love myself no matter what.

I don’t think of this place as just VERO Beach anymore. I also am no longer comfortable with, or interested in, referring to it as ZERO Beach. In fact I prefer to find the HERO here instead.

We all can decide to be a Zero, or a Hero, no matter we are or where we go. What we see around us is a choice…a perception.  If we find the Hero in our hearts, we will not only find the Hero in our hometowns, but we will find the Hero in the World.

A Zero will sit upon the beach and complain about how noisy the ocean is. A Zero will find ways to be less than or better than everyone else. A Zero will look for what’s wrong, rather than what’s right about people, places, and things. A Zero will form cliques and make efforts to implement separation.

The Hero is not necessarily rich or famous. A Hero will find the love in his or her heart, and will carry that love everywhere he or she goes.

A Hero will seek out ways to help others, because the Hero’s journey is not about getting ahead, but about how to be of service and to contribute to making the world a better place.

A Hero’s heart does not buy into separation, but rather knows we are all equal, and need love, compassion, and acceptance to thrive. A Hero will risk looking a fool if it means it may save someone else.

You are the creator of your experience.

We all get to decide on a daily basis, regardless of where we’re going, where we live, or where we come from, how we want to show up in the world. We CAN shed our judgments  if we want to.

What are you going to be today? Are you going to be a Zero or a Hero?

I would love to here about your journeys, choices, and thoughts. Please leave your questions and comments for me here!

Here’s to your health, wellness, and vitality!

The Divine light within me, humbly bows to the Divine light within you 😉

xoxo Erin

Are you ready to walk the path of self-love, to experience greater connection in relationships, and deepen your awareness of your own Inner Guru?  Are serious about investing in yourself? If you said YES Erin, yes I am, then perhaps you are ready to work with me one-on-one! If this is YOU, please send an email to The E.L.M. Inner Guru Mentoring Program is an exciting, heart opening, highly effective way to re-connect you to your highest-self, so you can live a life you love in a body you love. It’s an investment in your health and happiness. Serious inquiries only. Thank you and Namaste 🙂

Old Flings Bring Opportunities For New Patterns!

It’s been exactly one week and three days since I arrived here in my hometown, Vero  Beach, FL. for my 3 1/2 week visit. I am here until July 26th. Then I head back to L.A., and take off to Sydney, Australia July 28th!

Each day here,  I wake up somewhere between 6 and 7 am, head out to the kitchen, and there I greet my dad and step-mom, and our little pug Winnie. We all pour some hot coffee, eat breakfast, and enjoy about an hour together before we all take off in different directions. It’s amazing.

I have been loving my bowl of raw, organic blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and walnuts as of late. Yum!

After breakfast time I either head out for a 5 mile run, which includes  2 miles over the Barber Bridge and back, or I hit the gym. Some mornings I actually choose to take my hot coffee and sit down at my computer and begin to ponder what message I want to share with you next. I must admit…I LOVE to write 😉

Yesterday something interesting happened. I was connected with an old fling via text. We have a bit of history, as many of us do with people from our home towns! However, timing was never on our side and ultimately I moved on.

However, yesterday he invited me to workout with him and I said yes. After we made a plan to meet up, I just got to feeling funny in my tummy. Something felt off, out of alignment, not supportive of me and the space I want to keep myself living from. I decided to meditate on it for a while, and after an hour of deep breathing and silence, I came to a conclusion.

You see, even though I knew it was most likely just a friendly workout, I wasn’t certain why I wanted to go. I wasn’t able to trust that my intentions were pure. In fact, I decided that there really was no need to see him. I didn’t want to workout, because I had planned for yesterday to be my day off so my body could rest. Therefore, if I went, it was only because I wanted to see HIM, and that equals not good for ME.

I know a bit about what’s going on in his romantic life, so he’s not exactly available. Therefore, like I said, even though it was most likely just going to be a friendly workout, something inside me just didn’t want to go, and didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do.

I have been really clear about wanting to create healthy relationships and declaring to the Universe my expectations in a man.

I finally truly believe that I deserve only the best. I deserve a man who sees me, who appreciates everything about me, and who steps up to the plate and pursues me in a respectful, romantic way. If a man is showing up in my life in any other way than this, then I am must say no thank you (Unless of course we ARE just friends, which this old fling and I really are not, and never were JUST friends).

This is what I know, based on my life experiences:

When we decide to make a different choice than we have in the past, then at that moment we shift.  

If we are conscious about the choices we have made in the past and how they have affected our lives, and we want to create something that feels better than that, then we must be conscious of the choices we make today, and choose diefferently. We must choose only that which supports our optimal health and well-being and all that we feel we deserve.

I knew that working out with an old fling, was an old pattern. He didn’t come after me, he didn’t make a huge effort, in fact I am the one that made it easy for him to invite me. In the past, I have always made things easy for others, especially men. This is because I was too afraid they wouldn’t know I cared, or that I would lose them. Well, yesterday I reminded myself that whatever is mine cannot be lost. Whatever is meant for us, will come for us. So I made a different choice. I cancelled.

It felt hard to do, but a few hours later, and today, I have actually been energized by the choice I made.

Whenever we resist temptation, and instead, align with our highest good and the good of all, we get stronger and begin to feel empowered, guided, and carried.

I just wanted to remind you of the importance of your choices. Remember that your choices are the conversation you have with the Universe. Your choices WILL manifest. If you want to create something that feels better, something that is more in alignment with you, and a life that is lived authentically and with integrity, then make choices that support that. That’s what I did yesterday, and it sure does feel good.

For the record, I have no hard feelings against this old fling of mine. In fact I send him love and wish him well. I hope all his dreams come true and that he gets everything he has ever wanted. My choice not to see him yesterday had nothing to do with him. Nope, this wasn’t about him…it was about me.

The Divine Universe gave me an opportunity to align with temptation, or to align with my soul, and I got to choose.

I chose myself. I chose to align with my soul. This is a new pattern I am creating, and something I intend to stay committed to. It is an esteemable act and creates an esteemable life, and manifests the quality of life and love I deserve.

We all get opportunities on a daily basis, to align with temptation, or to align with our highest good. Neither choice is wrong, it’s just that one will feel better than the other. One may feel good short-term, and the other may be scary in the moment, but serve your life better long-term. You get to decide which is more important to you in the moment. That’s the beauty of it.

We GET to choose. We GET to create our lives, one choice, one thought, one action, one word, at a time.

I would love to hear what’s going on in those heads, hearts, and souls of yours. Leave me your questions and comments below if you are so inclined!

Here’s to your health, wellness, and vitality!

Love and Light to you my friends,

Erin xoxoxoxo

A Sacred Relationship Between Spirit And Body

I was just watching this video I did on my YouTube Channel, and wanted to invite you to also take a look. I would love to have you explore this idea of being in relationship with your body. For me it has been a profound awakening and as a result I am able to be in partnership with my body. I help my body and my body helps me.

We have all heard the saying, “Your Body Is Your Temple.” Well, that’s what I am talking about here. For some of you, this may feel like a stretch, or difficult to wrap your head around, and if so that’s OK. All I am suggesting here, is to explore this concept and whether or not it has the power to transform the way you make choices in your life.

Please share your comments and questions with me here. I believe feedback and sharing are some of the greatest ways to learn and grow together.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

xo Erin

Shifting Into Allowing Mode Back Home

This is The Barber Bridge here in Vero Beach, FL. I run this bridge almost every morning when I'm here 🙂

Yes, I said SHIFTING into allowing mode! It’s funny, back in L.A. we tend to get moving so fast and go-go-go all the time, that when I come back to my hometown Vero Beach, FL, it’s like I literally have to start the down shift process from ACTION  into ALLOWING.

I arrived here on Sunday, July 3rd, and the down shifting began. Now it’s Friday, and I am finally feeling myself move slower both inside and outside. For me, it helps to actually visualize a light switch. The bottom says Action and the top says Allowing. I flip the switch upward in my mind, and then ALLOW my body and mind to begin to shift gears, down and down and down, until I am kicked back and relaxed:-)

How are you spending your summer thus far? Are you stuck in action mode, or are you ALLOWING all your hard work to work for you?

I have decided that I have worked so hard, right up to the last-minute before I left Los Angeles, that this trip, for me, was going to be about practicing trust, and allowing all the work I have put in thus far, to reveal its results to me. I am only doing that which feels good to me, and trusting that results are already in process.

Australia is getting closer and closer, and even though I am anxiously and eagerly awaiting my move to another country, I have also committed myself to staying present and in this moment right now. When we remain present, we get to enjoy all the gifts that are right in front of us. My grandmother is turning 90 next week, and getting this time with her is priceless. For her birthday, we are having a huge family reunion right here in Vero Beach!

Last night my father played the guitar and my step-mom and I sang to it. These are the gifts that are here for me, as a result of working hard and being of service to others. I am feeling really calm and grateful today. How bout you?

I would love to hear from you! Big hug!